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What is the equivalent of Shepherd's "Physical Center" in Troy's terms?

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I've ordered a profile by Troy that will arrive whenever it will, and I'll be able to clear up this one, but in my chart done by Shepherd, I was channeled as my centering being "Physical center, emotional part". +Alive, -Stimulated, or +Amoral, -Erotic. In my profile here on TLE I've put myself as moving/emotional since it seems to be the closest, but... it appears that Physical center is actually Higher Moving. 


But we can't be Higher Moving centered. I wonder if it's another one of his systems or if it was just clumped with Moving, but... well, if you have any idea, feel free to tell me. That's still food for knowledge.)

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He would have meant moving centre. I'm not invested in Shepherd's systems or vocabulary, but i think the moving centre has been quite commonly called physical centre by several channels.

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