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OMW - Oct 20, 2012 - How To Use Your Energy


Troy Tolley, Channel


[MEntity] First, we will define "Energy" here as the force that is vitality, which allows for systems to work.


[MEntity] One may find that we use the term "beauty" and "energy" and even "oneness" interchangeably when discussing the three building blocks of any universe: Truth, Love, Energy.


[MEntity] That is because each of these terms refer to that force of vitality that enables the functioning of a system.


[MEntity] Energy is a Universal Truth. It exists in a multitude of forms, both seen and unseen, tangible and intangible, quantifiable, and amorphous.


[MEntity] Where there is a system at work, there is Energy.


[MEntity] Where there is Energy, there is a system at work.


[MEntity] We will define "system" here as those parts that work to generate the whole.


[MEntity] Tao, or "God," cannot exist without Energy, then, because it will always be made up of parts that generate that wholeness that is itself.


[MEntity] Oneness is used interchangeably, because there is nothing that is truly whole without comprehending its resonant parts.


[MEntity] Comprehending the interdependence of the parts is vital for that wholeness to be sustained. Otherwise, the illusion of fragmentation is consuming.


[MEntity] A good example is the functioning of any Physical body. It is a system. It is made of parts. Parts that are interdependent, resonant, interacting, generating the whole of the body as one.


[MEntity] The health of a body is much more easily sustained when this is understood, truly comprehended.


[MEntity] What I EAT affects me.


[MEntity] What I DRINK affects me.


[MEntity] What I INHALE affects me.


[MEntity] Eventually, the temporary high, temporary stimulation, temporary relief comes to be replaced with holistic awareness that comprehends the wholeness that is the body.


[MEntity] When we mentioned "temporary," we mean those things that are clearly not beneficial for the body, but are ingested for the stimulation, high, or relief.


[MEntity] This is not a concern when the body is in a fair state of health, but must be considered if the body is falling ill.


[MEntity] This is another arena for the dance of choice, of course.


[MEntity] But it is a fair comparison to any other system that is fueled by Energy.


[MEntity] This would extend into the Emotional, Intellectual, and "spiritual" bodies, as well.


[MEntity] On Macro and Micro levels, this is an absolute truth.




[MEntity] Before we move on into more detail, we will pause for questions about what we have shared, so far, if there are any.


[Bobby] How does the Energy side of an Entity play into this?


[MEntity] While there is no "side" to an entity, and while each Essence has all three "sides" as part of their dynamic, there are those within the entity who emphasize one over others for the sake of a dynamic structure.


[MEntity] For those who emphasize Energy, their Essences (not necessarily their Personalities) help sustain the vitality for the functioning of the Entity.


[MEntity] They would tend to keep the Entity "alive," and would tend to have lifetimes, or themes across lifetimes, geared toward the practice of waking up, and then the waking up of other Entity members.


[MEntity] That path to waking up, and staying awake, may tend to be wrought with chaos, as Energy is both chaos and order, with chaos being the default entrance toward the path of waking up.


[MEntity] For those on the "energy side," there may tend to be, in the Old Soul Age, a fine line between chaos and beauty (perceived order).


[MEntity] However, this could be said of any fragment, and every fragment will have this as part of their own path toward wakefulness, consciousness, but for those with an emphasis on Truth or Love, then they would have their chaos move into beauty through their relative emphasis.


[MEntity] For instance, Beauty and wakefulness comes to the lives of those with an emphasis on Truth by working through the spectrum of Truth.


[MEntity] When that person rejects the truth, or is in the earlier stages of exploring truth, chaos may be a part of the dynamic.


[MEntity] And the same for those who emphasize Love.


[MEntity] Does this help explore your question.


[MEntity] Are there any others?


[GeraldineB] I'm confused about something


[Bobby] Yes, thank you!


[GeraldineB] Parsing what you said, it "sounds" as though Essence and/or Entities (through Entity Members aka Essences) need to be wakened


[GeraldineB] I thought Personality was what needed awakening


[MEntity] Correct. But the evolution of Essence, and thereby, the Entity, evolves based upon the rising capacity for consciousness while incarnated.


[GeraldineB] ok -- thank you -- so they're not "extremely advanced" to us, their Fragments


[Maureen] Sleeping Beauty 🙂


[MEntity] In addition to this, no Essence is a completed state of awareness. It evolves into greater states of "wakefulness" that are relative to its own journey.


