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We have a lot more work to do and we can do this... together.


Yesterday was a bittersweet day of celebration and justice in America. It was sweet to have a HUGE win and to finally have a police officer held accountable for murdering a Black civilian, but it was also bitter in that it took overwhelming testimony, video footage from multiple angles, professional perspectives, and the unnecessary murder of a Black man to get this historic moment of justice... and despite being able to see exactly what he did from multiple angles as he murdered George Floyd, we were still on the edge of our seats about the verdict because this kind of justice is so rare.


We have to take this win and run with it to reform, defund, and abolish the police force as an institution and rebuild our networks of protection. A lot of people are hard at work on this. Your support and understanding matter because when you hear things like "defund" or "abolish" the police, it can sound scary, but it's not. It's necessary. 



The verdict came in unexpectedly during my live stream on Twitch so I quickly shifted the focus on the stream to the reading of the verdict. The chat exploded in celebration and I held back tears. 
If the embed below doesn't work, here is the LINK: 

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The look on his face.


Complete deer in headlights.


Then absolute panic.


Bastard believed he would get away with it.

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Connie Stansell-Foy

There is so much more to do, so many attitudes to change.

We will not have victory until NO ONE who is not physically threatening the police AT THAT VERY INSTANT is harmed by the police.


This is a first step, holding one policeman accountable. I hope the others involved are also found guilty, though I'm not certain what the charges would be. However, they had a duty to interfere with Chauvin's murder of George Floyd, and instead they facilitated it.

But we must change our whole culture, not just that of the police. I believe this has begun with Darnella Frazier, the young lady who recorded the entire incident, and the other witnesses, all of whom realized that what they were seeing was the murder of a human being. They tried to stop what was happening; quite reasonable concern for their own safety kept them from rushing the officers and knocking Chauvin off George Floyd, possibly saving his life. But they are paying a price, suffering survivor's guilt even though they are heroes for trying to save him, and for testifying in the trial against his killer. For their heroism, for their caring, I send them love.


We need more people like those witnesses, and we need them in all walks of life, but especially in the police departments of the US and even the rest of the world. Policing needs to be completely re-imagined, so that police once again protect and serve, rather than intimidate and kill, drunk on their own power. We need to replace Derek Chauvin and Kim Potter with Andy Griffith.

Another young black person was killed right around the time that Derek Chauvin's guilty verdicts were being read out. I don't have much information about that yet, but it seems possible that a 15- or 16-year-old girl called 911 for protection, and paid with her life. 

This has to stop. It HAS TO STOP.

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