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58 minutes ago, Maureen said:

Here are the TRANSCENDENTAL & INFINITE SOUL Candidates we know of so far:


Emma Gonzalez:  U.S., Infinite Soul, 7th Level Old, Priest-cast King, Cadre 12, Entity 7.  


Pat McCabe:  U.S., Infinite Soul, 7th Level Old King-Cast Sage, Cadre 11, Entity 7.


Kumi Naidoo:  South Africa, Infinite Soul, 7th Level Old Priest-Cast King from Cadre 11, Entity 1.


Greta Thunberg:  Sweden, Transcendental Soul, Warrior-cast Sage, Cadre 4, Entity 3.


David Hogg:  U.S., Transcendental Soul, Sage-cast Priest, Cadre 4, Entity 4.


Alexei Navalny:  Russia, Transcendental Soul, Sage-Cast Scholar, Cadre 4, Entity 1 (The fragment in question is a Transcendental Soul. There are 5 in the general region but we see only this one is so visible and active at the moment.)


Yegor Zhukov:  Russia, Transcendental Soul, Priest-Cast Sage, Cadre 4, Entity 4.


So many Putin's afraid of... (wondering if another IS host will manifest in Russia)

re article below "Much has been squandered since 1991, but the biggest threat to democracy today is the global contagion of cynicism" (Could the contagion of cynicism be why we're feeling this heaviness?)

It is true that the west overreached and discredited itself in various post-cold war adventures, trying to export a system of government to inhospitable climates. It is also true that those mistakes have not dimmed the appetite for freedom and prosperity – democracy’s historic dividend – among people who actually live under the opposite conditions. Even Putin is afraid of that appetite one day exceeding his capacity to contain it with propaganda, fear and bribery.

Contemplating the prospects for Afghan refugees or Belarusian dissidents it is hard not to feel a terrible moral debilitation; a horror at having cycled back to square one, infused with rage and grief for the squandered decades that began with the west’s ill-judged cold war victory parade.



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I was wondering if we all resonate or gravitate towards certain Infinite Souls, since there are various this time. I noticed I do have a heavy resonance with Pat McCabe and although I've been listening to/reading some of Kumi Naidoos interviews, podcasts and articles, and find all he says extremely relevant and true, he just doesn't quite touch my heart like Pat McCabe. I guess we all have themes/issues that we feel drawn to. Anyways, I'm excited to see all and every single one of these manifestations pan out.


I liked that Michael compared the current process to an actual birthing process, brutal, bloody, overwhelming, chaotic, you just want to opt out at some point because the pain just seems to much. But that's what you have to go through if you want to give birth to new life. Good point to keep in mind.

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On 8/22/2021 at 5:52 PM, Maureen said:

Find your Cause, Commit, and nurture your Conviction. By "conviction" here we mean building relationships of support, strength, and sustenance to fuel your commitment to a cause.


This does not mean one must march in the streets or take up activism in a way that takes one outside of their life.


Every instance of Transcendental and Infinite Soul seems to be pointing to learning how to funnel pain, rage, oppression, setbacks, etc. in a way that brings valuable and meaningful change. So this is more about learning how to navigate the burdens and weight of the inner and outer world in ways that transform harm into healing.


 Let us move forward into the future with trust in ourselves, love in our hearts, and kindness in our actions. 🕉️


"This is the true joy in life... being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one. Being a force of nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy... I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die. For the harder I work the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no brief candle to me. It's a sort of splendid torch which I've got to hold up for the moment and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations."  ~George Bernard Shaw



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I wonder if there is any correlation between the cadre of the host and one of or both the support circle positions and the plane they would host for. So far the identified hosts cadre could map to spirit guide triad of support positions; C10 -> healer (messianic), C11 -> enlightenment (mental), C12 -> muse (Buddhaic). Then we have the identified TS all being C4 -> mentor (and/or support if you look at it from configuration position)

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On 8/23/2021 at 12:53 PM, petra said:

Thank You @Troy  for gifting us with "Michael Speaks"💓


The info given is rich and promising to tend the field of a new Paradigm, that Human Sentience "never" tended before, no one fragment of the Human Design, has ever lived in a Mature Soul World/Universe!!!


As an Obstetric I want to weave into what @Nadine / Michael mentioned about the process of Birth, we have and always had TOOLS, in the widest sense of the word, to help giving Birth, less bloody, painful, overwhelming, chaotic and heavy.

