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The 7 Modes


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People have requested me to bring back my descriptions of the Overleaves in the last 3ish years. Whenever someone brought up how they helped them, I shed a tear inside because I like that stuff I write can help.
It's a bit sensitive for me to repost them publicly, but I am pretty done living in any sort of fear as a default, so I'm gonna bring them back.

These descriptions are my own summaries of all compiled information on the Modes.
Modes are that part of us that describes how we relate. It also describes how we go about life.
Are we Reserved? Passionate? Cautious? Powerfully present? Persevering? Aggressive? Observant? That's the Mode talking.
The Mode tends to only show up in Intimate situations. Where we are very close to others, we open up the Mode to seek common ground on deeper levels. Even when we seek to get close to a goal, we are using our Mode.
Because the Mode is so vulnerable, it can be wounded easily, and each Mode is prone to particular patterns of wounding that will be described below, as well as their path to healing.








One in Reserved Mode relates to self/others through being acutely aware of your feelings and the energy fueling them, but selective of what emotions you choose to release, share or use in any relationship, pursuit or experience. You grow intimacy through processing it gradually, in layers/sips at a time, rather than diving in all at once. (Reference: How Reserved Mode evolves Intimacy) This is because it’s important for you to have some kind of picture, history or “point” behind choosing an experience: to see that there’s meaning to be found in pursuing it. (Reference: Reserve Mode pursuing Goals)


The Negative Pole of Reservation is INHIBITION.
The Positive Pole of Reservation is RESTRAINT.


-Inhibition comes when you try to ignore, reject or repress emotions that overwhelm and exhaust you, while also protecting those emotional states that are fueling you, from running out, by solely focusing on them at the expense of all other emotions. (Reference: Reserve Mode elaboration)

This happens when your capacity to manage the spectrum of your emotions is depleted, leading you to feel far too much about that as they come up. Those in Reservation can feel a strong need to control, contain or resist feelings then. -Inhibition can also come when you simply can't see or anticipate any meaning from pursuing a relationship or experience, so you cope with internal struggles over this lack of inspiration.
You begin to function on "automatic pilot" in your interactions, as you inhibit your output to the point of feeling invisible, cutting off any and all inspirations, emotions or impulses that seem too much to handle.




When you fall into -Inhibition, you begin to -Identify and long for the potential of something not yet fulfilled, losing yourself in your attachments, cravings, idealization, fears and experiences.

To move into +Restraint, you must +Self-Actualize, bringing out the potential and meaning you wish for in your relationship, experience or pursuit by BEING that and CREATING this new sense of meaning in your life.


You can also work on simply seeing and perceiving your life with +Clarity, taking a whole perspective of the meaning of each part of your relationship and life right now. Instead of simply -Surveying the potential meaning of those and letting that inspiration "pass by" in ways that further inhibit, repress and reject your sense of inspiration to feel closer.


A shift into +Restraint means you find strength in building and reserving your emotions to release, share or use them when it’s most efficient, relevant or necessary to. (Reference: Reserve Mode elaboration)

In doing so, you don't overwhelm yourself or anyone else with so much feeling you/they struggle to manage and process, but can find and share what matters most in any experience or relationship with elegance and ease. You control and choose how you experience & manage your feelings and inspirations then, and so you're much more aware of what's most important to share as inspiration for yourself or another to draw from. (Reference: Using Reserve Mode's Positive Pole of Restraint) When something feels meaningful and inspiring then, you are able to build upon that meaning incrementally, uncovering more inspiration bit by bit as you unfold your sense of intimacy or achievement. (Reference: Reserve Mode pursuing Goals)




Your Reservation is most attractive to others for being able to draw out a focus on parts of their soul (sub-personalities, memories, past life connections etc.) for exploration and healing.

As Reserve gets to know others through their Centering, it could be said you attract to any Common Ground in the Roots or History of another, relying most on finding a shared past to relate through and identify with.