[MEntity] If that were not the case, it would make Grand Cycles, and incarnation, a kind of soul masturbation. That would not be a "bad thing," but a fairly useless point for such vastness as Tao and the universe.


[GeraldineB] I think that has been one of the issues I've been hung up on


[GeraldineB] thank you


[MEntity] An aside:


[MEntity] The passage through the Soul Ages is always relative to the level of consciousness brought to the Grand Cycle, and then continues to build upon that through the experiences gained through the Planes of that Grand Cycle, relative to the species of incarnation.


[MEntity] Those who have had 3 Grand Cycles will bring a different degree of capacity to their Grand Cycle as compared to that of one who might have 17.


[Maureen] Thanks Michael -- I have wondered about that


[MEntity] Returning to the subject now.


[MEntity] But that was not a digression, as it is insight into how the Energy of one's Grand Cycle works


[MEntity] This is the same for the individual lifetime, as well.


[MEntity] Over the Soul Ages, both the Essence, and the awakened Personalities, will tend toward refining the use of Energy in evermore productive and relevant ways.


[MEntity] This is seen in even more microcosmic scales when looking at how any individual life tends to use Energy over the course of growing up.


[Maureen] Would you give us an example Michael?


[MEntity] In both the Infant Soul Age, and as a literal infant, there is chaos as the force of Energy. That chaos is vital, is vitality. It is necessary for reasons we will share in a moment.


[MEntity] As the body grows, so does the organization and movement of that Energy.


[MEntity] As the soul ages, the same can be said.


[MEntity] The reason for this movement through chaos, first, is because the Mass of an object IS its Energy. The Mass of any Essence is vast. It is transforming a minute portion of its Mass into the Energy that becomes the force and fuel of Personality.


[MEntity] This could be said of any birthing into the Physical Plane. It is rarely without chaos in some form.


[MEntity] That form is held in place only through the vitality of Essence, its Energy.


[MEntity] In other systems, or species, those forms are held in place by their relative fields of consciousness that have formed them.


[MEntity] Every form of any sort that can be quantified, even if in ways that would seem extremely abstract and intangible to you, such as the concept of Essence, is held in form by the "higher" field of consciousness behind it.


[MEntity] So the form of Essence is even "held together" by the fact of its "birthing" from Tao.


[MEntity] However, regardless of the form and the force that generates and sustains that form, there is potential Energy that is generated from the chaos.


[MEntity] And this is harvested, if you will, in the form of growth, experience, comprehension, and waking up, which then becomes the force that sustains the whole.


[MEntity] Imagine, then, every lifetime being much like a coiled spring.


[MEntity] Every Grand Cycle, an even greater launch of force.


[MEntity] The more Grand Cycles, the greater the Soul Age, the more quickly that spring is sprung, if you will.


[MEntity] For most Old Souls, this is known. Their "spring was sprung" quite early, or in other words, the self-consciousness and self-awareness came quite early in the life.


[MEntity] The earlier this comes, the more is harvested from the life in terms of experiences, growth, comprehension, and wakefulness.


[MEntity] Because Energy cannot be destroyed, "you" will never die.


[MEntity] The you that you know will never be left behind, absorbed, discarded.


[MEntity] In much the same way that not a single one of your comprehended experiences will be lost to you, neither are you ever lost to Essence or Entity.


[MEntity] Not a single experience is lost to Essence, regardless of your comprehension, but when the Personalty comprehends within the lifetime, it is never lost to that Personality.


[MEntity] Because no lifetime is birthed without profound comprehension, then no lifetime is ever lost to Essence.


[MEntity] In the same way that Essence evolves because of the potential unleashed in the lifetime that results in experiences, so do you evolve in Personality (toward the Positive Poles) as you use the power of Choice.


[MEntity] Choice, then, is your individual key to all of the potential vitality that you carry as a Personality.


[MEntity] This is not counting the potential already moving through the life because of Essence, but that which is unleashed by you, and harvested by you.


[MEntity] As you are your own system of Overleaves, of working parts that generate a whole.


[MEntity] This is not a matter of "the right choice," or "better choices," or a "bad choice," but the process of owning all of them, whether in retrospect, now, or as the impact of a previous choice comes to light in the future.


