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Types of Content and Limits on Discussion


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This information is to prevent reporting of an "issue" when no issue actually exists.


Types of Content

There are essentially three types of content on this site:


  • The Study Library has "articles" and we made the explicit decision when creating this site not to allow discussion of articles. You may "like" these, but you may not comment on them. However, we try to include a link to the original transcript (in a blog entry or forum topic), where discussion is allowed.
  • "Blog entries" are created in blogs that are owned by individual users. Blog entries allow readers to "add a comment" IF the owner of the item has left the entry open for that function. By default comments are normally allowed, but it is possible for the owner to hide, lock, leave unpublished or otherwise disable the blog entry.
  • Forums have "topics" that may be created by anyone but are essentially owned by TLE. Topics allow you to "reply to" the content. TeamTLE may lock, hide or remove forum topics to prevent further discussion for various reasons.


Clubs are a special case. Typically they contain forum topics but some may have blog entries as well. You must join a club to see content. All the clubs are different: some allow you to join right away; some require you to wait for the club owner to approve you. Occasionally a club has a fee. The club creator/owner may also arrange settings as to who can see any/all content and who can post content or participate in discussion within the club.

Limits on Discussion

The primary reasons for not being able to discuss content are:


  1. The item is a Study Library article. (This is usually obvious from the link but can also be identified by reference to the item being an "article" somewhere on the page.)
  2. The item is locked. (There will be a message/icon about this near the title of the content.)
  3. The item is owned by a club that restricts participation. (If you are member of the club, you should contact the club owner about the issue. If you are not a member of the club -- well, then, that's why.)
  4. Your profile has been restricted. (I guarantee you will know if this is the case. Trust me.)


If you do not find that any of these reasons apply, then please report the site issue in this forum and supply a link to a page where the issue exists for you. 


Note: Any item that is identified as "hidden" or "unpublished" or "deleted" should NOT be visible to anyone except TeamTLE, and we ask the assistance of everyone to immediately post a topic in this forum if you see anything like this. 


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