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Ghost lovers / Psychic partners


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It always seems like my partners have physic tendencies , i am always caught in situations that seem to straddle the realm of the real and supernatural . In this particular instance i saw an ex lover outside , i was always thrown between the fits of a breakup , and unrequited love , just when i was thinking of this person i saw them . But i already felt it was going to happen /had a vision. I saw them at a job orientation however they didnt say anything just stared threw me . I wasnt too personally close with the individual but we did share some intimate emotional moments of psychic bonding , long eye contact , sex etc . We had not talked for months , than after seeing him outside a couple weeks later he messages me on the internet .He was always a very private person , and had a fear of people "Using things against him" . He had a traumatized , awkward  , nerdy vibe , but was very  intuitive in an almost childlike way , he was older about 35 .  



After hitting me up  all he said was that "he liked talking to me" Than i told him that i had seen him outside , that when he began to act weird . He had a sense of knowing , like a shy smile that had hidden knowledge within i told him the person i saw looked like him  ,even had his name , and was joking to the hiring manager about his age . he had a very long convo with me that was very bizarre , than when i brought up seeing him again , he makes a joke about his age , and his friends thinking they "see some old man outside and think that its him " Exactly the same way the person at the orientation was joking .  I said all this to say i dont know if my mind is playing ticks with me , i did feel better after speaking to him ,but i feel serious WOO WOO MK Ultra , Mind Control , Clone weirdness , i myself have been a victim of mind control by the use of a substance ( ill go into that later) But please dont dismiss me here or call me crazy . I was given a substance with allowed me to peer into the spirit world ,and i for a brief second left my body. I dont have anyone else to talk to about this.

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