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The Roles in Different Soul Ages - Part 1 (Servers)


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Hi there, so growing up, I studied a lot of history and take a lot of interest in studying current world news, from around the world. Noticed people were missing enough details around the roles in different soul ages, so I decided to take my observations with history and current world news to offer some possible insights on the topic, as well as combined with my intuitive insights from meditation. Don't take my word for it. I doubt I'm 100% right, but I'm sure this is a lot more guidance than nothing, so I'll offer my ideas here. I'm no professional historian, but growing up with the interest all my life, I feel like I know much more than people here, haha. Why am I doing this? Because teaching makes me happy, though most people find a lot of my "classes" a bit too philosophical and too in depth to think about, or too intellectual, detailed and "heavy," so to find people to actually listen to my lectures as dry as it is for some people, I try to find people interested in topics like this, so here you go.


Credit : Channeled from essence


Servers as Infant Souls


Servers as infant souls learn to perform basic survival tasks for the good of the tribe, or even perhaps, a more modern setting if they choose to be in. This can include cooking, hunting, gathering fruits, farming and other similar tasks. As stereotyped in the media, it is often seen that women often are made to be "gatherers," and men the "hunters," but there are many hunter fossils that were found to be women, contradicting this idea in recent historical findings. Smaller tribes, unlike baby souls, do not have a sense of strict rules yet, so instead of thinking of tribes as one monolith of the same cultural standards and practices, many have very different norms from one to another. Neither are indigenous tribes today in the modern age. Different norms according to gender, age and beliefs, of course. Ironically, many infant soul tribes were found to focus more on gender equality before certain powers dominated in the baby soul age of humanity, as warring tribes sought to overpower each other, with those most greedy for power often rising to the top. For example, here in the Philippines, before the colonial period, women took more leadership tasks in tribes, and transgender people often became medicine people, due to their association with wisdom. Similarly in Native American practices, a term of "Two Spirit" often describes LGBT natives back then, and now, though there is debate around which of the LGBT members does "Two Spirit" describe exactly. Though as healthy as infant souls can be within their own tribes or smaller group in a modern setting, they are resistant to the idea of following any of the norms and beliefs outside the closest of who they consider their "tribe".


Servers as Baby Souls


Servers as baby souls learn to regulate their own communities or nations, as it is with modern times. Early in history, and still as it is with tribal areas slowly becoming more modern today, there wasn't much of a sense of law in their practices. As wise as some tribal attitudes were, such as the love of nature and the intimacy of closeness to a smaller "tribe" that is lost in later ages, we shouldn't romanticize those times as perfect either. When injustices happened, as in the form of crimes between people, there was little practice of an external form of justice. Justice was simply found between the parties of enemies that are against each other, and honor is often treasured in being able to find "revenge" on your own. As baby souls, servers then perform the practice of influence through being obedient followers of the "order," however it is defined in a certain place. It is easy to see the influence of a king, but a hundred servers might make as much influence together as much as one king. Through their "simple" process of making sure people follow the details of the biggest to smallest rules around them, they act as loyal upholders of the status quo. Though early on, to have this many sets of external rules was not the "status quo," then as it is today, and so it was necessary to develop this stage to bring some level of order, especially in the service of at least preventing violence inside the "tribe" itself.


Servers as Young Souls


Servers as young souls often focus on gaining status through whatever is defined as a high status server role. This may of course include doctors in today's time, and perhaps as a manager in various server careers, such as being the head nurse or the head manager of a restaurant. Though as servers, they might prefer not being in the spotlight themselves, but in service or association with someone of high status. This can include simply marrying someone of high status (though I'm not suggesting that material value is the only reason they would do so, but it's an extra), or working in service to someone of high status themselves. Such as the hair stylist of one of the most famous pop star celebrities, or the assistant of a CEO of a high value company, which are surely secondary in the case of who they act in service to, but is also rather high ranking in status compared to the rest of people around them, especially to those in more "lower status" server positions. As young souls seek to increase means of productivity, an emphasis on stricter schedules and plans may develop in this period. Back in history in pre-industrial times, there was not much of a widespread practice of doing things by the clock on an exact time period. Times throughout the day were often sounded through the loud bell in a church, though more exact standardized methods of times, complete with different time zones, had to come later. Young souls practice not just the disciplining of those around them, but disciplining themselves more to act in service.


Servers as Mature Souls


Servers as mature souls emphasize a focus on the emphasis of acting in service, not just through a high status job or anything that has to receive money in return, but in the service of their closer relationships, or to seek to create service for their greater community. Due to server positions today not being well paid, there is often much distress beginning from here on how difficult it is to find a way to sustain one's basic needs that is both practical and meaningful. Mature servers often have to face the pressure of learning to avoid the pressures of simply reaching for ambition, but in the service of something greater. Servers in this stage learn that service does not necessarily mean people pleasing, that is, simply providing people their "wants" irrespective of whether they are deserving of extra luxuries upon their character, but through people's needs. Not simply counting basic material needs, but emotional needs such as the need to be loved, the need to be understood, the need to be respected, the need to be listened to and the need to feel appreciated. To please people for "wants" to serve their need for more and more status, is simply a process of supporting the hamster running in a wheel chasing after success dangling in front of it, because it is impossible to please them because serving these wants do not really make these people happy in the long run. Here, a sense of long term perspective of what would make people happier in the long term is made, rather than simply pleasing people to serve them to make them happy for a moment, only for it to quickly pass, because only the symptoms of the problem are explored itself. 


Servers as Old Souls


Servers as old souls often develop a sense of emotional independence compared to mature servers. Not that old servers are incapable of loneliness or not in need of any form of companionship, but there is a stronger ability to make your own independent decisions and to reflect on matters alone compared to the mature soul stage. No matter how extroverted or introverted they are, old souls often practice a deeper sense of inner reflection to share to others. Extroverted servers might spend somewhat more time sharing their deeper wisdom, and introverted servers might spend more time thinking deeply about what is wisdom, but on a whole, there is a greater balance between spending time alone as well as spending time with others. In this service do not just serve certain groups or communities, but certain abstract values as a whole, as the old soul thinks of the bigger picture. This can vary from old server to old server, but it can range from hospitality to equality, the health of children to the health of the elderly, from slow paced soothing in massages to fast action in offering basic needs to those in natural to manmade disasters, from the importance of plants to the importance of animals and so on. Though as a whole, there is a sense of service of service to the All, the One or Source, rather than simply any specific purpose. In other words, old servers learn the value of unconditionally loving (but not people pleasing!) very different types of people. 








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