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A Video on Longitudinal/Scalar Field/Vacuum Physics or FREE ENERGY


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Michael has mentioned that 1. Subtle/scalar energy is longitudinal 2. We will NEED to get off combustion based/transverse energy and move to energy based on longitudinal waves if we want to SURVIVE through climate change 3.Gravity is emergent


This video corroborates all this and is a simple explanation in mainstream physics /relatively simple terms as to how longitudinal gravitational waves could come into being.



 Related: antigravity device design where magnetic fields cancel out leaving the electrogravitational wave. 



“This appears to be a shared memory/experience of your incarnation around 2450 when a new or alternative power source is being used that is difficult to explain. It is a kind of plasma that uses something that might now be understood as quantum entanglement and so all of this source is "entangled" in a way that acts as a single thing. This is particularly incredible because a batch of the source can be upgraded or improved and this would "spread" to all of this particular energy. Because of this, it can also be susceptible to "infection" and this usually poses no problem because it can be stopped/healed by any input from any location that would then "spread" to stabilize the source.”

The beginnings of this are being developed and the relevant terms would be superconducting qubits/entangled Bose-Einstein condensates etc.



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