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The 7 Roles in Essence


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People have requested me to bring back my descriptions of the Overleaves in the last 3ish years. Whenever someone brought up how they helped them, I shed a tear inside because I like that stuff I write can help.
It's a bit sensitive for me to repost them publicly, but I am pretty done living in any sort of fear as a default, so I'm gonna bring them back.


These descriptions are my own summaries of all compiled information on the Roles.
Bear in mind that the Roles tend to only show up when specific conditions are met in life. They are not our default way of behaving (That's Casting). They show up when we are fully "on", shining at something we are good at doing or being. The Role is our core. The Role is what we remember of ourselves as we grow through life. It is intrinsic to us.







Servers resonate to the Ordinal Inspiration axis. This Energy sets the foundation of inspiration that's needed for everyone and everything in life to feel effective and meaningful, rather than lonely and meaningless.

Lying on the Ordinal Inspiration axis we have: the Instinctive Center, Stoicism, Re-Evaluation, Reserve, Lunar Body Type, 1st Internal Monad of Birth, Infant Soul Age and Self-Deprecation. The Server reflects all of these. When these traits are brought together, you have an energy that seeks to provide the most necessary of elements for NOURISHING life, by focusing on what matters most.

The Core Values of Servers are Service, Inspiration, Peace, Intuition, Permission, Vulnerability, and being a living example of Inter-dependence. (Reference: Core Values of Server)
They hold Nobility in FORGIVENESS or Self-Responsibility.
Servers carry the Power of Nurturing- of encouraging growth, development, strength and care. When this is dependent upon/extracted from others, all that motivates this nurturing is constant -Guilt, unfulfilled promises and anticipations of reward, anger, strife and even depression. While when generated from within, you embrace +Gratitude for the gifts, rewards and meanings you already have and can give in return to nurture and sustain yourself and others. (Reference: Server: Power of Nurturing)



The SERVER only manifests when you're aware of the nature of yourself, another and/or the situation at hand (Stoicism); are driven to simplify matters to reveal what’s most needed for caring (Re-Evaluation); and feel that this process inspires you and is meaningful to care for (Reservation). When these criteria are satisfied, then your ESSENCE comes out and wants to Care, Nourish and Help: to matter, be effective and make a difference in your life and the lives of those close to you. (Reference: What Servers WANT and NEED)
Servers are life's Caregivers and Nurturers who emphasize and attend to your own and others NEEDS; seeking to provide the most basic of elements that are needed for one to heal and grow. This means you love to see those you've affected, grow in how they manage themselves in the world. All this in mind, your life philosophy is that each experience/relationship is like an Honored Guest for and by whom you choose to selflessly tend, nurture and care for as their giving host.


You have 2 INPUTS, so this means when you shine there will always be a part of you focused on the task at hand (1); while another is mindful of your sense of the common good (2) that fuels your drive to do what's needed for others & show everyone what gifts lay untapped within oneself. (Reference: Servers have 2 Inputs) Servers nurture love readily in life because of all this, but can eventually feel that love is invisible, overlooked or taken for granted- so you must be allowed to Find PROOF that the love you and all your caring efforts give are being received and returned in some way. (Reference: Servers - Loving and Being Loved)
If you have chosen to be the Server Role in this Grand Cycle, then you will come into your own the earliest of all souls as you move through the Infant Soul Age- because you have such a natural gift for differentiating what matters to survival and thriving, from what does not in life. Server Energy is keen at healing, and will often feel and carry the weight of everyone's pains, struggles and suffering on top of your own- ailing and isolating yourself to process what others haven't. Because of this, you act like a barometer or "canary in the coal mine" that gauges and reveals the collective healing, health and even dangers of whatever relationship or community you're a part of. However sometimes, the Server will also just need to opt out of this responsibility and surrender; letting everyone bumble through to grow, live and let live on their own terms- gaining from what's already been given to them. (Reference: The Role Servers play for their Entity/Cadre)


The Server's Negative Pole is BONDAGE.
The Server's Positive Pole is SERVICE.

