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Chakras and roles

Jean-François Lozevis

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Are there any correspondences between Chakras and roles? If we follow the basic ordering of roles and chakras, it seems almost logical for at least 3:

- 2nd Chakra with creativity and corresponding well to artisan

- 3rd Chakra with power and corresponding to warrior

- 5th Chakra which is the most obvious because it is the throat and about speaking. So it refers very well to sage.


I searched the site TLE but did not find what I want. Maybe there is no correspondence and I'm mistaken.

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I vaguely remembered reading that the scholar role correlates with the Heart Chakra. This is the transcript:


"Server - Instinctive - Red
Artisan - Sexual - Orange
Warrior - Solar Plexus - Yellow
Scholar - Heart - Green
Sage - Throat - Blue
Priest - Brow - Indigo
King - Crown - Violet



It may occur to some that the Scholar "should be" the assimilative/instinctive, while the Server "should be" of the Heart, but this is not the case.


This is because, as we have already established, the Emotional realm is the best meeting ground for all bodies, and Scholars know this.


And Servers must have access to the very basic needs of any individual or group at any given time, and this is most easily accessed through the Instinctive Center, or Root Chakra."

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