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I wasn't sure where to create this post, but I knew I wanted to create it for a while. Putting it under "Miscellaneous" works fine, I think.

I've done my best to collect everything on parallel branches across TLE for this grand project. It took quite some time to compile. I think it will help everyone quite a lot.
Some of the more recent parallel branches are linked to parallel lives of TLE Students. I have linked those transcripts here, as I intend to ask about how the world evolved in those parallels. However if you see a private session of yours here linked, and do not want it to be, just send me a TLE-mail requesting the removal, and I will remove it. 🙂

The way I have formatted this list is as such: The first branch towards the parallel is bolded on the left. Any additional branches towards that parallel are denoted by a +. Then there's a dash between the branch points and my description of the branch.
On the line below are links that confirm the branch, for you to read if the parallel interests you. 
For the more recent parallels in the 20th and 21st Century, progress has accelerated so much that there are multiple big events in one year, so I've looked to the best of my ability at what months of the year are relevant to the branch as well to help narrow things down. This is just to give a ballpark estimate, and if you want, you can look at what you were doing at those times and could have done/chose differently. 

The reason I have made this compilation is not just to gather all the info in one place, but also to elicit awe and maybe some inspiration regarding what you do or don't want to take from these other realities to bring into your/our own. It's also just... fun. So enjoy! 🙂

Edit: 2022/07/02 - There are some links to Fringe & Whackadoodle (F&W), a club on TLE. To view these links you must be a part of the club, and it is free. I have noted which links go to there.




   Prehistory-1 BCE...


  1. 6,000,000 BCE - KNOWLEDGE TIMELINE: Sheltered Sanctuary on Sirius and growth of Philosophical Elven Cultures.
      ~  [confirmation links: Knowledge/Elven Timeline Part 1* and Part 2* (Note: You must be part of the F&W club to see these posts.)]

    Our Caretakers negotiate to keep our species on planet Pulse (in the Sirius Star System) in a Contained Sanctuary, where we develop Elvin Bodies due to the way the system filters light, and a Philosophical Nature due to the profound sense of security. 3 Million years later though, we're forced to Relocate to Earth anyways, due to a Nuclear War caused by controversy over our presence. A wave of chaos and deep search for meaning ensues, with our people fragmented into various cultures represented by Elvin Mythology. A discovery of Bio-spiritual Technology leads to an unexpected access to other Timelines, and we make visual contact with the Norse, birthing Norse Mythology in our world. However the contact eventually fades, and we now assume roles in caring for 3 budding Sentient Species on an Eden-like Earth.


  2. 5,999,000 BCE - HEALING TIMELINE: Comfortable Sanctuary on Earth with Responsible Caretaking and Guardianship of all Earthlings.
    [confirmation links: Healing Timeline Part 1* and Part 2* (Note: You must be part of the F&W club to see these posts.)]

    Our Caretakers move to Earth to help stabilize our species, due to us almost dying out. They raise us in a Natural Sanctuary where we continue to look quite Nubian, and through numerous genetic experiments, accidentally help us develop a biology and psychology where we feel like a part of our Earth, rather than separate from it. Around 1.5 Million years ago, we expand and move beyond our Sanctuary, growing into positions as Responsible Caretakers and Guardians of all Earthlings, as well as Hosts for ET Species visiting our resource-rich planet for learning. Animals become our Spirit Guides, each person assigned their own sacred animal for bonding. However, despite our great responsibility and care for Earth, we are only now learning about the value of rest and entertainment.
  3. 3,000,000 BCE - Stable Climates and Stone Age Civilizations.
    [confirmation links: Some Non-merging Parallels and ♪ That's ancient history ♪]

    Humanity's transition to Bipedalism inspires focus on greater Stability and Security, instead of a frenzy of constant Nomadic Migration and Creative Exploitation using our hands. Because of this preference for sedentary living, we have a much lower Human footprint and Earth is much more abundant in resources, with a Stable and Calm Climate that allows us to live comfortably in Stone Age Civilizations.

    [How does it look? - This world appears to look rather Stonepunk, similar to the "Flintstones" and the film "10,000 BC".]


  4. 500,000 BCE - BEAUTY TIMELINE: Musical Creativity and Communication through Harmonious Song, Dance and Art.
    [confirmation links: Beauty Timeline Part 1* and Part 2* (Note: You must be part of the F&W club to see these posts.)]

    Humanity embraces Musical Creativity using Singing, Dancing and Art as practical forms of communication. We ban discord to preserve harmony with nature and each other, and Life on Earth becomes much like a telepathically-coordinated Musical. Even light and sound are used for organic construction and healing, and wars are fought like a "battle of bands". However, a practice of Harmonizing (Euthanizing) those unable to express in harmony by adulthood grows, until breakthroughs in Genetic Engineering discover the genes contributing to poor coordination. After eons of Harmonious Conformity, we begin moving to appreciate Self-Expression, and youth are now rising up to teach about the value of Aesthetic Relativism.


  5. 300,000 BCE - DISCIPLINE TIMELINE: Resilient Migration towards Underground and Underwater Habitation.
    [confirmation link: Discipline Timeline* (Note: You must be part of the F&W club to see this post.)]

    Humanity migrates Underground to survive intense Climate Change, where we develop resilient Tree-like armored bodies to protect us from the rough environment. We prosper and form Honeycombed Labyrinthine Cities by tapping into Steam and Electric veins throughout the Earth for power, shaping Cities around Schools of Thought inspired by the qualities of local mosses. Later we move Underwater, developing a deep and refined relationship with Cetaceans by giving food to them in exchange for their protection of our malleable Bubble-domed Biotech Cities. Unbeknownst to us, Great Apes are the dominant land Sentience, soon to discover us below, bringing promise of a budding triad of Humans, Cetaceans and Primates living and learning together.


  6. 13,000 BCE + 5000 + 260-256 + 206-202 BCE - Decentralized Networks of Electric Power, Trade and Accelerated Social Progress under the United States of Egypt.
      ~  [confirmation links: Compassion in "The United States of Egypt"New Madrid, Persia and Carthage and ♪ That's ancient history ♪]

    A great leap towards Electric Power is never disrupted by greedy sabotage around 13,000 BCE, developing into Decentralized Networks that empower citizens and communities by 5000 BCE. China and Europe remain decentralized as well, as Carthage & the Celts defeat Rome, and Qi/Zhao/Chu defeat Qin/Han. These Mercantile Aristocracies focus on securing trade networks, and without Roman and Qin/Han need for slave labor, an Early Abolition of Slavery and expanded Education Systems accelerate Social Progress. Eventually, unequal distribution of resources is abolished under a new World Leader: the United States of Egypt, but a budding Industrial Revolution threatens traditions of life and labor.


