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Energy Report: AUGUST 2012


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August continues the emphasis on Potential and Possibility, but with more active participation than in the previous month of July. This active participation is supported and manifested through actions, choices, follow-through, and enthusiasm for what has been deemed possible and potential. Though the possibilities and potential for a person, relationship, or situation can be endless, it is through choice and action that these possibilities and potential are given form from the inherent formlessness of potential. If one does not actively choose or actively make efforts regarding their potential, it simply remains potential.


Over August, our students may find a theme of exploring how their actions and choices directly evolve, manifest, and emphasize certain forms over other forms from the possibilities and potential that are both consciously identified and subconsciously missed. It may seem that the consciously identified possibilities and potential would be preferable, but that is not always the case. Often, there is a permission built in to periods of time where so much is being explored, and one will find that many of the consciously preferred possibilities seem to be usurped by subconscious paths that come to the surface. This is not to replace the conscious and preferred paths, but to help bring more of a spectrum of choice to the experience.


The more conscious one aims to be, the more subconscious patterns will rise to the surface for exposure. This can be exasperating as pattern after pattern unfolds that seems to speak to a part of you that you do not understand or connect with in terms of those possibilities and potential, but when you find yourself divided within yourself about one direction, possibility, or potential over another, there is ALWAYS information in the one that takes the center stage of your focus. That information found in those subconscious patterns tends to be about areas that may need nurturing, patience, rest, consideration, healing, embrace, etc. They are not patterns that unfold simply to undermine or distract, but to either help strengthen an infrastructure for your preferred possibilities and potential by healing an “Achilles Heel,” or by helping point out alternatives that may have been missed. If one tends to find one’s preferred possibilities and potential out of reach because of repeated distractions with these subconscious patterns, it may help for one to know that once these are revealed, they are no longer subconscious. This means they no longer have any validity of power beyond your capacity for choice and action.


In short, August appears to be a pattern of exploration of Empowerment through Choice and Action. In other words, what you choose to DO makes a difference, no matter what the scale, and where you focus your attention, makes a difference. Truly comprehending this can be profound.


Helpful thoughts over AUGUST might be:




The extent and depths of one’s spectrum of consciousness is vast. Relative to the Personality, this includes Conscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious realms. The Subconsciousness is simply that level where intellect, emotion, and action go for automation. When something is automated, it is simply processed beyond your focus of awareness. It is not a bad thing, nor is it a programming that cannot be overridden. Even the act of breathing, which is as automated as automation can get, can be stopped by the individual, if he or she so chooses to do so. Everything else is even easier to bring into focus for alteration.


Dreaming, Concentration, Study, Creativity, Meditation, Possibilities, Potential, etc. are all Subconscious processes that can be moved to Conscious processes, but not all of them are necessary for bringing into the Consciousness. If breathing depended only upon Conscious choice, many would “forget” to breathe, and die very quickly. It is the same with Dreaming, Meditation, Concentration, etc. These have very important levels that work much better in the Subconscious realm of automation. However, the Conscious realm allows one to heal, tweak, transform, employ, and install those automated processes of the Subconscious. This is done through choice and action.


If one simply leaves the Subconscious alone, then it is similar to never updating your software, your operating system, your infrastructure. Eventually, old programming does not match new experiences, and new experiences cannot be supported by old infrastructures. This is why there are built in Reviews (often coinciding Astrologically with Saturn Returns) within a lifetime, but one does not have to wait for Review to update the Subconscious. It is always helpful to pay attention to your breathing habits, meditation habits, dreaming, what you concentrate on, what you tend to study, your creative habits, can help one to continue strengthening the infrastructure and “operating system” of Consciousness so that the life is built from, and upon, strong foundations, instead of shaky uncertainties.


The Subconscious handles all automation, so this is vital for the freeing of Consciousness. It will never be the aim to bring only Consciousness to yourself, your life, relationships, etc. but to allow for the spectrum of your Consciousness. However, lifting your Subconscious ingredients into the light of Consciousness for examination can bring profound effects upon your capacity for choice, and therefore, your capacity for giving form to the spectrum of possibilities and potential of your life.


No one is “programmed” beyond his or her capacity to change it, if he or she so chooses to do so, but it does take choice, effort, and consciousness to do so. So everyone's "programming," ultimately, is their own.




AUGUST 1st - 3rd- Moving Centers may get amped up over those days, and remain on high momentum until the 12th, bringing some a heightened sense of awareness, while bringing others a heightened sense of agitation and restlessness.


AUGUST 19th- Potential, approximate date for a global phenomenon that is of interest, with symbolic indications for “the future” of exploration. This is not a prediction, but one of many dates that may bring this into manifestation, as it is being generated collectively.


AUGUST 27th - 30th- A Divergence Nexus with an emphasis on Completions vs Initiations, and relative to the efforts made by those updating their Subconscious. Some versions of reality would branch off to help bring closure to efforts and projects and relationships that have no resonance to the updated sense of consciousness, while other realities might blossom with renewed, or new initiations toward enthusiastic goals and experiences.

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"AUGUST 19th- Potential, approximate date for a global phenomenon that is of interest, with symbolic indications for “the future” of exploration. This is not a prediction, but one of many dates that may bring this into manifestation, as it is being generated collectively."


I would say this appears to be either the August 25th Event where Voyager 1 (launched in 1977) entered Interstellar Space. Or it was the August 6th Event when Mars Curiosity Rover landed on well Mars and later achieved a Broadcast Recording of the Human Voice on the 27th.

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