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The Roles in Different Soul Ages - Part 7 (Kings)


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Credit : Channeled from essence


Kings as Infant Souls


Infant kings are not necessarily leaders of their tribes, as much as they would like to be, but they will often practice some level of influence, whether directly or indirectly. This can be as an advisor to the chief, someone who lays on their leadership on a smaller piece of the group in the tribe, or someone who has enough intelligence to make it feel like their plans were the "leader's idea". This often constitutes them trying to work through piece by piece elements that inspire their ideas that might change a leader's mind on a topic, such as directing a leader's attention on a certain object that may be of use, or directing their attention instead to someone who might be of use to their purposes. As much as we associate the king with the young soul age, an infant king has no need for status at the moment to require getting credit for his or her ideas. They are simply more interested in the survival of the group, and so it is with infant kings in more modern settings. Perhaps even then we can recognize how many kings and great leaders often have humble beginnings.


Kings as Baby Souls


Baby kings are interested in one thing to their "subjects" and that is, order. They want to be the one who create the rules, regulations and restrictions of their group. In the young soul stage, this position of authority is often rooted in some form of business or politics, though here, it is often found in some type of religious position. Whether that is a priest, a nun, a rabbi, a monk, a pastor, and more. It may not necessarily be in some formal position to be ordained, but anything related to religion, even if unrelated to their day jobs. This may involve a religious author of some kind, a religious blogger, a business involving religious messages of some kind (even if it seems it has nothing to do with their product), a religious teacher or simply any job they incorporate religion in to make them look "religious" enough. Baby souls recognize that coming off as the "most religious," often allows them some type of power and influence over others at their stage. They do make a difference in their own way, and I'm sure there are more than enough cultural reminders of that seeing kings often feel driven to be the center of attention, but they are often guilty of being a bit hypocritical to their own teachings. Their teachings may be sound, and they may be helpful to those who listen, but they do not necessarily follow every rule they make to their own wishes. They are happy to cherry pick certain interpretations that are self serving, and ignore others that are not. For example, a baby king who is a man would be happy to pick apart texts that tell them that women are their servants, but ignore the texts that involve that they need to be endlessly forgiving in acting as the "provider" of their wives, becoming like a man child who does not work at all for his wife, whether with chores or work. A baby king who is a woman might post several inspirational religious content on social media, and would be happy to discriminate against other racial groups implying that their religious leader only offered his teachings "only" to white people, and yet ignoring the following rules saying she could not have a job as a blogger at all according to several texts on women.


Kings as Young Souls


Young kings are often the stereotypical image of the greedy and conniving young soul. Though one thing to point out is that they do not always appear as the stereotypical businessman or businesswoman on Wall Street, investing in the market. They may get involved in any type of field, whether that is to become a wealthy fashion designer, a high achieving athlete or even the mother who seeks to gain status by being the "best house wife," compared to her friends. Women who are in more oppressive environments at this stage, often feel the sense that they could not take command at work, but they can certainly take command at home. Here, they often compete with other parents on whose children can go to the best schools, receive the best grades, earn the most rewards and are often the helicopter mothers who may be too controlling to their children to compensate for not having power anywhere else. Fathers can have similarly high standards, though the more recent trends of stay at home house husbands are more composed of mature to old souls, and young kings are not as comfortable at that stage to question gender norms on such a level. It is more difficult for a man to be more feminine than a woman to become more masculine in this day and age, as masculinity often gains more respect whatever gender you are, while femininity only seems to emasculate men in many people of today's eyes. They may also be interested in politics, not always as a politician, but simply someone working to gain influence on changing political opinions, whatever that means for them, such as running an online podcast on their opinions, or simply forcing their families to vote as they wish them to.


Kings as Mature Souls


Mature kings often work to master a softer leadership style. One that leads based on taking time to listen to the opinions of others in a group, and influencing more by compassion as well as a gentle yet firm command, rather than the sharper straight shooter style of the young king. Mature kings may consider careers that have to do with leading in some way that can benefit society, whether that is being the owner of a high profile hospital or helping run a non-profit for the homeless. Though mature kings as pressured by young soul society may simply take the traditional route of earning money, fame and riches the traditional way, though unlike young kings, they will willingly donate large sums of their money instead. Mature kings may not feel like they can directly act as caretakers of some kind for the less fortunate, with their intimidating personas often scaring people away no matter how much they make an effort to seem approachable, so they may feel better simply earning riches in whatever field they join, and then donating it out of generosity. They seek to support organizations who are willing to do more of the work for them, with their own riches or power. In this sense, a mature king knows the distinction between power and riches, and you do not always have to have one to have the other. They will often work on the practical planning side of service to society in a career or through volunteering, from working the long term plan to set specific goals, negotiating with possible supporters, working to create more ethical rules, working to fire anyone who is disrespectful to their employees, and organizing the priorities of where their resources of time, money and talent should go into. 


Kings as Old Souls


Old kings often work to develop a deeper understanding of the patterns of people around them, such as the different roles and soul ages, even if consciously they do not actually know these specific terms. They get more interested in the big picture of studying what makes people tick, and work to see humanity as a whole in their minds. They long to fully understand human nature so they might influence it for the better, whether that is the lighter side of humanity, or the darker sides of humanity. They like to get the sense of everyone's individual strengths and weaknesses around them, so they may utilize it for the person's own growth, and for the other people around them. They work to study the elements of diplomacy, negotiating, persuading, inspiring and public speaking in a way that can be done as peacefully as possible. As much as they recognize the strengths and weaknesses of others around them, they also learn to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses. What old kings learn to excel at is a deeper state of self awareness, and to recognize that influence for the better begins with changing your own self for the better. They are willing to delegate certain positions of control, if they believe that this person or group seems far more competent than them in a certain task, for the common good of who is around them. They do not always have to be in the limelight, and they are more willing to work in the background. Ultimately, they realize as they grow through the levels, that a leader does not always have to excel at everything to lead well. It is more that they have a greater ability to organize and nurture the talents around them, so their subjects can act as service to do the tasks they have more difficulty with. In essence, an old king understands that to be served, the old king must serve the people as well.



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