You can feel most wounded then when you find the past is becoming meaningless, or let the past eat away at you, or carry burdens and baggage from it that constantly strip away the point, meaning and significance of your experiences/relationships now. So suddenly (or gradually), you begin to bury the gifts & potential of the present under loaded feelings of resentment, regret, apathy, struggle, obligation etc.

To heal, it helps to Deal with the Past; to deal with all the things you've ignored, rejected, denied, repeated, embellished, projected, inherited etc., and realize that it's the power of your choices in this present moment, right now, that build, develop, heal, grow and nurture the meaning of both the past and future. You may not be able to change the past, but you can change your perception of it, and relate to others from there. (Reference: Michael Speaks: Healing Relationships and Reserve Mode and Relationships)






One in Passion Mode relates through merging with any relationship, experience or goal that means something to you, fully letting it become a part of your identity: a part of who you are. It is about fully realizing and creating whatever sense of meaning and potential you feel/see in or between yourself, others and the world.

You grow intimacy through moving away from expecting others to represent and behave like you (Co-Dependency), into learning about one another through each other (Co-Creativity). (Reference: How Passion Mode evolves IntimacyGoal of Flow and Passion Mode and Passion vs Perseverance) And as you already feel you're living inside the whole picture of life, it’s important for you to feel you’re creating meaning, history or “the point” along the way to pursuing something. (Reference: Passion Mode pursuing Goals)


The Negative Pole of Passion is IDENTIFICATION.
The Positive Pole of Passion is SELF-ACTUALIZATION (aka. SELF-REALIZATION).


-Identification comes when you let your relationships, experiences, obligations, behaviors, beliefs, careers etc. define your identity; LOSING YOURSELF in these people/things that matter to you and that represent aspects about you, your past/future & your life that you deeply crave, idealize, fear, avoid, reject etc. (Reference: Stress for Passion Mode and April 2014 Energy Report)

Identification sets High Standards and Conditions of behavior and potential that you feel you or others must meet for experiences, achievements and relationships to be meaningful. As such, if you or others don't fulfill, corroborate or comply to these standards, then you take it personally as if a blow to your identity, and shock, implosion or explosion can result. So if say, you cooked up a dinner for your loved one and they did or did not like your dinner, then you assume they must love or hate YOU as well. You've lost yourself and your boundaries in the dinner, hooked into monitoring other's every acceptance or rejection of it as a way to validate your specialness and value/meaning. (Reference: Passion Mode)


Ironically, when Passion Mode can't create meaning & inspiration in your relationship or pursuit, you can begin to feel overwhelmed, empty and numb, and you can feel as if you have lost your Passion. In actuality, you've only become identified with your fears, projections and defenses, feeding those feelings instead of your sense of love, meaningfulness and creativity.




When you fall into -Identification, you begin to -Inhibit your full range of emotions and inspirations, closing down your relationship or goal’s true range of potential by locking it into only your own myopic expectations and standards.

To move into +Self-Actualization, you must use some +Restraint to step back from your deep attachments and investments, and look at the whole picture, rather than just the moment that isn't complying to your standards of behavior. This can help you to realize that no one can define or take away from you or your potential unless you deem them to, and that you can CHOOSE how to better manage your emotions & relationships.


You can also bring +Clarity to your self-actualization by choosing to see and involve all the meaningful parts of your relationship and experience. This spectrum of parts can inspire you to participate more in life, rather than just leave you feeling defined as a disconnected and meaningless -Surveyor of everything.


