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Hi, let me formally introduce myself

Wyatt Nathaniel Brizinski

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Greetings, I'm from Saskatchewan Canada. I came interested in Michael when I was learning about ADHD after I was diagnosed after high school. I was very insecure about myself back then and I was scared I wouldn't be successful or good at anything. Anyways I was reading an article about someone explaining ADD people and asking an Indian if they as many ADD people in India as they do in the States. The Indian in the article explained that they consider those people holy because they lost attachment to the universe around them and seek to live with their own heart. He continued and called them "Old souls". Then I started researching "Old soul" and I then I become a huge fan on Michael teachings ever since. 


Now that I've been thoroughly introduced to the teachings over a decade, I've come to know that perhaps I'm also a channel for the Michael's. However If I ever publish anything it would be under the pseudonym called the Sun Moon teachings, which is my symbolic name for them. Sun means clarity and understanding, the phases of the moon represent the 7 stages of manifestation. The polarity is obvious and the fact that this teaching was given to "earthlings" to help us gain perspective, the Sun and Moon are fitting to me. But don't hold you breath for that. I'm still learning and growing and it could be awhile before I get serious about my connections with psychic communicators. 


I know I'm in the right community because everyone seems to be "tuned" in, I happen to be writing a movie called "Magna Carta 2.0" which explores options for Canada, including none other than the infamous "resource based economy." Oh happy days.

My mother wrote the introduction of Native American Studies in Canada, and my Dad was teacher & principal in a Metis community up north, so no doubt my life plan has something to do with the indigenous peoples in Canada. This movie would be it. I explore many problems we are facing and solutions. 


Anyways. Hope to offer some of my work to other students so then can chime in and offer their perspectives and validation. 







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