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Artisan-Server versus Server-Artisan

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I had long wondered about the differences between these two and wanted to share the answer I received the other week. I still have questions, and if someone has experience and knowledge to share, I'd be even more happy:



I am Essence Artisan and Casting Server, and I would like you to develop the dynamics of this and the relationships between the two of them - if possible with some exemples of the difference between this and the contrary (Essence Server, Casting Artisan). I think I understand it on one level, but I would like exemples of the difference in how both dynamics manifest in everyday life.

FROM MICHAEL: We have delineated all Roles and the “facets” of each Role as defined by their Casting. Here are excerpts that may be of relevance to your question.

THE SERVER-ARTISAN might be described as THE CATALYST - These Artisans tend to have an effect, with or without realizing it, and that effect tends to be in terms of energizing, bringing out a sense of presence and empowerment, and even prompting a sense of participation that may not be usual for himself, or for those with whom he interacts. The CATALYSTS tend to invigorate and motivate, and feel strongly about those qualities. 

When in the Negative Poles, this Artisan can fall into anxiousness, frantic defense, and retreat from the very obligations and responsibilities he has created for himself. In short, he resists change, particularly if that is not on his terms.

THE ARTISAN-SERVER is THE BOLD ONE - This is the Server who is not afraid to break from traditions, to move in unexpected directions, and to use creativity to resolve problems or beautify her path.

When The Bold One is in the Negative Poles, she can simply be eccentric, odd, and "the crazy lady" down the street who barks out her views. She is most distrustful.

(Lucky I'm not (yet) the crazy lady...)

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Thanks for bringing this question up. It gave me some insight into being a server-cast warrior.

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Mike Cleverly

My daughter is an Artisan cast Server, and the second description "the Artisan-Server" fits her perfectly.

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Hi AnnaElisa, My name is Sheryl. I am a artisan- cast server, the bold one or crazy lady and I find it very interesting that for much of my 20s and 30s I was the catalyst. For a long stretch of time, 24-37, I would date a guy for several months or more and within a year or so after our breakup, they would get married! 7 or 8 guys in a row! I started warning them...LOL...When I first read the first Michael book back in 1981 or 82 I knew I was an old "slave" (the term used back then). It wasn't until I found Troy in the early 2000s that I got the rest of the info. I see the Artisan casting in that I have a "good eye".....I decorate with ease and flair and always with the 'greater good' in mind. My brother is a server-cast Artisan....He creates artworks and is a talented chef. There are times when we have been good friends and times when we don't speak. But I have noticed that when he is creating for 'the greater good' he shines. Another friend who is a server-cast Sage, shines when he is teaching. Hope this adds to your insights...Namaste

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