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It now appears nearly certain that the Infinite Soul will manifest in the near term. This is a topic for collecting and discussing content from those identified by Michael as potential Infinite Soul hosts. 


(See Transcendental Soul Watch to discuss current known and suspected Transcendental Souls.)


I say "potential" because, while these people have been positively identified and confirmed by Michael as candidates, I assume they still have choice as to whether allow a manifestation through their bodies. In addition, while Michael has repeatedly mentioned the likelihood of five Infinite Soul hosts, I suppose there could be more or fewer than five. We shall see.


Here are the Infinite Soul candidates identified by Michael via Troy as of January 2022:


Pat McCabe (aka Woman Stands Shining): U.S., 7th Level Old, King-Cast Sage, Cadre 11, Entity 7.


Kumi Naidoo:  South Africa, Infinite Soul, 7th Level Old, Priest-Cast King, Cadre 11, Entity 1.


X Gonzalez (formerly Emma Gonzalez):  U.S., Infinite Soul, 7th Level Old, Priest-cast King, Cadre 12, Entity 7.


Muna El-Kurd: Palestine Jerusalem, 7th Level Old, Priest-cast Artisan, Cadre 11, Entity 7


Mohammed El-Kurd: Palestine Jerusalem, 7th Level Old, Warrior-cast Sage, Cadre 11, Entity 7


(Muna and Mohammed are siblings and Task Companions.)


I follow all five of these individuals via all the social media accounts I have found for them, as well as websites they may have. In my opinion, recent statements by Pat McCabe and Kumi Naidoo make these two more likely to host an initial manifestation. X Gonzalez continues to make statements regarding gun violence (as you might expect), but thus far they have not made statements that seem as close to Logos* as the first two. Muna and Mohammed El-Kurd are very active in their communities and seem to me more like Transcendental Souls, but Michael recently confirmed them as Infinite Soul hosts, so perhaps their focuses will broaden. 


I invite you to share here any statements made by any of these individuals that seem to you representative of a coming manifestation.


Please, please, please: include a link to the source of anything you post so that others may examine context and pursue follow-up. 


* This may not be the most correct term, but I use it in reference to this Geraldine session: Infinite and Transcendental Souls, the Logos, Pathos, and Ethos


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Kumi Naidoo: Migration and climate crisis: challenges and perspectives 
from Dec 27, 2021 (shared on his Facebook page Jan 12, 2022)
1:16:52 group presentation (transcript and youtube link below)


20:18 We are living in a unique moment of history.  What we do in the next 10 years, I would argue, in fact, that this decade that we find ourselves in is the most consequential decade in humanity’s history.

The kinds of social changes that we make in over the next 10 years will determine what kind of future we have…or whether in fact we will have a future at all.


If we look at some of the trends in the world today, we’ll see that in fact, devastating that COVID-19 has been, it has played a very important role in pulling back the curtains on the failures of our current systems: From our energy systems, economic systems, food systems and so on.

But importantly, the moment we find ourselves in is also one where we see a convergence of multiple crises.  You know, we see a deep inequality crisis, systemic racism crisis, and the climate crisis obviously being the one that threatens the very survival of humanity.

So, to move forward, I think that what is needed, in fact, in a way if you take perhaps four geographies, the question is how do we understand the intersection of relations between those four geographies?  And so, you know decades ago the feminist movement gave us a very wonderful gift, but a rather cumbersome word, I should say.  In the notion of intersectionality, which is the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender, as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and independent systems of discrimination and disadvantage.


So, if you look at what has happened is that not only has government become one that operates in silos, making it very difficult to mind-manage a crisis or challenges such as migration, because it doesn’t sit perfectly in one ministerial silo. 


(22:30) So, but what you find is that even civil society, sadly, has mimicked those same silos, and what we need to do critically is break down the silos of human rights.  It’s some one thing, environment is the other, poverty and inequality is the other, and so on.  And really push for fostering the intersections between them.  And therefore we need to better understand the nexus between the various crises that we are facing.


We need to use this perspective typically now, to forge new pathways to justice that are embracing an understanding of the intersectionality of the world’s problems.  Climate change, it’s critically important to note, is affecting human lives now, and is already having huge human rights violations consequences, and will certainly cause human rights violations across the world to increase in many shapes and forms, in the coming months and years.