The world is pregnant with the Mature Soul Paradigm, and as a pregnant woman can not outrun or deny, that she has to give birth, the child going right "through" her, (it will not come out of her head, this is not being done intellectual, but literally physical).

We all can become the Midwife helping with the tools Michael mentioned above to make this birth as smooth as possible, or ending up in a Sectio Caesarean, with more loss of blood, a very big wound to heal and to recover from.

There is a Celebration, a feast awaiting us, I have never seen a mother after giving birth, her newborn in her arms, without a big smile, tears of joy...........the promise of a new life, never known before, I wish that prospect keeps us going and giving it all we've got!!!




One of the highlights for me of the last TLEGG was talking with you about your work as an obstetrician: your work both practically and spiritually. It was profoundly moving and joyful. Your analogy here inspires me and gives beautiful context to what our beautiful planet is going through.




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13 minutes ago, Maryann said:

Hello everyone. What's the difference between the TS and IS?

TS is the 6th soul age and is incarnated from the causal plane, IS is the 7th soul age and is hosted by a 7th level old or TS from one of the the 3 planes mental, messianic, Buddhaic.

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Thank you!  I have always been fascinated by the IS and TS manifestations.  I am looking forward to witnessing and maybe even being near one of the IS manifestations to "feel" the energy for myself.  

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On 8/28/2021 at 9:18 AM, Maryann said:

Hello everyone. What's the difference between the TS and IS?


@Maryann,  here's an excerpt from a Q&A I had with Michael on August 15, 2013 on Transcendental Souls are Born ~ Infinite Souls Manifest


MEntity:  The Transcendental Soul tends to find this as the fuel for the impulse to bring change, whereas the fragment who would host the Infinite Soul finds this as fuel for complete surrender.


Maureen:  I see... yes.


MEntity:  A Transcendental Soul would not have "levels" in the same way that we delineate the first five Soul Ages.


MEntity:  It is true that there are Levels, but only one within the Physical Plane.


Maureen:  They would just "manifest"?


MEntity:  Transcendental Souls are born. Infinite Souls manifest.


MEntity:  However, they do function in similar ways for much of the life.


MEntity:  The Transcendental Soul gains access to the entity only upon manifestation of his or her own Essence as representative. A Personality as Transcendental Soul can reject this access to Essence, as any Personality can, but it is rare. It is much easier for the host of the Infinite Soul to reject manifestation than it is for the Transcendental to reject the Essence.


MEntity:  The reason for this is because the Infinite Soul must always have host "on hand" for potential manifestation, but the manifestation is not always necessary, and so it is passed up, and because the Personality will always trump potential manifestation, there must always be "back up."


MEntity:  However, the birth of the Transcendental Soul is planned quite specifically, and "everyone" is in on the plan, so it tends to unfold as planned, even if altered by various choices of the Personality.


MEntity: A modern example of the passing up of manifestation of Infinite Soul would be in the fragment known as "Elian Gonzalez," who was one of several children opted in for hosting when it appeared that it might be necessary.




Here's a great Q&A JanetE had with Michael in a POF on February 17, 2021 on the Transcendental Soul and the Infinite Soul posted under The 6th and 7th Soul Ages.


JanetE:  On TLE we have a paucity of information about the 6th and 7th Soul Ages.


We have several sessions about Transcendental Souls, but only one in which a Transcendental Soul is explicitly associated with the 6th Soul Age. We have no sessions on TLE that explicitly identify the Infinite Soul with the 7th Soul Age (although it is implied in the context of one session).


We know that the first five Soul Ages encompass a range of time/experiences on the Physical Plane during which a fragment completes a series of seven Internal Monads for each Soul Age. Completion of the 5th Soul Age is associated with cycling off the Physical Plane.


I assumed that completion of the 5th somehow initiated the start of the 6th Soul Age as part of a continuum of Soul Ages. However, in a TLE session you said that a Transcendental Soul incarnates from the 5th, 6th or 7th level of the Causal Plane. And, the Infinite Soul can manifest from any of the three Higher Planes.


This doesn’t seem like a progression in the manner that we physical humans think of progressions.


So, do the 6th Soul Age and 7th Soul Age encompass a curriculum of sorts that extends between and beyond cycling off and the TS/IS incarnations? Or are these Soul Ages still considered part of the Physical Plane experience? In other words, speaking of the 6th Soul Age is equivalent to speaking of a Transcendental Soul because the physical incarnation is the Soul Age.


With my impressions in mind, can you please speak generally about the 6th and 7th Soul Ages?


