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Muse - The globalist


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A 10 minute masterpiece. I can't believe I overlooked this song for so long because it was too long ūüôą


It might seem like an 'excuse' kind of song at first glance that sympathises with people like putin and other dictators etc. Which it isn't. I see it a story where the hypothetical dictator would also ultimately see what they've done and realize that they're now more isolated than ever after 'conquering' the world. What is there to fight for when no one's left? 



From wikipedia: "The Globalist" tells the story of the protagonist's decision to become a dictator intent on destroying everything and everyone by using drones. The song is divided into three parts. The first part details the protagonist's origin, as he begins to revolt against the system that didn't raise him with love and made him want to "transform the Earth to his desire".


In the second part, the protagonist becomes insane and destroys the world via nuclear weapons transferred through drones. The third part of "The Globalist" deals with the aftermath of the protagonists' decision, as he bemoans there is "nothing left to love".





You were never truly loved
You've only been betrayed
You were never truly nurtured
By churches or the state
You left unprotected
To these wild and fragile lands

That you could rise up like a god
Arm yourself,

you can be strong
You can build a nuclear power
Transform the earth to your desire
Free your mind from false beliefs
You can be the commander in chief
You can hide your true motives
To dismantle and destroy

Now you finally have the code
I have given you the code


(10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 fire!)


There's no country left
To love and cherish

it's gone
It's gone for good
It's you and me babe
To hunt and gather memories
Of the great nation we were

There are no countries left
To fight and conquer
I think I destroyed them all
It's human nature
The greatest hunter
Will survive alone
With no one left to love


There's no culture left
To love and cherish

it's gone
You know it's gone for good
A trillion memories

lost in Space and time forevermore
I just wanted, I just needed to be loved

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