The reality is that today, most of the citizens of the world are suffering from two apartheids: Vaccine  apartheid and climate apartheid, which collectively violates the human rights the majority.  


So I think vaccine apartheid is very clear.  Many of us have been saying to the rich nations of the world, and the governments in particular, often acting without the consent of their own citizens on this issue, to recognize that if you leave Africa, for example, and other parts of the globe are unvaccinated, you are going to leave Africa, for example, as a variant factory. And the events of the last couple of days with the discovery of the omicron virus.  By the way, it’s not clear that it generated in South Africa, it just happened that South Africa happens to have some of the best facilities in this area.  


And I think the climate apartheid question I think is really we need to talk about it like that.  Just to be brutally honest with ourselves, when we look at which parts of the world historically carry the biggest burden of creating this problem, and which parts of the world are paying the first and most brutal price.  The demographic picture is rather uncomfortable.


(24:52) But it’s important to recognize though, that migration is really a celebratory act.  It is usually an act of last resort.  But however, as Prague has noted, it will soon be the main one of the main consequences of climate change.  


Dominant nations and fossil fuel companies have delayed action on climate change for far too long.  And that, of course, will increase increases in climate migration.  Is precisely a consequence of this neglect, and an absence of political will to respect what the science is saying…

(25:40) As climate change causes millions of people to migrate, their rights must be urgently enshrined in and protected by international law.   The problem that we got with climate-induced migration- which is probably the closest legal term we can use- is that the current conventions on refugee law do not recognize climate-induced migration as a source of legitimate migration.  In the sense that the current conventions and protocols around refugee law really stem from the end of the second world war, in the main, which was to support European migration to different parts of the world.  And now, the criteria of course is torture and discrimination and so on.  But clearly, we have to figure out a way in which the question of people who have not been responsible for losing their livelihoods…how do we actually support them? 


(27:00) And I should just tell you a small anecdote.  Since about 2009, colleagues from Bangladesh, from civil society, they have been organizing a breakout event…given the huge significance of migration and how it’s linked to climate, I think it is a mistake and an absence of taking responsibility, not to take on the question of migration much more seriously then they currently do.


So what would we need to do to ensure that we have equitable and just migration?  Firstly, I think it’s fair to say it would be better if migration was not happening at the scale at which it is happening, and in the manner that it is happening.  Sadly, there is no doubt that climate change will exacerbate this trend.  We must therefore ensure that we have just and equitable processes that are not reproducing past and present injustices.  


(28:10) Essentially, even thought it might sound like an unachievable target, the target that we need to have in our mind right now is to push for migration that can be as planned as possible, as funded as possible, and as equitable as possible.  So when we have big problems, we need big solutions.  But the solutions that I want to reflect on today, as I move to my conclusion, is not solutions that are specific to migration per se, for example.  But solutions that are more macro and that address the big problems of the negative trends that we are seeing in our world today.


The first problem that we need to resist is we have to stop denialism.  We have to push our leaders to recognize that a lot of  what they’re engaged in is very bad case of cognitive dissonance.  Where they are essentially seeing all the facts that are requiring a very different set of actions.  But they’re just not able to rise to it.  And essentially, if you look at what came out of the COP26 for example in Glasgow, what you’ll see is that there’s a massive difference between where the science and extreme weather events are, and where the politics and economics is.  So somehow, our leaders, just to take one example.  In 2009 at the G20 in London, our governments agreed that they need to scrap fossil fuel subsidies…Read it as taxpayer money being on oil, coal, and gas companies.  And so if you look at the amount of subsidies, you might be shocked to hear that just last year…about 5.9 trillion dollars was given as fossil fuel subsidies…By the way, you might have heard the fossil fuel industry was the largest delegation to the COP26.  That’s as absurd as Alcoholics Anonymous having their annual global conference, and the largest delegation being from the alcohol industry.  


(30:50) So our political leaders need to get serious, and they cannot be paying lip service to the science.  And they cannot continue to play political poker with the future of our children, and their children.  I want to ask you to just listen to this second point that we need to change, and that is how we frame the challenge that we find.  And I’m going to ask Martin Luther King to help me make this point, and I hope the technology works.