When in -BONDAGE you feel so exhausted, weary and begrudgingly bitter for being responsible for caring, that you completely disengage and recoil from it until someone else does the work of caring for you. You simply become apathetic and shut down, resisting your nature to nurture because you feel it's too hard and inconvenient or takes too much work/energy. (Reference: Server Energy)
Bondage can also show up in that you care so much you wish to control what/who you care for; in ways that are at your own expense, or simply lead you to become manipulative, abusive, frantic or obnoxious.
One of the core aspects of your nature being a Server is that you desire to share your life with just one person you can confidently trust. But in order to do so, you can find you avoid so much and so many that you deem pointless in life as you lose yourself to Loneliness in waiting for that meaningful one; or you can share so much with so many out of empty Desperation that you forget others have lives to share too. (Reference: Servers: living as Essence)

To shift into +SERVICE means you realize your nature is one that nurtures and cares, and that there's strength to your sensitivity to tend to everyone's needs by providing great care, openness, enthusiasm, energy and kindness in ways that inspire yourself and others to heal and grow. (Reference: Server Energy)

In Service, you start finding new sources that fulfill your deeper and more unspoken need to be helped, affected and made a difference for, rather than resign yourself to the obligation of helping others while forgetting yourself. Or you do this for yourself by providing care for your needs and energy levels first, before then extending your care out to others.

You begin to realize you can find/nurture pleasure in asking about and SHARING in the lives of others too, rather than only be preoccupied with protecting or pushing your own life. (Reference: Servers: living as Essence)



(Reference: SERVERS - Conscious Connection to Essence)

The Great Lesson of the Server is to first CARE FOR YOURSELF in life before tending to the needs of others; providing the rest and love necessary for you first, so you can be so much more effective in caring for, nurturing and helping everyone else.
When disconnected however, you choose to completely cut off from caring for others and yourself, and emphasize all ways that prove life is just discordant, unloving, and no one is making a difference.

This Server is Self-Deprecation, manifest.
To return a conscious connection to Essence, it can help to comfortably release your past and choose experiences that bring in more presence. Particularly by doing anything that is PHYSICALLY grounding and stimulating, bringing you back to you: such as jogging, dancing, feeling through dirt/ground or having a full-body massage. Owning where you are Right Now, realizing you have a Choice in this moment and the next, and Asking for Help when struggling so you know you're not living in a vacuum will always help too.




(Reference: The 7 facets of Server)

Drama Queen/King: This SERVER has been invisible for far too long to the point she's ready to proclaim her right to exist and point out all her pains.

But if not careful, she may simply become a mess so defined by her pain, drama, struggles & woes she stays there.

Bold One: This SERVER is not afraid to breaks from traditions, move in unexpected directions and use some creativity to resolve problems or beautify her life/path.

But, she can simply become eccentric, odd and highly distrustful; like the "crazy lady" down the street who barks out her views.

Quiet Leader: This SERVER knows the best paths and helps guide and move you through life to get you to where you need to go (even if from behind) without your even knowing.

But if not feeling effective, she can easily become pushy, and disgusted with your stupidity in picking up on her signals/cues or direction.

Practical One: This SERVER is willing to flow and idle in life so long as she's comfortable, content and happy, and she'll help you be happy in this practical and elegant way too.
However, if anything throws a curve-ball into her life or tampers with/threatens her comfort zones it's either quietly evaded or directly confronted- as she expects you should clearly know her needs and boundaries.

Mindful One: This SERVER sizes you up a moment of first impression based on your expressions, to communicate effectively with you in a way that you can hear.

But when this is distorted, she feels ineffective & becomes frantic for you to know who SHE is as she already knows you: so she simply talks at you.

Noble: This SERVER is keenly ethical & sensitive to your boundaries, willing to circumvent any triggers to help you grow and understand at your own pace. She'll tell you the truth even if it hurts but only if it is going to help.

