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TLE is undergoing an upgrade. Along with over 260 bug fixes, this new release contains some great new functionality.

NOTE: details for access and how to use new features will come soon.


Here is what to expect as we upgrade:


DEFAULT THEME: we are using the default theme until the custom themes are updated to be compatible. Please excuse the lack of color and life in the default theme.

RANKS & ACHIEVEMENTS: a new ranking system has replaced the old ranking system. This means you may see yourself now listed as a "newbie" when you click your profile picture or see your profile page. This will be customized and updated. Please be patient. This new version of Achievements & Ranks brings a whole new level of earning and showing trust to other members while gently nudging more quality contributions to your community.

BETTER MOBILE FUNCTIONALITY: The community should be much easier to use on your mobile devices.

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: You may now opt into Push Notifications, which means you will be notified on your devices of the alerts that matter to you, whether you are browsing the community or not.

SOLVED FORUMS: A new feature that allows members to ask a question and then mark that question as SOLVED so that others can see the solution more easily.


If you find any issues, let us know in this SITE ISSUES & BUGS forum!


Troy & TLE

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