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Yesterday in a POF session I asked Michael to comment on a topic he brought up concerning Grand Cycles.   Below is the question and his response:

Do you want to comment on the other concept you introduced called Grand Cycle Ages that you said were a progression of evolution based on number of Grand Cycles?

 @ MEntity:

Grand Cycle Ages could be described as one's Cosmic Age. Each Cosmic Age is 7 Grand Cycles. We can delineate these in further exchanges with our students.

 Perhaps we can ask for more information on COSMIC AGE?    And include an inquire about other sentient species and where they are in this exploration of consciousness.




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And considering that Michael have mentioned that the average Grand Cycle count of most Essences is 3, most aren't even 1 Cosmic Age old.

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Great @Susan A Flow  !!!


In looking at that astronomers are still stunned why Galaxies arrange themselves in 49's, and Michael validated that it is so, one Cosmic Age counting from 7 Grand Cycles on would mean with Michael Math that 7x7 Grand Cycles = 49, one Greater Cadence/Block, with counting through all the Roles per Block and the Rows in a block till, and the next one etc. and in a way we would have the model of an Entity and from there to a Cadre etc. the same just on a so called bigger scale, just wonderful!!!

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