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Energy Report: SEPTEMBER 2011

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2011 Overleaves are:

ROLE: PRIEST (emphasized all year)
CENTER: MOVING (emphasized all year)
GOAL: FLOW (emphasized Jan - Mar)
MODE: CAUTION (emphasized Apr - Jun)
ATTITUDE: PRAGMATIST sliding to Cynic and Skeptic (emphasized Jul - Sep)
CHIEF FEATURES: Impatience/Martyrdom (emphasized Oct - Dec)

SEPTEMBER continues the exploration of Pragmatism, with its slide to Cynicism and Skepticism. We have seen most of our students exploring their personal philosophies about the world through this lens, regardless of their Overleaves. Many have opted in to this, and the more who opt in, the more pronounced the extremes are played out. Those extremes between the Positive and Negative Poles are reflected in the individual Personality, as well as the overall “world” of which that fragment feels he or she is interacting. The world will seem to be running efficiently, smoothly, and productively, supported by the capacity to see the other side of the obvious (contradiction, the positive pole of Cynic), and through the gathering of information for making more accurate assessments (investigation, the positive pole of Skeptic), or the world will seem to become strident, dogmatic, and insistent, supported by constant undermining (denigration, the negative pole of Cynic), and accusations (suspicion, the negative pole of Skeptic). In either case, you would be seen as this by your world, or you would see this in your world. Both would be true.

When the Attitude is being explored during the year, it means that Truth is being explored. This means the exploration of Personal/Tribal*, Global/Community* and Universal Truths.  This exploration begins in emphasis in July, and while each level of Truth is explored parallel to each other, there tends to be a pattern of exploring the Universal, Global, and then the Personal Truths.

What this means is that July tends to start off with a broad net of truths being invited into the life so that the more Universal qualities are brought to awareness. This tends to draw together groups, reconnect people, and generally “get people out of the house,” or out of themselves, so to speak. Of course, the prompt to explore Universal Truths reveals where one is in relation to those Truths, and so such concepts as Truth, Love, and Energy (beauty/harmony) are pointed out as either being supported or not. Depending upon that assessment, August will tend to be shaped.

August then tends to bring ones capacity for identifying, interpreting, creating, or extracting the Truth, Love, and Energy (beauty/harmony) from the “real world” scenarios that play out on the Global/Community level, either in the world-at-large, or in one’s participation within a community-at-large, or both. Depending upon how one has determined his or her capacity for identifying, interpreting, creating, or extracting these qualities on this level, September is then shaped.

September now brings one’s Personal/Tribal Truths into the picture to see how these work with what has been determined as true Universally, and Globally. When July and August have moved through more positive ends of the spectrum, then September comes with an alignment of truths throughout one’s perspective, and to the perspective of you by others. A kind of profound, uplifting, inspiring, and celebratory shift may be felt to some degree, and it may feel similar to nostalgia, happiness, and enthusiasm. When July and August have moved through more negative ends of the spectrum, then September tends to come with a jarring clashing of truths, a sudden necessity to defend a truth, and this is met with either an amplification of oneself into the world to impose that truth, or as a resignation that “gives up” the interest in even understanding or utilizing all of these levels and variations.

This year, with the Attitude as Pragmatist, this would be the difference between processing various truths, perspectives, and philosophies in a way that is practical, efficient, and helpful, or in ways that are dogmatic, insistent, and harmful.

If the end of August finds oneself amidst clashes, conflicts, defenses, and divides based on perspectives, philosophies, and truths, then September may continue in a way that compounds this.

If the end of August finds oneself realizing a sense of harmony, pleasantness, inspiration, and intimacy among truths, perspectives, and philosophies, within and without (to a fairly obvious way), then September will probably continue this in even more obvious ways.

For those who wish to resolve the Dogmatic, Denigrating, and Suspicious state to which one’s perspectives, philosophies, and truths have come to be played out within or without over July and August, it would mean overhauling one or more of the Personal/Tribal truths to which one has come to cling, that no longer serves anyone in a way that is to one’s liking.

To overhaul a Personal Truth that is no longer serving you, it would mean assessing what that truth is (which is usually quite obvious by this time in the year) keeping it in your awareness, and making choices that are NOT supportive, defensive, or imposing of that truth. In other words, do the opposite of what you would normally do; choose to hear the opposite of what you would normally hear; respond in ways that support a different truth, instead of reacting to the one that no longer serves.

When Pragmatism falls into the Negative Pole, it is always resolved by “doing, thinking, feeling something different.” To continue in the same way that no longer serves you and/or others, over and over again, is part of Dogma.

September would most likely bring this personal scrutiny of these Personal Levels of Truth so that these overhauls can be made, often revealed in the previous months as you compared them to Global and Universal Truths. If one chooses to work with these natural energy patterns of the year, it would mean making choices that support your feeling, being, and acting in a way that is aligned to a higher version of one of your challenged truths to which you have clung for definition or defense of yourself for far too long. If one chooses not to work with these natural energy patterns, the personal path through the world may be less comfortable, more chaotic and conflicted, but this choice is one there for any to make. There are differences between these paths, but they are no different from the paths that one might choose on a mountain for climbing: some may choose to walk together and work together so that the path is more direct and shared, while others may choose to walk alone, and to work alone, because the challenges of the jagged rocks and difficult terrain is exciting.

We have no investment in which path to take, as we will see you eventually, anyway.

Helpful thoughts over SEPTEMBER might be:

Some of you are carrying around truths that are no longer true. They no longer serve you, your loved ones, your aspirations, your Overleaves, your life, or your Essence. They have become lies. “Lies” (in this case) are those truths which you find yourself constantly in defense of, insisting upon, and maybe imposing upon others as a means to deflect any conflicting evidence. Lies reduce your vision and your perspective, and truth opens your vision and perspective, even if it contradicts you. If you find that you must reduce your participation in the world as a means to retain a truth, it may mean that it has become a lie.

Lies are never entirely untrue. They are often clever ways to avoid the truth, or to avoid a new truth, or to avoid a different truth, but there is always an element of truth beneath the veneer, even if that hidden truth is that you actually crave to be free from the lie. The more one finds he or she is having to tell the lie (the truth that is no longer true), the more it is probably the case that he or she is simply looking for a new truth that makes sense, that frees him or her from the lie. The irony is that in the search, these new truths often come forth freely, in this case in the form of Contradictions or Investigation, but because they are interpreted as Denigration or Suspicion, the lie then becomes reinforced, Dogmatic. If you find that you are insisting on a truth that is no longer true for you (serving you), and extracting from a spectrum of experiences that which only supports your old truth, you may benefit from opening to the Contradictions and Investigations of Cynic and Skepticism that may pronounce themselves around you over September.

September is another month that is “full” of mini-Nexus points, Diverging and Converging, continuing the sense of flux, limbo, sleepiness, agitation, distraction, and disorientation that came with July and August, including the range of strange and severe weather and geological patterns. Major points are listed below.

AUGUST 30th through SEPTEMBER 5th - a convergence (merging of parallels) Nexus with an emphasis on communication, clarification, and compassion, drawing together several Political and Social and Personal differences for solutions. Weather and geological extremes will probably continue to play a part in these Convergences over the year.

SEPTEMBER 20th through 22nd- another Convergence that builds upon the previous, bringing in more “realities” to a more united core reality.



*Personal Levels of Truth often extend into and are shared among those with whom one has designated as one's "tribe," or family; those of like-mind; Global Levels of truth often extend into and are shared among those with whom one has designated as one's social or cultural world, such as a community.

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