A shift into +Self-Actualization means you feel inspired to push forward and learn from your experiences to become more of who you are. In doing so, you FIND YOURSELF & discover more about life through every relationship, pursuit and exchange, growing into new identities along the way, but never leaving out old versions of you. (Reference: Stress for Passion Mode and April 2014 Energy Report)

You bring more of your authenticity and unrealized potential into the world, by assessing how or whether you're truly representing your being/passion accurately in life. So you ask questions like: “What does this say/mean about me?” “How does this represent or reflect me?” “Where am I in this?” to self-reflect on your place and identity. (Reference: Passion Mode)

Passion Mode recognizes the inherent lessons & love learnt in getting to know, relate and exchange with others/yourself, and in the +Pole allows room for the fluctuations, depth and intimacy that living with others and yourself brings. So now if you cook a dinner for a loved one, whether or not they like it doesn't mean love is lost or found between you. It only means they did or didn't like it, and your intention, love and passion behind cooking is not gone, as the dinner reflects you but it doesn't define you. (Reference: Passion Mode and Passion Mode (different article)




Your Passion is most attractive to others for how much you absorb into anything, or absorb anything into you. Passion is often sought out because you inspire others to use their life experiences as fuel for growth, or you fulfill their longings to be absorbed and consumed by someone/thing they identify with, to the point they can somehow disappear from living their life responsibly.

As Passion is attracted to the no-holds barred boundlessness of shared ideals & standards in a relationship, finding Common Ground through Imagination, it could be said you bond/bind to the soul of another. You highly resonate with the evolving Awareness that people continually grow through all of the challenges, dynamics and lessons they learn in life. This means you can feel most wounded when there are sudden demands or expectations of behavior you or another impose upon one another for your relationship to be meaningful: limiting your boundless soul connection and capacity for growing together. (Reference: Passion Mode and Relationships)

To heal, it helps to detach and look back to the past, to remember what's gone into the relationship, so you can see if that past is truly unhealthy and warrants new behavioral standards from you or another, or if unnecessary and unhelpful restrictions are simply being imposed on a healthy one.

By freeing yourself and others from any Conditions you may have placed on them, you can start to open up to creating a more inspiring future for the both of you; returning others as being reflections of you and your life that can teach you to be better, rather than limiting definitions of your potential that lock you into being worse. (Reference: Michael Speaks: Healing Relationships)







One in Caution Mode relates through refining how you think of your relationships and experiences. It is about how you deal with the form others express in your relationships. (Reference: May 2011 Energy Report)

You grow intimacy through building your sense of confidence, inner security and safety when with others, and it’s important for you to clarify your intentions in pursuing something while revealing yourself or letting others reveal themselves, at a personal pace. (Reference: Caution Mode pursuing Goals)


The Negative Pole of Caution is PHOBIA (aka. AVERSION).
The Positive Pole of Caution is DELIBERATION.


-Phobia sets in when you form irrational and extreme aversions to anyone/thing that triggers you, as you seek only to recoil and distance from or explode and destroy those "triggers" because you feel unable to further refine your thoughts about those things (aka. analysis-paralysis). (Reference: Phobia vs Deliberation and May 25 2015 Michael Speaks: Transforming Chief Features)

You simply and often refuse to take responsibility for what you've allowed to happen or created/expressed in your relationship or experience, that doesn't represent your original intentions. So your over-thinking of the form things are taking in that relationship/experience begins to scare you, leading you to lash out, freeze or shut down. (Reference: Caution Mode in Older Souls)

Caution has a built-in sense of Identity-Integration with others, as you easily and often secretly connect and resonate with the form others express to you. So when you feel that comfortable form you've attached to has been lost, or you can't monitor your expression around that person/thing you're bonding with anymore, you can breakdown into Phobia/Paranoia as you secretly desire sources of familiarity and safety again.




When you fall into -Phobia, you begin to -Oppress yourself or others, in the sense that you rise up with heavy thoughts, beliefs and expressions that seek to restrict, squash, force and conform you or your triggers into more disempowering and distanced stances.

To move into +Deliberation, you must return +Authority over the impact your thoughts and expressions are having on you/others, owning and taking responsibility for that. Or at the very least, removing yourself from any triggers to create a safe space for doing this. This then allows for the Presence of new, more healthy thoughts and ways of relating to form, as you breathe and find a clearer peace of mind.