  7. 3000 BCE + 2560 - No Stonehenge or Great Pyramids: Seismic Intensification.
    [confirmation links: 20100918 Pyramids, Time Loops, & Looming Catastrophe* and 20150309 Fringe: Time Travel* (Note: You must be part of the F&W club to see these posts.)]

    Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids are never constructed by 23rd Century Time Travelers seeking to stabilize Earth's Tectonic Plates - due to their future without them, suffering from Apocalyptic Earthquakes. Without this stabilization, microquakes fester over the centuries into Cataclysmic Waves of Earthquakes from 2012 onwards, creating a self-fulfilling loop.

    [How does it look? - This world appears to currently look like the Doomsday Film "2012".]


  8. 2350 BCE - CHILD TIMELINE: Seismic New Madrid Rupture inspires deeper Reverence of Earth and Integration with Nature.
    [confirmation links: Child Timelines Part 2* (Note: You must be part of the F&W club to see this post.) and New Madrid, Persia and Carthage]

    A Catastrophic New Madrid Earthquake triggers the Ring of Fire into seismic uproar. In the aftermath, Earth heals surprisingly well from the release of toxic gasses, and Humanity is inspired towards Deep Earth Reverence and Harmonious Adaptation to Nature, such as Earthquake-proof Buildings, Integrated Urban Planning, Earth Mounds and Floating Cities on the water.
    This Timeline seems to have branched to focus on themes of: Healing our Relationship to Nature.


  9. 1200 BCE + 479 + 331 + 49 + 30 BCE + 270 CE - Social Trust & High Responsibility for Alexandrian Knowledge, Greco-Persian Healthcare and Environmental Conservation. 
      ~  [confirmation links: Origins: XXVII: Late Bronze Age Collapse, New Madrid, Persia and CarthageAlexandrian Libraries and Telepathy- with Nick Sweeney and Michael commiserates with my Inquisitive Mind] [further explorations: Jeroen's session: Library of Alexandria - Scribes translating texts and a parallel where the libraries survived]

    Heightened Social Trust and Responsibility help avert the Bronze Age Collapse, allowing the growth of language, writing, trade and alliances. Persia and/or the Alexandrian Libraries survive, integrating Persian, Greek and Egyptian cultures, while advancing Medical Knowledge and Healthcare Technology in ways that save our species from later Pandemics. Greater Balance with Nature and dramatically lower levels of Neurosis, lead Humanity to develop more Egalitarian power structures, with a preference for living in Outdoor Greek Courtyard spaces. With a Global Government and Transhumanist Ethos, we are now 700 Years Advanced, with a Genderless Society, Quantum Technologies, Lunar Settlements, and Terraforming Projects across Mars & Venus.

    [How does it look? - This world appears to currently look like Hard Science Fiction, especially the 2012 novel "2312".]


  10. 461 BCE + 421 + 356 + 338 BCE + 1045 CE + 1070 + 1100 + 1120 + 1215 + 1521 - Social Equality & Holistic Ethics under a Democratic Greece, Chinese Welfare State and Tamil India, with Crystal-powered Technology.
      ~  [confirmation links: Into the Early Modern Age!, Kurtis and I visit the Sino-Aztecs and learn about Law in SpiritHopping through parallels and finding Discrepancies and Exploring the Song Dynasty Welfare State and "Quiet Humanity" parallels with Delphi]

    Consequentialist Ethics and Social Equality are supported by a Democratic Greece united by Sparta & Athens, and a Mohist Chinese Welfare State. The Tamil Chola Empire survives and expands across the Indian Ocean & Polynesia, spreading its Art and Architecture, and meeting up with Europeans focused on trade with the Spice Isles. China and a surviving Aztec Mexico also meet and develop Crystal-powered Technology together, but use of this power for destructive purposes is soon outlawed by a Shared Spirituality based on Holistic Laws. Humanity is now fascinated by a Renaissance of discovery around the Healing and Enhancing properties of Crystals.

    [How does it look? - This world appears to currently look like the Cyberprep genres such as seen in "Bakugan" or "Overwatch".]


  11. 360 -> 350 BCE - MENTOR TIMELINE: Daoist Education Overhauls fostering Continental Schools of Study for Learning First & Sharing Knowledge.
      ~  [confirmation links: Mentor Timeline* (Note: You must be part of the F&W club to see this post.), More on Plane Blending & Alexandrian Library Burning, Kurtis's Channeling Percentages and Michael commiserates with my Inquisitive Mind]

    When the State of Qin adopts Daoism and Dao te Ching as a guiding principle for government under Duke Xiao, Humanity is inspired towards teaching about Life as a School of Studies, with a Philosophy of "Learning First'' being valued above all. Pursuits of wealth and power soon pale in comparison to the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. A 4th Century CE Silk and Water-powered Industrial Revolution emerges in China, mixed with unprecedented commitment to Global Education and Literacy, bringing Humanity 1500 years advanced. I Ching becomes a guide for understanding Genetic Codes and their influence on Human Nature, linking Science and Spirituality as one. Now each Continent stands as a Specialty Center for various studies in Meditation, Channeling, Reincarnation, Time Travel etc.

    [Note: I am going to confirm if Greece moved towards Plato's "Philosopher King" templates for government here, as I think it is very likely they did.]




   1-1400 CE...


