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MAY 2012


MAY continues deeper into the explorations described by Passion Mode for the year, with its emphasis in the arena of Relationships, or in how one is relating, regardless of with what that is. This is one of the reasons for why Platforms transition at this time, as they are greatly about how one is Relating.
 [NOTE FROM TROY: Platforms describe a yearly context of exploration that is set up by Essence that describes a theme of interest to extract from experiences during that time period; this doesn’t mean we have to do anything special, but knowing what our Platform is can help us understand some of those themes we may find ourselves drawn toward.]


Relating is a valuable context for learning and evolving that extends well into the highest of Planes, for as long as there is any sense of differentiation on any level between the self and other, or within the self, however vast that sense of self is, there is Relating. Oneness is not a loss of the capacity to differentiate; in fact, it is the capacity to do so without losing that truth of Oneness. Even “you,” as a Being “in” a body, can differentiate your arm from your leg from your cells from your organs, etc, and still call the totality of those parts “you.” This is really no different from the perspective of profound Oneness as experienced upon return to Tao.


In terms of Overleaves, Modes describe the medium through which Relating is explored. In highly simplistic terms, and as relevant to this particular report, the 7 Modes could be described as:


Reserve: Relating by refining your emotions
Passion: Relating by freeing your emotions

Caution: Relating by refining your thoughts
Power: Relating by freeing your thoughts

Perseverance: Relating by refining your actions
Aggression: Relating by freeing your actions
Observation: Relating by observing and using the Mode most appropriate for the occasion 


In broader terms, the above also describes how one eventually fulfills one’s Goal.


Passion Mode is the medium of relating without emotional boundaries, without emotional inhibition, without apology, without self-consciousness. Passion is a means of expanding the sense of self, internally and externally, by recognizing the whole as being scattered among parts that are ultimately resonating. Being able to lose one’s defenses, boundaries, and inhibitions is not the same thing as losing one’s sense of self, or one’s sense of differentiation. The Positive Pole is Self-actualization, and the Negative Pole is Identification, which describes that spectrum of Relating that extends between losing oneself and becoming oneself.


Regardless of one’s Mode in the set of Overleaves, a collective atmosphere, if you will, is still something that would be in effect for those who are participating in the world. In other words, whatever your Mode, there would tend to be a pattern of exploring relationships and relating at this time, and it may be in a context of exploring boundaries, resonance, group inspirations, and a freeing of one’s emotions.


We see for our students that May would tend to be far more contemplative than active, in terms of Relating and Passion, so this may not be an obvious pattern. The key would be, however, in the fact that contemplation is aimed at how better to relate, and how the best and the worst is still a part of the wholeness that is understood as the self.


Helpful thoughts over MAY might be:

As one contemplates relationships and how one relates internally and externally, it can be easy to lose oneself in that contemplation, and begin to consider various facets of the self as being better or worse for use in relationships based on how challenging or rewarding they may be. In other words, many go through life fragmenting the self so that it can exist and relate strategically, but eventually the fragmentation dissolves into faceting. It is far more rewarding, freeing, and whole to sustain a consistency of consciousness among the facets of “who” you are, than to divide them into fragments that must then spend great amounts of energy and time recovering and healing.

As we mentioned in the previous Report: Inspiration is generated from within, and then reflected around you. What you find inspiring is a reflection of what you know as potential, value, honesty, integrity, clarity within you. What you find inspiring is a means of creating a circuit between your inner and outer world, but your inner world is not dependent upon extracting potential, value, honesty, integrity, and clarity from other people or things. It is important, then, to remember that when you move into a state of contemplation, or Concentration, that it is a part of how one recognizes what is Inspiring, but it is only a part of it. The usefulness of it requires your application of it.



MAY 11th through MAY 13th - a Convergence (combining of parallels) Nexus as a means to solidify and build upon that which was realized in the previous convergence in April.

MAY 30th - A minor Divergence Nexus that would appear to move out from “this” parallel the relationships that are no longer mutually benefiting or serving.

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