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Energy Report: APRIL 2012


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APRIL 2012


APRIL marks the shift of emphasis for the year into the explorations of the Mode, which is Passion this year. The Mode describes one’s method for pursuing the Goal, and for how one relates and interacts. Passion describes the process of freeing the Emotions/Inspiration as a means of achieving one’s Goal and relating. This freeing of Emotions results in an expansion of the self and Essence in a way that encompasses anything within the range of attention and focus. In the Positive Pole, this is Self-Actualization, or the process of becoming more of who you are through this encompassing energy. In the Negative Pole, we find Identification, which is the process of losing oneself through that same encompassing energy.


As April unfolds, there may be a burst of this Passion energy for our students that comes out of nowhere and surges through in a way that may feel quite nice, especially if the year has not been so invigorating so far. For those who have been fatigued, down, and rather flat as the year has begun, this surge may almost feel electrical, and while it may feel better than the flatness, it may also be a bit jarring and nerve-wracking. For those who have started the year energetically and feeling good, this


Passion may not be as obvious, but simply help sustain a momentum.


Regardless of how Passion shows up, for most there will begin a shift of emphasis away from accomplishments and intentions for the year (Goal), and toward attention to the quality of experience related to those general intentions and directions (Mode). In other words, the WHAT begins to include the HOW. In this case, the How is Passion. This means that there would now come to be an assessment that considers how Inspiration and Emotion may be blocked, ignored, unwieldy, etc.


Passion tends to turn its attention toward reflections and representations. It begins to ask, “What does this say about me?” “What does this mean about me?” “How does this represent or reflect me?” “Where am I in this?” This kind of questioning leads to an assessment of one’s integrity, honesty, and clarity of the self and Essence in the intentions and relationships.


When Passion Mode is healthy, it is a regular assessment of the self and its integrity, honesty, and clarity as it moves itself through relationships, goals, and intentions as ways to reflect and collect parts of the self. The more clearly and honestly this is done, the more one generates inspiration and emotional fulfillment, and this becomes a kind of circuit of benefit for all involved. When Passion is in the Negative Pole, that assessment shifts its attention toward others, to things and events, and becomes a constant monitoring of how those are expected to be extensions of the self, instead of reflections.


For instance: a Positive Pole Passion Mode might make dinner for a loved one and let that dinner simply reflect his or her honest and clear intentions to fulfill a practicality, or to express love, or to be nurturing, and if that loved one likes the dinner, or does not, has no bearing on what that dinner reflects about the self. A Negative Pole Passion Mode would lose his or her sense of self in the dinner as it becomes an extension of the self. The sense of self is now hooked into, and dependent upon, whether the loved one likes, enjoys, rejects, praises, the dinner. The dinner no longer represents or reflects the self, but IS the self, and the value and meaning is then forced upon the dinner and the loved one to uphold.


And so it is that over the April, May, and June, our students may begin an assessment and exploration that looks at one’s integrity and honesty in relationships and intentions, and determines if these are valid reflections of the self and Essence, or if they may be imposed extensions of the self.


As you explore over the next few months, it may become obvious to you if you have imposed yourself upon others, or into intentions and things, as extensions of yourself, expecting them to comply and fulfill and validate your sense of self. It will then be up to you to free them from that imposition, and to bring them back into being honest reflection of parts of you through which you become more, become self-actualized.


Helpful thoughts over APRIL might be:


As you move through Passion Mode, allow room for everyone to represent and reflect themselves. Anything, anyone, and everything can be a reflection and representation of you, but when you begin to expect them to be extensions of you, Self-actualization takes a backseat to the panic of Identification. When your world is presumed to be only extensions of you, there is no room for anyone else.


Inspiration is generated from within, and then reflected around you. What you find inspiring is a reflection of what you know as potential, value, honesty, integrity, clarity within you. What you find inspiring is a means of creating a circuit between your inner and outer world, but your inner world is not dependent upon extracting potential, value, honesty, integrity, and clarity from other people or things. It is helpful, then, to embrace your own potential, value, honesty, integrity, and clarity because that is when it begins to show up all around you in your world, helping you to become even more of you.




APRIL 1st - APRIL 3rd - a Divergence (branching of parallels) Nexus for those who have some versions of the life ending in some way, where “the passion has died.”


APRIL 25th - APRIL 29th- A Convergence Nexus with an emphasis on reunion, community, and a leap into exponential expansion of potential through meaningful group dynamics.

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