  1. 9 or 235 CE + circa. 1980s - The Roman Empire develops into a Strict Christian Theocracy banning self-sufficiency to preserve subservience to the Church. America later takes its place as a Puritan, Evangelical State that enforces a Ban on Celebrity out of fear of threats to Religious Institutions/Values.
      ~  [confirmation link: Some Non-merging Parallels]

  2. 303 CE + 312 + 363 + 535 + 613 + 678 + 718 + 732 + 1453 + 1492 + 1629 + 1633 + 1658 - Religious Syncretism inspires Expanded Literacy & Quiet Pursuits of Knowledge.
      ~  [confirmation links: Into the Early Modern Age!, Exploring the Song Dynasty Welfare State and "Quiet Humanity" parallels with Delphi and Parallels of the 17th Century]

    Religious and cultural syncretism grows when Christianity fails to establish itself as a dominant religion, or Muslims successfully invade Gaul and Anatolia. This leaves a far more Arabic Europe intent on expanding Literacy and Studies over Wars of Conquest, so the Reconquista fails and the European Age of Exploration never happens. As such, Islam & Christianity become more philosophical and rationalist, inspired by Neoplatonic ideals of cosmological oneness. In Asia, a Cosmopolitan China integrates with Turkic & Tibetan cultures, while India embraces and unites Hindus & Muslims through a Universalist ethos, such as under Emperor Dara Shikoh. Humanity grows more quiet and introspective, and we now all gather to share our knowledge and discoveries in Egypt annually. The Sun is a source of inspiration and insight in this world, with many motifs built around its illumination of all things.

    [How does it look? - This world appears to look like many Fantasy Games visualize. One such series I can think of is "Golden Sun".]


  3. 1171 CE + 1187 + 1206 + 1215 + 1477 + 1660 + 1793-1796 - Sino-Dutch Industrial Revolution, Innovative Science & Technology and High Egalitarianism.
      ~  [confirmation links: Compassion in "The United States of Egypt"Into the Early Modern Age!♪ That's ancient history ♪An Unexpected Foray into TomorrowlandParallels of the 17th Century and Into the 18th Century]

    Genghis Khan’s Mongol Invasions fail, leaving the Song Dynasty to launch a Steel and Bronze-powered Industrial Revolution. Burgundy/Dutch and the Ancestral Pueblos survive and invest in State of the Art Innovations; all while Revolutionary Socialist ideals are established in France, boosting Social and Economic Equality. Science & Technology progress towards “Tomorrowland Aesthetics”, with the construction of Elevated, Hydrogen-fueled Public Transportation Networks, replacing ground and private transport, while bringing great well-being to life on Earth. Despite high equality, a deep divide is growing between Transhumanist Progressives and a Technophobic faction preferring to reset Humanity by sabotaging networks to prove how dependent we are on technology.

    [How does it look? - As mentioned earlier, this world appears to look exactly like the 2015 Film "Tomorrowland".]


  4. 1348 CE - Sustained Physical Isolation post-Black Death.
    [confirmation link: Some Non-merging Parallels]

    Extended Quarantine and Physical Isolation continue after the Black Death in order to help with Disease Containment and Control. This creates issues with mobility, until the Discovery of Electricity and Germ Theory in the 17th-18th Century leads to the construction of Sanitation machines, and Mobile Electronic Pods for housing and moving bodies. Consumer Electronics and Holograms become used for convenient distraction from the lack of contact, and Laboratory Reproduction grows as a viable alternative to sex, with children, mates and even workforces assigned by the state for efficient management.

    [How does it look? - This world appears to look like Science Fiction Laboratory Pods. The novel "The Naked Sun" (link to Wikipedia article), and the Pods in the 1999 film "Matrix" also seem relevant.]



   1400-1800 CE...


  1. 1405 CE + 1558 + 1586 + 1605 + 1940 May? - England/Britain falls into Division and Civil War.
    [confirmation links: Breakthroughs and Breakdowns, here and thereHopping through parallels and finding Discrepancies, 1940s Parallels] and Parallels of the 17th Century]

  2. 1415 CE + 1812 + 1848 + 1859 + circa. 1967-1969 - Full Gender Equality and Deep Ecology Awareness.
    [confirmation links: Into the Early Modern Age!Hopping through parallels and finding Discrepancies and a Session by Delphi not yet posted]

    Women progress towards Full Gender Equality through a successful Bohemian Reformation led by Jan Hus, undermining the Church. Breakthroughs to Women’s Suffrage and waves of Liberal Democracy grow, until the invention of the Hydrogen Bomb around 1890 leads to spikes in Environmental Activism and Deep Ecology Awareness. Over time, a blend of Feminism, Environmentalism and Civil Rights helps birth more Holistic, Ecofeminist societies.

    [How does it look? - This world appears to look like that which is depicted in Ecofeminist genres such as the 1975 novel "Ecotopia".]


  3. 1433 CE + 1504 - Chinese Economic Freedom & Clockpunk Industrial Revolution advance Robotics & Resource Distribution.
    [confirmation links: Into the Early Modern Age! and Hopping through parallels and finding Discrepancies]

    Support for Open Economy in Ming China and Clockwork Technology in Renaissance Europe, ignites a Clockpunk Industrial Revolution. Advances in Military Engineering, Propulsion and Robotics give way to high-tech such as Cold Fusion, Mecha and Laser Weaponry. Eventually, funding for Military progress erodes, with a shift to Mature Soul Paradigm around 1880 and ET Contact in the 1920s helping us colonize the Moon. We grow inspired to invest all of our resources into Healthcare, Education, Ecology Preservation and Space Travel instead. We now live in a Bio-Nanotech powered Post-scarcity Economy, with all Debt/Credit-based systems dying off by 2040.

    [How does it look? - This world appears to look like Nano Punk genres, such as the novel "The Diamond Age".]


  4. 1481 CE + 1593 + 1645 + 1735 + 1744 + 1759 - Ottoman Expansion lead to an Easternized World with Chinese Communitarian values.
      ~  [confirmation links: Hopping through parallels and finding DiscrepanciesParallels of the 17th Century and Into the 18th Century] [further reading: What is Communitarianism?]

    The Ottoman Empire expands into Europe, while China becomes split between the Qing & Shun Dynasties, and the Indian Kingdoms resist European Colonization. Conflict between these states eventually wanes, as focus turns to the Integration of their diverse and eclectic cultures, and Europe adopts the values and aesthetics of Asia. This results in a more Communitarian, Easternized World. Currently, we are opening up to the value of the individual within the community, and away from simple conformity, improving collective vitality.

  5. 1502 CE - Catherine of Aragon and Prince Arthur have a child, keeping a Catholic England. Somehow, this leads to Nuclear Holocaust, with dire recovery efforts helped by our Caretakers and several Infinite Soul Manifestations.
    [confirmation link: Hopping through parallels and finding Discrepancies]

  6. 1608-1609 CE - The Telescope is never invented: Humanity focuses on Simple Living and Local Resonance with our Physical Bodies, Environment and Earth as a whole.
    [confirmation link: Into the Early Modern Age!]