[MEntity] Owning your choice is wakefulness. It is not guilt. It is not shame. It is not defense. It is not smugness. It is not dismissive.


[MEntity] The owning of choice is simply recognizing the capacity for choice, even as you are bombarded by, benefited by, or harmed by the impact from the choices of others.


[MEntity] We realize we are speaking quite metaphorically, but we think it is helpful. We will pause for questions before continuing.


[Janet] Michael I am having trouble wrapping my head around all this but it is becoming clearer so I will wait to see where this goes.


[MEntity] We will continue:


[MEntity] Continuing with the spring as metaphor, the Internal Monads describe how far one's spring has sprung, how much potential has been released and is being built upon. The Soul Ages and Levels could be said to be simiar, but on the scale of Essence.


[MEntity] The more consciously one is making Choices, the more smoothly that Energy continues to spring from the life.


[MEntity] Or rather, from Essence.


[MEntity] The more consciously one is making choices, the more potential is being converted into experiences, comprehension, waking, etc. that then sustain and expand both Essence and Personality.


[MEntity] In terms of Essence, the use and management of Energy can tend to be relative to Frequency and Energy Ratio. The higher the Creative/Female Ratio, and Frequency, the greater the explosion of potential unleashed in a lifetime. The lower the Frequency, and the higher the Focused/Male Ratio, the more paced, measured, and steady the release of potential.


[MEntity] The former often have lives and Personalities that are scattered in multiple directions, contexts, and foci to help disperse the impact of that explosion, so to speak.


[MEntity] The latter tends to an ebb and flow, release and contracting, of energy that shows up in a multitude of ways over the lifetime.


[MEntity] Ironically, the more consciously one is of Manifesting Essence, the more likely these reflections.


[MEntity] If one has a lower Frequency, but a higher Creative Ratio, it would tend to show up as an effort to control or deflect the chaos more so than one who would have a higher Frequency.


[MEntity] If one has a higher Frequency, and a higher Focused/Male Ratio, it would tend to show up as an emphasis on wringing the experience out of even the seemingly most insignificant of events and experiences.


[MEntity] These are highly simplistic descriptions, and subject to variations because of other factors, but are fair enough.


[MEntity] This combination between Frequency and Energy Ratio could best be understood here as the combination between the "rate of comprehension" to "path of navigation."


[MEntity] Rate of comprehension is not describing intelligence, but quite specifically the preferred rate of comprehension. It is fair to say it is a spectrum from Ordinal to Cardinal, in that the lower Frequencies prefer a more Ordinal process.


[MEntity] In terms of Personality, the same could be said of the distribution of Overleaves as they fall on the Axes.


[MEntity] The more Ordinal the Overleaves, the more effort there is to manage the flow of Energy in the life. The more Exalted the Overleaves, the more likely this is not a concern.


[MEntity] This is not to say that the Personality might choose differently from its design, especially when considering cultural and familial imprinting.


[MEntity] In terms of the whole Personality, the Goal carries the greatest weight as influence in that overall management of Energy, then. The negative pole Goal would tend toward a more chaotic version of that Goal than that of the positive pole.


[MEntity] In terms of relationships and relating, the Mode would carry the most weight. This might mean that if your Mode is exalted, your relationships may have much more explosive momentum than one who may have an ordinal Mode.


[MEntity] In terms of social perspective and personal philosophy, the more effort to manage and control these might come from weight of the ordinal Attitudes.


[MEntity] The more one is in the Positive Poles, the more flexible and fluid the flow of Energy because that flow would be allowed to be relative to the parts, the contexts, the necessities and design of those parts.


[MEntity] The more one is in the Negative Poles, the more one would tend to alter the flow of Energy for the sake of constriction or force, based on defenses, fear, protection, etc.


[MEntity] *alter the natural flow of Energy as described by the design of Personality....




[MEntity] Before we continue, we know that this is a lot of information to combine and assess in one exchange, but we ask if there are any of you who find validity, or lack of validity, to these more immediate factors of Personality as they relate to your experience of vitality.


[Diane_HB] Yes, I find that it fits.


[Maureen] I can see how it fits as well Michael


[AnnH] yes, it makes sense (in a broad way)


[Janet] I see how it fits me.


[Janet] Except that your description of how explosive my potential can be


[MEntity] Ann, the broader context is always helpful for then applying the more immediate uses of the information in more meaningful ways.


