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Old Soul Nostalgia/FOMO?

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Hey guys! 

I was reading this text written by Troy a few years ago: "For older souls in a younger soul world, we have the benefit of so many incarnations that we now "remember" ourselves very early in life, but we still have to grow up in a world that seems entirely counter to our inherent perspectives and behaviors. The old souls who get stuck are the ones who refuse to be flexible in perspective and then isolate themselves as a way to escape the challenges and stay asleep or just wake up very slowly, or those who are so bombarded by imprinting that they forget or loathe themselves, or then there are those who keep the spirit of their old soulness, but funnel it all through the acceptable imprinting of young soul ideals, like most of the "new age" or the "get rich by wishing rich" schemes or distractions with specialness like "ascending" or "indigo children," or even "the secret," which was a great distortion of an old soul teaching packaged for young soul demographics".


Thinking about all these points, I’ve been feeling more comfortable as an Old Sould then before and somehow more aware of some details of my "age". But every now and then I feel a bit of nostalgia momentarily, a feeling of "missing the party in this young world"... lol. I don't know, it's like a “FOMO”, a slight regret for not being in the same “vibe” as most...


Anyway, does anyone here feel this Peter Pan Syndrome from time to time? Or is it just me operating inappropriately at the moment like a 2nd level Infant with Stubbornness or something? haha



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Hi Sylvia,


I don't know if what I feel is nostalgia. What I always felt was a feeling of not belonging. Being different was demia and I didn't see being different as a good thing. I saw being different as something that made me feel weird to other people and have a hard time making friends. People have a hard time accepting what is different.



To be honest, I didn't see myself as an old soul. I thought that if I were an old soul I would know how to deal better with my life and the people around me... IoI... For me being an old soul was a surprise... IoI

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I have often felt left out and different my whole life. As a teen aged person my classmates really knew how to take advantage of that as well and treat me differently. I met some of them for the first time in 30!years and one of them made a statement that “I was an outcast” fortunately I came to except who I am by then. I am now very flexible and adapting to my world. I am still looking for ways to be me and not care what others think, sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s not. I fell into some of those things you mentioned but they didn’t last long as it didn’t feel right. I have very few people I would call friends and my circle is really small. Most times I enjoy that, other times I feel like I want more. 

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