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DID YOU KNOW? The accuracy and validity of channeling depend on the channel, not on how many times you ask a question or how many different channels you ask. 




There is a common and popular theory that circulates among channels and students stating that a question can only be asked once by one person and the clearest response is to that first question. Any subsequent repeat of the question after that is met with compromise. The more the question is asked, the more the energy line to the answer is degraded. This is also said to be true for profiles/overleaves. Only the first request to the first channel by the first person is the valid set of overleaves.

As a channel of 30+ years with thousands upon thousands of pages of transcripts that are shared publicly from among hundreds and hundreds of students across thousands and thousands of sessions, I have a very hard time finding any validity in these theories. They may be true, but I am not able to make sense of it.

People ask the same questions all the time. Michael's responses are consistent. People ask for Overleaves of celebrities and historic figures all the time and at different times across different channels. Michael's responses are mostly consistent. People ask varying channels for their Overleaves. Discrepancies can usually be attributed to the channels.

I think it's unfair to blame the students for compromised responses to questions already asked by other students or to chide students for seeking valid consistency from among us channels who claim to be channeling the same source.

The idea that we lose access to accurate information if something is asked more than once is like saying the living room light will be dimmer when the next person turns on the light after you. If physical electrical wiring doesn't lose its strength for delivering electricity after one use, it seems like a catastrophic flaw in the universe to design paths of energy to information or to each other to degrade if touched more than once or used more than once.

And I also think about any valid human teacher in the educational system. Do they lose the ability to answer a question if more than one student asks that same question at different times? Do they provide a contradictory and compromised answer if the same question is asked twice at different times by the same person?

I would think that if a human teacher isn't compromised by multiple questions, why would a mid-Causal Plane teacher be incapable of answering twice or more? To my knowledge, Michael has never said this to be the case. This was a theory created by channels.

My theory is that the explanation for "the first being the most accurate" is that it helps protect us from our insecurities as channels. We don't want to be wrong or inaccurate or find that we are creating confusion with bad channeling. That concern and insecurity is fair and makes sense and helps us to do better and to be better channels.

But the truth is that we channels ARE going to be inaccurate. It's not something we can avoid. It's built into the effort. We ARE going to be inconsistent sometimes. There WILL be discrepancies and confusion.

But we learn from this and correct it as we catch it. It's going to happen because channeling is an art, not a science. We aren't providing precision surgery here that must be perfect every time, we are providing a creative process that clears a path of communication and connection that is profoundly unique and barely understood.

To shift the responsibility of clarity and correction off of us as channels and put it on the heads and hearts of students by asking them to avoid asking questions more than once or to only accept the first profile given to them doesn't feel right.

I think the questions of students SHOULD reveal the inconsistencies and inaccuracies among channels, as well as the amazing consistencies and accuracies, not in a malicious or manipulative way that is only meant to "test" us, but in an organic, patient, and kind way where we are all in on the process to help continue to refine and improve on this amazing experience we call "channeling."

As a channel, I love discovering blind spots and blocks or inconsistencies in my channeling because this helps me to overcome and transform those to improve my awareness and clarification in channeling. Sometimes it is awkward, but most of the time these discrepancies are discovered by students who are asking the right questions and paying attention and then gently, kindly, and with patience asking for clarification or correction. It's all beautiful and painless.

There used to be a practice in place among channels where Michael was asked the same question separately through various channels and then the responses were compiled and published to compare them. The consistency was beautiful and what was revealed was the differing "flavors" among the various channels, which helped students intuit where Michael's voice might be most resonant.

We channels may have different styles, methods, languaging, and flavors, but the information should be consistent. I don't feel we should be telling students to accept blindly what they have received and not to ask the same questions that others have asked or that have been asked before. This narrative may help protect channels by having an explanation on hand for inconsistencies and inaccuracies, but it is not very empowering for a student seeking the truth.


Do you think Michael's answers are immediately compromised upon being asked a question twice or more and do you think we should consider the first profile the most accurate?

Do you think that Michael would have told us not to ask questions more than once if this were the case?

How would Michael's teaching reach various students or evolve or invite validation if only one student were allowed to ask questions only once and receive responses only once?


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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Troy said:

Do you think that Michael would have told us not to ask questions more than once if this were the case?

Um there would be no one here. If you can't ask questions, wtf is the point of having a channel? 


MEntity as represented by other channels "You may say anything but don't ask me questions". (Questions are Challenging) Yes, and questions help illumination and understanding, and learning. If we couldn't ask questions I would not be here, I would have been banned asap. 


I roll my eyes at this pfaffle. I am so glad that we know better at TLE, and that we realise that channelling is an artistic collaborative work in progress between Troy, Nick S, Delphi and the person asking the channel. Half of the time The Michaels say "We didn't tell you this specific information because YOU DIDN'T ASK THE QUESTION".  Indeed. 


So ask questions and learn (because The Michaels want us to ask questions, when we ask questions, we and they learn too).

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  • TLE12

I was thinking that, regarding asking for overleaves multiple times, if the first channel is always the most accurate, doesn’t that contradict the whole concept of validation? If you don’t resonate with some of the overleaves you got, then you can never ask again? Doesn’t that also contradict the statement that the best channels are only about 85% accurate (or something like that)?

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Posted (edited)

I absolutely agree. I know that it can be awkward to feel tested. But how it is possible to learn as a channel, if it is not possible to ask repeatedly, or check some things if they don't seems accurate? I think it hits some CF:s of channel if they aren't ready for asking and questioning. I really appreciate your work, @Troy, your honesty and accuracy is high level! 

Edited: in my opinion, channeling is ART and any kind of art needs continuous practice. There is no point of being ready or done. 

Edited by Katja
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Virginal Akashic records? I wasn’t aware the patriarchy stretched all the way to the higher planes!? Well then, there go my plans for a restful Astral interval… 

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  • TLE12

So completely random coninkedink.  I was listening to the latest episode of We believe.....do you?  

The person being interviewed said she attended one of the psychic training seminars or something. And one thing they were taught there was that when you get an impression or whatever from a person, object, or whatever, that the first thing in your mind is the correct one. 

Because after that, you could get your ego involved or question it. 

I remember hearing this before so it seem to be so prevalent that it is accepted as fact. 

So, it seems likely that this might have bled into channeling. 

Also, I stated this in the facebook post on this.  I have had Michael channels literally tell me that if the question has been asked before they get nothing but static.  Which, I think says more about the channel beliefs than anything.  Which  I also think was stated in the books somewhere.  Which doesn't even get into the attitude that the books are gospel and not be questioned. 

Anyway.  Just some rambling. 

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