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Energy Report: NOVEMBER 2011

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2011 Overleaves are:

ROLE: PRIEST (emphasized all year)
CENTER: MOVING (emphasized all year)
GOAL: FLOW (emphasized Jan - Mar)
MODE: CAUTION (emphasized Apr - Jun)
ATTITUDE: PRAGMATIST sliding to Cynic and Skeptic (emphasized Jul - Sep)
CHIEF FEATURES: Impatience/Martyrdom (emphasized Oct - Dec)

NOVEMBER goes deeper into the emphasis on the Chief Negative Features for the year, which are terms that describe those habitual behaviors prompted as a form of defense against certain fears. In this case, 2011 comes with a pattern of defenses against the fear of losing control of Time or Space (material, environment, tangibles), described by Impatience or Martyrdom.

Most of the energy over November appears to be in a momentum and limbo state as the fears of this year began being explored more in-depth in October now continue to be worked out on a collective level. For the most part, what is being worked out is where populations of consciousness wish “to go” in terms of probabilities regarding these fears. This has made for a wave of Nexus that are closer together than usual on Global and Community levels.

Many are interested in the exciting and dangerous collapses of all that is familiar. Many are interested in a revolution that brings back a sense of collectivity and compassion, even if that is a bumpy road. Many are interested in everything remaining as is it is. Many are interested in a complete imposition of control over the masses in unprecedented ways. There are many more alternatives here, but these are the most obvious. And many are interested in overlapping or conflicting directions from among these.

Humanity seems to be interested in all of these probabilities, so rather than divergences happening that bring different and permanent branches of evolution and speeds of evolution, it is looking more like nearly all fragments will branch parts of their “realities” off to explore the range between the worst and the best options. Parallel explorations can always be pulled, but that becomes more difficult the more a Personality becomes invested in that parallel, so there is a dream-like state of exploration happening over November and December to cover this range of exploration, allowing for full comprehension of the paths of probabilities before 2012.

The effects from this broad range of Parallel explorations and lack of immediate investment in those, may tend to bring a strange, opaque state of consciousness among most waking states, a spike in sleepiness, fatigue, and exhaustion, and a dreamy sense that things are “not quite right.” This blurry state is usually a part of Nexus that are merging, but because there are more divergences than usual, it is affecting bodies. However, this may be experienced as a kind of jangled nerves that bring exhaustion, but not restful sleep. We see a great many of our students having difficulty sleeping, but this effect will most likely show up more obviously in the younger souls.

This state of vagueness may be experienced as ominous by some, and as distraction by others, and by others as a pleasant, floating state. The experience of this month would most likely depend upon whether a Personality has a project of some sort for focus, or none. If you have a project, you may find your focus is honed on that specific project, while everything else seems to fall away. If you have no specific project, you may find yourself in states of worry, anxiety, concern, restlessness, agitation, etc. Of course, there may be some who mix these.

The body is literally affected by a Nexus. Calories are burned during these shifts, particularly when they are divergences. We suggest that any drop in focus, direction, or a heightened sense of concern, worry, and restlessness be allowed as natural, and not something to become concerned with in itself, but if you have a project you have been meaning to bring into productiveness, this may be a good time.

Helpful thoughts over NOVEMBER might be:

No knowing what is ahead, either on a global or personal scale, is not the same thing as fearing, or being ruled by fear. Sometimes a state of observation with no obvious navigation is a valid and vital state for gaining one’s bearings for making more pivotal choices. Keeping this in mind can help you to focus on those choices, rather than on the concern for no sense of guard rails, footing, or directions at this time.

When there is a great deal of overwhelming data coming in to the body and mind and heart, it can help one to focus on ONE THING, rather than all of it. Not only will this free the larger bodies to process the greater input of data, but it would help you to feel as of you have footing, when otherwise, you may simply feel lost.


NOVEMBER 9th through NOVEMBER 11th - a Convergence (merging of parallels) Nexus for Older Souls to help bring a last bit of footing before greater shifts occur in the week ahead.

NOVEMBER 14th - NOVEMBER 16th -  A Divergence Nexus with an emphasis on blame and fault, or forgivness

NOVEMBER 24th through 26th - a Divergence Nexus with an emphasis on the past, losses, and the necessity for gratitude for what is had before it is gone


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