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validity of Gaia movement

kees berg

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Hee fellow TLE,

Is anyone active on the Gaia organization?

They have alot of content, of which alot of history about Gaia, planet earth.

I wonder till which extend such sources can be validated or that It is more like a façade of the new age movement with unrealistic ideals for the trajectory of humanity.

Interested to hear some thoughts on this.

Let me know if this is the right place for such a topic.

Many things like for example the 'missing links' in our evolution are also portrayed through this organization.

So Maybe It is worthwhile cross referencing to these channels or not?


















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Do they have anything to do with the Gaia Network? My infirm father was watching that when I visited him last week, and noted anti-semite, neofascist, and QAnon sympathizer David Icke was a frequent talking head, which utterly repulsed me. There is an overlap between some New Age/wellness folks and QAnon/neo-Nazis. It's vile and dangerous.

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Posted (edited)

No sure if the Gaia network is the same as the YouTube channel Gaia. There are Just a ton of speakers sharing all kinds of content. Much of which is presented As ancient history this and that. Never thought It would be apart of Qanon though. I don't know much about that.


David icke 😛 I do not follow haha, he really went down the rabbit hole alot It seems.


The organization seems to be pretty commercial so I wondered if anyone knew It or sees any of It as valid. ITs Just so strange to see how much effort there is probably put into making alll that content and seeing speakers taking It really seriously and at the same time thinking you are opening a fiction book. 


It is nicely presented though, It is Just hard to see how much of such content is really valid.

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