At worst however, she plows into your life upholding ridiculous standards, is brutally honest even if it doesn't serve you & defends any negative effects with a stance of righteousness.

Huggable One: This SERVER is personable, inviting and values human contact as a vital network for one's well-being.

But when this falters, she may still be approachable, but dismisses your affections and is quite prickly and strict about who can be close to her vs who must be kept at a distance. She feels affection saps her of her vitality.





Artisans resonate to the Ordinal Expression axis. This Energy is the creative impulse in us all that seeks to bring the forms of our imagination to life.
Lying on the Ordinal Expression axis we have: the Higher Moving Center, Skepticism, Discrimination, Caution, Mercurial Body Type, 2nd Internal Monad of Autonomy, Baby Soul Age and Self-Destruction. The Artisan reflects all of these.
When these traits are brought together, you have an energy that sifts through and rearranges numerous ideas to create a sense of greater STRUCTURE and BEAUTY.

The Core Values of Artisans are Creativity, Expression, Innocence, Depth, Intimacy, Sensuality and being a living example of Uniqueness. (Reference: Core Values of Artisans)

They hold Nobility in their capacity for CREATIVITY or Solvency.

Artisans carry the Power of Specialty: of excelling in a field, skill or talent.
When this is dependent upon/extracted from others, it shows as -Eccentricity, as you emphasize what trait sets you apart from others, or makes you special- or you become dependent upon anything that gives you a sense of specialness because you feel unspecialized. While when generated from within, you exemplify the +Distinguished refinement of a particular skill, talent or field that matters to you. (Reference: Artisans: Power of Specialty)



The ARTISAN only manifests when you're aware of actively selecting and discerning your options (Discrimination); intend to create some thing/relationship through free-form chaos or structured order (Caution); and question what you have or is needed to bring that intention about (Skepticism). When these criteria are satisfied, then your ESSENCE comes out to Bring to Life ideas, projects, creative impulses and movements; or Infuse Life into (by nurturing, growing and developing) your self, relationships, family, community, workplace etc.

All this in mind, your life philosophy is that the world is a Blank Canvas where newness, awe and creativity can burst forth; with each experience/relationship you build and create representing but one layer of your unique self and contribution to life that can be seen and recognized for its beauty by all who pass by.

Artisans are life's Architects, Creators, Inventors and Innovators who want to put/keep things in Structure & Order: to bring some form of beauty out of the chaos around you. (Reference: What Artisans WANT and NEED) As Artisans are always creating structure, order and beauty in some way, when one CREATES or DISPLAYS some tangible or aesthetic means of love that you can SEE, you will know it is ok to HAVE/WANT that, and this is how you build love and intimacy. In fact, if you do not see love offered to you, you can feel left out and create manipulative strategies to take or secure it without looking like you want it. (Reference: Artisans - Loving and Being Loved)

You have 5 INPUTS, so this means there will always be a part of your core focused on the task at hand (1); while another receives any new inspirations, changes or desires (2); another finishes up previous creations or changes as you move into new layers of experience- like a new job/move/art project (3); another discerns how to create your intention using what you have (4); and the last constantly compares all that's come to be in the past with your idealized future utopia (5). (Reference: 5 Inputs of the Artisan and Artisanness)
Of all the Roles, having so many inputs to process at once means you can at times "cut off" some to "fit in".
Cutting off Input 1 means being scattered & unable to focus; delusions, defensiveness & escapism can set in for Input 2; lying, dishonesty & revisionism for Input 3; manipulation, anger & frustration for Input 4; and being unable to heal, resulting in terminal illness & psychological damage for Input 5. (Reference: Artisanness)

If you have chosen to embody the Artisan Role in this Grand Cycle, then you will come into your own in the Baby Soul Age as you learn how to give form to ideas, construct and reconstruct again and again from out of chaos, imbalance, stagnation and destruction, and blur the divide between imagination and reality.

