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Bogi´s 8th Grand Cycle: Lab-created Species


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A Grand Cycle is one trip as Essence from Tao through the 7 Planes of Physical, Astral, Causal, Akashic, Mental, Messianic, and Buddhic, returning to Tao. In truth, we never “leave” Tao, as each Plane is layered within each other like concentric circles, with the Physical Plane as the densest and at the center, within the Astral, which is within the Causal, and so on, with Tao encompassing all of these.


Each Grand Cycle is its own dance through time and space as an individual Essence who chooses a Role, an Entity, an Essence Twin, etc. Each Grand Cycle can be a completely different Role, Entity, Essence Twin, and so on. Think of a Grand Cycle as one giant lifetime for your Essence as a ROLE, and your Role creates a new Personality as lifetimes within that. 


Essence and Role are often used interchangeably, but Essence chooses a ROLE, and that Role can change when in a new Grand Cycle, but Essence remains.


Though one can have a multitude of Grand Cycles, each one is separate and does not bleed into any other. There is no significant influence among them. However, because Essence still has a memory and consistency, it will carry that experience forward into creating and setting up a new Grand Cycle.


Because time can only be measured relative to one’s position within a planetary system, there is no way to really describe when your past Grand Cycles might have been, but if it is possible, Michael will mention it.  Other planetary systems and species of your previous Grand Cycles will most likely be completely unknown to us as Humans.


Knowing your history as Essence may not make a big difference in your understanding of who you are in your current life, but it can help you to consider the vastness of the universe, and the beauty of the incarnational process.


Most Humans have an average of 3 Grand Cycles.


NOTE: We should note here that we can only re-report on shared Grand Cycles to some limited extent without questions. Therefore, many reports requesting Grand Cycles that are shared may read similarly or exactly (if Troy has deemed it more practical to copy/paste). However, as different fragments may have had different numbers of Grand Cycles, it would not be meaningful to assume that the 8th Grand Cycle of everyone is the same, for example. But many will be the same, of course.




Below is a synopsis of your chosen Grand Cycle as Essence:


SYNOPSIS of Grand Cycle #8


The 8th Grand Cycle for you was through what we consider to be the first lab-created species. This species was created by an off-planet species that had rendered its own planet uninhabitable and losing nearly 80% of the population. This lab-created species was to be their new bodies, but this did not work out. 


The bodies created were similar to what you would recognize as humanoid now, but with terribly fragile bone structures. The creator species was adept at configuring DNA and genetics in a way that established a functioning intellect that gains self-awareness rapidly. After three generations of stability for these bodies, another Sentience “moved in” and anchored itself in this species. The creator species that had been living aboard a ship as their home would have to find another species to live out their Grand Cycle.


The creator species resigned to this reality and chose to care for the newly-Sentient species they had created. They cared for this species until they died out, leaving generations of the new species stranded on their ship.


The new species remained evolving and growing and systems were in place to care for this species for generations to come. The species thrived fairly well as they floated aimlessly through space.


Eventually, species from what is known as “The Pleiades” would intercept the ship and bring it into orbit around a planet. To help transition to living on a planet, “your” species lived between ship and planet for quite some time before settling on the planet.


Over time, and with access to the entire history and research and knowledge of the species who had created them, “your” species then helped to alter a native species on this new planet and this allowed the creator species to anchor itself in new bodies and complete their own Grand Cycle. 




I described this cycle to @BrianW affectionately as being a "lab-rat". 🤪


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