“Modern psychology has a word that’s probably used more than any other word in psychology.  It is the word MALADJUSTED.  It is a ring in pride of modern child psychology.  Maladjusted.  Now, of course we all want to live the well-adjusted life, in order to avoid neurotic and schizophrenic personalities.  As I move toward my conclusion, I would like to say to you today, in a very honest manner, that there are some things in our society, and some things in our world, which I’m proud to be maladjusted.  And I call upon all men of goodwill to be maladjusted to these things until the good society is realized.  I must honestly say to you that I never intend to adjust myself through racial segregation and discrimination.  I never intend to adjust myself to religious bigotry.  I never intend to adjust myself to economic conditions that will take necessities from the many to give luxuries to the few.  Leave millions of God’s children smothering in an anti-cage of poverty in the midst of an affluent society”


(32:45) So in a longer version of that speech, he actually says “And I call upon decent men and women around the world to come together, to set up a new international movement to be known as the international association of advancement of creative maladjustment.  So basically, you know, if you look at it over time, we have adjusted to many things that society should never have adjusted to.  The ridiculous amount of expenditure on military weapons. Discrimination against women.  Marginalization of older people.  Racial discrimination, and so on. 


(33:30) The second big change that I want to suggest…we have to stop the denialism… because we’re in deep crisis.  So the second thing is, we need to promote the notion that the current status quo is broken.  Right?  It’s not simply a question of thinking outside the box, we need to throw the box away.  Einstein once said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting to get different results.  And even us in civil society must ask ourselves a struggling question, whether, in fact, we are trapped in ways of being, and trying to make an effort that is probably not as fit for purpose in the current moment.  Because we are in this fight now not simply to win important battles for justice.  We have to be in this fight now to win the overall war for justice because what is at stake is not planet.  But what is at stake is humanity’s capability to live on this planet.  


I had the opportunity to speak to Kofi Annan a couple months before he sadly passed away.  And I was in the process of helping to set up Africans rising for justice, peace and dignity at the time.  And he was urging me to make sure that Africans rising as African social movement took the question of migration seriously, and refugees in particular.  And he reminded me that he had a poster in the back of his office as a young UN staffer which had these words on it: “A bundle of belongings isn’t the only thing a refugee brings to his new country.”  And I like to remind my friends in Europe about the many things and other developed countries, of the many important things that migration brings.  And as Prague showed the demographic crisis Europe will have in terms of labour needs and so on.  I also remind my friends in Europe, at least, that migration also, I believe, plays a very important role in the improvement of the quality of the cuisine in Europe.  But that might just be a personal opinion of myself.  


(36:10) So the third thing we need to do is recognize that the worst disease that humanity faces is not COVID or influenza, but it’s a disease we could call Affluenza.  Affluenza is a pathological illness where we’ve been led to believe that more and more material acquisitions is what leads us to the better life.  And we have to actually address this, because this is an elephant in the room.  Decades ago, the WWF had told us that if we have to have the same lifestyles that people in Europe take for granted, and the elites in developing countries take for granted, for example.  We’re going to need between 3-8 planets.  We only have one planet.  And we need to be able to rethink the question of how do we engage in significantly more equitable consumption?  But that process of trying to define equitable consumption going forward is also one which needs to redefine how life is lived and how people find meaning. Because I think part of the problem is that we have been led to embrace materialism to a point of insanity, and to a point where we risk everything.


(37:29) So I just want to end by saying that if we are saying it cannot be business as usual, it cannot be government as usual, with migration the most important connecting point that I make with climate, is simply saying this.  Migration is a legitimate climate adaptation strategy.  Climate has to be recognized as a legitimate, a sensible, ethical, and ultimately mutually productive adaptation strategy.  But I conclude by saying that it can’t be, you know, business as usual.  I also think we need to have the courage to say it cannot be activism as usual either.  And therefore, I want to suggest two thing that we might need to consider doing differently.    


One is, I think activism, and social change generally, makes the mistake of thinking governments and corporations control the narrative and practice.  Primarily through the deployment of what has been called the repressive state apparatus: Army, police, use for formal laws and so on.  Of course, that does play a big role, powerful role entertaining the theatre of public life.  However, the more insidious and more powerful form of control is what’s being called the ideological state apparatus.  By which we mean the framework for education, frameworks for religion, framework for the funding of arts and culture, social norms and customs.  And most critically, the framework for communications and media.  


