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OMW - Apr 20, 2013 - How You Matter and Why This Matters To You


9:45 AM 4/20/2013


Channel: Troy Tolley

[MEntity] Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We may begin discussing with you the suggested concept of how you "matter" and how this might matter to you.


[MEntity] Before exploring the nuances of "matter" as a matter of study and self-reflection, it is important to note, first, that there is no such thing as someone not mattering. Everyone matters. Everyone. There are no exceptions.


[MEntity] As we explore the nuances of this, the validity of this may become clear.


[MEntity] This quality of mattering starts to become clearer as one exits the Young Soul Age, and enters the Mature Soul Age.


[MEntity] This is because it is when the Essence and the Personalities begin to truly grasp the impact of oneself and others in both figurative and literal senses.


[MEntity] There are two ways in which one finds one matters: figuratively, or perceptually; and literally, or directly.


[MEntity] As with nearly everything, there are ways to matter in positive ways and in negative ways.


[MEntity] Keep in mind that our polarities are not degrees between "good and bad," but degrees between expansion and contraction, openness and closure, inclusivity and exclusivity, etc.


[MEntity] In earlier lifetimes with earlier Soul Ages one tends to focus on how one matters from the negative pole. This brings an emphasis on how one matters to those defined as significant, as opposed to the older Soul Ages were it begins to matter to you if you matter to even the broadest range of strangers.


[MEntity] As one grows in Soul Age, it will continue to matter if you matter to those you have deemed significant, but this will be included in the broader scheme of things regarding how you matter to the world, how your life matters, etc.


[MEntity] In earlier Soul Ages, it will tend not to matter at all how one matters to "the world," as long as one matters to those deemed significant.


[MEntity] Another way the Negative Pole can manifest is if one is only concerned with how one matters to "the world" over how one matters to those deemed signficant.


[MEntity] Again, the poles are about inclusivity over exclusivity.


[MEntity] How one matters to "the world" overshadows how one matters to those deemed significant is a hallmark of the Young Soul.


[MEntity] The weight of how one matters begins to grow heavy for the Mature and Old Soul because how one matters to "everything and everyone" comes into consideration, and the balancing that can be required of this can be quite challenging.


[MEntity] It is particularly heavy for the Mature Soul, and begins to lighten for the Old Soul over the Levels.


[MEntity] This is because during the Mature Soul Levels, this is constantly measured and there is a constant monitoring and balancing in place that can be exhausting, but during the Old Soul Levels, the assumption that (every) one matters begins to integrate as part of one's base line.


[MEntity] Depending upon where one is in Manifesting Soul Age, then the consideration of how one matters will take on different degrees of emphasis and weight.


[MEntity] For most Old Souls, there is still some weight and emphasis to the concept because it has been a Young Soul world shifting to Mature Soul for a long time. It is difficult to transcend the resonance of considering how one matters.


[MEntity] The first part of this workshop's activities is to respond to the following question: CREATE A LIST OF 5 THAT MATTERS TO YOU. This list is not definitive, but a sampling. Let whatever comes to your mind or heart be heard in this moment, and list those 5. It is okay if more come to you after that list.


[MEntity] *****LIST OF 5*****


[brian] 5 people, topics, events?


[MEntity] We leave that to you.


[GeraldineB] Things that matter to me: the internet, my computer, the Michael Teachings, the Project, completing my 5th IM


[DianeHB] Tex, my family, friends, the Michael Teachings, sustaining prosperity


[brian] security, self-expression, ability to make a positive lasting impact to others by helping and teaching, figuring out where I "belong" in the world, and being accepted and relatable to others


[Janet] Supporting my daughters in pursuing their life goals, Ensuring that my Mom and Dad are okay , Leaving a positive legacy in my work, Being perceived as a pleasant person, Being creative whenever possible in things I do at home or at work


[Bobby] (in no particular order) Marty, my home, my cats, my freedom, this teaching


[ClaireC] Family, friends, Ecology - all animals, plants, oceans, communication and Love.


[IngunD] Joy, me, my sons, family/friends, the earth


[Maureen] That “everything” be understood, people’s health and well-being that I come into contact with, sleep, rest, physical “security”


[MEntity] We will return to these.