[Janet] But I'm working on it.


[MEntity] Janet, By "high," we would mean 65 or higher in terms of Energy Ratio, and 75 or higher in Frequency.


[Janet] Yes. I have 83 frequency and 59 creative.


[MEntity] Keep in mind that the use of the word Potential here is not meant in terms of one's expectations of the self.


[Janet] Agreed.


[MEntity] It is in terms of accessing vitality.


[MEntity] What you do with that is up to you. And that is where Choice comes into play.


[GeraldineB] it doesn't help that one of the euphemisms for being "very energetic and healthy" is vitality in much of our advertising


[GeraldineB] and I get a much more neutral feeling about it from you, MIchael


[MEntity] Yes. That would be correct. Vitality is as calm or as "energetic" as one sees fit. A person in quiet meditation, or enjoying a day resting on the beach, or watching children play, or reading a book is just as easily accessing their vitality as one who is playing volley ball, exercising, or dancing.


[MEntity] The appearance of vitality tends to be relative to one's Centering.




[MEntity] To continue into the more immediate applications and uses of this information:


[MEntity] One: it will always be helpful to remember that the potential and vitality of Essence will be managed by Essence, whether you are Manifesting Essence, or not.


[MEntity] Two: it will always be helpful to remember that your immediate access to vitality, to the flow of energy that is your life force, regardless of circumstances, is your capacity for Choice, and the owning of that process.


[MEntity] Three: it will always be helpful to remember that you cannot destroy Energy, and that everything you consciously choose is a process of conversion of You (mass) into Experience (energy).


[MEntity] Every choice is a release of potential, a further expansion of the spring that is the force of vitality from Essence.


[MEntity] Four: the health of your bodies is affected by your choices, and is a great form of feedback for the impact of many of your choices, but your health is not always the result of your choices. Scathing is a part of the package of the Physical Plane, as is "death." No choice can keep either from happening.


[MEntity] Your choices from within any scathing, or in the face of any death, be it yours or someone else's, or loss of any sort, is what matters.


[MEntity] Access to Vitality is not altered or hindered by anything other than choice.


[MEntity] Vitality is most easily understood, in terms of accessibility and application when making choices, as Trust.


[MEntity] When you trust yourself, you are Vitality. That is why the volley of a ball, or the reading of a book, can be equal in vitality, because of the trust.


[MEntity] That is why the pain in harm, or the pleasure in healing, can both be filled with Vitality, when there is trust, a knowing.


[MEntity] Finally, to get used to the idea and practice of allowing the flow of Energy in your life, and accessing Vitality and trust in your choices, we suggest playing with each day as if it is an incarnation. You are the Essence of the day, and the day is your Personality.


[MEntity] You may not have control over the Personality/day, but the force of your choices contributing to the day, make a difference.


[MEntity] That is Vitality.


[MEntity] That is a force of life.


[MEntity] Letting yourself move that Energy in ways that are natural to you, based on your Overleaves, can help you, then, to let that vitality show up however is best, not for however it looks best.




[MEntity] We will take any questions now.


[MEntity] Or comments.


[Janet] I like the idea of treating a day as an incarnation. I'm going to try that.


[GeraldineB] Yes, I'm going to set that one up as a discussion on TLE


[Janet] Michael, this material requires reflection before I can even begin to formulate a question.


[MEntity] That is a quick path to the self-awareness for how you use the energy of your day.


[MEntity] We understand, Janet. We will, also, state that this is, as usual, only a part of what we would have to say on the subject.


[Diane_HB] I can validate a lot of it, and I think I manage my energy fairly efficiently for the most part.


[Maureen] I take it that my being revved up from 55 Frequency to 75 Frequency not "natural" for me. Am I not manifesting Essence when I am not inhabiting my natural Frequency? I guess this may apply to others as well.


[GeraldineB] wouldn't that still be a matter of conscious choice?


[MEntity] Maureen, the use of the range of Frequency is not a hindrance to the Manifestation of Essence. You could use 35 to 75.


[MEntity] Sustaining at one extreme or the other is not easy on the Personality, but it is not a factor in Manifesting Essence.


[Maureen] that's good then! 🙂


[MEntity] We will continue this discussion with our students. We will conclude here for today, then.

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