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The 7 Goals


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People have requested me to bring back my descriptions of the Overleaves in the last 3ish years. Whenever someone brought up how they helped them, I shed a tear inside because I like that stuff I write can help.
It's a bit sensitive for me to repost them publicly, but I am pretty done living in any sort of fear as a default, so I'm gonna bring them back. 🙂

These descriptions are my own summaries of all compiled information on the Goals.
The Goal is basically that part of you that you seek to work on, work towards, and it influences what you take from your life experiences. It is not something you are by default. So if you have a Goal of Flow, for instance, you are working on "going with the flow", and that is what you came here to experience. Having the Goal of Flow means you tend to be rather rigid, stuck, anxious and with some amount of control issues, and you are learning to surrender and flow. 
Each Goal can be reduced to a verb, as it is an action-based overleaf: To Re-evaluate. To Grow. To Discriminate. To Accept. To Submit (do what you're needed to do, where it's needed). To Dominate (take charge). To Flow. So just keep that in mind as you read.




(Note: Many of the transcripts I used for this summary were posted by a TLE Member that left and has deleted all their blogs since, so I have no way of linking those.)

The Goal of RE-EVALUATION is the challenge of learning how to focus, process and work on only 1 or 2 Clearly Defined things, states or areas in life, rather than engage yourself with many distracting experiences.

As such, those with this Goal may be more easily affected by the stress of natural environmental factors that are or feel restricting, or by low comprehension levels or developmental delays that bring about a greater necessity for breaking things down to simplicity over building them up into complexity.

Re-Evaluation often lives with one foot in another world and is never entirely present in the moment, but rather lives life in a sort of high-functioning daydream state where time flows extremely fast or slow: out of sync with "real-world" events. This is due to how Re-Evaluation intently processes that busy emotional world we all have.


The Negative Pole of Re-Evaluation is WITHDRAWAL.

The Positive Pole of Re-Evaluation is SIMPLICITY.


-Withdrawal settles in when you oversimplify your focus or activity to the point that you retreat from your life force and no longer feel alive. This then takes you out of your life so that everything just collapses, reduces and falls away until you feel comfortable enough to return to it again.

Withdrawal is always prompted by a sense of LONELINESS, as you suddenly feel cut off from everything else in your life, living in a state of extreme isolation, or even with mental, emotional or physical illnesses or impairments that naturally, severely restrict your movement, environment and focus. Over time this shifts towards an extreme sense of REPELLING, as you internalize your loneliness and thus reactively draw away from other people and experiences to protect yourself, or find others reactively avoid you. (Reference: 7 Stages of Re-Evaluation)

These states will keep cycling until you seek out and create something new that can evolve you out of the Withdrawal.




When you fall into -Withdrawal, you also automatically begin to feel -Confused by anything new in life. All the various potential paths of meaning and experience beyond what you know and find comfortable are resisted and distanced, because you are confused.

To move into the Positive Pole of +Simplicity, you must +Evolve, and Evolution is about CREATING MEANING. This means you must self-reflect in ways that prompt you to see what paths in life might inspire you, or may potentially interest you. This helps you return to and participate in life again as you begin to engage more in the world you live in. (Reference: Re-Evaluation needs to Reflect)


Another way to move into +Simplicity is to assess where you are withdrawing into directions and experiences that bring false comforts and keep you -Stagnating. Instead, it is important to take a look at those paths of thought, emotion and action that may liberate you into a +Freer and more meaningful state of living.


A shift into +Simplicity means you cut away all the meaningless directions/options in front of you, so you can simply focus on and process those key issues/states/areas you are truly drawn to and which actually matter to you. You simply work through these with a sense of vitality, joy and liveliness that keeps you in touch with the world.

As you work towards feeling calm, you open up to a SEDENTARY place in life, as you allow the process of sitting still with yourself and working on your primary focus (whether you do this for yourself, or others bring you into such a state). Settling in naturally also helps open up to greater SENSITIVITY as you become attuned to feeling all the subtle feelings moving through and around you, and try to filter through them to respond only to what’s most needed. (Reference: 7 Stages of Re-Evaluation)

Eventually, the full range of Simplicity allows for the care and nurturing provided from around you, or drawn from within you, to create a space for peaceful focus and simply being, and this its own form of fruition.







