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OMW - Nov 17, 2012 - Your Aura (Part One)


Channel: Troy Tolley


Hello to each of you. We are here, and we will begin our discussion about the concept of Auras.


There are many teachings that focus more directly upon this concept, and many of them are fairly detailed and valid as to how we experience this subject, so what we offer today is a perspective that can be put alongside any of your favorite teachings on this subject for comparison and validation.


First, we will define the Aura as an umbrella term to catch all aspects of the Body that go beyond that which can be seen.


In more technical terms, these are layers of the body that help to generate and sustain "down" through spectrum the more tangible Body/s that you know so well. In even more accurate terms, these could be said to be your version of every Plane that exists.


In other words, your Physical Body is YOUR VERSION of the Physical Plane.


The Physical Body that you know is your Essence's idea given form, but its condition, state of health, growth and maintenance are your own actions, ideas, and feelings given form.


The Physical Body at any given point is the end result of all actions, ideas, and feelings.


Therefore, it is not the body that emits an aura, but your aura that emits a body.


What most people see is the densest part of the Aura, but your tangible, Physical body, technically, is still just a part of the Aura.


That is because "you" are a projection of Essence into matter. In truth, "you" are not separate from this, and never would be, even in the Personalities who are most-rejecting of Essence. That person, Personality, and Body would not be able to exist if not for its being an extension of Essence.


It is helpful to explore the duality of Personality and Essence for the sake of embracing and Manifesting Essence, if one so chooses to do so, but it will always be true that they are, technically, one and the same.


YOU are ESSENCE, even if not Manifesting Essence.


All forms in the Physical Plane are an emission from another plane. There is nothing of the Physical Plane that is not originated in the "non-physical."


[GeraldineB] Question: Does a developing fetus use the mother's essence until the baby is both born AND inhabited by its own Essence?


The entirety of the Physical Plane is merely ideas and feelings given form, if you will.


There are variations in how the development of a fetus comes about. In most instances, though this fetus is technically an extension of the Essence wishing to be born, it is still merely an extension of the body of the mother until the first breath, and is not fully representative of the originating Essence until after 7 years of life.


There are many fetuses that are generated without any Essence ever intending to use them, and these are extensions of the mother's body.


[Diane_HB] Are those fetuses then miscarried?


[Maureen] or stillborn?


MEntity: In most instances, yes, or aborted in other ways. When a fetus is taken through birth without an Essence wishing to have used it, it can be sustained by the mother's Essence only for the first 7 years, but this is usually not sustained for more than 3.


[Diane_HB] Wow


[GeraldineB] Is this the cause of Personalities being stuck in 2nd IM?


No body is born without representing an extension of an Essence, but it can be born without a commitment to living.


Geraldine, in what way do you mean your question. Please elaborate.


[GeraldineB] I should have said: When a baby does finally get an Essence later in life, i.e., up to 7 years -- is this the primary cause of being stuck in 2nd IMs -- i.e., very tied to the mother


No. Not necessarily.


When an Essence "walks in," it will live as any other Essence, even with that delay in living through that body.


The Instinctive Center for that Body would be extracted to the Essence who had been sustaining that body, and a new one "inserted." The first 7 years are quite easy to "erase" in terms of "baggage," whereas a Walk-In who enters later in the life would have more of the life experiences stored in the cells of that body, and spend up to 7 years sifting through those.


We digress.


[Maureen] Michael -- can we assume that an actual "walk-in" will also have a different aura? If so -- that would take some adjusting for the "grown-up" body.


[Maureen] Michael -- if you want to continue -- please save that question for the end.


That would be correct, Maureen, but in all Walk-Ins, there is a shared transitional period between the two Essences who negotiated the exchange.


Or the body would die.


[Maureen] Thank you


To continue:


As the aura emits a body, the health of that most tangible body is directly connected to what is being fed into the emission, if you will.


In the most obvious sense, how you treat your body, how you feed it, what you feed it, how you comfort it, etc., feeds into the health and shape of the body, but this is also true of what you feed it in terms of ideas and emotions.


The more intangible the source, the more long-term the impact.


