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TLEtv - WAHN - Episode 03 - April 24, 2021 - Australia's soul age, George Floyd


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  • TLE12

New channeling for Episode 03 of We Are Here, Now. For the video of the show and context around the channeling, please see Troy's post:

TLEtv - We Are Here, Now - Episode 03 - AGREEMENTS


Topic: Australia's Growing Pains

Do these scandals reflect a shift to a mature soul age paradigm? Can we get a comment on Australia's current soul age and evolution over the future?


MEntity: These scandals are not entertainment or mere nuisances in a long line of inconvenient drama. In a Young Soul paradigm, scandals such as these can tend to be viewed as exciting entertainment, with viewers completely removed from the emotional reality of these events. In a Mature Soul paradigm, events such as these bring to light serious matters that resonate with those who have unlocked and reconnected to their capacity for empathy. These scandals are transformative because those who are listening are ready to take action and make choices that are in response to the events. The events have happened and there is grief and wounding to address, but the masses are ready to DO something with what happened and not allow it to fade into history. 


Australian society has long been dominated by white male power and toxic masculinity. It has become a romanticized cornerstone of society and often proudly and playfully upheld as a kind of mascot for the country. This is ending. 


Australia is slightly behind the United States in terms of its evolution as it shifts from Young to Mature. However, the shift in Australia may come at a faster pace because it is not a country that takes change lightly. Australia is brimming with Stubbornness and Arrogance, so when a critical mass of population decides that a change is in order, that change will come fairly swiftly and far less violently than in America. It also helps that a large portion of Australia (about 35%) has already been stable as Mature for the past 100 years or so. In the past 20 years, the Mature Soul population has reached around 52%. We see Australia as “officially” a Mature Soul country by around 2030, but one of the greatest hurdles for Australia in its move into a Mature Soul paradigm is in the area of transparency and privacy. Much more needs to be exposed regarding official practices and policies, while much more individual control over privacy needs to be returned.



JACINDA ARDERN = 2nd Level Old Server-Cast King from Cadre 5, Entity 1, a Spiritualist in Passion Mode with a Goal of Dominance, Emotionally Centered, Intellectual Part, and Chief Features of Impatience and Self-deprecation

SCOTT MORRISON = 6th Level Young Scholar-Cast King from Cadre 10, Entity 3, a Pragmatist in Reserved Mode with a Goal of Discrimination, Moving Centered, Intellectual Part, with Chief Features of Stubbornness and Arrogance



Topic: George Floyd and the Chauvin guilty verdict


MEntity: George Floyd was living his life. He had other plans. He was struggling with conditions in life that interfered greatly with how well he could live his life and fulfill his own plans and Agreements. The arrest, murder, and trial were not on George’s agenda or his Essence that day. This event was not unusual, uncommon, or unfamiliar. Other events such as these have been documented and recorded and publicly shared. What made this particular event historic and pivotal is that people made choices and took actions in response to the event that made a difference. Agreements by the millions were born of this event, but they were not there before the event. 


We can break down and delineate this event in terms of Karma, Agreements, and Paradigm Shifts, but what will always matter most is that people make choices and take actions that commit to making a difference. There are no guarantees. History often repeats itself because not enough people make the choice or take the actions that commit to making a difference. This time, a difference was made. And the choices and actions and Agreements that come next are as important as those that came before.

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  • DanielaS changed the title to TLEtv - WAHN - Episode 03 - April 24, 2021 - Australia's soul age, George Floyd
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  • TeamTLE


Thank you so much for doing these transcriptions. While participating in the event is fun, collecting the Michael content is very difficult when working with a video. These transcriptions allow access to what Michael said via search and also allow tagging. 


If you ever decide you can't do these anymore, please let me know. 


P.S. I am not suggesting you stop everything and transcribe more recent episodes right now. Having the transcript eventually is more important than having it immediately. Whenever you get around to it is fine. THANKS!

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  • TLE12

Hi @Janet. I posted the new channeling for Episode 4 about India and Cynosures. There was no new channeling in Episodes 5 and 6.

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