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Caring ~ from February 2021 Energy Report

Connie Stansell-Foy

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Connie Stansell-Foy

"Give yourself the care that you need, ask for the care that you need, give the care that others need, when you can, how you can, and in ways that you can. 


That is all that is necessary to help begin to heal any painful distance between you and yourself, you and others, and you and the world.


Keep in mind that Service can come in many forms. It is not just about desperation. It is about the smile that someone needed to see. It is about the laughter that needed to be shared. It is about the insight that needed to be exchanged. It is about the patience that needed to be given or received. It is about listening. It is about all of the “little things” that matter in ways that are often ignored."

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