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Michael Speaks: First Quarter Energy Report


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Michael Speaks

First Quarter Energy Report

February 26, 2012

Channel: Troy Tolley


[Note: Title was changed to reflect the content that actually came through versus the original intention, which appears to have been a request for information on the "State of the Planet."]


We understand there is a topic of choice for today, but given the condition of our channel, we may break this up into more interactivity, so that shorter bursts of delivery can be made, instead of one, long delivery. We will begin with some amount of expounding on the topic so as to lend context.


As this context is clarified, we suggest preparing your questions, or directions of interest, as "the floor will open" sooner than usual.


The "State of the Planet," at this time is struggling between the effects of the shift from emphasis on Flow and the shift into Growth.


January through March emphasizes the Goal of a given year, and there may be seen some fairly obvious "growing pains" happening around you. Growth is the aim for actions to have meaning, so that your Doing evolves you, hence the Positive Pole of Evolution.


We specify "action" here because all Goals are action-based. They always, regardless of Axis, refer to what you DO.


In this case, how Action manifests in Exalted Inspiration. Or to translate into more useful terms: how choices and actions generate, find, or attract Meaning.


Last year, the emphasis was on knowing how to surrender to forces larger than your life, so that you could Flow, trust, and allow yourself to move with the currents, rather than against them. To suddenly have the reigns back in your hands, so to speak, through Growth, can be disconcerting.


Contributing to this, any shift from one emphasis to another will always "enter" through the Negative Pole of whatever is symbolic or literal of that shift, so that the shift into Growth means that it will be "entered" 


So if any of you have experienced this disconcerting, "confusing," shift of emphasis in the collective Goal, it is normal.


As March unfolds, most will have found their rhythm of Growth, and may begin to steady themselves in directions and actions that begin to mean something. March, then, may be marked by a sense of "being awake," instead of "waking up." As we described January as being akin to "Okay, Where was I?" and February as being "Oh, There I am," March may be described as, "Okay, Here we go."


The pattern and momentum of fulfilling that pattern (the Goal) of any year tends to be "set" by the end of March. March would do well to be used for being as clear as possible about your intentions, your motivations, your vision for the year ahead.


An undercurrent for the year that all may find irritatingly woven into events, relationships, and experiences is the effects of Impatience and Martyrdom.


When one year ends, and a new begins, the Chief Negative Features for a year will tend to drop away at the beginning of a year so that new energy is unleashed to set a momentum, but when one year's energy is the same as one before, that tends to carry over. Not only in consistency, but in a rise of strength and "solidity." This means, that there has been no break from the general sense of Impatience and Martyrdom that pervades humanity right now.


Impatience and Martyrdom are Action-based, so a lot of this is going to be felt in Bodies, and be rather tangible. Agitation, anxiety, frustration, intolerance, victimization, sensitive defensiveness, etc. All "felt" in the body in a way that is difficult to override. As these particular Chief Negative Features are Action-based, and because they are inherently in place for the purpose of protection, they are RE-actionary.


This is important to understand because the efforts to photograph these reactions is an exercise in consciousness down to your very pores.




Because Impatience and Martyrdom do not leave the body out. You cannot simply halt your thinking, or soothe your emotions. You must consciously slow your actions, calm your heartbeat, alter your breathing. Otherwise, you will have reacted long before your thoughts and feelings catch up to you.


This is going to be an obstacle over the entire year. For many.


The grapple for control, which is at the core of both Impatience and Martyrdom, is going to, most likely, play out in intimate and grand ways over 2012.


The very real elements of this appear to begin being more obvious after March. At least, in terms of global manifestation. For our Older Soul students, this has become fairly clear in intimate ways already. Even your most-beloved have probably "irritated the hell" out of you already.


So to combine what we have shared so far: 2012 is an exploration of how actions and choices generate meaning or confusion, and in that process is going to intertwine quite heavily with issues and obstacles that stem from the fear of losing control.


For our students, we would suggest that your mantra over 2012, when you feel things, relationships, or yourself reactionary and out of control, is simply: STOP.




