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TLEtv - WAHN - Episode 00 - January 30, 2021 - Amanda Gorman, the Internet


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New channeling for Episode 00 of We Are Here, Now. For the video of the show and context around the channeling, please see Troy's post:

TLEtv - We Are Here, Now - Episode 00


Topic: Amanda Gorman


MEntity: This fragment is in a Muse Position for a great many people and is a 5th Level Old Priest-Cast Sage from Cadre 12, Entity 4, a Realist Attitude with a Goal of Dominance in Power Mode with Emotional Centering, Intellectual Part. What can be witnessed in her delivery of her poem at the inauguration, and most any other delivery of her art at any other time in any other form, is indeed Essence Manifestation and fulfillment of a Life Task. This is an old fragment who decided to experiment with overleaves that are usually left to younger souls and is showing how these overleaves can be used by older souls in new and meaningful ways. No overleaf is tied to or limited to any soul age, but there does tend to be patterns of preference to suit the positions that a fragment expects to explore in a life. With the shift in paradigm toward a more Mature World, overleaves that have primarily been popular with younger souls are now being repurposed and reclaimed, so to speak, for a new world.



Topic: The Internet


How does Michael view social media as a representative for our collective consciousness? Is the reddit attack on stock markets a reflection of a transition to the mature soul age and its relationship with chaos and harmony? Can Michael clarify how misinformation can be treated in a country where it may be part of the mindset in half of its participating voting citizens? How did it get this bad?


MEntity: We see Social Media as a true real-time reflection of collective and individual consciousness and its evolution. It is a reflection of another layer of the Astral Plane, or the emotional ocean of humanity.

It is a lot of noise that one must learn to manage, sort, and then focus on what matters and what is meaningful and useful to you, but one must also learn what matters and what is meaningful to them. And then one must learn to manage, sort themselves to contribute what is deemed to matter and what is meaningful and useful.

The true state of collective consciousness is an ocean of noise, but there are very real patterns at work and as your Essence evolves, so does its capacity for managing, sorting, and contributing to create harmonies rather than noise. This is true on individual and collective levels, but it is also true of Social Media.

As one dives into that ocean of noise, it can be overwhelming. To protect oneself from all of the noise, the focus often shifts away from managing and sorting the incoming noise, and shifts toward contributing, but this only adds to the noise if one has not sorted out what matters and is meaningful. What you end up with is a lot of noise and no real listening. You end up with whatever makes the most noise and convincing you that it is meaningful and useful.

This is how misinformation, lies, and cults grow out of the noise that an individual happens to find without any attempt to sort or manage. It is loud, therefore it must matter.

The language of love is expected to be quiet, inviting, and non confrontational. The language of fear is known as loud, seductive, and confrontational. The truth is that no rules have ever been set or assigned to these states and their languages.

This is why fear can take hold of so many because it can and does use the language of quiet, inviting, and non confrontational.

But as more people have learned to manage, sort, and contribute to the harmonies over the noise, you are finding more people being comfortable with the language of love breaking out of its arbitrary and impotent confinements and being loud, seductive, and confrontational.

In the same way that older souls like Amanda Gorman and several politicians are "taking back" their power through what had been co-opted and arbitrarily assigned to younger souls as overleaves and positions of power, so too are older souls reclaiming the power of love through its loud, seductive, and confrontational voice to cut through the noise.

This is what you are seeing in the Redditor movement. There will be more.

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Oh BLESS YOU for transcribing this! It allows me to add this content to the archives and it also makes it searchable here on TLE. 

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@Janet No problem! I wanted to make sure this was all captured in your efforts. And I didn’t even have to transcribe it. I just pasted and arranged the text from the scripts Troy gave me access to

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  • DanielaS changed the title to TLEtv - WAHN - Episode 00 - January 30, 2021 - Amanda Gorman, the Internet

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