In other words, what you DO with your body makes a difference in how your body looks, feels, and lives, and however long of a time you may think that may take, your thoughts and feelings take "even longer" to move into form, and to move out of form.


This is why treatments of illness can often require processes that address the intellect and emotion far longer than the physical treatments.


For most fragments, the gestation period of the body that is being used for Sentience tends to be the time frame of cycles for coming into physicality. In other words, emotions and thoughts that are sustained for more than 9 months find their way into "birth" into the body. This can tend to mean that it takes AT LEAST that long for healing and transformation of any ideas or feelings looking to be healed or transformed.


This is good to know when taking up any effort to make a difference to your body, whether in shape, health, diet, mood, habit, etc.


The more tangible parts of the Aura are those that relate to what you relate to as the Action/Physical, and the Emotional/Astral, and to some great extent the Intellectual/Causal.


The visibility of these layers is valid, and each has counterparts that are tangible to the Physical Plane, literally or intuitively.


For those who worry about whether they can see or not see Auras, we can say to you that your greatest concern is what you "read" in the aura that IS your body that you know. You do not need to see or read the colors and shapes that show up as part of the higher auras.


Learning to listen to your body, and to treat it with long-term care, is one of the greatest gifts of "aura reading" one can develop.


EVERY fragment has this capacity.


Between the Physical and the Astral Bodies is the Etheric Body. The Etheric Body is where the more intangible and tangible is processed and filtered.


It is the last stop for filtering and processing of Emotions and Thoughts that are coming into density. It is the body that is most directly linked to the health of the body, and gives rise to everything you know of as your body. It is a kind of matrix for the body, a template that holds the body together in space and time. It could be said to be the atmosphere for your body, and it can be toxic or pure, and usually a mixture. It is a representative of your Instinctive Center.


This is the body that remains in space and time, even if that part of the Physical Body is removed, such as in the "phantom limb" effect.


In some parallels, and in many probable futures, this Etheric Body is measurable and practical in its use for regrowing lost limbs and organs, or for promoting the growth of them if missing.


Most of you can see this Etheric Body, and can do so by holding your hand out over a blank wall in a dimly-lit room. Allowing your eyes to fall into a kind of peripheral vision, or passive state, you may begin to see a blue-ish glow emit from your hand and arm. This is NOT the optical illusion that is left by the hand movements against your sight. The optical illusion is fairly gray in its visual, but the Etheric would be in some hue and brightness of blue.


[GeraldineB] Since the Etheric Body is part of our Physical Body -- is it included in our DNA, even if not visible or known at this time?


DNA is in the Etheric, as DNA is also an extension of the higher layers of the aura, but not the other way around.


In other words, DNA has its own Etheric body, if you will. It is a replica of whatever it is holding in time and space.


[GeraldineB] and this is why limbs can eventually be regrown


MEntity: Yes.


[Diane_HB] When healers say they can "update" their DNA, are they really referring to the etheric DNA?


MEntity: This is already a natural state for some species on your planet, and would eventually be replicated in your own species through the proper use of electrical stimulations.


[Diane_HB] oooh


[Maureen] Is it Salamanders that can re-grow a tail that has been clipped off?


[Martha] starfish too, right?


[GeraldineB] all lizards, I think


MEntity: Diane, we do not know what is meant by "updating of DNA." There are many who presume to "unlock" various "advanced" elements of one's DNA, but this is a bogus notion in terms of doing so through one's mere intention.


[GeraldineB] even snakes regrow their tips


MEntity: Altering one's DNA through intention is about as useful as willing yourself a third arm if you did not already have one.


[GeraldineB] LOL
[Diane_HB] lol
[Maureen] LOL


It is not that it is impossible to have a third arm, but if it is not already in place, it would take a great deal of effort and intervention to obtain this.


It is true that the DNA of an individual can be altered within the lifetime, but we can discuss that subject in another exchange.


[GeraldineB] Maureen -- add it to the list ?


The Astral or Emotional Body is the next-closest to the Physical Body in terms of its density. Its counterparts in the Physical show up as colors, hues, and a kind of various density of fog. This can be intuited through the imagination, or literally seen with the eyes in some individuals.