MEntity:  The 6th Soul Age is Transcendental Soul Age. A reunited Entity returns to live a Physical Plane life to impart what was learned in the Causal Plane. A single fragment incarnates as representative of the entire Entity. This fragment speaks on behalf of the entire Entity. The emphasis of the life is always about implementing greater effects through the higher understanding of greater causes.


Every reunited Entity will have a Transcendental/6th Soul Age.


We get that single lifetime.


This is why so many Causal Plane Entities teach through channels. This helps us to practice our access and delivery of information that will be used for our Transcendental lifetime.


We select from the multitude of parallels and choose when and where to incarnate.


JanetE:  I seem to recall that you told a student you already are/have been a Transcendental Soul in another parallel.


MEntity:  We are not subject to the Internal Monads in a Transcendental lifetime, as we are transcendent.


JanetE:  Aha!


MEntity:  This is why you have a wild variety of Transcendental Souls who may or may not be quite outrageous or immature or rogue or ignoring social norms.


JanetE:  Is the TS lifetime considered a success even when it doesn’t accomplish the original aims? So, no do-overs?


MEntity:  We get only one lifetime, but we can choose up to 7 individual fragments to incarnate. We always have a "back up."


JanetE:  I’ll stop interrupting so you can briefly say something about the 7th Soul Age as well.


MEntity:  It is rare that more than one would be needed, but as population explodes and spreads, we have more options.


Keep in mind that we also have parallel versions of each. At least one will have been considered successful. Always.


The 7th Soul Age is the Infinite Soul Age. This is the final incarnation for all fragments and all fragments will participate in being part of an Infinite Soul Age.


There is no birth for an Infinite Soul and no Internal Monads for the Infinite Soul.


However, all of the usual processes of incarnation apply to the individual host who will manifest the Infinite Soul.


JanetE:  Can the Infinite Soul include fragments that did not do their incarnations on Earth?


MEntity:  The Infinite Soul can include a range of fragments from the size of Cadres to Energy Rings and Spheres.


Depending on the bodies of the species, Manifestation can last for various periods of time. For Humans, this tends to be a maximum of 30 days.


The individual fragment is a host and has their own individual trajectory of evolution.


This is the only form of incarnation for fragments that is not for the sake of evolving the fragments, themselves. It is explicitly for the sake of contributing to the evolution of others.


CLARIFICATION: The Infinite Soul Age is the only form of incarnation/Manifestation that is not for the sake of evolving those fragments manifesting.


There is a bit of a paradox involved regarding the Infinite Soul Age.


Infinite Souls tend to be OUR SELVES.


JanetE:  ?


MEntity:  Infinite Souls are our "future," or more accurately, the parts of us that are outside of time and space in a way that allows for this Soul Age.




MEntity:  We exist on all Planes.


We do not evolve as a single point of consciousness.


The "you" that you know as Essence and as Personality are percentages of you that exists across all Planes.


The process of evolution is a process of remembering.




All of your incarnations as a Human being across all parallels is equivalent to approximately 1% of the energy that is "you." Your Essence/Role is approximately 5%.


Approximately 95% of who we are is spread across the Planes and our return to Tao is that path or remembering and collecting ourselves again.


The Infinite Soul Age is "us" helping us to remember "us."


JanetE:  Beautiful! Thanks Michael!


MEntity:  This is not always the case that it is our own Sentience, but for most of our cycles as a Sentient race, it is us.


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@Janet,this was an incredible session you had and thank you for asking these questions, they help clarify alot of things.


I was wondering about the 30 day manifestation of the IS. Upon completion of these 30 days, does the fragment hosting the IS return to a more "normalized" (for lack of a better term) or what their life was like pre-manifestation? Granted, I can see where their life would be profoundly affected, but I know hosting this energy is hard physically on the body.


What comes to mind tho, is the life of Jesus and the conflicting info/inaccuracies about his life post manifestation. I am not sure if this information has already been provided elsewhere but if anyone has any insights into this question I'd appreciate it. 

Great session(s)!

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On Jesus

By Janet

June 7, 2016

[From TT: POF session 2013-04-01]

[Oscar] Hey Michael  I think it has been channeled that the person and life of Jesus Christ as we know it (from the Bible and other stories) is an amalgam of several persons/stories. I would like to know which persons and/or stories, and how they were amalgamated into the stories which are in the Bible. I'd like to use my allotted time for this.

We have two responses for this: limiting the event to the validity of the man who was Jesus, stories were spread and extrapolated and retold in ways that incorporated fantasy, hearsay, and eagerness to claim witness to significant events. It was not so much that there were any specific people that could be isolated as reference, but that, like any popular event, the stories will grow with embellishment over time.

