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On 8/22/2021 at 3:39 PM, Maureen said:

Here are the TRANSCENDENTAL & INFINITE SOUL Candidates we know of so far:


Emma Gonzalez:  U.S., Infinite Soul, 7th Level Old, Priest-cast King, Cadre 12, Entity 7.  


Pat McCabe:  U.S., Infinite Soul, 7th Level Old, King-Cast Sage, Cadre 11, Entity 7.


Kumi Naidoo:  South Africa, Infinite Soul, 7th Level Old, Priest-Cast King, Cadre 11, Entity 1.


Greta Thunberg:  Sweden, Transcendental Soul, Warrior-cast Sage, Cadre 4, Entity 3.


David Hogg:  U.S., Transcendental Soul, Sage-cast Priest, Cadre 4, Entity 4.


Alexei Navalny:  Russia, Transcendental Soul, Sage-Cast Scholar, Cadre 4, Entity 1 (The fragment in question is a Transcendental Soul. There are 5 in the general region but we see only this one is so visible and active at the moment.)


Yegor Zhukov:  Russia, Transcendental Soul, Priest-Cast Sage, Cadre 4, Entity 4.


  I am adding Muna & Mohammed, validated by Michael in my Session January 11th 2022:

  Muna & Mohammed El-Kurd: Palestine Jerusalem, Sibling Infinite Soul Hosts, 7th Level Old, Muna Priest-cast Artisan, Mohammed Warrior-cast Sage, Task Companions, Energy-Ring 2, Cadre 11, Entity 7

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