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need help finding a session


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Hey everyone. Can anyone help me find the session where Michael talks about losing and finding personal items?


I remember them saying something significant about it, that it has to maybe do with parallels converging,  some kind of personal reality shifting, or realization of some kind, but I can't remember for sure 


My daughter lost her favorite blanket a couple of years ago and mentions missing it from time to time. We just moved into a new house, and yesterday, after saying our goodbyes to our neighbors, the kids wanted to stop by a rock and crystal shop in town. When we walked in the door, my daughter saw her lost blanket pinned to a bulletin board outside the door. She was over the moon, of course! The shop owner said it had been there for a long time and she was wondering if anyone would claim it. 


It could just be coincidence, but I thought it was interesting how we found it right after we moved to our new place and are settling into a new reality.


I've tried searching for that session, but not having any luck. If anyone knows which one I'm talking about, I'd appreciate it! 

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There's also this one: DOP, Part 2.


I'm SO glad your daughter found her blanket. My daughter lost her blanket when she was about 4. It was hideously tattered, so whoever found it probably tossed it. But it still mattered to her so I made several attempts to replace it before she settled on one that had been handmade by my grandmother. Losing a blankie is so traumatic!


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Thank you all so much! Yes, she was very attached to the blanket and I couldn't find anything close enough to match it, so she was thrilled yesterday when she spotted it. 

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