So folks, we can be doing good things.  We can be saying things that the majority of the people, if they were able to read and understand it, they would be with us.  But the reality is, one of the reasons we are losing on so many agendas, is the communications infrastructure that we are up against means that large numbers of people are being misled, misinformed and led to very scary places.  Including being led back to enclaves of fascism.  


(39:41) The second thing that activism needs to do is that while we focus a lot on how people are excluded, marginalized, oppressed and so on…which is of course an important starting point.  It’s critically important that we also balance that assessment of what people have been impacted with negatively and deprived of and so on, we need to balance that with notwithstanding all of that, people still actually have agency.  And if you look at this little infographic (40:23) that I put up here, I looked at harnessing our autonomy, and seeing our creative participation, our wealth and our consumption, and you can read each of those external bubbles from the inside, where I really am keen for us to recognize that the only way the big scale change that we need to push for is going to happen, is that the pessimism of our analysis of the moment that we find ourselves in can only, and best be, managed and overcome by the optimism of creating multiple pathways for people who need to be part of a struggle. Who have been relocated, including by civil society and activism, to being spectators to the struggle we need to be finding the multiple pathways by which people can participate.


(41:10) Let me just give you an example…when you look at the quadrant on harnessing our wealth, you might think how much of wealth do poor people have?  Individually, maybe very little.  But when wealth is honest, it is not inconsequential.  In the case of Australia, when in 2015 the government was pushing ahead with building the biggest coal mine, civil society was able to mobilize there and went to all four banks, until all for banks said we will not fund that coal mine….


We have, if we are brutally honest, in this moment, we need to recognize that we have options to push for change.  And part of what we need to do is push from below.  And even, I think, spending too much time talking to governments and businesses, telling them things over and over… What they know is not the way forward.  We need to redirect our gaze to people who have less power, support them, make sure that they have the capability to articulate themselves in ways that it becomes irresistible for governments to ignore their appeals.  


And my last sentence is, if we fail to do that, we end up in the same situation like we did after the global financial crisis.  Where those in power were able to respond with system recovery, system protection, system maintenance.  When what was needed then, and what is critically needed now is system innovation, system redesign, and system transformation.  And I end by saying even though this is the moment our analysis might tell us that there are deep structural problems that we face, I also end with the note that there has never been a moment in my 40+ years of activism where I have seen the possibility of big structural and systemic change.  And that is, I think, the picture that we need to hold on to, and push for, because this moment is a unique moment, and there will probably never be another moment like this in world history.  Thank-you.  



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Pat McCabe

From her Facebook page on December 29, 2021: 


Well, more “miracles” today. I mean, very large, unfathomable, occurrences.

I am really beginning to question that word. I think Spirit would be willing to do and show so many things here on earth if there was anybody willing to be the conduit. If we just didn’t have to ask “how.“ If we could only promise not to freak out, and say, “no way…” Our capacity for mystery, all new levels of cause-and-effect, “supernatural“ events, is so severely stunted. I think it is ludicrous and morbidly arrogant to declare doom when you don’t have the barest inkling about what is actually possible to begin with. I’m saying this to myself as much as anyone. Every now and then I allow myself to participate in a calling into the mystery that wants to come. It about flips my wig most every time. I spend a lot of time breathing slowly, and saying to myself, and to Spirit, “Just for the record, I have not said ‘no.’ I am biting my nails… I have eaten a whole chocolate cake by myself, but let the record show, I did not… say… no… I am willing to do the part a human must do to allow you to bring what you see to bring.And the kinds of things I am asked to participate in, I suspect, hardly even register on the difficult and truly miraculous scale.

We weren’t always like this…

Thank you Spirit for allowing me to participate in events far beyond my imagination, far beyond my understanding of what is possible, far beyond what I would even think to ask for. It is the most satisfying thing about being alive on this amazing Mother Earth. I am a grateful, grateful, girl.❤️

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Pat McCabe

From her Facebook page on December 17, 2021:


Solstice Descent

My stance: Spirit is greater than any/everything. Almost 30 years ago it was proposed to me that “God is either everything or nothing… what was my choice to be?” I made my choice. I have been living it ever since. (I had lived the other choice also for many years.)