You can also return a sense of +Clarity to your overworked thoughts by choosing to see and understand the truth of your whole relationship/experience as best you can. Rather than letting your phobias distance you into a disconnected and fearful -Surveillance of everything.


A shift into +Deliberation means you slow down your thoughts so you can consciously consider the intentions & rationale in how you relate, navigate, nurture and understand your experiences and relationships.

This then helps you sort through your life to form very specific standards & parameters for what and who you actually have an interest in relating to, and how you wish to relate to those in the first place. When you've clarified your intentions behind why you're creating/allowing a relationship or pursuit in your life, you begin to feel "safe" in that structure and can build upon revelations as you relate more and more. (Reference: Caution Mode and Healing Relationships)

And rather than fuel the instinct to fight, flight or freeze, you form relationships and goals with much deliberation, carefully selecting thoughts and expressions that consider fears but discern between the truth of the matter and the unwarranted fearful triggers: allowing sensibility and insight to evolve. (Reference: April 2015 Energy Report)




Your Caution is most attractive to others for providing a space of safety where all involved can comfortably express themselves as they are, nurturing a state of trust in life/each other because you all understand where each other are coming from and going. However you're attracted to finding any Common Ground in Motives/Motivations, as you get to know others Goals, admiring how resonant and complete they are. By knowing others intentions, you can safely let down your boundaries and relate. (Reference: Caution Mode and Relationships)

This means you're most wounded when you suddenly feel paralyzed and unsafe in a relationship, unable to "let your guard down", or feeling that the intentions & motivations that once secured your comfort in a relationship have been completely lost or destroyed.

To heal, it can help if you display who you are, what you want/need and what you believe in at this moment, so you can attract others to share the same and discover their motivations as well. This would help you create/return to a Sense of Safety, even if it isn't the state you initially desired, because you can clarify to the best you can any confusing intentions, and choose how to nurture the relationship from there. (Reference: Caution Mode and Healing Relationships and Michael Speaks: Healing Relationships)






One in Power Mode relates to self/others through freeing your thoughts, ideas and expression about those things to feel heard, seen and in control of your life’s place and direction. Power is about owning and exuding a Confidence and Presence in who or how you are, as well as what you believe in. It is about the form you take in your relationships.

You grow intimacy through how much of you can be present, permitted, allowed etc. from yourself or others without shame or silencing, such that you can stand up & show up as who you are. (Reference: Power Mode and Intimacy) It’s important for you to prove your intentions behind pursuing something while fully displaying who you are at any moment. (Reference: Power Mode pursuing Goals)


The Negative Pole of Power is OPPRESSION.
The Positive Pole of Power is AUTHORITY.


-Oppression ensues when you feel compromised, insecure or lacking in your sense of presence, place, belief and confidence, feeling diminished, insignificant or invisible in your relationship/experience.

So to counter this, you can impose and enforce your thoughts, ideas and expression onto others to restrict, control, fracture and otherwise manipulate their form, beliefs & expression into something you feel is less powerful: drawing power/presence from that as a way to feel more heard, seen and secure. (Reference: More on Power Mode)

Or -Oppression might show up in you/others imposing and enforcing thoughts, ideas and expressions onto you, in ways that seek to restrict, control, fracture and squash your sense of and capacity for self-expression and confidence. (Reference: April 2013 Energy Report - Power Mode) This leads you to conform your thoughts/expressions in the presence of any person or thing you deem has more power over you than you do, and so you give away your sense of power & presence to life/others, because you're dependent upon or seeking for them to give you permission for expression. (Reference: Power Mode in Older Souls and More on Power Mode)

Both of these are disempowering, as you convey anything else than you as being responsible for your state of thought, power & presence.