The Goal of GROWTH is the challenge of learning to move from pursuing and seeking an elusive sense of meaning in life, to creating that meaning. Or put in other words: how to own your place as the creator of your life, and transform events and relationships into meaningful experiences that contribute to your evolution. (Reference: Growth = Pursuit and Creation of Meaning and Growth is not an Action Goal)


The Negative Pole of Growth is CONFUSION.
The Positive Pole of Growth is EVOLUTION.


-Confusion ensues when you're overwhelmed and terrified to choose from too many open-ended choices or directions that force you to confront your responsibility for creating your life. Or it arises when you feel your choices are (or have become) meaningless and senseless to make, so you flounder & feel confusion, regression and recoil, not liking or uninterested in the options you have to choose from. Either way, you feel you’ve taken on more than you can process and more than you want in life, having left or ignored an ever-growing pile of overwhelmingly meaningless or deeply meaningful experiences to sort through. (Reference: Cycles of Growth)

Confusion is always prompted by a need to ESCAPE from the responsibility of making choices, for whatever reason. It could be that you don’t want to make a choice on your own, or you want others to make them for you, or you wish to escape towards a choice that is not available or possible in the moment. Eventually, this shifts towards a sense of painful RESISTANCE because you continually avoid growing up and responding, hoping and waiting for some meaning or opportunity you desire to present itself to you and make things better for you. (Reference: 7 Stages of Growth) Your sense of success, satisfaction and aspiration in what you are doing suddenly feels as if it's failing, and this confuses you.

These states will continue cycling then until you simplify and make a choice to grow.




When you fall into -Confusion, you begin to -Withdraw from the complications that you're actually desiring or needing to grow from.

To move into +Evolution, it helps if you +Simplify matters, reducing your range of stimuli to return to your center. If you narrow your range of choices down to the most essential, and find those paths of choice that feel most relevant, meaningful and useful to your life, needs and lessons, you can take your next step. Simplicity is about ALLOWING NEW MEANING. (Reference: Using Re-Evaluation to move out of the Negative Pole of Growth)


Another way to move into +Evolution is to realize where you continue choosing actions, reactions and paths that keep you -Stagnating in counterproductive confusion. So you might redirect yourself to new ways of living that relax you and help +Free your mind, body and soul to choose those paths of least resistance.


A shift into +Evolution occurs when you draw towards what is meaningful to you, and thus choose what you feel helps you grow.

It’s always prompted when you find yourself pulled up against people and experiences that cause FRICTION & STIMULATION, and whether that challenge/struggle feels painful or pleasurable, you choose to let it help you grow, subconsciously or consciously. This then shifts into a craving for RECOGNITION from others that says “Wow you’ve grown so much.”, so you then recognize how and when you’ve grown. Or it shows up as you Recognizing your growth only when you see others grow and say “Wow they’ve grown so much. Maybe I have too?” (Reference: 7 Stages of Growth and Relating with Growth)

Both of these states will continue cycling until you realize that you’ve become dependent on the presence and feedback of others to feel and see your own growth. So you must eventually become the one responsible for seeing and fueling your own growth, shifting from growing by proxy, or passively growing through others, towards actively realizing and recognizing that your growth results from your own efforts. You choose to explore, create and nurture what moves you, and brings a sense of evolution, progress and meaning into your life, perceptions and relationships, no longer needing others or life to hand these to you, because you want to create it for yourself.







The Goal of DISCRIMINATION is the challenge of learning how to make better, more refined choices for yourself. Essentially it's the goal of developing your capacity to say NO to what you don’t want, but to mean it with integrity and honesty by first saying YES to something you do.

Discrimination means setting many limits around people and events you/others wish to accept, but learning to give them space and time to be thoroughly assessed. All while moving away from any conditions you/others have for one to be rejectable, or for one to reject. As such, making QUALITY choices is of prime importance to this goal. (Reference: Relationships and the Goal of Discrimination)


The Negative Pole of Discrimination is REJECTION.
The Positive Pole of Discrimination is REFINEMENT.


When you only focus on -Rejection, you are sloppy and messy in your rationale for saying no. You never consider the consequences of your choices because you lack any kind of finesse behind choosing them beyond jaded reasons or emotional biases. You simply resign from and refuse to choose responsibly altogether, usually because you don't want to make a choice or your choices seem unappealing or ambiguous. As such, you pretty much have to choose by default whatever "option" is left after you've rejected everything else. (Reference: Discrimination - Refinement of Discernment and Discrimination: Negative and Positive Poles)

Rejection can also ensue when you experience a literal or symbolic rejection from others that leaves you rejecting them, or at the very least wanting to but not knowing how. (Reference: Distinguishing between Rejection and Sophistication)

Anything against your will and right to say NO is met with hostility, excuses, defense etc., so you can come to feel quite pained as nothing in your life is ever truly embraced, allowed and comprehended.