  7. 1665 CE - Breakthrough Revelations of Microbiology lead to rapid investments into Advancing Biosciences and Genetic Engineering.
    [confirmation links: Into the Early Modern Age!, Kurtis and I visit the Sino-Aztecs and learn about Law in Spirit and Parallels of the 17th Century]

  8. 1704 CE + 1789 - France falls into Division and Civil War. This perhaps leads to a failed European Union?
    [confirmation link: Into the 18th Century]

  9. 1728-1729 CE - Unknown branch related to events in North America. Probably related to the Natchez Revolt.
    [confirmation link: Into the 18th Century]

  10. 1775-1781 CE - CHILD TIMELINE: Trans-Atlantic Pandemic setbacks Industrial Revolution into Renewed Age of Sail.
    [confirmation link: Child Timelines Part 2* (Note: You must be part of the F&W club to see this post.)]

    A Trans-Atlantic Pandemic is born from a deadly mix of European Smallpox and Indigenous Diseases, causing the cultural fragmentation of Human Civilization. The Industrial Revolution completely halts, while focus turns to a much longer struggle against Despotic Government. Rogue trade networks pervade the world, replete with rampant piracy in a renewed, dangerous and adventurous Age of Sail.
    This Timeline seems to have branched to focus on themes of: Plundering & Alienation caused by Colonialism.

    [How does it look? - This Timeline looks like Ocean Punk genres similar to "Pirates of the Caribbean" or the 1995 film "Waterworld".]


  11. 1781 CE - Tupac Amaru II's rebellion succeeds, reinstating Inca Government. Peru becomes a Major World Power with greater Indigenous Integration.
    [confirmation link: Into the 18th Century]




   1800-1900 CE...


  1. 1839 CEAdvanced Photography & Steam-powered Computers develop towards Cybernetic AR & VR Networks.
      ~  [confirmation links: 20130930 Non-Merging Parallels and Sessions on Bundles & Non-merging Parallels]

    Charles Babbage & Ada Lovelace's Analytical Engine is mass-produced, while Photography advances rapidly, igniting a Victorian Steampunk era. Around 1900, China and Japan both westernize, while breakthroughs shift towards cheap, portable electric power. Augmented & Virtual Reality gear emerge by 1930, fueling an Anarcho-Capitalist Cyberpunk Dystopia by the 60s that debilitates Humanity. When Global VR Networks are released in the 80s though, the mix of Virtual Community-building and Reduced Emissions from Global VR Use, rapidly improves Collective Well-being & Environmental Security. A Post-Cyberpunk Imagination Age dawns in the 21st Century, as we move towards ending Virtual Wars and capitalism for good.

    [How does it look? - After moving through Steampunk and Cyberpunk Eras, this world appears to look like Post-Cyberpunk genres, such as in "Sword Art Online" and "Ready Player One".]


  2. 1898 CE - United States annexes and integrates Cuba.
    [confirmation link: Into the Early Modern Age!]




   1900-1939 CE...


  1. 1905 June CE + 1907 October-1908 October - Adolf Hitler is accepted into Art School: Humanity focuses on Fine Arts and Leisure, with less interest in Sports and Heavy Labor.
      ~  [confirmation link: Hopping through parallels and finding Discrepancies]

  2. 1928 December-1930 March -> 1932 CE - Great Depression is averted by Economic Responsibility: growth of Prosperous "Decopunk" Aesthetics.
    [confirmation link: The Great Depression and a World of Abundance]

    No Great Depression ever occurs due to massive Responsible Spending campaigns and the early death of Herbert Hoover. Economic recalibrations under President Charles Curtis, and surviving Roaring 20s cultures, including Art Deco architecture, facilitate a long boom towards Decopunk Aesthetics representing a shared sense of Prosperity for all. This leads to an unprecedented Redistribution of Wealth and Income by the 21st Century.

    [How does it look? - This world appears to be an extension of Art Deco. It has moved towards Decopunk aesthetics, with music similar to "Electro Swing".]


  3. 1936 March-1938 September-1939 September CE - Adolf Hitler is removed from Power by Britain and France: World Peace grows, with focus on "Cottagecore" Pleasurable Arts.
    [confirmation links: Sessions on Bundles & Non-merging Parallels and Parallels of Horror and Pleasure- Fuck Hitler]

    Adolf Hitler is removed from power by Britain & France, and the resulting calm and elegant management of affairs fosters paths towards Conflict Resolution and World Peace. All Allied Powers become world powers. While science, technology and medicine slow drastically, a Cottagecore aesthetic grows, as focus turns to Welfare States exchanging income for Pleasurable Arts and Services.

    [This world appears to be an extension of the Arts & Crafts Movement. It has moved towards Cottagecore aesthetics, like in "Kiki's Delivery Service".]


  4. 1939 September -> 1942 CE - COMPASSION TIMELINE: Adolf Hitler's Invasion of Poland is resisted by Germans: Conscientious Resource-based Economy with ET Contact and Integration.
    [confirmation links: Compassion Timeline* (Note: You must be part of the F&W club to see this post.) and Tesla's Breakthrough and Move Away from Combustion Energy]

    German Army Men speak out with Nonviolent Resistance against Adolf Hitler's Invasion of Poland, collapsing his army from inside-out. This triggers waves of inspiration and a Global Revolution of Conscience to end all war, oppression and inequality to everyone everywhere. Free Wireless Electricity is released to all in 1940, and the resulting stability allows Nikola Tesla to make breakthroughs towards non-combustive and non-polluting power in 1942, which invites careful ET Contact over 1947-55. As religions are stripped of dogma, and Human population levels are stabilized, a Resource-based Economy emerges in the 60s and 70s, wherein Humanity celebrates pleasure as a right to existence and integrates with the Galactic Ecosystem.

    [How does it look? - This Timeline appears to look much like the Resource-based Economy portrayed by Jacques Fresco’s “Venus Project” 




   1940-1949 CE...