The Astral Body is reflective of the Emotional state of any individual at any given time. It can change and vary on a constant basis.


There are three layers to this Body in the Aura:


The most-immediate layer is the CHARACTER layer. This is the layer that carries the more long-term moods and feelings that have generated from that person.


This is the layer that most sense upon meeting someone for the first time. No matter how delightful or unpleasant someone may be in a social situation, this level of CHARACTER can be sensed, and it may not reflect the more immediate presentation.


This layer is where all Agreements are stored, managed, activated, updated, and abdicated.


The GOAL is most infused or "programmed" in the Physical Body, whereas the MODE is most infused, or "programmed" in this layer of the Emotional/Astral Body.


These are not exclusive to these Bodies, but these are where they tend to function from.


This is also where one's active Karma and Self-Karma are stored, managed, updated, or abdicated.


This is the layer of the self that gets shared as one "gets to know" another.


The Soul Age can be read from this layer. The colors here tend to be fairly steady in mix and hue, but do change as various Agreements are fulfilled and altered. And with any great shifts in perspective of Soul Age or Level.


[GeraldineB] Do you read this layer when answering Profiles?


No. We read the Akashic Records.


But many of our channels read from this Body of a student.


[GeraldineB] Is this part of the reason for requesting a photo?


If photos are used, or requirements for in-person, it would tend to be the channel reading and interpreting.


This layer is also where one stores and processes most dreams.


The next layer "up" in this Astral Body would be the MOOD layer of the fragment. This is far more changeable and colorful, and is less-dense, more immediate in reflection of the emotional processes of the fragment.


This is the layer that is often "presented" to others, and more directly in control from the Personality.


When your mood changes, so does this layer of the body.


This layer helps pick and choose from the Character layer what to deal with, what to ignore, what to consciously process, what not to process, etc.


Whatever it is "in the mood" to tend to.


Consider the Character Layer to be the Moving Part of the Emotional Body, whereas the Mood Layer is the Instinctive Part of the Emotional Body. It is often driven by aims toward emotional pleasure and away from emotional pain.


The highest layer [Contemplation Layer] of the Astral Body then is the Intellectual Part of the Emotional Body, and this is the layer where shift begins from something simply being a theory or idea to becoming a belief.


This is where one begins to prove or disprove one's ideas about life, self, and others.


In terms of how this works as a whole, once one has built a case for an idea and emotionally charges it, it then moves down into the Mood, and eventually into the Character level.


If one is working with others to help alter beliefs, it would need to be on this layer, because once it is past this layer, it cannot be changed, only counteracted.


A new belief would need to be brought in, and from there, the choice for which to use would make the difference.


Keep this in mind for your own work on altering your repetitive behaviors that reinforce beliefs that you wish to change. Let them be. Allow them to exist. You cannot change them. But you CAN add new ones, and the focus on that is far more effective than battling your unwanted ones.


In the end, the effect is the same as altering a belief, but in technical terms, one can only add new ones from which to choose.


[GeraldineB] So, for my attempt to quit smoking, it should be to DO something else, rather than stop/prevent smoking?


MEntity: In terms of unwanted habits, the physical counterpart can be halted, and that is the "easy" part, but the belief will not change that motivated and secured the habit, which is why new habits might form around that belief, even if more acceptable in form.


[GeraldineB] thank you


In terms of beliefs, whatever motivated you to secure this unwanted habit as a reflection of that belief cannot be changed, but new ones can be added, or brought to light, that allows for greater choice of emphasis.


Smoking is almost always a habit born of the belief that one is ultimately alone, on their own, and profoundly lacking intimacy.


[GeraldineB] Ahhh . . .when I was choosing double Arrogance


It is a means for filling the void in the Emotional Center, in the most literal way possible. Inhaling the smoke soothes this void.


Though the social contracts are changing now, this habit also helped to bring about the interaction with others that may have been craved, as it was a social habit.


[Maureen] very interesting


[Martha] all smoking - tobacco and marijuana?


Only habitual smoking.