Either way, Rejection is always prompted by a sense of LOATHING, whether you feel this about the despicable form you and other people/events are taking, or others feel this way about the form you and your choices are taking. This then shifts into an incessant sense of IMPOSITION, where you carelessly impose your lofty standards of what’s unacceptable onto yourself or others, completely rejecting and discarding anything else, and even anything related to the things and people you reject. Or you continually confront the same impositions directed to you from others, wanting to say no to that. (Reference: 7 Stages of Discrimination)

These states will keep cycling then, until you can gain a capacity to say YES to something you want and mean it, rather than always reject and try to find ways to say NO. (Reference: Discrimination: Learning to say NO through saying YES)




When you fall into -Rejection, you begin to -Ingratiate, conforming yourself and others into positions and perceptions that only ever reinforce your ideas of them needing to be rejected. Or alternatively, you experience so much rejection that you feel empty and desperately force acceptance out of you or others to counteract that painful rejection.

To move into +Refinement though, you must +Accept and say YES to at least something in what you're rejecting. You cannot truthfully mean NO, unless you first say YES. For example, rather than rejecting an entire bag of grapes because a few are bruised, you would reject only those that are bruised, accepting the rest. To reject everything isn't responsible or refined, and it often throws the “baby out with the bath water”, as the saying goes. (Reference: Saying yes when you want to say no)


Another way to move into +Refinement is to choose actions and experiences that help liberate you from your -Momentum of constant rejection. When you choose those paths and experiences that help you +Freely relax and flow with life rather than try to resist it, you can better refine your reactions to those things you find ugly and unacceptable.


A shift into +Refinement means you rise above reactionary rejection when you want to say NO, and then bring clarity and sophistication to your acceptance of some part of what you want to reject, so that you and others can actually work with your intentions.

You determine and choose what of your available choices you resonate with by working through your personal processes to understand, clarify and question what your best options are, as well as why to choose or not choose them (with all consequences considered). It could be said you find "the diamond in the rough" by consciously embracing someone/thing. (Reference: Discrimination: Negative and Positive Poles)

As you own your Rejection, but then Discriminate its total validity, you realize the EXPECTATIONS you and others hold of each other’s behavior. This is either because you expect others (and life in general) will uphold their highest standards and behaviors while you work to refine your reactions to them; or because others standards, presumptions and behaviors naturally push you towards adjusting and refining your own.

This then shifts into a sense of RIGHTEOUSNESS, as you either learn you truly are often RIGHT about your calculations, and uphold your newly refined standards while (sub)consciously shutting out insights, input and challenge to that. Or you bump up against the same righteousness from others, creating an impasse where you question your own sense of right and how flexibly you uphold your standards for what's refined. (Reference: 7 Stages of Discrimination)


Both of these will keep cycling back and forth, until you come to see that you’re often too preoccupied with sorting through the circumstantial details, that you overlook or discredit the contextual Bigger Picture. Full refinement and sophisticated choice-making comes when you can sort through your decisions/options to see how they will affect you and all else around you over time and space, and how others choices can affect you and all around them. Through this scaling/shift in perspectives, you can then see who is most affected, who you most care about affecting through your choices, and where/how you can most affect the state and health of your body, self, life, world and relationships towards that quality state you desire.






The Goal of ACCEPTANCE is the challenge of learning how to make more loving choices in life. It's about growing in your capacity to say YES to what you do need, but to mean it with integrity and honesty by first saying NO to something you don't. (Reference: Learning to say YES through saying NO)

Acceptance means giving many chances to people and events you or others wish to reject, but giving them space and time to be thoroughly loved. All while moving away from any conditions you/others have for one to be deemed acceptable, or for one to accept. As such, creating a sense of COMMONALITY is of prime importance to this Goal.


The Negative Pole of Acceptance is INGRATIATION.
The Positive Pole of Acceptance is AGAPE (aka. AFFECTION/RESONANCE). (Reference: Acceptance is about Affection)


-Ingratiation ensues when you force yourself or others to falsely accept an incompatible or forced truth, while behaving as if that falsehood is the truth.