  1. 1938 December -> 1940 CE - During the filming of the "Burning of Atlanta" scene during the production of "Gone with the Wind", a Devastating Fire kills 100s on set. This sparks more Responsible Film-making efforts, and shifts in the Pool of Celebrities.
      ~  [confirmation link: 1940s Parallels] [further reading: Famous scene from Gone with the Wind filmed]

  2. 1938 -> 1940 CE - The Electron Microscope isn't produced by Ernst Ruska & Manfred von Ardenne, leaving a 50 Year Delay in Science/Technology. After a long lived period stuck in 1940-50s culture, this world likely looks much like 1970s style "Formicapunk/Cassette Futurism" now.
      ~  [confirmation link: 1940s Parallels]

  3. 1940 March + 1944 June CE - Soviet Russia captures and integrates Finland in the Winter/Continuation War, throwing Scandinavia into great Uncertainty, and preventing the Rise of Nordic Democracy.
      ~  [confirmation link: 1940s Parallels]

  4. 1940 April CE - Construction of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp is hindered, preventing the Holocaust.
      ~  [confirmation link: 1940s Parallels]

  5. 1940 May CE - France defeats Germany in the Battle of France, preventing the Battle of Dunkirk. The USA never arises as a Superpower, as France & Britain likely retain their Empires and Decolonization comes much Slower due to their Strong Military Power.
      ~  [confirmation link: 1940s Parallels]

  6. 1940 May-September CE + 1941 December - Britain surrenders to Germany and comes under German Rule, before and without US Intervention in WWII. The Axis Powers Japan and Germany rule the world.
      ~  [confirmation link: 1940s Parallels]

  7. 1943 December CE + 1944 July -> 1945 April - Franklin Roosevelt is Assassinated, leading to US President Henry Wallace, whom focuses on vigilant assessments of domestic threats to American democracy, conciliatory peacemaking with Soviet Russia, and attempts at social harmony.
      ~  [confirmation link: 1940s Parallels]

  8. 1944 December-1945 January CE + 1948 May-August - Greece goes Communist and is Partitioned by Soviets and Americans, escalating Cold War Tensions.
      ~  [confirmation link: 1940s Parallels]

  9. 1945 August CE - US refrains from Nuking Japan, so the realizations on threat of Nuclear Power dawn slowly, but the War with Japan likely continues several more months through a Land Invasion.
      ~  [confirmation link: 1940s Parallels]

  10. 1945 August CE - Japan refuses to Surrender in WWII, leading to a brutal US Invasion by Land in "Operation Downfall". Japan becomes partitioned in the Cold War and Korea likely replaces it as a Major Economic Power.
      ~  [confirmation link: 1940s Parallels]

  11. 1946 July-November -> 1960s CE - Orson Welles pursues Politics by winning Wisconsin's Senate against Joseph McCarthy, then becoming President in the 60s and working closely with MLK until both are assassinated. America plummets into a Deep Depression from this and never rises.
      ~  [confirmation link: Cost of Inequality & Need for Environmental Sustainability]

  12. 1947 July-1948 June CE - Russia is incorporated into the Marshall Plan and NATO, mitigating the Cold War greatly, as stronger UN Peacekeeping efforts help steady other Geopolitical Struggles.
      ~  [confirmation link: 1940s Parallels]




   1950-1959 CE...






   1960-1969 CE...


  1. 1963 November CE - John F. Kennedy isn't Assassinated, and he goes on to Decriminalize Cannabis, improving Medical Technology and Race Relations by greatly reducing the Prison-Industrial Complex.
    [confirmation links: John F. Kennedy Assassination and Cost of Inequality & Need for Environmental Sustainability]

  2. circa. 1963-1964 CE - An unknown branch where Janet E's parents made an Unexpected Relocation and Janet died early in life. I think on a world scale, it may be related to different events after JFK's Assassination, such as a surprising death of Lyndon B. Johnson, which almost happened.
    [confirmation link: Janet E's session: Exploration of parallels.]

  3. 1968 November CE - Hubert Humphrey is elected instead of Richard Nixon, attempting an Early Withdrawal from Vietnam and pushes for Unification against the Social Divisions in America.
    [confirmation link: Cost of Inequality & Need for Environmental Sustainability]

  4. 1969 July-1970 April CE - Space Race escalates after US or USSR's Lunar Landing, inspiring more "Atompunk" Aesthetics and an Expansion of Life towards our Moon and Mars.
    [confirmation link: Michael Speaks: January 26 2020]

  5. 1969 March-August-1970 May CE - ENLIGHTENMENT TIMELINE: Global Wars trigger the 60s Counterculture to form Back-to-Nature Communities for Peace and Harmony.
    [confirmation link: Enlightenment Timeline* (Note: You must be part of the F&W Club to see this post.)]

    The Sino-Soviet Border Crisis, Woodstock Festival or Kent State Shootings break into a devastating Total War, causing Famine and Disease to escalate. Off the back of experiments with Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll and Social Liberation, this finally provokes the 60s Counterculture to divest from Mainstream Materialistic society out of utter disillusionment. They coordinate to gather resources and funds to form Enlightened Communities for Peace & Harmony in Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii and India. In the aftermath of the great waves of war, what’s left of Humanity commits to Cleaning up the Earth and returning back-to-nature, with little contact remaining between the four hubs.




   1970-1979 CE...


  1. circa. 1970s CE - An unknown branch where the 70s Michael Group formed a commune in New Mexico, California or Texas. No clue what kind of world this exists within.
      ~  [confirmation link: Does Michael teach parallel versions of their students?]

  2. 1972-1973 CE - An unknown branch, where Janet E's life moved towards themes of "Protecting Underdogs", and the world seems to have an expanded awareness of marginalized people. My research indicates this could most likely line up with a reality where Watergate never happened, and Richard Nixon pursued his plans for Healthcare Reform.
    [confirmation links: Janet E's session: Parallels. And death. and Janet E's session: Exploration of parallels.]

  3. circa. mid 1970s CE - Unknown branch confirmed in a transcript from Janet E, where she got hired in a publishing agency, then pursued careers in fact checking for reliable information. My research indicates this could line up with a parallel where Gerald Ford was re-elected due to the public aligning with his aim to reinstate American virtues?
    [confirmation link: Janet E's session: Parallels. And death.]




   1980-1989 CE...