Artisans are creators, but even if you don't create much yourself, you may also just love/play an integral part in helping others create their ideas, changes and innovations instead. This urge to create can go in one of two ways. Either the creative chaos coming from all around you is something you feel a need to control, manage, focus, sort out and refine- so you might emphasize strictness, organization, structure and predictable patterns in the creative process. Or you do a complete 180 and kind of short-circuit to freely embody & live out the creative chaos of unfinished and unformed ideas just to see how crazy, wild and completely eccentric things can get. (Reference: The Role Artisans play for their Entity/Cadre)


The Artisan's Negative Pole is DELUSION.

The Artisan's Positive Pole is CREATIVITY.

When in -DELUSION, you refuse to, are blocked in, or feel unable to infuse liveliness into, or bring to life what you want from your life, self or relationships.
So instead of working with and through that process, you escape into internal worlds of creation and fantasy that are more vibrant & alive than your experiences in the outside world; fabricating lies and artifices that deny the reality of what you've created, or deny your power of creativity & responsibility even against all common sense.
Delusion can also show up if you compulsively try to perfect your cherished art, structure, trade, skill etc. when everything and everyone isn't running exactly as you expect it to. So you restrict your and others sense of creativity by enforcing strictures onto any form of unwanted development or progress, and rigidly resist/dismiss any new changes to what you've created so your symbols for things are preserved.
Life begins to feel chaotic, and you can easily become completely neurotic, bewildered and paranoid, prone to wild imaginings and conclusive outlooks that were passively prompted. So you start to act out of sheer recklessness with no clue about the consequences, and create backstories to your & others lives to rationalize & explain away any form of chaos.

The further your life and creations are from what you intended, the more you will deny that, or blame life, others, your lack of skill etc. for it, feeling like you're just a pinball being shot around by life. And as this continues and you spiral into pure SELF-DECEIT, you start to reject having too much of, or being too indulgent in anything tangible and "real"; blocking off all happiness & joy in having what you want in life, and even having life at all, because you must not be worth it. (Reference: Artisans: Living as Essence)

+CREATIVITY happens when you choose to experiment with using the actual resources/tools you have within or around you, to create what you desire in your life, relationships or self. You give tangible form to your ideas and impulses in a way that brings a sense of newness, aliveness and revitalization to you and others. (Reference: Mistaking Artisans as Servers) So from/through this, you Recognize that you have brought order to and created some form of beauty out of chaos. (Reference: What Artisans WANT and NEED)
And if you can't create what you want, or if your intentions and the results created don't line up, you allow that to be true and OK, not a failure to lie about; working from there with the resources you do have, or moving on to more accommodating and preferred directions of creativity and intention. (Reference: Artisans: Living as Essence)



(Reference: Artisans: Conscious Connection to Essence)

The Great Lesson of the Artisan is to feel HAPPY in having, and feel that life is worth living. When conscious, you allow yourself to be happy in life, to have or create what you want & need deep inside; and you allow yourself to express your feelings of true joy, enthusiasm, prosperity and abundance to the extent that you can or allow yourself of in the moment.
When disconnected however, you can feel for a long time that your needs are too great and that you never get what you deserve- or aren't WORTH what you want, worth the life used on you, or the relationships and things you have.

This Artisan is Self-Destruction, manifest.

This can often elicit pity and confusion from others, but in this state nothing anyone gives you will be worth it enough to "snap you out of it". So you'll often find others are forced to dig you out of your mess & make you confront your own lies.
To return a sense of Essence and joyful meaning to your days, it can help if you dive into some form of deliberate artistic expression (such as painting or sculpting), dance privately, share pure joy with small animals, do/purchase something trivial but fun, and especially: do something that gets you out of the house & into the world. Owning where you are Right Now, realizing you have a Choice in this moment and the next, and Asking for Help when struggling so you know you're not living in a vacuum will always help too.