So you either alter your behavior to fulfill other's terms, expectations and standards of acceptability by bending over backwards and doing what you think is necessary to be loved, to please, or be nice and liked (never allowing yourself to be truthful, and always trying to fit an acceptable mold). Or you expect others to accept, forgive and “get over it” when they're offended, regardless of if they actually mean it, ingratiating them to fulfill your criteria for acceptance as the only way for them to be approved (never allowing them to be truthful in their expression). (Reference: Using Discrimination to move out of the Negative Pole of Acceptance and Acceptance and False Courtesy)

This is powerless, meaningless, empty and promptly ingenuine, and often done simply out of fear, pressure or rote. Acceptance begins to feel like a damaging, degrading and diminishing thing to work towards, because you're locked in the idea that love and acceptance must be conditional.

Ingratiation is always prompted by a sense of EMPTINESS, a state where you sense you or others have no form, no love, no acceptance, and so you embody the drive to create or discover that form/love you or others seem to lack. This then shifts toward an extreme sense of DESPERATION, as your actions are consumed by this rush to hopelessly accept and be acceptable even if it hurts or harms you/others. So much so, that if you’re met with anything against your will to say YES, you express shock, dismissal, defense etc. because to reject or be rejected is too painful. (Reference: 7 Stages of Acceptance)

Both of these will then continue cycling, until you can stop forcing yourself to say yes to everything, and start allowing for the expressions of “NO”.




When you fall into -Ingratiation, you begin to feel an urge to -Reject yourself or others growing within you, eventually acting on this compulsion as you become exasperated by forcing yourself/others into acceptable behaviors.

To move into +Agape however you must +Refine, allowing yourself/others to say NO to that which is not in harmony with oneself, so that everyone can stand their ground with self-consideration. You can then better accept and express what's unacceptable, if you first know and surround yourself with what you feel is currently acceptable. (Reference: Using Discrimination to move out of the Negative Pole of Acceptance)


Another way to move into +Agape is to choose actions and experiences that help liberate you from your -Momentum of constant ingratiation. When you can step back and relax from the pressure of forcing acceptance to just let things be for a bit, you can create a +Freeing space of peace and calm that may better know and sort out what is actually acceptable to you.


A shift into +Agape means you bring kindness and acceptance to your own and other's rejections, while rising above any pressure or obligation that expects of you or them to say YES, accept, or be approved. 

As you own your Ingratiation and then Accept it, you may release from the pressure of conformity in favor of nurturing a truthful, genuine and unconditional path of acceptance that allows for any NO; all while also clearly establishing everyone's values, boundaries and parameters of what's acceptable and unacceptable. In this way, everyone knows where they stand and can more comfortably come together through or expand beyond those standards. (Reference: Learning to say YES through saying NO)

So your Acceptance of all perspectives involved then begins to prove love is powerful and embracing, because it now reflects that you/others can, will and do stand in your truth. (Reference: Goal of Acceptance and Relationships)

All of this helps you leap into an extreme sense of BLIND PERMISSION, because with the space and time you now give to your truth, suddenly everything you do, are, say feels perfectly excusable, permissible and justified. You simply love yourself now without question or accountability, and may even extend this permissive love to those closest to you, loving them no matter what they do as well. This then shifts over time towards an extreme sense of AMORPHOUS LOVE where you just affectionately "love everyone" without really even knowing them, because it is easy to see the best in the masses when they’re faceless. (Reference: 7 Stages of Acceptance)


This capacity to love on a larger-scale feel far more fulfilling, but it doesn’t work to fully include and accept everything, until you can learn to love on Smaller Scales and work to accept the more ugly, mundane and personal aspects of life too. Agape resolves its extremes when you see the bigger picture and work through the details. Agape learns what to do or not do when choices/actions are unacceptable and harmful, knowing that just because someone is unacceptable, doesn't mean you don't accept them. Put simply: Acceptance isn't tolerance. (Reference: Self-Acceptance and Acceptance is not the same as Approval)






The Goal of SUBMISSION is the challenge of learning where and how your energy and dedication is best directed and given, as well as where and how it’s being received. (Reference: Submission requires a Circuit)

It is about putting effort into things that matter, motivate you, make a difference and actively contribute to a personal, social or global cause. All while realizing that your sense of replenishment in your efforts is blocked or fulfilled by what you're DOING.