  1. 1980 April-October CE + 2000 November-December - US Presidents such as Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale or Al Gore focus the US on Binding Emissions Reductions and Social and Environmental Security. This is a stable world with great abundance of resources and renewable energy, and Climate Change is quite calm there. We may merge into these parallels if we implement transformative policies for Climate Action.
      ~  [confirmation links: Cost of Inequality & Need for Environmental Sustainability and Closing the gap to our Sustainable Future]

  2. 1981 April CE + 1992 June-August - Ronald Reagan is Assassinated and/or George Bush Sr. becomes 2x US President, due to the public's desire for more Moderation and Reliability, over the break from stagnation and promise of novelty offered by Bill Clinton. I think it is likely that a more Bureaucratic Internet exists in this world, due to Bush Sr's bureaucratic tendencies; and that Sony stuck to Electronics Production, giving up Video Gaming to the already well-established Nintendo.
      ~  [confirmation links: Sessions on Bundles & Non-merging Parallels and Martha's session: Tracing Parallel Branching and Martha's session: More on my 1992 and 1994 Parallel Major Branching]

  3. circa. 1980s CE - Unknown branch related to Martha becoming disabled in a car crash. No clue where this one would be, but my best guess is a world where the 1987 Black Monday recession crashed into a Global Depression.
      ~  [confirmation link: Martha's session: How Decisions become Choices, and more on my Divergences in 90s]

  4. circa. 1980s CE - Unknown branch related to Janet E getting into a sever accident, falling into addiction to pain meds and struggling with independence issues. This could be the same parallel as above, due to similar themes?
      ~  [confirmation link: Janet E's Transcript: Parallels. And death.]

  5. 1986 CE - Unknown branch where Martha died after a breakup due to accidents or illness. No clue what would've happened in the world here.
      ~  [confirmation link: Martha's session: Tracing Parallel Branching]

  6. 1983 November -> 1987 CE - CHILD TIMELINE: Miscommunications trigger Nuclear War, forcing Recovery of Power Sources, Communications and International Relations.
      ~  [confirmation links: 20001207 Michael Speaks: Reality Shifts, Michael Speaks - August 23, 2014 - How Reincarnation works, Part IIAsk Michael: September 7, 2014Child Timelines Part 1* (Note: You must be part of the F&W Club to see this post.), Some Dark Parallels and a Task Companion and Let's have War, Anyways]

    A devastating nuclear war is caused by misinformation over the West’s nuclear simulation program at Able Archer, causing Russia to panic fearfully and launch its nukes. Missile attacks decimate Russia and the US, with fallout affecting the rest of the planet. Australia (which is relatively unaffected) becomes a refuge for Asia; South America for Europe, North America and Africa; and Alaska for the West Coast. The world descends into “Mad Max” conflicts, with focus on Recovering Power Sources, and later Communication Networks starting around 2000. By 2015, power and communication networks are secure as emphasis shifts to Recovering International Relations. Migration back to homelands continues, and life is very much a farming and village-based culture, but with anti-radiation treatments available to all, and a world economy based mostly on barter.
    This Timeline seems to have branched to focus on themes of: Morbid Curiosity about Nuclear Fallout.


  7. 1989 November - The Fall of the Berlin Wall is delayed due to heavy crackdowns, further Delaying the End of Cold War. My research indicates the World Wide Web is probably also delayed here, as it was released at this time. Internet remains in the hands of Military & University use rather than the public sphere, resulting in a less Connected World.
      ~  [confirmation link: Sessions on Bundles & Non-merging Parallels]




   1990-1999 CE...


  1. 1990 August-December CE - A parallel where technology is a bit more advanced towards the Internet of Things, and people use Eye Contacts to exchange Digital Currency. Elon Musk pursued Music Collaboration instead of space exploration, developing a neural technology that can read brain waves to transfer music. My research indicates this is a parallel where cooperation averted the Gulf War; where Project Xanadu & World Wide Web joined forces to form a shared Net with built-in Microtransactions, rather than the use of Ads; and where Nintendo and Sony's Partnership continued to create the Nintendo PlayStation, advancing CGI and mitigating the "Console Wars". All of this would build Public Trust in Digital Currency.
    [confirmation links: Maureen's session: Dream: Leaf of Light Tree, Diane HB's session: Tex's Parallels and Love Timeline here we come!]

  2. 1991 February CE - Saddam Hussein is Assassinated during the Gulf War, sparking an Iraqi Civil War that Syria and Iran take advantage of, and escalated controversy over US Intervention.
    [confirmation link: Sessions on Bundles & Non-merging Parallels]

  3. circa. 1992 CE - An unknown branch from around this time, where Daniela pursued activism in education reforms. My research indicates this is most likely a parallel where Pat Buchanan's concern over "Culture Wars" actually escalated.
    [confirmation link: Daniela's session: Personality planning and why so many Michael students are white]

  4. 1994 October CE - A branch where Martha experienced a shocking death of a family member and relocated to care for their children. My research indicates this is a time frame where Bill Clinton was almost Assassinated, and if he was, Al Gore would've taken the mantle in expanding Social Care and Social Healing.
    [confirmation links: Martha's session: Tracing Parallel Branching and Martha's session: More on my 1992 and 1994 Parallel Major Branching]

  5. 1996 CE - An unknown branch where Martha never had or lost her child and pursued Film fully, working with David Lynch apparently. Not sure what would have happened in the world here, but I've found four possible branches from 1996, related to the Taliban failing to invade Afghanistan; Nintendo's advanced graphics portable console "Project Atlantis" being produced; Apple Inc. being bought by another company before it goes bankrupt; or Bill Clinton being Assassinated. Thematically, I think the third example may be most relevant. We shall see.
    [confirmation link: Martha's session: My Parallel ProfessionsMartha's session: Parallels and Parenting and Martha's session: How Decisions become Choices, and more on my Divergences in 90s]

  6. circa. 1999-2000 CE - A branch where a Pandemic appears to have broken out and killed a large percent of the Human Population. My research indicates this is most likely a parallel where the Avian Flu became a pandemic.
    [confirmation link: Brian W's session: Past, Present and Future]




   2000-2009 CE...