Everything must halt in those instance, even if only briefly. That instance can be the equivalent of a lifetime, in terms of bringing consciousness back to the moment, so that you rise above reaction and fear


Our helpful phrases are not chosen simply to "be cute," so the "Ok, where was I?" "Oh, there I am." and "Okay, Here we go." are all a part of the triad for your STOP.


Returning yourself back over to meaningful action is far more effective and preferred, by most, to randomly flailing in ineffective defense.


This is an interesting and pivotal year in terms of global scales, as the initiation of the Mature Soul shift had occurred in 1987, so that the scale began tipping toward the Mature Soul Paradigm, but if the patterns continue over 2012, then this would be the final year that the Young Paradigm is in favor.


We doubt it will go quietly.


Rather than walk through various contexts to describe a "State of the Planet," we think that sharing these insights will help our students far more directly. From here, we will now respond to questions.


[LA] for those of us who have these Cf's already woven into our being, it's been really hard on me, is there any other ways to bring us back to consciousness in a snap? who do I say Stop it to, me? them? my body? I've been feeling I want to jump right out of my skin.


For those who live with Impatience and/or Martyrdom, your year will not be made more complicated by the energy of the year, but you may find that you see your own behaviors reflected more from those around you, or in the world, and this can be rather overwhelming.


In other words, you finally feel your own sense of control over your time and space, and now, suddenly, everyone else is losing control: It can feel like "back to square one."


So our first suggestion, particularly for the context of they year 2012, is that you need only worry about you, and what you can control. There is no need to worry about controlling anyone else, nor their choices, directions, actions, etc.


If those choices and actions directly affect you, it would still return to a matter of your own control, not about how to control someone else.


In short, first steps are to clarify what you can control.


[LA] ok-I do get it. Long hard road for me


The rest must, regardless of how horrifying, terrifying, and painful it can be, must be allowed.


For instance, you may not be able to control a hurricane, no matter how much you would wish for that hurricane not to hit your town; you can only react or respond to it. You cannot stop it. This is not the same thing as condoning it, nor the same thing as wanting it. It simply is, and it must be dealt with.


Reaction might have you flailing about in terror, screaming into the wind, and throwing rocks at the rain.


This might feel good in the moment, and feel effective, but when that branch flies through the window, it will probably become clearer just how ineffective those tactics are.


[LA] I can deal with a hurricane better than I can deal with people. 😉


However, responding by taking cover, having resources, and adjusting to the fact that you may be dealing with consequences that are beyond your control, can help you to stay centered, calm, clear, and effective.


This does not make the hurricane more fun. It just makes you more effective, calm, centered, and in control -- of what you CAN control.


People are hurricanes, and hurricanes are people, when it comes to what can and cannot be controlled. They are all forces that are not capable of being controlled.


Even when control is in place on a people, it cannot fully control them, nor can it remain in place for very long, relatively speaking, unless one is imposing Karma.


Even when control is in place on a people, it cannot fully control them, nor can it remain in place for very long, relatively speaking, unless one is imposing Karma.


[LA] I am only in control of myself. Now there is a good mantra for me.


Not really.


You must also allow for the fact that you are not always in control of yourself, either.


You are a mixture of forces, and not all of them can be controlled all of the time.


Embracing your storms, responding to those, rather than trying to control them or react to them, is just as important as embracing the necessary choices that are effective in a hurricane.


In fact, we would suggest that this remain your playful visual for your work in transforming the moment from fear and back to wholeness.


Allow room for storms. Respond to them when they arise. They always pass.




[BA] I don't have a question as much as I have an observation. A lot of what I've seen as far as this shift is likened to observing a bunch of people who are watching a movie that they already know the ending to but yet they stand up and scream, shout, stomp their feet, and throw things at the screen anyway during certain parts of the movie because they don't like what is happening at the moment. Some of this may already have been addressed in your previous answer but if you have any other comments to this observation it will be helpful.


