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Hey everyone I’m twelvemoons, I'm relatively young (in my early/mid 20s) and I love Michael and the idea of a spiritual community wanting to uplift each other! ❤️


I just got my profile and it’s rather surprising and interesting to me, I was hoping I could get some insights from you guys. I came across the idea of a “Magnetic/Magnetic Old 6 King” or a warmer King. I don’t fully identify with the coldness of a King whatsoever yet I am a 6th-Old King from C1E1 with two Server Task Companions and a discarnate Server ET and Solar Body Type. I feel as though I can understand the needs and feelings of the average person more than what I’ve come to understand about King roles. I'm very focused on spiritual awareness and achieving truer clarity in this life as well as a strong sense of duty to help those close to me. I am still very new to all this and would love to learn from anyone about these mystical and wonderful concepts. 


My real life friend @Delphi got me into this forum and encouraged me to post - She mentioned there aren’t very many Kings on TLE. I really appreciate any help in puzzling this out and look forward to interacting with you all! I am very interested in learning more about myself and helping others in return here! 


Role: King

Casting: Priest

Cadre/Entity: 1/1

E-Ratio (focused/creative): 35C/65F

Frequency: 70


Soul Age/Level: Old/6

Manifested Age: Mature to Old


Lifetime#: 219

Grand Cycle#: 10




Role: Server

Cadre/Entity: 1/7

Status: Guide




Role/Status: Server/guide

Role/Status: Server/friend




Goal: Acceptance

Mode: Observation → Passion

Attitude: Pragmatist

Center/Part: Intellectual/Moving

Body Types: Mercury/Saturnine/Solar/Pluto


Chief Feature 1: Self-deprecation

Chief Feature 2: Arrogance

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WELCOME @twelvemoons  so cool to have You here in our TLE-community!!!!!!!!


You are one of the "only" 49 Kings of C1E1, here are three of your other Greater Cadence Mates, that we know of so far, you have wonderful company!


King Arthur 


Yuval Noah

Essence Role: KING

Essence Casting: SCHOLAR


Tich Nat Hanh

Essence Role: KING

Essence Casting: SAGE


Your Priest casting could be a reason for your focus on spiritual awareness, enough said, ENJOY Michael via Troy, TLE and the excitement and pleasure of finding out!!!

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I remember that when I received my profile I couldn't see myself as a warrior ..


  I thought I was too passive to be an action role.


  And then over time I discovered that a lot of my passivity was due to some things that happened in my life .. that generated a lot of insecurity .. I found out that I had no idea who I would be without this insecurity .. that's why I decide not to discard the warrior so quickly .. IoI


  it is clear that there is always the possibility that the profeli is wrong .. but there is also the possibility that the person does not know himself so well .. IoI

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welcome @twelvemoons 🙂

the title said warm king and I immediately thought of my friend who is a server-cast King.

the casting and the essence twin make a huge difference. specially if your essence twin is acting as a primary guide.


you can read more about kings here. of course there is more if you use the Search function in the site.



4 hours ago, petra said:

You are one of the "only" 49 Kings of C1E1, here are three of your other Greater Cadence Mates

Do discarnate Kings count? lol

my essence twin is a Scholar-cast King from C1E1

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@petra Thank you so much for this information! Now I want to learn more about these "Cadence mates"! I'm not really sure what to think about my profile but your insight is really valuable, I wonder what this means for me. Seems like the Scholar-cast King is a famous academic and author, the Sage-cast King is a prophet of sorts? I wonder what my Priest-cast King also from C1E1 means for my life task(s) and my overall journey. At the very least I wonder how this manifests in myself. 


@Zahra thanks for the link and info! Quick question, since my ET is "acting as a primary guide" the way you put it, well what exactly does that mean? Awesome your ET is a King from C1E1 wow, you must have a lot of that energy in yourself if she/he is discarnate or am I incorrect in assuming that? If so, that's awesome! 

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@twelvemoons  CORRECTION: They are your GREATER CADENCE MATES, if they are your "Cadence Mates" has yet to be asked.


A Greater Cadence or also called a Block is made up of 49 Fragments of 7 Rows or Cadence.


Cadre One Entity One Design:

1421 Fragments, 328 cycled off, 914 incarnated ( at present day April 23, 2003)

490 Artisans, 490 Warriors, 49 Kings, 98 Sages, 98 Scholars, 98 Artisans, 98 Warriors, 49 Servers, 49 Priests, No Wildcards.


Wondering is very inspiring in any way!

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@twelvemoons  this is what I found 🙂


"there are, for most Personalities, at least 4 Non-physical relationships of significance that have direct bearing on the life, whether acknowledged, or not.

The first relationship of the 4, of course, being the one you have with “yourself,” with your own Essence. Beyond the obvious relationship with your own Essence, every fragment will have 3 Guides, one of which is a Primary Guide and chosen as a relationship that arcs across the entire lifetime."



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