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Thank you Troy,


I can't help but add a note of humourous observation for the predicted turbulence from May 23 to 25th ... I know it will be true for me.  I am scheduled for a colonoscopy (TMI -sorry!) on the 25th so prep starts the 23rd.  I can definitely see this time as being distinctly uncomfortable, lol!  Regardless, I appreciate these forecasts and always find them very useful in helping me navigate and understand what is happening around and to me. It is just so intriguing that the energy aligns with my physical experience :-D!

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Leela Corman

I definitely FEEL this transition from Unchanging into Persistence. I feel it so strongly. And I felt that Perseverance energy in general these last few months. I had to get myself through something that I had no control over, that wasn't going to change through any of my efforts, and of course that's all been true collectively with the virus too. A couple of weeks ago I got a one-card reading from a Tarot reader I like, who pulled...Perseverance! I had come to him with a question about whether or not I should give up on something. He said "Whatever it is, DON'T GIVE UP." 


It really helped me, over the past couple of months, to use the image from the Six Of Swords tarot card as a visualization. The RWS imagery of the people in the boat, navigating themselves to smoother waters. I felt like that person paddling the boat, just trying to focus on the calmer waters ahead, and on the shore, and on not running aground on hidden rocks. I felt something shift in the last week, first internally, and in my dreams, and now it's starting to take form in my life a bit too. It's both a relief and painful, like a limb that's been asleep for a long time coming back to life.


Thank you, @Troy!

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