When you fall into -Oppression, you start to use all thoughts, ideas and expressions you/others have, to reinforce your -Phobias that you're being rendered diminished, insignificant or invisible. So you're unable to control the way you or your life/relationships are oppressing you, and now freeze, fight or flee from their oppressive expression out of aversion. (Reference: Power Mode means Confident Presence)

To move into +Authority, you must slow down and bring more +Deliberation to how you feel about and convey your thoughts and expressions about things. When Oppressing Others that would mean owning how you've interpreted their expressions/presence as having deliberately affected you when they truly may not have even intended to. And when Oppressing Yourself, that would mean you just choose one way/form/context of expressing yourself without compromise, rather than not express yourself & your ideas/intentions at all so that others always seem to have more power than you.


You can also return a sense of +Clarity to your relationships by developing greater communication with them so that you may honestly see, understand and work with their thoughts and intentions, shifting away from an oppressive -Surveillance of everything that leaves you feeling continually diminished, insignificant and invisible.


A shift into +Authority means you begin to manage the impact your thoughts, ideas and expressions have on yourself & others in honest, considered and self-responsible ways. (Reference: Power Mode means Confident Presence)

Instead of enforcing your thoughts/expressions onto yourself & everyone else in ways that conform and disempower parts/people, you compose contexts, perspectives, relationships and events where all parts/people involved can feel empowered to express themselves with confidence and share authentically. (Reference: April 2013 Energy Report - Power Mode)

This then allows all parts of the whole to feel more present, secure and comprehensive in how they present themselves and communicate their beliefs, helping you to see how all parts/people can share resources and ideas that build upon each other to form cohesive, meaningful goals, networks and relationships.




Your Power is most attractive to others for revealing insight into and helping them recognize and comprehend their place in life. You have a capacity to help consolidate people’s disparate, fragmented truths/ideas about themselves, others and life into more cohesive, empowering structures of thought, expression and perspective that make sense and feel whole.

Considering this, Power gets to know others through their Attitudes, their personally validated perspectives, beliefs and life philosophies; attracted to any Common Ground in Confidence. (Reference: Power Mode and Relationships)

As such, Power Mode feels most wounded when there is deceit, dishonesty or some form of contradiction to what was expressed as true but acted upon differently. This can leave you with trust issues in your capacity to know what's true, or to let another in to your life.

So you might attract to those who have false beliefs, high insecurities and undefined perceptions of life so that you can shape their thoughts around your ideas, reason with & oppress them to falsely empower you. Or you might conform your thoughts and expression around those people that are "bigger", to feel power in “empowering” them, because they make up for your lack of capacity or permission for feeling powerful, whole and confident in yourself.

To heal, it can help if you develop trust & confidence in yourself, who you have proven yourself to be, and what you have proven yourself to believe- knowing another's expression of their truths can never hurt your sense of trust in you. This means you say with great Honesty, how you feel, even if it's not true for others, and let others say the same even if it's not true for you. That Honesty is paramount to Power Mode. (Reference: Michael Speaks: Healing Relationships and Power Mode and Healing Relationships)







One in Perseverance Mode relates through taking your goal or relationship one step at a time, steadily moving from Point A to Point B, getting the job done, always progressing and producing results. There's a strong emphasis on getting back up and never giving up, not on getting knocked down.

You grow intimacy through constantly assessing the value of one's actions or lack thereof, and the way one moves and interacts through their body to make their actions count. So as such, you live and die by the motto that "actions speak louder than words". (Reference: Understanding Perseverance) Because of this strong call to action, it's important for you to always complete your pursuits in life too. (Reference: Perseverance pursuing Goals)


The Negative Pole of Perseverance is UNCHANGING (aka. IMMUTABILITY).
The Positive Pole of Perseverance is PERSISTENCE.