[MEntity] As we stated in the beginning of our discussion: there are two primary ways one tends to matter: perceptually/figuratively, and directly/literally.


[MEntity] How one matters perceptually/figuratively is how one contemplates how one matters when alone.


[MEntity] It could be described as how you see yourself.


[MEntity] How you interpret yourself.


[MEntity] But not just how you interpret yourself, but how you interpret yourself in the SPACE between EVENTS.


[brian] could you give an example of what you mean by the "space between events?"


[MEntity] Though only a minor play on words, "Matter" is always, almost completely, made up of SPACE.


[MEntity] The depth you determine you matter is often defined in that space/time between experiences, between events, in your "down time," your aloneness, your fragmentation.


[MEntity] No Essence or Personality is bombarded with experience 100% of the time; there is always space/time between those experiences, and this where perceptual matter comes in.


[MEntity] This is inclusive of your Reviews, both within life and between lives, and your time between relationships, between events, within your boredom, your meditation, your dreams, etc.


[MEntity] MOST of your life is aloneness. MOST of your life is the space between. This is because you are never where you are not, but you can often be where others are not, or where nothing is happening. This is not a sad or bad thing. It is a natural function of this universe.


[MEntity] How you matter to you, then, is often determined in that space between, reflective of how matter exists in the universe. You are made up of the same materials, functions, and properties that can be found in the physics and quantum physics of matter, and so it is not merely novel to draw parallels to how you define the depth and degree of your own matter.


[MEntity] This degree and depth of perceptual matter helps define the degree and depth of Manifestation of True Personality and Essence.


[MEntity] It is the medium through which Essence Manifesting, and True Personality emerge.


[MEntity] This entire function of perceptual matter is managed in the Personality by the ATTITUDE.


[MEntity] How you perceive and interpret the world through your primary philosophy helps to determine the space between events, people, experiences, and how you determine how you matter to you.

[MEntity] If your Attitude is in the Negative Pole, how you feel you matter may decline in value.


[MEntity] If your Attitude is in the Positive Pole, how you feel you matter may increase in value.


[MEntity] We describe this angle on how you matter as being perceptual or figurative, because it is not truly measurable. It is self-determined, and cannot be determined by anyone but you.


[MEntity] However, it WILL BE what you present to others.


[MEntity] Your Attitude is the first Overleaf offered up when interacting with others.


[MEntity] In nearly every social exchange, it is the Attitude that is the primary medium.


[MEntity] It is where you display your self-esteem, your trust, your confidence.


[MEntity] It is how you display how you matter to you.


[MEntity] And this is determined by you in your aloneness.


[MEntity] Depending upon where one is in this determination can play out as activating the Chief Negative Features for protection of one's values, or for expressing, representing one's values.


[MEntity] This is one of the reasons why Meditation is considered seriously as a matter of healthfulness for being extant, as it brings to the forefront of your consciousness the truth of your aloneness, your existence, and when you can sit with this, you increase your capacity for matter.


[MEntity] Keep in mind that "meditation" includes a spectrum of methods that is not limited to simply sitting in a lotus position, but is a practice in allowing singularity, both in focus and in presence.


[MEntity] Regardless of your Attitude, its poles, or where it may "slide," a quick check in with your Intellectual Center can help you to determine in the moment where you are in your Attitude and its expression of how you matter.


[MEntity] Regardless of your Centering, the Intellectual Center is hooked into the Attitude Overleaf.


[MEntity] The Intellectual Center is polarized by INSIGHT vs REASON.


[MEntity] So a quick check in with yourself in terms of where you are in how you matter to you is to pay attention to how you interact socially, but also whether you bring Insight to those exchanges, or Reason.


[MEntity] REASON is expressed in justifications, explanations, causes, usually removing oneself or another from an equation.


[MEntity] INSIGHT is the capacity for accurate, intuitive comprehension of a person or event, inclusive of all parts of the equation.


[MEntity] Insight will include Reason, but Reason will function differently than when it is exclusive of Insight. When Reason is a part of Insight, it is logical, critical, rational thinking, whereas when Reason is exclusive of Insight, it tends toward defense, excuses, blame.