  1. 2001 April-August CE - Fearing or before the 9/11 Attacks, the US Government accidentally triggers the detonation of a building in Lower Manhattan housing state secrets, resulting in a Shocking Revelation of State-Secret Building Deconstruction Design that triggers a dramatic Turn against the Government.
      ~  [confirmation links: Diane HB's session: Evidence of Cold Fusion on 9/11 and Some Dark Parallels and a Task Companion]

  2. 2001 September-November CE - Branch where the 9/11 Attacks and public response were much, much worse.
      ~  [confirmation link: 20011115 Michael Speaks] [Infinite Soul almost manifested in 2001 due to this: Michael Speaks: 2017-06-24]

  3. 2003 March-April CE + 2008 June-July - It's been vaguely confirmed as a High Probability that a parallel would branch where George Bush Jr was removed from office. These are the closest times that almost happened.
      ~  [confirmation link: Michael Speaks: November 4 2004]

  4. 2004 February-November CE - It's been vaguely confirmed that a parallel branched where George Bush Jr lost the election. Hurricane Katrina did not happen there.
      ~  [confirmation link: Michael Speaks: October 2005]

  5. 2005 May CE - It's been vaguely confirmed as a High Probability that a parallel would branch where George Bush Jr was assassinated. This is the closest time that almost happened.
      ~  [confirmation link: Michael Speaks: November 4 2004]

  6. 2006 June-December CE + 2010 June-December - A branch where I (Kurtis) broke into a rage that caused my friendships to split apart, and have worked on healing through building relations differently, and where Ty transitioned gender early with a surprise awareness of available resources. My research indicates this is a reality where outrage over the Wikileaks Somali Assassination Order, US Diplomatic Cables Leak and BP Oil Spill grew tremendously, and failed Terrorist Attacks succeeded (ie. 2006 Ontario Terrorism Plot, 2006 Transatlantic Aircraft Plot, 2010 Operation Guava). These parallels are set for convergence into us by 2025 CE.
      ~  [confirmation links: some Private sessions of mine, posted on my Club] [further readings: Wikileaks History]

  7. 2007 April CE - Unknown branch where Troy died from pneumonia. TLE would never have been founded. Not sure what would've happened here.
      ~  [confirmation link: 30 Things about Troy]

  8. 2007 April CE - Unknown branch where it appears many current TLE students found TLE early, but only use it off and on, rather than constantly as we do here. My research indicates this is most likely a reality where the iPhone failed, as people would have preferred using Technology off and on, or as necessary, rather than constantly and invasively.
      ~  [confirmation links: Bogi's session: Parallels and some Private sessions of mine, posted on my Club]

  9. 2008 August-December CE - US President Barack Obama is Assassinated by Neo-Nazi White Supremacists, plummeting America into Collapse as Russia exploits their Decline to Rise in Power.
      ~  [confirmation link: Some Dark Parallels and a Task Companion]




   2010-2019 CE...


  1. 2011 August CE + 2013 January-October -> 2015 - The US Debt Ceiling Crisis leads to a Global Economic Crash, forcing confrontations with Humanity's debts. We descend into a Self-destructive Shutdown.
      ~  [confirmation links: July & August 2011 Energy Report, January 2013 Energy Report and October 2013 Energy Report] [further readings: 2011 Debt Ceiling Crisis and 2013 Debt Ceiling Crisis]

  2. 2011 September-October -> 2012 CE - Arab Spring and Occupy continue to grow, due to a Determined Motivation for Systemic Change and commitment to Problem-solving through Active Listening, Education & Collaborative Learning.
      ~  [confirmation link: October 2011 Energy Report]

  3. 2012 February-November CE - Branch where Barack Obama wasn't re-elected. The Affordable Care Act, aka. "Obamacare" was likely repealed here.
      ~  [confirmation links: October 2012 Energy Report and November 2012 Energy Report]

  4. 2012 December CE - End of World Campaigns discredit Established Scientific knowledge and Spread Misinformation, escalating Mass Confusion and ramping up Climate Change.
      ~  [confirmation links: December 2012 Energy Report and Sessions on Bundles & Non-merging Parallels] [Infinite Soul almost manifested in 2012 due to this: Tristan's session: Infinite Soul update and Michael Speaks: 2017-06-24]

  5. 2015 June - Humanity moved towards greater warring, oppression and division. I think this is related to a War with ISIS and worse Migration Crises at the time.
      ~  [confirmation links: June 2015 Energy Report and July 2015 Energy Report]

  6. 2015 June - A big earthquake broke out of the Cascadia or New Madrid fault lines, bringing a surprising shock to the Americas.
      ~  [confirmation links: June 2015 Energy Report and June 2015 Ask Michael]

  7. 2013 January-2015 November CE - I (Kurtis) develop 3D Models of the Overleaves with Ty, inspiring TLE to invest in 3D Graphics modeling. Humanity emphasizes a deep fascination with Creative Thinking and finding Beautiful Patterns of Synchronicity, expressed through New Waves of TV, Film, Game and AR/VR Media. We move towards embracing Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality Networks to share our stories and ideas.
      ~  [confirmation links: November 2015 Energy ReportMaking a Difference with Critical Mass Theory and Breakthroughs and Breakdowns, here and there]

  8. 2013 January-October -> 2015 CE - Unknown branch where I (Kurtis) got into a Car Crash that killed a family member, leading me to shutdown until I chose  to open up to a Schoolmate in 2015 and moved in with him. My research indicates this lines up with a parallel where the US Debt Ceiling Crisis caused a Global Economic Crash, but then focus might have turned to Debt Relief/Forgiveness, rather than Total Shutdown.
      ~  [confirmation links: January 2013 Energy Report, October 2013 Energy Report and some Private sessions posted on my club, but referenced in Making a Difference with Critical Mass Theory]

  9. 2013 January-2015 November-December CE - Escalated Climate Change during the Paris Agreements inspires a Global Commitment to Climate Change Solutions, with everyone on board for discovering, sharing and applying Solutions.
      ~  [confirmation links: some Private sessions in my club, referenced in Closing the gap to our Sustainable Future]

  10. 2015 December CE - Humanity focuses on dread over Growing Mass Shootings, Terrorist Attacks and Suicide Rates, with Major Injuries forcing emphasis on struggles with recovery across the population.
      ~  [confirmation links: December 2015 Energy Report and some Private sessions in my club]

  11. 2016 February CE - Donald Trump isn't elected, but Business Continues as Usual under a different Republican President. Humanity doesn't go anywhere with Climate Action or Social Equality, lingering in anxiety, apathy and paralysis.
      ~  [confirmation link: February 2016 Energy Report]