-Unchanging occurs when you constantly confront obstacles in your relationships and goals, and are only focused on knocking down, pushing forward/into, or clearing away those obstacles in the way of your path until they’re overcome You determine a path, and for that to change, alter or be disrupted only means everything you aim for will be lost. So you sense no movement/progress can be made until the obstacle is removed, and resist all other experiences and changes beyond this focus. (Reference: More on Perseverance Mode)

In this sense, Unchanging isn't about moving forward, but holding yourself and others back because things are always “in the way”. It is about locking everyone into their flaws/insecurities and not letting them grow until they show some kind of acceptable remorse, guilt, shame etc. for what they have or haven't done. It can even be a way of projecting blame onto others and making them obstacles, just so you can avoid your own insecurities, weaknesses and excuses for what you have/haven't done. (Reference: Understanding Perseverance)




When you fall into -Unchanging, you begin to create patterns of -Belligerence as you have no concern for the effects of your actions, simply plowing forward & spiraling into chaotic or scattered relationships, goals, and directions, or feeling run over by the effects of others doing this to you.

To move into +Persistence, you must allow for +Dynamism in your relationship/experience. In other words, the road to completion is not a straight line, but includes how you manage and respond to and use to your advantage, all of the fluctuations, surprises, changes, diversions and unknowns along the way. All of these dynamic experiences do not actually distract from or impede your progress, but instead help supply the resources and fuel and interest for you to persevere.


You can also bring +Clarity to the obstacles as simply being a part of living and relating, seeing them in relation to your whole life and relationship, and understanding where they’re coming from. Rather than just -Surveying them with an unchanging stance that they’re just another obstacle in the humdrum of life.


A shift into +Persistence means you let these various obstacles contribute to your experiences, goals and relationships. You're able to navigate with, through or around them- while also knowing you, your path and any obstacles on it can change and evolve along the way. The road ahead is alive and ever-shifting to one in Persistence, and so you simply see all experiences you move through in your heart, mind, body and world as necessary parts of the long-haul and long-term strategy; responding to them as necessary & openly embracing them for their meaning once you get to where you're going. (Reference: More on Perseverance Mode)

Persistence is about truly moving forward, with all of your flaws, insecurities, frustrations etc. So you learn how to carry everything and keep on keeping on, but you draw the line if that's ever harmful. You no longer despise weaknesses as if they’re obstacles, but heal, unite and transform them into strengths, while valuing the same stance of responsibility and vulnerability for ones weaknesses from others. (Reference: Understanding Perseverance)




Your Perseverance is most attractive to others for reflecting their strengths and weaknesses, especially those that are based in what one does or doesn't do (which can be superficial or deep).

Perseverance however, is most attracted to strong physical presence, to any confidence and self-esteem one shows through their Body Type. So you tend to find most Common Ground in Appearances and Behavior. (Reference: Perseverance Mode and Healing Relationships)

This means you can feel most wounded when anything physically meaningful changes in the relationship, such as your or their indiscretion, cheating, ill health, lack of productivity etc. that renders either party lacking in physical presence. You also despise weaknesses, insecurity and excuses that are used to avoid action, so if you or others compulsively act this way, it can become quite a sore spot that calls into question the value and strength of your relationship.

To heal, it simply helps if you or another does something about this, Taking Action so that the direction taken on your paths can be rebuilt. Physicality and Tangibility are important for healing Perseverance Mode. (Reference: Michael Speaks: Healing Relationships)





One in Aggression Mode relates through initiating, managing and organizing many directions of focus, activity, progress and movement in your relationships, goals and experiences. This is a Mode that relates most through the value of purposeful action and brings a constant sense of how all parts are moving together like a grand Orchestration.

You grow intimacy through how well others can "keep up" without faulting, taming or slowing you down for your constant changes of focus and direction, or movement and activity. (Reference: Aggression Mode and Intimacy) So it's important for you to be able to manage and organize the motivation for fulfilling, momentum of and changes in all your experiences when in pursuit of something, so that you continue to build and sustain consistency. (Reference: Aggression Mode pursuing Goals)


The Negative Pole of Aggression is BELLIGERENCE.
The Positive Pole of Aggression is DYNAMISM.