[MEntity] Reason within Insight is the parts that helped bring the whole of Insight, the bricks that build the platform. Reason without Insight is still bricks, but usually just thrown from where one stands, if you will.


[MEntity] Does this make sense?


[Janet] The description of insight vs. reason makes sense.


[Janet] I don't yet see application to the topic. But I'm sure it's coming.


[DianeHB] yes, it makes sense


[MEntity] We will try to clarify here, then.


[IngunD] yes


[MEntity] How one perceives oneself in terms of matter is expressed through the Attitude. The degree to which one is in the positive pole of the Attitude is the degree to which one has determined one matters, and the degree to which one might be in the negative pole is the degree to which one may still feel one does not matter.


[MEntity] This plays out in social scenarios and exchanges.


[Janet] I see that.


[brian] I understood that part


[MEntity] This is because this is where one carries self-esteem, confidence, and trust, and how that is built, which is determined by how one matters to oneself, or perceives she matters.




[MEntity] We will take your question, then, to help us determine if we can clarify further, or if it is a matter of continuing on.


[brian] I think I know what the answer will be, but I'll ask the question anyway


[brian] how do we figure out how we matter to ourselves?


[MEntity] Brian - here are a few considerations for determining your perceptual matter, or how you matter to you: the degree to which one can be alone without being lonely; the degree to which one can express his values without defense; the degree to which one allows trust; the degree to which one is confident.


[MEntity] Keep in mind that we say "HOW" one matters, not "whether" one matters. You will always matter, but HOW you matter is what may matter to you. How one matters is described by your determination of how you "matter to the world," and/or "matter to others."


[brian] That may explain why I think of "utility" when you say "how one matters" because I am seeing it through the lens of the pragmatist attitude


[MEntity] When one of those excludes the other, it can be painful and heavy, or when there is a lack of connection between the two as extremes.


[MEntity] Whomever may wish to ask a question at this point can do so, regarding what we have shared, so far.


[GeraldineB] Does one's CF trigger the negative pole of Attitude or vice versa?


[MEntity] Geraldine, it is the latter. Chief Negative Features are passive. They can only be activated by another Overleaf.


[MEntity] We will continue.


[MEntity] The other way one matters is in terms of Direct or Literal ways.


[MEntity] This is managed in the Personality by the GOAL.


[MEntity] This tends to play out in how you impact "the world" or "others."


[MEntity] The emphasis here is on "impact."


[MEntity] That is because the Moving Center is hooked into every Goal, regardless of your Centering.


[MEntity] You can determine how you feel you matter in terms of impact by checking in with the Positive and Negative Poles of the Moving Center.


[MEntity] This is a spectrum between PRODUCTIVE and FRUSTRATED.


[MEntity] Your Goal is something that is never completed, with no finish lines, but is a state or quality your Essence/Personality aims to create, sustain, and share as an impact on the world and others.


[MEntity] The more one tends toward the Positive Pole of the Goal, toward being Productive, the more one tends to determine that one matters.


[MEntity] To the degree that you feel you create, sustain, and share the impact of your Goal, is often the degree to which you feel your presence and participation matter to the world and to others.


[MEntity] Though the Goal, in itself, is not always something obvious and tangible, the impact of the effort to create, sustain, and share it is entirely measured in tangibility.


[MEntity] Your Productivity or Frustration at any given moment helps to describe where you are in that aim for the Goal.


[MEntity] And this, in turn, helps you to determine how you matter.




[MEntity] Do you see a similarity or a discrepancy between how you feel you matter to you, and how you feel you matter in impact? Do you feel they are difficult to differentiate?


[GeraldineB] I think that's a nuance that's too fine for me to really grasp


[Janet] I really think how I matter to me has an effect on how I matter in impact.


[brian] I'm still seeing / experiencing so much through the negative poles that it seems the same to me. I haven't built up a gradient to be able to see the difference yet


[Maureen] I feel there is a direct correlation between my impact in the world and how I see I matter. I wish it didn't matter to me -- but it does.