(Reference: 7 Facets of Artisan)

Catalyst: This ARTISAN invigorates, empowers and motivates you and himself, prompting a sense of presence in and responsibility for one's creation process in everyone around that he feels strongly for.

But if change is not on his terms, he may just resist it, falling into anxiousness & frantic defense and retreating from the obligations and responsibilities even he created for himself.

Anarchist: This ARTISAN breaks down rules, owns responsibility for his actions and creations and brings about an explosive chaos into drastic new directions.

However, if not careful, this strength can become undermined by corruption, violence and complete disregard for the effects of that chaos.

Facilitator: This ARTISAN relies on personal ingenuity to break from tradition, create change and help exemplify change for others too.

However at worst, he can simply become self-important and indulgent, or even detached from his impact on/meaning in others lives.

Composer: This ARTISAN is focused, strategic and sensitive to creating fairness and balance; drawing from his experiences, life and relationships as resources & means to create.

When this deters however, he becomes manipulative, playing people and forcing scenarios based only on his ideas of what's fair.

Chameleon: This ARTISAN is flexible, appearing however his surroundings may ask of him, which is useful in bringing change, creativity and insight into even the most resistant and challenging scenarios.

But he may end up feeling quite useless, ineffective and overwhelmed by his surroundings through this, or feel his personal identity has become lost in his persona/cover.

Progressive: This ARTISAN is utterly original in his thinking and creativity, but propels this towards creating states of freedom, expansion & inclusivity for his society, business or relationship- wanting to uphold freedom for all.

However, this may turn into a "the end justifies the means" or "progress at any cost" mindset.

Instrument: This ARTISAN becomes the change he wishes to see in the world, and transforms all who come across him who wish to transform.

However if this strength falters, he can simply fall into grand delusion, loss of discernment and high levels of empty promise.






Warriors resonate to the Ordinal Action axis. This Energy is the urge within us that deals with the need to act and push forth our commitments & actions through new territories of life.
Lying on the Ordinal Action axis we have: the Moving Center, Cynicism, Submission, Perseverance, Martial Body Type, 3rd Internal Monad of Independence, Young Soul Age and Martyrdom. The Warrior reflects all of these.
When these traits are brought together, you have an energy that persuades forces into action and values CHALLENGE, LOYALTY and PROTECTION.

The Core Values of Warriors are Influence, Action, Responsibility, Results, Rebellion, Consideration, and being a living example of Triumph. (Reference: Core Values of Warrior)
They hold Nobility then in STRENGTH or Endurance.
Warriors carry the Power of Correction: of bringing back alignment in self or others.
When dependent upon/extracted from others, this shows as seeking only to avoid OR correcting through -Punishment, shaming or withholding. While when generated from within, correction becomes +Consequential, and the incentive to correct is no longer to punish but to help yourself and others be aware of one's actions and consequences. (Reference: Warrior: Power of Correction)




The WARRIOR only manifests when there is something in opposition to your values (Cynicism); a challenge to actively contribute to a meaningful cause that matters to you (Submission); and a sense of loyalty and courage to navigate through all obstacles along the way of your chosen direction (Perseverance). When these criteria are satisfied, then your ESSENCE comes out to bring Energy to directions, rally for a Cause, invoke Courage as a foundation for changes in your self, relationships or world, provide sources of Protection, Ground/Anchor everyone and encourage lasting Loyalty and Compassion. (Reference: Warriors and Warfare)

Warriors are life's Defenders and Conquerors, but despite being called such they're often the most peaceful and passive of all the Roles, until they see a need to burst forth from that passive peace without question/concern if there's a need to take up a cause. (Reference: Warriors and Warfare)


Warriors have 1 INPUT, so this means when you shine you're entirely focused on conquering whatever task is at hand. (Reference: Warriors have 1 Input)