-Belligerence settles in when you try plowing forward without considering the dynamics/impact of your actions, such as by flailing about from one thing/direction to the next in a distracted, uncoordinated manner. It is what happens when you use force and action to achieve single self-satisfying aims with no concern for how that affects anything else, including the rest of yourself. (Reference: Aggression Mode: Relating through DOING) Think of it like the theatrical hands of a loud talker. (Reference: Persistence)

Aggression finds it important to create consistent actions and results that lead somewhere meaningful. So when you can't envision what you have become or will become from doing things, your path through a goal/relationship can feel chaotic rather than consistent and lack any actual direction or fulfillment, in turn affecting how you manage your actions.

This can lead you to shadow others, tap into them and leverage yourself by manipulating their actions, directions, strengths and weaknesses in order to reach the results/visions you seek.




When you fall into -Belligerence, you begin to create -Unchanging patterns, as you feel you're constantly confronting obstacles that you must just get out of the way, no matter the cost.

To fully move into +Dynamism though, you must first understand the value of +Persistence. While this can mean you just keep trying until you get it, it goes much deeper into your ability to use all obstacles you face as resources for your persistence. So you benefit from always looking at how to sustain your enthusiasm for action by engaging new directions & perspectives; such as by letting a daunting project become a mini-project part of a larger one, or revitalizing a stale relationship by doing something new in it. These bring dynamic new ways of fueling yourself.
(Reference: Persistence)


You can also bring a sense of +Clarity back into your life by choosing to see and intimately understand all of the dynamic parts of your relationship/experience, shifting away from a chaotic and distracted -Surveillance of everything that leaves you feeling disconnected from the whole of life.


A shift into +Dynamism means you're able to juggle and manage all parts of a scenario, relationship or pursuit cohesively, directing forces from all angles/aspects of the whole into action and harmony, to create a consistent sense of movement, progress and activity "across the board". You’re fully aware of how all the dynamics involved play together & play off one another (much like conducting a musical symphony or performing acrobatics), as you help the parts of whole context come together to move in unison seamlessly. (Reference: Aggression Mode: Relating through DOING)




Your Aggression is most attractive to others for helping them realize causal truths. Your actions set off dynamic effects into motion that then impact, inspire, activate and shape the self, world and universe through a cascading ripple effect. (Such as the dramatic gesture of a hand conveying a meaningful truth; the wings of a butterfly flapping to create wind that later becomes part of a storm; or the coordination of a drummer's limbs creating a dynamic beat.)

You bond/bind with others through their Role in Essence, attracted to any Common Ground in one’s Totality or the Life as a Whole, and especially to what one has become from everything. (Reference: Aggression Mode and Relationships)

This means you can feel most wounded when you, another or your entire relationship is no longer whole, but has become broken, fragmented, divided and scattered in some way. And as such, you might reprimand yourself/others for that and try to correct what caused this imperfection & inconsistency of action/integrity. The focus is no longer about creating greater states together, only forcing past states of being to return. To heal, it helps to Recover your Sense of Integrity, and bring all the pieces of you that have been fractured, wounded and distracted back together, as parts of the perfectly imperfect whole that you or others are, so that they function to return a sense of harmony, initiative & direction again. (Reference: Michael Speaks: Healing Relationships and Aggression Mode and Relationships)







One in Observation relates through truly seeing and perceiving others and being seen/understood by them. Observation then chooses how further to relate and experience through using any of the other Modes. In other words you're the type to first observe, watch and keep a mental note/archive of everyone's behaviors and choices.

You grow intimacy through relationships that can truly see & understand one another- and struggle with those where you and others lock each other into one preferred or expected version of yourselves at the expense of the whole. (Reference: How Observation Mode evolves Relationships) This same sense of total clarity is also important for you to gain from your experiences/pursuits in life for them to feel fulfilled. (Reference: Observation Mode pursuing Goals)


The Negative Pole of Observation is SURVEILLANCE.
The Positive Pole of Observation is CLARITY.