The Negative Pole of Submission is SUBSERVIENCE.
The Positive Pole of Submission is DEVOTION.


-Subservience occurs when you continue to give & devote your energy in an unquestioned direction that isn't being well-received; exploits your values; or leaves you simply feeling obligated and unfulfilled. So you feel nothing is ever even gained from your efforts. It can also occur when you manipulate and exploit others into using their actions, dedication and obedience to serve only your own interests. You impose your values onto them.

This is always prompted by a sense of INVISIBILITY, where you realize the actions and efforts you’re giving or producing are being unconsidered, ignored and unseen by life or others. Those actions are only taken by others through a sense of rote, guilt or obligation; or you render the actions and efforts others are giving as ineffective or insignificant to you, taking them in through a sense of rote, guilt or obligation. Invisibility then gives way to OBSESSION as you try to continue acting in ways that anticipate rewards from life or others, fixating your energy into making everything serve you, or serve another person/thing, until you effectively burn out or short circuit. (Reference: 7 Stages of Submission)

These states will then keep cycling, until you realize you must focus less on rationing your energy, and more on prioritizing it. Such is because Subservience is usually unfulfilled because you cut off all fuel for yourself and give give give to everything and everyone else, or you cut off all fuel for others and give give give to yourself. You simply never stop to consider whether your actions are actually being effective, constructive and shared.




When you fall into -Subservience, you begin to lose your strength and power to -Dictatorship, as you no longer have any concern for how you're acting nor who/what you're acting on, and you simply take blind actions for the sake of your cause, without concern for their impact.

To move into +Devotion, you must return +Leadership to your actions, realizing the impact (influence) of your choices and owning those consequences, so that you can direct your dedication or contribution toward those things, people and paths that are more receptive, energizing and reciprocating. Leadership helps you make your next step/decision with a trust in your responsibility for shaping your life, rather than expecting others to shape around you.


Another way to move into +Devotion is to liberate yourself from patterns of action, giving or taking that keep you stuck in a -Stagnating Momentum of subservience. Instead, you can focus on those paths of least resistance that “give you the most bang for your buck” and help you feel a replenishing sense of +Freedom.


A shift into +Devotion means you actively contribute to an activity or person that matters to you & that can receive the benefit of your caring devotion. All while you also feel effective, valued and replenished for your efforts. (Reference: Submission requires a Circuit)

This happens as you submit to the reality that you’ve been Subservient, and so suddenly shift towards an exciting sense of FAITH in those paths and people that could be more fulfilling. Thus all the obstacles that short-circuited you and burnt you out start to break down and fall away, no longer seen as confinements in the light of your love for these new, improved ways. This then shifts towards a sense of total INVESTMENT in that path/person, as you take the time to build up your resources and direction, and devote all of your actions, efforts and energy in the expectation of greater profit and tangible results from your new opportunities and undertakings. (Reference: 7 Stages of Submission)


These states will keep cycling as you find faith, invest, lose faith, rebuild faith, invest etc. over and over, until you consider adapting to all the fluctuations in energy levels, commitment, focus etc. that are involved in a cause, rather than just tunnel vision your focus.

Submission is not simply about directing your energy toward completing single, elusive causes and achievements. True acts of Devotion always look at how all parts of your life can most elegantly and effectively contribute to the whole, and how a circuit of giving and receiving can be created so that all involved feel replenished by their position in and mutual contribution to the exchange without any part feeling exploited.

So the lesson for those in Submission is to learn how to rebuild broken circuits with parts of your life (activities, causes, relationships etc.) that have been neglected or subservient, asking how you can give more fully to them; changing how you act so you can be received by others in a better manner/light; and finding what's missing from your sense of fulfillment that you can now act upon. For instance: you might realize the need for allowing self-care along the way to fulfilling your goal; speaking up/stepping up to return your power to the situation; the importance of communication in your relationship etc. (Reference: Submission must have a Conduit and Submission requires a Circuit)







The Goal of DOMINANCE is the challenge of learning where and how to lead, or where and how to manage a constant self-consciousness that you stand as & set an example for yourself and others. (Reference: Dominance in Older Souls)

It is about getting tangible results out of your life experiences, but only by fully owning, exemplifying and embodying those causes/directions that matter to everyone, or every part of you, through your ACTIONS.