All this in mind, your life philosophy is that every experience, relationship and even lifetime is a grand Challenge you must rise up to with growing strength and integrity, and face head on. 
Because of this strong focus, in matters of relationship, you need to be WON OVER by Love. One must endure for you and this shows in LOYALTY. Love is a TERRITORY you and others must conquer and share together. So if this is not satisfied, you can feel that others are impeding on your space, or that they haven't earned the right to share in that space yet. (Reference: WARRIORS - Loving and Being Loved and Warriors: Questions of Love and Loyalty)

As such, what you want from life is Mutual Commitment; for your devotion to a person, cause or responsibility to be reciprocated back to you & be a mutually shared experience. (Reference: What warriors WANT and NEED)

If you have chosen the Warrior Role in this Grand Cycle, then your soul will come into its own through the Young Soul Age, as you learn how to direct energy towards treating the struggles, processes and triumphs in all personal relationships with bravery, courage & high reverence.

You're the one primed with the resources, grit and know-how to clear or help clear the bullshit from all things that keep everyone from getting closer to each other. So under your watch, any lies, betrayals, hidden expectations, facades, guilt, shame etc. carried beneath the surface will be uprooted and resolved once and for all. As a Warrior then, you can be caught for how you tirelessly work through your relationships in daily life as a way to strengthen the bonds of support and real, ever-lasting love between all. So ultimately, you are the glue that keeps everyone from falling apart, and that's not a job you take lightly with all the ugliness and uncomfortable confrontations that come forth. (Reference: The Role Warriors play for their Entity/Cadre)


The Warrior's Negative Pole is COERCION.

The Warrior's Positive Pole is PERSUASION.

When in -COERCION, you push a divide between who/what you loyally protect, and who/what's threatening that. This divide can come through bullying, withholding, shaming, scare tactics, territorial behavior, punishment, strategic manipulation etc. but it is always about using FORCE to PROTECT someone/thing, or PUSH yourself or others INTO ACTION without helping one understand how to do that or why it's needed. (Reference: Warriors and Action)
Coercion can even carry into protecting a loved one from themselves, if you see they're self-harming; protecting yourself from ever harming others; or protecting parts of you to divide yourself from your own demons. (Reference: Warriors: Questions of Love and Loyalty) Because of all this, you might blatantly dismiss anyone/thing that challenges your loyalty to concepts, people and personal structures that bring safety, out of frantic defense, flippant prejudice or denigration. And this ultimately just results in protective combativeness or blind obedience coming out from all sides.
Your constant urge to question others choices and whether they were made with integrity, while also rushing to defend anyone that is questioned for the integrity of their choices by others, reflects the same battle of questioning and defending waging within you. This is because you're often distracted with protecting or hiding your feelings of shame, guilt and regret over poor choices too, and respond instinctively to anyone that reflects this struggle around you. (Reference: Living as Essence: Warrior)

To shift into +PERSUASION means allowing yourself and others to CHOOSE what is best for oneself, and helping everyone understand how to take action & why it's needed. (Reference: Warriors and Action) You influence yourself and others to examine what stands in the way of loyalty within or around to encourage a questioning of one's motivations, so that we can all act in a way that creates a greater sense of cohesion, a rise in personal strength/courage and strong circles of support and self-help.
Through this, you then start to take responsibility for owning and clarifying any expectations/anticipations of mutual commitment that were not met, owned or were poorly communicated with a sense of Humility. (Reference: What warriors WANT and NEED) You begin to "shift gears", "change lanes" and "move/see in opposite directions" as a means of realigning beliefs and replenishing yourself. So you realize that how you and others learn from the past, grow from it and WHAT YOU DO NOW matters more in defining oneself than the details of what's been done. (Reference: Living as Essence: Warrior)



(Reference: Conscious connection to Essence)