-Surveillance ensues when you feel distant, removed and isolated from your relationships, experiences and the world-at-large- so you sense vague, abstract connections but never feel like an intimate part of things. You simply watch life (and love) go by from afar, as if you're “going through the motions”, or living behind a glass window or two-way mirror, with a sense of invisibility, disconnection, high scrutiny or yearning apathy. (Reference: 20120218 OMW - Why Me?)

Observation Mode always sees aspects of self/others in terms of how they make up parts of the whole individual. But when you don't want to & refuse to see certain parts of you/others, you can tend to divide that whole person by ignoring thoughts, feelings and behaviors to retain a much more acceptable image. You might even expect others should do the work of seeing, healing and distracting you from what you don't want to see in yourself, so you consistently avoid those parts of you that you survey and know exist but refuse to look at. You end up only feeling "whole" if you keep this part "over here" and that part "over there", so to speak.




Observation can use any other Mode to Lock you in Surveillance or bring greater Clarity.

Sliding to Reserved Mode would mean you step back emotionally from your relationship/pursuit to see it from afar; either to protect self from overwhelming emotions or pointlessness, or to find the point/meaning of your relationship/experience and build that up incrementally. (Reference: Observation sliding... and Observation sliding to Passion and Reserve)

Sliding to Passion Mode would mean you dive in to be close to someone/thing that inspires, or is inspired by you; either to identify with/as that and expect it to represent and behave according to you, or learn about & become more of yourself through that relationship/experience. (Reference: Observation Mode sliding to Passion, Observation sliding to Passion and Reserve and Observation sliding...)

Sliding to Caution Mode would mean you seek to refine your thoughts & expression as you relate and pursue; either leading you to over-analyze & recoil in aversion from the impact of what you think about, or to choose the most deliberate and intentional way for better expressing yourself.

Sliding to Power Mode would mean you seek to free your thoughts & expression so you can be seen/heard for your beliefs, place and identity; either in ways that oppress others or yourself into conformity, or that are confidently empowering of and present with you and others. (Reference: Observation sliding...)

Sliding to Perseverance Mode would mean you never give up and keep trying; either against all obstacles that hinder and obstruct your path in a relationship or task, or by navigating with/around/through those obstacles as part of the dance of life.

Sliding to Aggression Mode would mean you aim to see your part and force in shaping the dynamically changing, shifting parts of life, relationships and tasks you’re relating to; either in ways that are distracted with forcing action to reach self-satisfying aims at the expense of the impact, or help you see all the parts/places you can most effectively act on and with.


A shift into +Clarity means you are able to clearly see who you and everyone else are "up close and personal", with a keen trust in and panoramic perspective of where you are all going in life.

Clarity is a resonance with and of being truly alive and whole, so you start to feel like an intimately involved participant in your relationships, experiences, goals and the world at large, rather than a disconnected surveyor/observer of those that exists outside of everything that happens.

Observation makes known that you & others are whole in your totality, and accepted for who you are, as you always aim to perceive the whole person you’re relating with, or as much as you can understand in any given scenario.




Your Observation is attractive to others for the opportunity you give them to be seen; either because they want you to validate them as who they wish to be, or because you see them as who they truly are.

You bond or bind to others Modes, forming connections based on how much you resonate with another, and how well another sees past your surface, seeing you in your entirety too. Above all then, you tend to be attracted to any Common Ground in Perspective. (Reference: Observation Mode and Relationships)

As such, you can feel most wounded when someone you thought saw you in your entirety no longer is, or someone you crave and long to see you is unable or unwilling to. To heal, rather than push for others to see you more clearly, it can help if you instead look past the surface you see as defining another, so that you can see their innocence & wholeness too.

In other words, open yourself to seeing the heart, life and limitations of another, as you likely are not allowing them to be any more than one version of themselves. Feeling Understood is vital to your healing, but if others don't bring this to you, you can always bring it to yourself by remembering that you may not be seeing everything clearly. (Reference: Michael Speaks: Healing Relationships)


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