For those who wish to stop smoking, it can be greatly effective to interact with others when one would otherwise smoke, or to acknowledge the truth of one's importance to others.


[GeraldineB] thank you -- I see how it's been playing to isolate me due to the current restrictions and reactions


[Maureen] no wonder it's such a hard habit to give up!


It can be interesting to play out the physical motions that have become familiar with smoking, while lying down new beliefs through considering one's importance, or socializing in whatever way is accessible at the moment. It may then become more obvious that you simply wanted company, not a cigarette.


It can become its own meditation.


When one is working to build new beliefs, it can be helpful to imagine this layer of your body as a colorful and playful space full of symbols for arranging new beliefs.


For instance, if no one is available to talk or socialize, let yourself fake smoke, while playing out social scenarios in your imagination, such as meeting people you think you may never meet, or hugging those you miss, or talking freely in ways that you normally would not. Etc.


But we digress.


If each of you would like to examine your own Emotional/Astral layers of the body, here are some ways for doing so:


First: establish color associations with feelings. These are fairly set for your species now, and can be explored through many teachings on color and mood, but also through one's understanding of Chakras and the color associations there.


Second: allow your imagination to interpret your loved ones, relationships, feelings, moods, and experiences as those colors. Let yourself get a sense of what color your day is, what color a relationship is, what color your project or idea is, etc.


LET YOURSELF have these colors. This means, do not push for them, and do not presume there is a right or wrong color. Simply invite it. In your worst-case scenario of blocking imagination, it could be said that if you simply cannot imagine these or see them, ask yourself what they would be IF YOU COULD.


Using your color associations, or chakra association, you can begin to build up a fairly good idea about what your Aura "looks like".


For now, we will suggest an experiential experiment right now for you to try:


Give yourself some breathing room, breathe deeply no less than three times, eyes closed, and let your imagination explore your body, looking for a fairly solid area of color or colors, and note those colors, and where around your body you are "seeing" these.


It may come up as a blob to your left, or a soft hint behind you, or a rich color surrounding you, but there is no one way any of you should expect to see this.


Once you have a description, you may share it here, if you wish.


[Diane_HB] I have a strip of red on the outer edge of my aura at chest height, going all the way around. Also a sky blue blob right on the third chakra/stomach.


[Martha] green and purple, but I'm having trouble concentrating as Morgan is here and the TV is on


[Maureen] I got soft pink all around -- then it changed to soft blue and purple -- and I had green around the eyes


[Maureen] actually -- I got a blue blob on my 3rd chakra as well Diane!


[Maureen] LOL


[Diane_HB] cool ?


[Martha] the green and purple are layered all around, purple is a muted fuschia


[Maureen] I thought it might be indigestion!


[Maureen] ?


[Diane_HB] LOL


MEntity: If you choose not to submit a response, please indicate so that we may continue.


[GeraldineB] I'm not seeing anything


[ClaireC] I'm out


We offered up this experiment for the point of two things: one, is for you to "see" where our teaching is in the Character of your Aura, and the other is for the experience of how easily or challenged you may be in calling up this imagination on the spot.


If you saw Blue in your visualization, you found our part of your Aura, and where our teaching is most used by you. For most fragments, anything associated with what has become a personal guidance system, or teaching, can be found in or around any Blue.


[Martha] what's the name for the third layer? We have Character, Mood, and ?


MEntity: Character, Mood, and Contemplation Layers.


[Martha] Hmmm, my purple was closest to the body, with green as the second layer. I did see some blue early on but when I had to visualize a body to get specific about position I didn't see it


MEntity: If you did not "see" it, it is not that it was not there, but that your awareness went to something else.


[Martha] yeah, I saw a flash of it at first, a rich blue


MEntity: Blue, or one's teaching, is often a part of Green and Purple because of various factors.


[Maureen] The colour at my 3rd chakra is a rich deep blue.


[Diane_HB] I also saw dark blue going into purple from the eye level up.


[Martha] 6th and 7th chakras are traditionally indigo and purple, right?


For this experiment, after you have a clear description of colors and location, explore various correlations of these color meanings, and how the location may relate to the nearest chakra.