The Great Lesson of the Warrior is to recognize your purpose and nature of action. The Conscious Warrior knows that your heart lies in conquering a CRISIS/CHALLENGE, in correcting an imbalance or disorder and emphasizing what is and isn't power or empowering.
When disconnected however, you feel life is an unrolling world of chaos that you can't ever hope to control, so you think you're just lucky for what you have: never putting in the effort to pave a path that would bring more control, help you make choices for yourself, or strengthen the faltering state of your relationships. You spend your life laying low, hiding in the shadows, evading conflict and depending highly upon others, all while sensing at some point you need to do/be something specific in order to be loved or recognized.
This Warrior is Martyrdom, manifest- as you determine you're not in control of your life.
To return a sense of Essence to your days, it can help if you seek some source of physical contact that brings greater SECURITY and CONTROL; such as Tai Chi, the Alexander Technique, a sport requiring coordination, or even being held or holding someone important to you. Owning where you are Right Now, realizing you have a Choice in this moment and the next, and Asking for Help when struggling so you know you're not living in a vacuum will always help too.




(Reference: The 7 Facets of Warrior)

Champion: This WARRIOR stands up for the underdogs & the weak, feeling the impulse to protect, defend and create more room for others, even including those she doesn't like or care for.

But this means she may defend at the expense of her well-being, or just defend something to compensate for no one coming to her own defense.

Bohemian: This WARRIOR is irreverent+ and unorthodox, breaking the mold and shaking off expectations, demands and obligations to create a path that more authentically represents her.

But she can also just become combative, taking stands without intent to follow through & "puffing up" to hide or display herself as a defense.

Aggressor: This WARRIOR rises up from oppression/confinement to constantly fight for her life, something or someone because she has to, and she will not rest.

But if not managed, she may end up exhausted and broken; refusing to acknowledge any wins or successes even as she's celebrated for her accomplishments.

Expert: This WARRIOR "knows her shit" and tirelessly fixes things. She is direct and to-the-point in action and communication.

Of course if not handled well, she behaves as if "she is the shit", knows better, dismisses you and even if she feigns to consider your input, she will do what she was going to do anyway.

Surprise: This WARRIOR keeps to herself how wise she is, but then surprises you with down-to-earth wisdom when you can hear her. Or she does her best to bring levity & connect through humor and play when you can't.
But she can easily suffer from crippling shyness, extreme frustration and shame over being ineffective, unheard and not taken seriously, permanently shutting down/shutting you out.

Winner: This WARRIOR is highly competitive and intends to win for herself or for/with you- holding all accountable (including herself) to earn and sustain respect & show results for their actions/efforts.

But she may just become a sore loser, blaming anything for her lack of win, or if she sees you're struggling, then it must be your fault. 

Hard Worker: This WARRIOR pushes through and goes the extra mile, finding workarounds and solutions to make the best of obstacles. If she determines you/it are worth her time and energy, then you/it are worth the highest quality of that.

But she may become frantically busy, occupied with anything that hopefully gives her life a sense of direction and meaning to the point that she completely breaks down.






Scholars resonate to the Assimilation axis. This Energy represents our inherent need for neutrality and comprehension to arise as a result of the information and experience we absorb on a daily basis.

Lying on the Assimilation Axis we have: the Emotional Center, Pragmatism, Flow, Observation, Solar Body Type, 4th Internal Monad of Manifestation, Mature Soul Age and Stubbornness. The Scholar reflects all of these.
When these traits are brought together, you have an energy that will record, experience and observe everything that is STUDIED and EXPLORED.


The Core Values of Scholars are Knowing/Experiencing(diving in), Neutrality, Sharing, Efficiency, Independence, Information, and being a living example of Everything. (Reference: Core Values of Scholar)
They hold Nobility in such gathering of EXPERIENCE or Trust.
Scholars carry the Power of Information: of providing missing, valuable & important data from your experiences.
When this is dependent upon/extracted from others, it shows as -Trivia. This is where you expound facts without context, value and meaning; or feel trivial about what you share, and so trivialize other's sharing of information to compensate for your ineffectiveness. While when generated from within you passionately share in-depth knowledge when wanted, needed or in context with great +Timing. (Reference: Scholar: Power of Information)



The SCHOLAR only manifests when there's a sense of what works efficiently and constructively (Pragmatism); a permission to be/do/feel freely and move with the waves of life you wish to move with (Flow); and a comprehensive understanding of the whole experience you're having, in theory or knowledge (Observation). When these criteria are satisfied, your ESSENCE comes out to Dive Into and Immerse in your Experience completely to really learn as much as you can possibly KNOW from it.

