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Timothy J Sullivan

Pfzir first shot on Sunday the 11th of April at 9:00 AM in North Vancouver, no waiting. Mild aftershot symptoms, arm a little sore for a while that's all. Remembering that getting the shot PROTECTS OTHERS as well as yourself.

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I got my first vaccination recently and made me wonder who else has received their vaccination, either in part of full.   Let us know:   if you have received yours where yo

LOL, I do think this is particularly funny that you are laissez-faire about dying, but express fear of the very unlikelihood of metaphorically being burned at the stake but no concerns about the very

I'm in Providence, Rhode Island, which is apparently doing a very good job of running its vaccination program. I'm not yet eligible, as I'm 48 and have no comorbidities. My doctor tells me she thinks

I got my second Moderna shot 2 days ago.  Arm soreness was less than the first shot.  I felt kinda yucky yesterday but really it could have been just normal yuckiness.   I had no appetite and ate very little yesterday though.  My stomach hurt because I was so hungry but I still couldn't eat and I got into bed early.  I woke up today feeling raring to go (something I can't remember feeling in ages) but after an hour up that was gone too LOL. 


@Leela Corman I'm so glad you got your shot finally!  I was also moved by the experience.  As I sat during my 15 minute waiting period I felt a wave of happiness come over me.  I'm really glad I went to a mass vaccination site and got to see the operation, all of which made me feel very hopeful. 


On Tuesday I am flying up to Providence to see my family in Cape Cod.  It's been almost 1 1/2 years since I've seen my mother, and even longer since I've seen my nieces who live in Israel.   Since my mother had such a big health scare last month no one wanted to wait until her 90th birthday this summer.  I am extremely anxious about being in close quarters even though I don't think I am at risk Covid-wise.  I always thought of myself as a people person but wow this past year has really changed me.  I wonder if I will ever want to be around many people again. 

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Leela Corman

@Wendy Yeah, that 15 minute waiting period was a nice time to look around and reflect on everyone there. Also, the end time of mine was 4:33, which is also the title of John Cage's famous/infamous silent composition, so I felt like that was a good gag from the universe.

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Connie Stansell-Foy

My ex came down today, and we went to Costco - we're both fully vaccinated, but we still wore masks, of course. After we came home and put his frozen stuff in my freezer, we went out to eat. Restaurants are open here at 50% capacity, but most of them are still requiring masks when you enter and up until your food is served. All was well until one specific customer came in. First off, he wasn't wearing his mask properly; it barely covered his mouth, and his nose was not covered at all. Then when he was seated and had ordered his food, he told the waitress he was expecting a friend to join him. Then he turned on his music SO LOUD that Richard and I couldn't hear to talk to each other. We considered asking for a different table, if one was available on the other side of the restaurant.

Then his friend arrived. No mask, bullied his way past the waitress who tried to insist he go put one on, saying his friend had a mask. He goes and sits at the table. Well yes, his friend did have a mask - the one he was wearing incorrectly! At least the first guy turned the music off. The waitress confronted the second man, saying they EACH had to have a mask, that it was corporate policy, and she could NOT make an exception. He yelled, cussed, complained, but she stood firm. Both of them left. I bet that guy thought he won.


HOWEVER, I tipped her 30% (ish, I didn't calculate it out), and Richard gave her a glowing review. AND she told us that because the first guy had ordered a salad, they had gone ahead and made it, and since they left without eating, she now had a free lunch. She was pretty happy. The confrontational guy apparently didn't ruin her day at all, but I thought she deserved every penny of the tip I left. 🥗🍴

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On 4/14/2021 at 11:15 AM, Becca the Student said:

I also had a little chat with my body during the 15 minute wait period post-shot, encouraging it to do whatever it needs to in order to make the vaccine most effective and letting it know I wasn't going to get in its way. I have no idea if that did anything, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to make sure we were all on the same page. XD


That is interesting that you mentioned doing that. I did something similar before both of my shots. I visualized and spoke to the cells in my body letting them know about the upcoming vaccine and its intent.

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