An elder spoke this to me recently: “Is racism greater than Spirit? Is scarcity greater than Spirit? Of course not! That’s ludicrous! Spirit is greater. Spirit is greater than existence even!” In every circumstance, in every instance, Spirit is greater.

And so how do I live the Truth of this? How can/should/does my behavior reflect this reality? Do I live in such a way that allows the greater Spirit to enter and transcend all human thinking, stories, identities, definitions of “the problem,” solutions, manifestos, histories, loyalties, victories, defeats? How do I live the Truth of deepest freedom which is inextricably bound to the omnipotent, omniscient, onmiamorous, reality of Spirit?

“If you say you are Spiritual, then let it all go… give it all away… and start over with nothing. Spirit does this all the time…” Is this referring only to material possesions? Or is it referring also to mental possessions? Emotional possessions? Spiritual possessions?

Sometimes I pray, Spirit, show me, what else could I be thinking other than what I always think… show me, what else could I be feeling other than what I always feel… show me, what else could I be doing other than what I always do… show me, what else could I be saying other than what I always say… show me the full spectrum of possibilities… show me what you would think feel do say if you were right here in my shoes…

“In order to allow for a new reality, we will have to give up something. We will have to give up some of our existing reality in order to allow for a new reality…”

If my ancestors do not rest frozen in time where they fell, justly or unjustly, forever bound in atrocity, but instead continue to evolve from that moment to this, with sight beyond sight as can be/is afforded in the Spirit World, with multidimensional perception, within the context of time out of time, can it be that with all of this capacity, that they remain bent on revenge? Consumed with rage, sorrow, despair? Are they still bound by material greed and conquest in the immaterial realm? Do they remain male or female, brown or white, tall or short, healthy or unhealthy? Or do they become something else entirely? From their extraordinary vantage what would they hope for for me, knowing what they know now? Where would they/are they leading me to now? What concerns them most as they watch me in my Earth Walk Life? Do they ask for my trauma? Does it/can it help them? Do they ask for my defense? How do they feel about Earth? Where do they draw their knowledge and insight from? Only from Earth, or is it possible they draw now from the stars too? How does that change their view? How different is it from mine?

I can imagine my ancestors radiantly pointing to a Thriving Life reality on a flourishing Earth. This is seemingly only possible if there is a recognition of the profound interrelatedness of our situation. But there I go again… I do not know what is possible. But… can I/I can choose to orient, moment by moment, in such a way, that allows for the Highest Possibility for Life, Light, and Love to manifest, knowing fully, that I do not know what that is?/. Perhaps my lively, contemporary, expanded-capacity, ancestors do. Perhaps my ancestors remain in full possession of their love for me. Perhaps they would do anything for me, including leading me into a viable, beautiful future, that is also, somehow, of my own making, made in the freedom of my choices, in the volition of my attention and intention, consent by consent, instant by instant.

What shall my contribution be, in this time out of time? How do I move with such power, possibility, and freedom, with a thousand ancestors not only behind me, but even more thrilling, far ahead of me, reconciled, retrieved, resurrected and luminous? Beckoning…

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Pat McCabe


This is a reproduction of a comment I added to the November Energy Report. This was about the time that I started following Pat McCabe much more closely, thinking that her public statements are inching closer to Truth, Love and/or Beauty. 




I attended an online event (via the Burkhart Center) that featured Pat McCabe, and it's fairly obvious that she's getting and disseminating some IS downloads, but I don't think she's manifesting the IS just yet. When I listen to the story of her life and how she got her names, I'm struck by how the ups and downs she has experienced in life have led her to listen more and more closely to internal guidance. And her internal guidance seems pretty powerful. 


Her terminology is oriented through her indigenous roots, but begins to expand beyond that. This weekend, I was struck by her comment, as relayed via her internal guides: "If all times are happening at the same time, what is possible?" Shades of Seth! I don't think that comment is extrapolated from Native American wisdom. 


She spoke about how at one point she was angry about being born a woman, but has learned that both the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine have powers that are needed in the world. She spoke about how she once was angry with pretty much all white people because of the atrocities dealt out to her people, but she has learned that white people have been duped into following the "power over" paradigm (i.e., that you can't succeed in life unless you have power over as many others as possible), and that we all suffer from this. I may not be paraphrasing this in the best way possible, but I think nearly every recording of her contains grains of the same ideas. 