It makes sense that when one decides to see a film that part of the agreement is to invest in it, and when that investment pays off, the results are absolutely rewarding through all that the film provokes, and the world falls away for that film for a while. And if it is really good, it stays with you for days, or for life.


Sometimes, it is so good, one sees it again. Or over and over. The ending and every part is known, and yet it is worth the submersion and forgetting, over and over.


Life is not much different from that, except the intention to invest is even more profound.


For some, the design of Personality allows them to sit in the back of the theater and watch the rest of the audience, and this is no different from those who are submerged/invested in the film.


Because then you also forget that they know they are okay. That they are safe. That they will leave the theater with you. That they are in on it.


This is a rather sloppy metaphor, but it is fair: our point being that if you are in a body, you are invested and submerged somehow, in some area, and this may or may not reflect where the masses are.


What one must do, if one chooses to do so, is to use whatever insight and awareness one has from his perspective to then add to the game, the dance, the movie of life.


[BA] Stand up and shout "We're all gonna die?" [just kidding] LOL


The choice is yours to remain sitting in the back of the theater and watching, or to throw Gummy Bears into their hair, or to shout "FIRE!" etc, but we can suggest that your perspective is yours because you have a part to play in humanity and whatever scenarios are unfolding.


Everyone has a perspective that allows for contribution.


Older Souls often convince themselves that they are done, out of the game, and retired from the mainstage of humanity. They are not. Or they would not remain incarnating.


You are a part of the movie, if you will.


Older Souls may have the consciousness that allows for them to rise above the various layers of consciousness that make up humanity, but it would always do the Old Soul well to remember that his perspective is gained, not for rising above everyone else, but for encompassing them.


Your perspective, or your interpretation of what you see happening in the theater, or among humanity, is a hint at what you can contribute, offer, bring to the experience.


If you feel everyone is too submerged and asleep, then stay awake for them. Hold that space for those who wake up. They may need you for orientation.


You need not wake everyone up, but simply stay awake.


If one feels there is a lot of stupidity around them, then stay smart, be smart, be the teacher for those who are interested in learning.


If one feels there is a lot of misunderstanding and defensiveness around them, then offer understanding and defenselessness.


[BA] Back to nurturing... I get it


Most of what the Old Soul sees as problems around them are the very things they have available for contribution, either by example in their living, and choices, etc or by literally providing that as a service.


It is up to you to decide what those contributions are, and how your contribute, if at all.


[DB] You stated that March would be a good time to be as clear as possible about our intentions, motivations, and visions for the year ahead. Are there any nexuses occurring in March during which it will be especially critical to do so? Also, if there is time, why is March the set point for any given year?


This year is "riddled" with Nexus.


Nexus are a result, not the cause.


So once a Nexus is in place, the causes are often long over.


This is not to say that choice is no longer in effect, but that those choices are then within a context relevant to the momentum that brings the Nexus.


In other words, it would be a misnomer to say that a Nexus is a point that is critical for anything.


We share these pivotal points because, as Older Souls, some of you can find value in observing a process that is often seamless and difficult to validate.


Most will only see the after-effects, if that.


However, that being said, the clarity of intention and motivation that we suggested is relevant to the Nexus in that as one moves through it, rather than falling like a puck in "Plinko," one can navigate a Nexus to some degree.


When one moves through a Nexus without awareness, it is not detrimental, and value can be found from however it "ends up," but when one moves through a Nexus consciously, with awareness, one can tend to retain or regain a wholeness, over the usual a fragmentation.


In March, the Nexus appears to be March 9th through the 11th.


This appears to be a Convergence, and extension of the previous Nexus of this year, with an emphasis on continuing the integration of parallels that had branched from around 2005.


The themes would be time-related, and how one experiences time, which means to us that this might bring a burst of perception that allows for expansion of one's processing of time, or a startling contraction, depending on what is merged.


[Comment] Daylight Savings Time begins that weekend 🙂


[MEntity] March tends to "set" the year as it is tends to be when the Goal of the year moves toward its potential in the Positive. To the degree that this has been reached by March, is often the degree to which it will remain for the rest of the year.

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