The Negative Pole of Dominance is DICTATORSHIP.
The Positive Pole of Dominance is LEADERSHIP.


-Dictatorship occurs when you impose a state or direction of absolute authority or control over yourself or others in face of any sense of disorder. So any straying from or failure in fulfilling this state or pursuing this direction by you or others is met with punishment, collapse, blame, lament, exasperation or a deep sense of guilt and shame. Dictatorship can also set in if you refuse to take responsibility for the consequences of your choices/actions, and ignore the impact that your life has on shaping the world around you. So instead you force scenarios that are not true to be true (such as in something as simple as "I/You don't make a difference"), in order to force actions out of others on your behalf and bring about situations that shift responsibility onto anyone else while keeping you at a distance from what you don't want to face. (Reference: Dominance and More on the Goal of Dominance)

This is always prompted by a sense of extreme CHAOS, and the need to frantically stay on top of the disorder and lack of coordination in your self, life or world. Which then shifts towards a sense of extreme DISTRUST in your capacity to lead as you resign and disconnect from your leadership status, oblivious or in denial of your impact. Or you hold distrust in those/that which you cannot seem to control, manage and direct properly: letting this lack of power over dictate your actions. (Reference: 7 Stages of Dominance)




When you fall into -Dictatorship, you make yourself or others become -Subservient to your causes, rather than a master of them. Your actions are no longer being given or received, and instead are just imposed, and there is no return resulting from your efforts that replenishes your health, relationships and perspectives, so everything just leaves you feeling consumed by a sense that routine, obligation and exploitation are the only way forward.

To move into +Leadership, you must bring +Devotion to the process of applying &and creating your desires, and realize what can help you nourish the parts involved in your direction or cause, so that everyone/thing can feel replenished, and move forward together.


Another way to move into +Leadership is to liberate yourself from actions and experiences that keep you stuck in a -Stagnating Momentum of dictatorship. Instead, you can choose those paths and relationships that help you relax, recollect yourself and create a +Freeing sense of peace that reminds you can be or become an effective leader again.


A shift into +Leadership comes when you learn what you can and can't do, what you are and aren't responsible for, and what consequences can be caused or remedied by you. So you align your thoughts and emotions to own your stuff, issues, wounding, healing, opportunities, capacity to respond and capacity for discipline; all while recognizing your life is always a model and example for others that can inspire them to act in negative or positive ways as well. (Reference: Dominance)

As you Return Control over your urge to control, you begin feeling a sense of WORTH in your actions again, as you align with where and how you can be most-effective, worthy and needed in your contributions to life, and where and how others can be too. You come to see that your actions and choices DO make a difference & DO have a huge impact in shaping your and others lives.

This then shifts into a sense of ORDER, because you learn to delegate and guide your own or others actions toward the plans and intentions you've established for them; pulling together all of the resources, time and space you need based upon what's at your disposal. (Reference: 7 Stages of Dominance)


These extremes of highly structuring your actions, time and energy do bring farther-reaching success, but often don't do the work of Fully Listening to everyone involved to see what may still be wanted/needed. Fully-realized Leadership does not just do things to or for others, but WITH others. It is aware of each part/person involved and their weaknesses, strengths and desires, and then assigns all of these parts accordingly with their pros and cons in great practice, care and consideration. (Reference: Self-Dominance)

So you work to manage, support and provide for the people, things and parts of you involved in your aim for success, satisfaction and fulfillment, directing all aspects into a space of Common Ground or Direction of fulfillment that can bring about the best results and best move all forward for the benefit of the whole.







The Goal of FLOW is the challenge of learning how to Navigate & Adapt to the flow of life, rather than strain to sustain control over its speed and direction.

It's about knowing how and when to relax or surrender to forces you can't control, allowing for moments of rest and processing when needed, while still working within that by seeing what you can control through using the other Goals. 

As such, Flow is often fraught with anxiety, stress, control issues and panic. It is a navigation in self between feeling like "I WILL get there." and "No matter how hard I try..."


The Negative Pole of Flow is INERTIA (aka. MOMENTUM or STAGNATION).

The Positive Pole of Flow is FREEDOM.