  12. 2016 February-November CE - Donald Trump isn't elected, with Reactionaries soothed by effective Socioeconomic Reforms implemented under US President Biden/Clinton/Sanders. Humanity embraces paths of Peaceful Humanitarianism.
      ~  [confirmation links: February 2016 Energy Report, October 22, 2016 - Michael Speaks and Sessions on Bundles & Non-merging Parallels]

  13. 2016 July-November CE + 2020 May-November - US Democratic Transfer of Power is halted by Insurrectionists igniting American Civil War 2.0, due to Assassinations or controversial Election Results that are fully denied. Russia and China rise to power as America declines.
      ~  [confirmation links: Michael Speaks: January 23, 2016Michael Speaks: March 3, 2016July 2016 Energy Report, October 22, 2016 - Michael SpeaksNovember 2016 Energy Report and November 2020 Energy Report]

  14. 2017 April-September CE - Highly potential branch where Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un broke into rage and triggered Korean War 2.0, waged with Paralyzing Bio-chemical and Nuclear Weapons. Humanity is forced to manage the Radiation and rebuild International Peace Relations.
      ~  [confirmation links: April 2017 Energy ReportMembership Gratitude Event: April 12 2017 and September 2017 Energy Report] [further readings: 2017-2018 North Korea Crisis and North Korea Crisis]

  15. 2017 October-2018 July CE - Highly potential branch where Vladimir Putin launched Russian Cyberattacks on the American Power Grid, forcing Long-term Power Outages and Government Shutdowns in the US and Canada.
      ~  [confirmation links: April 2017 Energy ReportMembership Gratitude Event: April 12 2017, October 2017 Energy Report and July 2018 Energy Report] [further reading: Feds: Russian Hackers are attacking US Power Plants and Russians hacked into America's Power Grid. Here's why securing it is hard.]

  16. 2018 November CE - Republicans win the US Midterms, preventing Democratic Checks & Balances on Donald Trump's power. US becomes a Russian Puppet State, triggering a Global Descent and resignation into Authoritarian Dystopia.
      ~  [confirmation links: November 2018 Energy Report and Janet's session: Parallels, or what just happened?]

  17. 2019 September-November CE - Humanity commits to a passionate dive into Advocacy for Sociopolitical Change, pushing Institutions and Political Systems to embrace Science & Math rather than deny Truths and fuel Disinformation Crises. Covid-19 never breaks out, due to a shift into emphasis on Critical Thinking and Openness to Education.
      ~  [confirmation links: September 2019 Energy Report, October 2019 Energy Report, November 2019 Energy ReportMaking a Difference with Critical Mass Theory and Breakthroughs and Breakdowns, here and there]

  18. 2019 September-December CE - A branch where Infinite Soul manifested, due to a collapse into Wounding, Self-Destruction and Self-Denial. Donald Trump probably wasn't impeached here.
      ~  [confirmation links: September 2019 Energy Report, October 2019 Energy Report, November 2019 Energy ReportDecember 2019 Energy Report]




   2020-2029 CE...


  1. 2020 February - Infinite Soul manifested. The most likely event I can think of here, is Donald Trump launching his War with Iran after the Assassination of General Soleimani.
      ~  [confirmation links: Probabilities of War with Iran (as of 1/7/2020)February 2020 Energy Report and Sessions on Bundles & Non-merging Parallels]

  2. 2020 November CE - Infinite Soul did not move towards Manifestation. It is comparatively more peaceful there, with Climate Change much calmer, and Humanity fueling our own shift towards better information and resource management.
      ~  [confirmation links: November 2020 Energy Report and Becca's session: What Essence likes about me, and a little bit about the Divergence]

  3. 2020 November CE - Donald Trump is re-elected, due to complacency and defeatism among Progressives.
      ~  [confirmation link: November 2020 Energy Report]

  4. 2020 November-2021 October-2022 January CE - A branch where Humanity is focused on Healing Ancient Wounds and Deep Trauma, with all institutions and systems supporting this. Unconfirmed, but given the time frame, I think this is a reality where there was a Deadly Mutation of Covid-19 triggering Catastrophic waves of Collapse, great disruption to Global Economy and Internet Lines, and Long-term Shutdown.
      ~  [confirmation links: More on the Pandemic - 3/17/2020Michael Speaks: March 21 2020, November 2020 Energy Report, October 2021 Energy Report, January 2022 Energy ReportMaking a Difference with Critical Mass Theory and Breakthroughs and Breakdowns, here and there]

  5. 2022 CE - Our branch, with Vladimir Putin's Invasion of Ukraine.
  6. 2022 CE - A branch where Putin's Invasion of Ukraine didn't happen?


Edited by KurtisM
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The topic links related to overviews of the different Timelines (Knowledge/Elven timeline, for example) appear to be broken, at least on my end.

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3 minutes ago, Sam K said:

The topic links related to overviews of the different Timelines (Knowledge/Elven timeline, for example) appear to be broken, at least on my end.

That is weird. They work for me on my account. But when I went on incognito and brought up this page to click the links, you are right, it says the topic does not exist.

It may be because the club they are on is closed, aka. members-only?


Hm... I'll edit and add a caution on those links later.

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  • TeamTLE
2 hours ago, Sam K said:

The topic links related to overviews of the different Timelines (Knowledge/Elven timeline, for example) appear to be broken, at least on my end.


Several are linking to the Fringe and Whackadoodle club which you have to join so if you haven't, you can request that and once approved you should be able to see those I believe.  It doesn't cost to join.  You just have to request it.

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On 6/26/2022 at 8:04 AM, Bobby said:


Several are linking to the Fringe and Whackadoodle club which you have to join so if you haven't, you can request that and once approved you should be able to see those I believe.  It doesn't cost to join.  You just have to request it.

Hi Bobby, may I request this please?



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I have edited this transcript with information on which links go to F&W transcripts. I hope this helps! Thanks for pointing it out @Sam K and @Bobby.

I have also added fuller descriptions for some of the parallels above that we know a lot of information on, including the Timelines.
Information from three other sessions, two of which are new, are now added as well. 

Also, big shoutout to @Delphi and @Tyrone for helping me discover and explore these parallels. As well as Nick Sweeney and Troy, of course. ☺️

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I have added the information from "Into the 18th Century" to the list above.
I have also added more new descriptions for some of the older branches, as well as formatted the spacing a bit. I have also gotten rid of the quote tabs as I found them annoying haha.

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