A constant refrain is to reduce intellectual focus and learn to use other ways to see the world and participate in it. 


Some other notes I took from her talks:

"We are the sum total of our actions. Uphold your part!"

"Every being has a perfect design for thriving life."

"Paradigm is a choice."

"We have been talked out of our power of choice."

"It's important to declare what you give consent to."

"Impress upon your children: consent is necessary."

"All life forms have a seat but we are not the whole." 

Not exact quote because I wasn't fast enough: "When one will overcomes another's will, spiritual hoop law comes into play." 

(She spoke about about the sacred hoop of life/medicine wheel. This link is one of many available: Medicine Wheel Basics.)


And also, as relayed via white lions she saw in Africa: "STOP saying the earth is fragile. The hoop is healed." We had a discussion on this, and I think the message is very Seth-like: if you believe the earth is fragile and broken, then that's what will manifest. But never does she imply that everyone just needs to "believe" all will be well; hence the "Uphold your part!" 


I think there would have been much more, but sadly the internet connections were wonky and she kept getting bumped out. I've listened to her speak several times now, and while she does occasionally use notes to be sure to include some specific thoughts, she tends to speak as her thoughts arrive, so there's always fresh content and she's not afraid to go off on tangents that seem useful to her in the moment. 


One last note: Pat McCabe is currently spending quite a lot of time caring for her aging mother, and that may impede her activism and her ability to be out delivering messages as much as she may wish. Perhaps that just provides her more time to listen to her internal guidance to prepare for the next step. 

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Also, remember that all 7th Levels (of each Soul Age) have their own teaching so each Infinite Soul host will be teaching the Logos through the lens of their own teaching. That could be why an Infinite Soul host may look like a Transcendental Soul or just another enlightened being until they start to manifest the Infinite Soul. 


From MICHAEL SPEAKS – When The Infinite Soul Arrives – January 28, 2017


Keep in mind that the Infinite Soul has an ongoing roster of potential candidates for Manifestation. Fragments are not "chosen" with a long-term plan or fate set in place, but are chosen as patterns of consciousness, choice, and Karma coalesce toward breaking points for the species.


There are hundreds of candidates at any given time.


The dynamic that has been in place for this wave of Infinite Souls has remained unchanged since we first noted it many years ago: 5 Manifestations across the planet to represent/teach from and within various populations. ...


Once confirmation is in place, the life is fully aligned with the intentions of the Infinite Soul.


The choices of the individual remain, but all impulses are followed as they rise from Essence.


The actual hosting of the Infinite Soul as a voice for the Logos would be brief and choreographed among the various Manifestations.


The actual hosting of the Infinite Soul can only be sustained for up to 30 days before the body would "burn up" with the energy. That state of hosting would likely come from among all hosts in a way that corresponds with and references each other.


This may not be so obvious in implementation, but we will help watch for this to direct our students' attention for educational purposes.


For older souls, the greatest way you can help as representations of consciousness for your Sentience, for your species, and as part of the dynamic that helps generate a path forward for the self and others is to recognize that you are part of this Infinite Soul.


In other words, you need not wait to be rescued.


You are part of your own solution, your own answer, your own path forward, in both personal and greater terms, especially when the challenge is the species, itself.


The Logos is all around you. You need not wait for the Infinite Soul arrival to acknowledge it and act upon it


Many have snapped into and aligned with this truth. ...


We think this wave of Manifestation of Infinite Soul, and this collective unpacking of an ancient wound shared by all of Human Sentience is a Turning Point toward the greatest healing the species as a whole has ever known.


This may or may not be immediately successful, or done painlessly, and may take the next 100 to 1000 years to implement, but it is happening.


We have waited a long time for this.


From Michael in the January 2021 Energy Report


The effects of the Infinite Souls are starting and how you respond to the prompt determines how far and deep the effects can be seen. You may be expecting a showcase and theatrical presentation from those who are hosting Infinite Souls, but that is not how it works. Instead, there tends to be an event that creates a mass common denominator and then this becomes the shared platform from which the Logos is sensed among Essences, whether in contact with the hosts, or not. With or without a Manifestation of the Infinite Soul, once the hosts are set and momentum is in effect, the quantum field, so to speak, through which all fragments connect, is charged with the Logos. That charge has begun.


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