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As September wanes in the emphasis on the Attitude of Spiritualist, October launches into the emphasis on the Chief Negative Feature of the year, Stubbornness. Depending upon how the Spiritualist Attitude was explored in July through September, the Chief Feature would tend to reflect that exploration.

If the Attitude was explored in a way that left it emphasized in the Positive Pole, then the move into the latter months of the year would tend to bring with it a lighter emphasis on the Chief Negative Feature, if not collective freedom from Chief Feature, altogether. The Spiritualist Attitude of this year, though, was left in a rather tattered state, if you will, with more of a Negative Pole than Positive, and this means moving into October with high investment in Belief, bringing with it a sense of necessity for defense and protection of those Beliefs, or a dead anchoring into them.

With this year’s Chief Negative Feature being Stubbornness, it would mean that, at best, any defense of one’s beliefs would be a simple stance of Determination, the Positive Pole of Stubbornness, and at worst, a stance of Obstinance, the Negative Pole.

Determination is a stance of resolution, and an exactness about where one stands, or about where one is going, which is not a “bad thing,” and is often necessary as a means to stand against another who wishes to impose upon you. Because it is still a form of defense, it falls into the category of Chief Negative Feature, of course. Obstinance, though, is different, in that it is a refusal to grow beyond one’s stance, even as there is a clear necessity, desire, and momentum to do so. Determination is an investment in a stance that may actually require defense and protection, such as when one is being told one cannot succeed, but endures to do so, whereas Obstinacy is an anchored state that forces others to work around oneself, such as when a parent may reject a child only on the basis that the child’s sexuality “violates” an absurd, religious belief.

In other words, Determination tends to have to work around other people, while Obstinacy forces others to work around oneself.

As the political climate of the United States takes center stage, it will most likely play out this dance of the Stubbornness Chief Feature over Beliefs. One “side” taking a stance of Determination, while the other takes a stance of Obstinance. Politics almost always plays out the collective psyche of any population, giving manifestation to the Energy Report in ways that words do not do justice, and when more people are actively “paying attention,” the more keenly this is reflected. In this case, it is Mature Determination vs Young Obstinance that is exemplified.

For the average student, this dynamic of Chief Feature and Negative Pole Attitude may come to be experienced more as a stand-still, a sense of being halted, stopped, or slowing down, not as a kind of centering, but more like a steady pace of an approach into a daunting incline. It would tend not to be startling or harsh, but a realization. October may come about as if stopped in lanes of traffic that are also stopped, getting out of the car, and wondering why everyone else has stopped.

This pause is in large part due to the shift into Stubbornness, but also because the undercurrent of fear is growing about what the end of 2012 may bring. Some of this is due to the election of the President of The United States, and some of this is due to the concern over the “Mayan Calendar.”

It will not matter that one does not believe the hype over the “Mayan Calendar,” or the infamous date of December 21st, 2012, as it is now a part of the collective paradigm. No matter where one is in Soul Age, beliefs, or knowledge, paradigm cannot be overridden. It will not matter that you may not find any substance to the concerns, but because so many do, you will still have to deal with it. Think of living in a small town as an Old Soul with a leaning toward natural spirituality and higher responsibility, among Baby Souls who resign to some unknown authority, and define their lives by their relationship to a church. No matter what that Old Soul knows, he will have to deal with the Baby Souls. In terms of the growing ingredient of your paradigm, “deal with it” can mean anything from simply riding through the phase of collective concern and hype, to having to deal with some reality that may come of those invested in making something of it.

This translates into our students’ more intimate relationships and lives, as well. Beliefs are up for defense, examination, and investment, either as a way to move forward through a tough challenge (Determination) or as a way to make others work around a situation that one refuses to grow beyond (Obstinance).

October is a month, then, that is about stopping and getting a good look at this scenario in the world, in politics, and in your personal life. The action will most likely return in November, but for now, it is a slowing or a halt that is generated for everyone to stop before moving forward.

If October does not bring about some introspection and extrospection, it would most likely bring a November that feels as if driving off of a cliff. This is not an ominous possibility, but is certainly not pleasant.

Helpful thoughts over OCTOBER might be:


Re-reading some of the discussions we have shared over this year may find some insight into the nature of Reflection, and how this year has come to bring some awareness to this state, particularly in terms of its relationship to Inspiration. Reflection is necessary for healthy evolution, and it cannot be done by only looking within, or looking without. Reflection must bring the inner and outer together into a whole that is greater than the sum of those parts. Reflection, then, often requires a halt to both internal and external processes; a limbo, if you will. It can come at any time, but tends to come when there is a precarious turning point. This precarious turning point has manifested now. By “precarious” we mean that there is a momentum now that can easily lead many into a deeper sleep, so to speak, or into greater awakening.  We do not say this as some form of magical and mystical or ominous event, but as yet another simple step into greater collective maturity, or a phase of resistance to that. This happens many times over the course of a lifetime, and over the course of a Sentient cycle, and it happens to be generating again over the months ahead.


OCTOBER 3rd, 4th - the first of the halting and reflection begins; a sense of interruption and limbo may begin to be sensed.

OCTOBER 10th, 11th - a sense of heightened awareness and intensity may come up over these days, bringing attention to key solutions or challenges that need to be addressed before too much time passes.

OCTOBER 25th - A Divergence Nexus that might tend to branch out the collective parts of self more invested in Obstinance away from those aimed more toward the Positive Poles of Growth, Passion, and Spiritualism, the Overleaves of the year.

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