Keep in mind that you are looking at the CHARACTER layer, so you are looking at your long-term states of emotion that make up who you are.


Your visualizations may change in your assessment of this, but that is not because the body changed, but that you are exploring different angles on it.


To explore your MOOD Layer, one of the most tangible ways to do so is through a synchronistic oracle system, such as Tarot, or color-coded cards, or the drawing of keywords, or some other system of randomness that gives you insight into this layer of your emotional body.


We have yet to cover the Causal Body, and to go into more exploratory and applicable ways to understand the Aura, so we are arranging with Troy for a "part two" on this subject, for this particular group. It will be scheduled by consensus among you for when this would be.


Michael -- would you answer my question about my old friend Geraldine?


An old friend Geraldine Smith-Stringer (Mature 5, Server-cast Artisan) could see the Aura remarkably well. The colours she would see represented what you brought in at birth. If she saw photos from throughout your lifetime – she could tell when you had “blocked” certain natural abilities and the times when they had flourished.


Because of her influence I tend to pick up “colours” the same way. What layer was she seeing/reading?


In response to the question, this could be of the Character Layer, but it also sounds like layers from the Causal Body, if these are determined as having been in place since birth.


If you are having trouble with using the imagination to "see," it is not a matter of anything other than personal preference. Some do not trust the imagination, or have, long ago, written it off as dangerous territory. Beyond that, some may simply have a hard time visualizing, which means that it may be more helpful to explore the aura in more appealing symbolic forms, such as foods, smells, animals, etc.


In other words, IF my aura were to be made up of foods, what comes to mind, and where is that on my body? Or what animals come to mind when I think of my heart, my head, my body as a whole, etc.


(Note: It was decided by Michael that there would be a Part 2 or follow up session on the Character Layer. Troy was fading. glb)


Note: This session continues in  OMW: Your Aura (Part Two).

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On 5/26/2016 at 10:23 PM, Kasia said:

your aura that emits a body.

@Kasia, reading this is very validating for me...

Scientifically, for me, this makes more sense- energy creates\slows down into matter...


On 5/26/2016 at 10:23 PM, Kasia said:

Learning to listen to your body, and to treat it with long-term care, is one of the greatest gifts of "aura reading" one can develop.


EVERY fragment has this capacity.

I understand this as true médecine- the body is this INCREDIBLE machine that can do SO MUCH, including heal itself and others... lol it’s wild that we have these... WERK US!!!!!


On 5/26/2016 at 10:23 PM, Kasia said:

Maureen] actually -- I got a blue blob on my 3rd chakra as well Diane!


On 5/26/2016 at 10:23 PM, Kasia said:

For most fragments, anything associated with what has become a personal guidance system, or teaching, can be found in or around any Blue.

I use to tell my friends we each had a little blue sun inside our bellies that spins as fast as we feel good about ourselves, we could focus upon to grow it and gain the strength we need to deal with life’s trials... when I learnt about chakras a few years later, I felt silly for having spread that spiny bright blue sun theory so wide, as blue is higher in the body as a chakra; now, reading this, I feel like my self-doubt is the silly one lol


Yay : )


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On 5/26/2016 at 9:23 PM, Kasia said:

The Physical Body at any given point is the end result of all actions, ideas, and feelings.


Therefore, it is not the body that emits an aura, but your aura that emits a body.


what a cool way to think of this!😍



On 5/26/2016 at 9:23 PM, Kasia said:

Keep this in mind for your own work on altering your repetitive behaviors that reinforce beliefs that you wish to change. Let them be. Allow them to exist. You cannot change them. But you CAN add new ones, and the focus on that is far more effective than battling your unwanted ones.


Great advice for dealing with others with radical differences of opinion than yours too... 



I love what pops out to me when I start diving back into M’s teachings ❤️

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  • TeamTLE

Bumping this session -- the intro about how the body is projected from the aura vs. the body having an aura was pretty cool all in itself.

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  • 2 months later...

So, humans can regenerate and regrow their body parts such as limbs, organs, and teeth? So, everything that we may lose can be regenerated in the future?😊

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