[IngunD] How I matter to me influences how I matter in impact


[brian] the only distinction I have is when others tell me that I'm making an impact, but it doesn't feel like one to me


[GeraldineB] I think I'm usually at a place of just assuming that I have an impact, regardless of whether or not I can see it


[DianeHB] I matter to me, though I have more doubts about how I matter in impact.


[MEntity] The next part of our discussion on how you matter may bring this together into some realizations for each of you.


[MEntity] As with most of our teaching, there is no isolation of parts, but a circuitry and networking that is beautiful and vast.


[MEntity] In terms of how one matters, to the self, or in impact, to others, to the world, or both, and whether those are positive or negative, all ties back to your MODE.


[MEntity] The MODE is the fuel for both the Goal and the Attitude in the circuitry for how one feels one matters at all.


[MEntity] That is because the Mode is where you develop your CORE VALUES. Your Core Values are at the hub of what you use for determining how you matter in all ways.


[MEntity] Your list of 5 is relevant here.


[MEntity] To the degree that you IMPACT or EXPRESS those values is the degree to which you feel you matter.


[MEntity] Core Values develop from how one RELATES, which is described by the Mode.


[MEntity] The Emotional Center, or Inspiration, is hooked into the Mode, and thereby one's Core Values, regardless of one's Centering. Therefore, Core Values describe the medium that you use for REFLECTION or PROJECTION.


[MEntity] HOW YOU MATTER IN IMPACT, TO YOU, TO OTHERS, TO THE WORLD is dependent upon your pursuit, fulfillment, creation, nurturing, sharing, etc. of those Core Values. These are either Reflected in your impact, in yourself, in others, and in the world, or you Project those Core Values upon those things.


[MEntity] Even in your short list of Core Values, you will see the clues that shape your sense of matter.


[MEntity] That list shifts, changes, evolves, updates, etc. but there is always a list.


[MEntity] OUR NEXT QUESTIONS: Do each of you see how your list fuels your sense of how you matter? Do you see how these play into your Attitude and Goal, as they are expressed or used for motivation for impact?


[MEntity] This list is not just about what matters to you, but how you wish to matter in the world, to others, and to yourself.


[brian] under that guidance yes (took the thoughts and question right out of my head again)


[Maureen] yes -- I do. It's like an entangled loop.


[Janet] I see the connections


[DianeHB] I can see it


[ClaireC] Yes.


[Bobby] I'll think on it some more


[GeraldineB] I see the correlation


[MEntity] ANOTHER QUESTION: Does it matter to you that you can map out the ways in which you determine you matter?


[brian] yes


[DianeHB] yes


[ClaireC] Yes.


[Janet] The connections you have pointed out between centers and attitude, goal and mode are enlightening and the interconnection makes mapping out the ways I matter valuable.


[Bobby] yes


[MEntity] Your Overleaves are far more than quaint Personality characteristics. It is a simple system that holds many truths about you.


[IngunD] yes


[Janet] I see those awesome connections more and more.


[MEntity] The discussion of how one matters in a life is not a trivial discussion for comfort, but is entirely relevant to how one uses the Overleaves, how one brings oneself into the world and experiences oneself within.


[MEntity] You matter. How you matter, is up to you.


[MEntity] A final layer of consideration here is that your list of Core Values of the Mode, and how those play out through your Goal and Attitude, helps determine who and what matters TO you, as well.


[MEntity] Today we explored how you matter, and how you matter determines everything about how everything else matters TO you.


[MEntity] To conclude today, we will say again that you matter. There is no way around this. How you matter is up to you. The spectrum of how you matter is defined by the impact and expression of your Core Values to yourself, the world, and others.


[ClaireC] Thanks for the great material, Michael.


[Janet] Really really helpful to me right now.


[MEntity] It may be difficult to quantify how one feels or thinks one matters, so this is another example of how the simple effort and consciousness of working with the positive and negative poles of your Overleaves can affect far more than meets the eye.


[MEntity] Whatever method works best for you in moving toward True Personality, and Manifestation of Essence, works to define how you matter.


[MEntity] Good day to each of you. We will conclude here.


12:20 PM 4/20/2013

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  • TLE12

Great workshop! ❤️ 


You matter. How you matter, is up to you

The spectrum of how you matter is defined by the impact and expression of your Core Values to yourself, the world, and others.

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