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Repetitive Cycles

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I found this in the Mystery Links and it is a great reminder where we at, cause we are obviously repeating, what Michael is saying here gives at least a partial answer.

Having started now the Mature Soul Paradigm may accelerate the process of repeating, being done with it sooner than later. Our Infant, Baby and Young Souls do not carry the info of the Alexandrian Library, that is how I understand why this repetition is seemingly necessary for them, but tedious for us, and why it looks like we evolve at a slow pace, at least for now.


Excerpt from Michael Speaks -- July 2007


Much of these repetitive cycles are in place for your species as a result of the burning of the Alexandrian libraries, wherein all collected knowledge that had been gained as a species (which far exceeds what is shared among your species now) was lost; reset. The “repeating of history” helps to regain that knowledge as a species, much in the same way that a child who is an Old Soul must still “re-grow up” in each lifetime as a means to regain his potential consciousness.

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