-Inertia/Stagnation ensues when you feel life is at a stand-still and you are running in place against the flow of events, stuck in a momentum that never changes. (Reference: Poles and Flow) So you feel you're obligated to mundane routines and doing "a whole lot of nothing", or you're simply feeling pulled & pushed in directions that you can’t control and resent to negotiate. (Reference: Experiencing Positive and Negative Poles of Flow)

This is always prompted by a sense of DIVISION, where you, life and others are causing discordant divides in your will between following one path/choice/state or the other, or you have to constantly divide yourself to tend to all of life's parts and pieces. This then leads into a sense of DISTANCE, as you either distance yourself from anyone and everything that disrupts and obstructs your freedom to choose, or your sense of success and accomplishment in your goals and relationships seems to distance from you, and it suddenly feels futile to even fulfill. You simply aren't "going anywhere". (Reference: 7 Stages of Flow)

You move in extremes between letting everyone/thing else be the navigator while you "hold on" or shut down into paralysis, constantly crashing into experiences and drowning in them. And then towards the other extreme taking complete control over the steering of your life with everyone else "hanging on" or left behind to your self-satisfied choices. (Reference: Goal of Flow and Relationships) You either feel like a fish trying to swim against the current, or a boat being rocked endlessly by the water that needs to slow down and stop and panics to control the waves. (Reference: Going with the Flow means learning how to paddle)




Flow can use any other Goal to reinforce your struggle against -Inertia or bring a sense of peace and +Freedom.

Sliding to Re-Evaluation would mean you withdraw from all of life’s complexity and simplify to the key struggles, reducing your life, activity and focus in order to bring clarity to what you most want/need to feel more free.

Sliding to Growth would mean you feel confused and overwhelmed by life’s complexity, turning your struggles of inertia into opportunities for meaningful growth that can free you. (Reference: Flow siding to Growth and Dominance)

Sliding to Discrimination would mean you want to make better and more refined choices, so you’d reject various options & directions until there is a sense of resonance to some option as a means of bringing freedom.

Sliding to Acceptance would mean you ingratiate yourself to accept your inertia against your wishes, or ingratiate others to accept your momentum against their wishes; eventually leading to the realization that you must remove these pressures so that you can let yourself/others be free and accept their own sense and parameters of freedom.

Sliding to Submission would mean you look at what your struggles are actively amplifying & realize where you're exploiting others or being exploited into subservient paths and patterns; redirecting yourself to more replenishing directions and devotions where you can give and receive more freely and reciprocally.

Sliding to Dominance would mean you take charge of your life and direction, dictating and pressuring your/others actions, roles and directions, until turning your challenges into opportunities for leadership and self-control that can return you back to a space of peace. (Reference: Flow siding to Growth and Dominance)
(Reference: Flow: How to get to positive poles)


A shift into +Freedom means you navigate the experiences unfolding in your life, riding the actions and reactions of yourself and others like a wave. At least as effortlessly as you can manage given your circumstances. You Surrender and ask where you've limited your Permission to be, do or feel, so you can find or create ways that you can be/do/feel more freely. Even if there are limitations in place that narrow what or how you can choose, you now have some footing to base yourself on. (Reference: Stuck in Negative Pole of Flow)

This pulls you into a sense of DIRECTION, because suddenly you're moving forward again, looking forward to something and sharing this aspiring sensation within your relationships. Which then shifts into an external sense of CONTRIBUTION, as now you realize you can make small changes and efforts in your life that build up over time, creating a cumulative effect. You gain a greater capacity to more confidently navigate any challenges, or you become open- even if begrudgingly- to any new paths that may clearly present themselves or add to your life as an adventure or opportunity. (Reference: 7 Stages of Flow and Experiencing Positive and Negative Poles of Flow)


While these extremes certainly bring more satisfaction, they don't quite realize that flowing does not equate moving through life with no impositions, complete peace or a lack of structure.

Freedom adapts to & navigates the tides of life by trusting, choosing and creating the path of least resistance: able to change course, aim differently, re-calibrate etc. with great fluidity, flexibility and guidance. (Reference: Goal of Flow and Relationships)

Sometimes this means surrendering to what you can't control, and allowing for rest and relaxation. And other times this means taking control, upholding a vision and pushing an agenda. Freedom knows both are progress, and can differentiate between what can and can't be controlled, while still making the most of that. (Reference: Goal of Flow and Passion Mode)


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Thank you so so much @KurtisM. Your descriptions especially of the various overleaves have been immensely helpful for me in my journey of awakening to Essence and embracing choice and shedding imprinting more and more. I love how you break down information 💚

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