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A Theory About Support Circle Positions

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I’ve been pondering this for a few days. I think the positions we play for others actually bring out qualities we need and that the other person is teaching us in a way. I say this because I’ve been surprised quite a few times, I would have guessed some positions were the other way around because often it seems that those qualities were the ones that the other needed the most. 

Would love to hear all your thoughts on this!

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The relationships that we have with other people help us to understand our relationship with our self or in other words, we learn about ourselves through another. I would think that the support position that we play for another person would be included in the process of understanding ourselves better. Those qualities that we bring out to others would reflect back to us.


Here is an excerpt from a session on Healing Relationships:


"All relationships, of significance in particular but relationships in general, are merely relationships with your understanding of yourself. There is no relationship that you navigate that does not specifically cater to your learning more about yourself.


All relationships, but particularly those of significance, are relationships with your equals. The fact that you may think that someone is worse than you or better than you, or even unattainable or inaccessible, signifies or equates where you are with yourself.


This is often referred to as reflection, and relationships truly are that: a reflection of where you are with yourself. In other words, the state of your relationships often reflects the state of your own internal relationship. It is rare that one who is feeling whole and liking oneself suffers from broken relationships around them."

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@Delphi, I had a session with Michael in 2012 where we discussed how All Relationships are Complementarily "Equal".  Here's what they said in my session: 


One is always relating to an Equal. Always. There are no exceptions. If you are drawn together for any reason, in any way, you are Equals.


And by "equals" we mean that both fragments involved are learning through the complementary process of Reveal, Amplification, Revelation, and Integration.


Many stop at Reveal, or Amplification, of course.


Issues get revealed, amplified, and then the revelations come, and then the integration (healing) is done.


Potential gets revealed, amplified, with revelations unfolding, and then integration (ownership), as well.


Often the dynamic is that one is revealing issues while the other is revealing potential, or put another way: one is revealing his or her wounds while the other draws from strengths in new way.




OMW - Apr 21, 2012 - Equality in Relationships: This workshop grew out of what was first explored in my session above. From Michael: "We will discuss the subject of Relating today, and how this is built upon your Equality."


OMW - Jan 21, 2012 - Nurturing and Finding Your Agreements:  This workshop covers "equality". Michael said: "If you interact with any other person, you clearly have Agreements in place, but there are also Agreements in place that are not as obvious."


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I mean just from a practical standpoint, Michael calls them "Strings".

When you pluck a string, they resonate with corresponding strings. And resonance always brings something out of each other.

The true form of the support circle probably isnt a 12 point 12 tiered web, but more like an interconnected latticework of webs from each person organized much like filaments across the universe.

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Luciana Flora

I admit that I always thought the childish position was kind of weird .. What does the gniphoic sif have in the role of croissant in someone's circle support? Does it mean that I would always be dependent on that person ??


  Maybe it's because I was obsessed with being independent .. but I find it kind of weird to have this role in the circle support ..

  But it seems that I occupy this position because and I asked about two people .. and in the days I had the role of a child for these two people ..

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