In addition to these embellishments was an overlapping, or imposing, of previous stories already known, but now attributed to a more personal icon. Those stories were of Osiris, already circulating strongly in the cultures of the time, and used to make sense of the evolving importance placed on this Manifestation.

Imagine someone in your time (named "Steve") having a profound message, having it cause a tremendous upset and uproar, but your never really having had any way to meet this person. You hear stories that he can fly, that he can lift great weights, and that he had a hidden identity. The lore of Superman, previously enjoyed only as fiction and fun, now comes to be attributed to this actual figure.

So the lore of Superman comes to be the lore of Steve.

The lore of Osiris became the lore of Jesus.

[Oscar] So what was the real story of his life?

Most of the humble beginnings are valid, except for the virgin birth, of course, and the growing conflict within regarding the concept of innocence and sin, prompted by his mother's influence and teaching.

Being amid the poverty and suffering while watching divisions grow in society that seemed geared toward punishing and oppressing the poor, or invoking wars among them, the notion of the simple solution of "love one another" came to be upheld as his mission to secure.

This was not sappy, or without details, but a serious attempt to encourage responsibility for one another, not just the self, or those similar to self.

Over his life, as greater conflict grew within over these anomalies of behavior among people, he turned to the influences of his parents, who were part of the Essene communities of the time.

Through his devotion of study and mastery of the Essene school of thought, along with the teachings of his parents, his empathy and compassion was brought to extreme levels of sensitivity. This extended to animals, and the body, and not just to fellow Humans, hence the strict vegetarian diet, regular fasting, and meditation.

The Essene were not as strict against the killing of animals for food until Jesus entered for study, so we know this influence was left in ways that were adapted further by later students.

The difficulty with hosting an Infinite Soul is that, despite all of the various experiences and challenges that the Personality and Essence take on in the journey to understand, the Logos/Pathos/Ethos ends up as such simplicity that it seems an easy, obvious, and accessible concept for the host to spread as far and as wide as possible.

The teaching of Jesus, then, in its simplicity, gave him some amount of confidence and courage. It was not complicated to him. And because he slowly grew to surround himself with those who practiced the teaching, it became increasingly difficult to comprehend the growing hatred for him.

He decided to take on great powers beyond him for the sake of his message, and was willing to deal with the consequences, presuming innocently that there would come a realization, a connection, a resonance to his own suffering, if it came to that, because he had so easily grasped the empathy for others' suffering.

This is how the myth for his "dying for our sins" came to be. He was willing to suffer so that empathy could be generated, but not for the sake of taking on the burden of "sin" for eternity.

[Oscar] What were those great powers?

He knew that animals had no choice, no voice to Humans, but that he could endure more and voice that suffering in ways that could be heard, trusting in the humanity at the core of every human.

"Great powers," as in the great authorities at the time.

[Oscar] ah ok

For the most part, his life was spent only trying to generate empathy, for animals, for the body/self, and for each other. This was at the heart of his "love one another, " and his solution to warring, poverty, and social injustices.

Keep in mind that empathy was a profound concept at the time, among a Baby Soul mindset. Though this shift was working toward Young, the Logos/Pathos/Ethos will never aim low, since it is based in truth, love, energy. It cannot be. So while empathy may be seen to be well outside of the range of the Baby and Young for implementation, it is not. No Logos, Ethos, or Pathos is beyond any Soul Age for comprehension and application in some way.

The start of the hosting of the Infinite Soul began as he moved through the region of Judea, drawing the crowds that were unprecedented.

We can continue to break down the life of the individual fragment's life into further details in other exchanges. Our response here was from a broader perspective of key elements, but for the most part, he had a "normal" life, except that his consciousness would not allow for him to look the other way, to ignore injustices, or to presume that intentional or unconscious causes of suffering was an acceptable part of life.

[Oscar] What was the manner of Jesus' death and at what age did he die?

Most versions of this fragment died naturally in his 50's and 60's after retreating back to studies, sanctuary, and safety with the Essene, raising a family, and fulfilling all Internal Monads. The deaths were fairly consistently that of age-related slowing of the body and its functions.

Some died from complications of wounding, but most did not.

[Oscar] Did he travel abroad, or stay in the Palestine area?

His travel was fairly limited and did not include any travel abroad.

Representatives who felt inclined to pose as him, or to represent his teachings, did travel as a means to help spread the teaching.

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