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Goal: Flow > Growth


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This means your Goal is Flow. The Goal is what you are not good at doing and aiming to get better at in this life.

The Goal also describes what you take from your experiences in the world. The Goal of Flow will look at experiences in terms of how well you flowed with them, or they flowed with you.

I always think of Flow as a bit like a life spent practicing yinyang, a chinese principle concept of balancing activity and rest to achieve harmony.


The - Pole of Flow is Inertia. This means you are not flowing, you're on a singular crashcourse because you are resisting or pushing flow rather than creating and navigating.

Inertia is either always being stuck in a standstill or rut. Or pushing against the current, trying to go upstream. You can reach the top doing that perhaps, but at the cost of a lot of energy and resources.

The + Pole of Flow is Freedom. This describes using what you have to navigate what you can control AND what you can't control. It is about fluidity, flexibility and recalibration.


Inertia will spin wheels endlessly to control or resist life. Freedom will be proactive and use its metaphorical oars to steadily navigate life.

Generally, Flow finds life gets easier to navigate as they grow, if they consistently learn how to achieve Freedom.


The ">" symbol denotes that the way you move out of Inertia into Freedom is by using Growth.

Flow is a Neutral Goal everyone can turn to help navigate life, and Flow can use any other Goal as well. For you, Michael indicates they see you using Growth the most.

Growth is the process of actively extracting and creating meaning from life experiences. Remember that the Goal is what you're not good at doing.

The - Pole of Growth is Confusion, while the + Pole is Evolution.

Confusion is a state of meaninglessness and only taking from life that you are making meaningless choices, or are confused about what choice is the most meaningful choice for you. So then, you don't make a choice or you wait for something meaningful to come along for you.

Evolution is proactive participation in creating your life by growing from your experiences. This can be done any way you choose.


So, in other words, when you are in Inertia, you get Confused. Either because the inertia is meaningless or you're waiting for someone/thing else to make a meaningful choice for you.

That won't happen. You have to inspire yourself to proactively choose and create what's meaningful. This helps you evolve. And when you evolve, you feel free again.


There's more on these goals in the TLE Library you can look at.

But this is my interpretation of the two goals and how they work together.

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@KurtisMthank you so much for answering me and explaining this!! In the Michael books I have read, there was no goal of "Flow", and it was not until now that I really felt the need to explore this further. Your answer was really illuminating to me and I completely recognize myself. 🙏❣️ I will read more about it.

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35 minutes ago, KurtisM said:

The ">" symbol denotes that the way you move out of Inertia into Freedom is by using Growth.


@AnnaElisa the ">" symbol is used as a short form for sliding or the Hand Across, Hands Through technique. What it points to is the Overleave(s) you slide to the most. Sometimes people use more than one. For example, I use Observation > Passion/Reserve regularly. The whole point of sliding is to, eventually, bring you back to your chosen Overleave(s). Here's an example of how to use sliding, practically, in a relationship shown in a blog entry of mine Observation Sliding....


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@AnnaElisa this is one of the terms that has evolved over time. The old Yarbro books call Flow, “stagnation”, which is more representative of the negative goal of Flow.

Jose Stevens calls the goal, “relaxation”, and describes the negative pole as stagnation (inertia) and the positive pole as free-flowing, or just Flow. 

I think Relaxation with a positive pole of Flow is more accurate for me. @KurtisM said, “the goal is something you are not good at”. I think I’m great at relaxing! 🤣 it just seems that the demands of life are always encroaching on my leisure time. So I see my goal as relaxation, but to do that, I need to go with the flow.

I’ve come to recognize procrastination as one symptom of the negative pole of Flow. I also slide into Growth (and Acceptance), so if I let things pile up because I’m “relaxing” in inertia, then eventually I won’t be able to relax at all because I’ve let tasks and projects accumulate that must eventually get done. Those challenging situations are likely when I’m sliding into Growth. 

I’m curious, how do you relate to Flow? 

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