Scholars are life's Avid Researchers, Explorers and Experiencers, who want Projects or People to study, create, work on, contribute to and truly participate in. These projects/studies are often experiential and fully immersive though, not purely theoretical- so the study could be about how to experience altered states of consciousness, climb a mountain, relate with others, be happy etc. (Reference: What Scholars WANT and NEED and Scholar Stereotype)


You have 1 INPUT, so this means when you shine you're entirely focused on studying, researching, storing and archiving the task at hand. (Reference: The 1 Input of the Scholar)

Scholars are always studying, so even when it comes to love there must be an EQUATION that makes sense or has meaning for you to KNOW & EXPERIENCE it. You must be PUSHED into Love, and lead with a helping hand and heart. Otherwise you can feel that Love is just an abstract concept that makes no sense, and you'll resist any new data, input or meanings that try to update that notion. (Reference: SCHOLARS - Loving and Being Loved)
All this in mind, your life philosophy sees the world as a Laboratory of sorts, and all the experiences/relationships you have within it are risks and experiments playing out as part of your overall research studies.

As Scholars are the Neutral Role, you can feel that your essence is quite Invisible or Chameleon as well. So you can easily show up as any other Essence Role (Server, Artisan, Warrior, Sage, Priest or King) depending on your interests for experience, projects and life themes.

If you have chosen the Scholar Role in this Grand Cycle, then your Essence is designed as a record keeper for all sources of knowledge because you feel the need to keep as up-to-date on all the events happening within and around you; deriving from each the most objective, pure and comprehensive understanding you can piece together. This is because your nature is highly mathematical, and prone to holding your and others experiences in until they’re thoroughly processed, controlled, figured out and understood. Especially if they involve paradoxes, emotions, intimacy or the concept of love, which all don't rely on your affinity for logical thinking. (Reference: Releasing experiences energies)

So you might isolate yourself from others, or isolate anything that triggers this confusion away from you until this is done. This can lead you to over-extend yourself, and feel like there's a haunting, vague problem with you that you either learn to live with or feel you must fix, when in truth it's just a matter of clearing up and updating stagnant/heavy energy. (Reference: Scholars as Akashic Record Keepers)
Some of the most helpful means to let go of this urge to "make sense of it all" are to LAUGH more in ways that revitalize you, SURRENDER when you sense you’re taking on too much or need to be clear, and understand and rely upon TRUST so that you can discern what you can and can't control. (Reference: What Scholars WANT and NEED and Scholars: dealing with energy held in the body)
Considering all this, your soul comes into its its own through the Mature Soul Age, when you learn that emotions are the way one truly knows and shares the value of experience. And this is where you discover that finding/creating common ground brings the greatest objectivity, understanding, reconciliation and integration in life as well: which is something you're always seeking.


The Scholar's Negative Pole is THEORY.
The Scholar's Positive Pole is KNOWLEDGE.

When in -THEORY, you tend to be highly reactionary, dismissive and presumptuous. This is because you decide the truth, value, worth and accuracy of a person or experience before you even have any experience with that. Or you believe that if this experience seems similar to a past experience, this one is and will be exactly the same, so you leave no room for variables or new data. 
Theory urges you to resort only to what's familiar, known or presumed true. All while locking out your effort, curiosity and enthusiasm for knowing any more, because you know what you know and that's enough. Theory allows you take no risks or action as you escape, ignore, resist and deflect any experiences in the present or future that mess with and disturb your sense of familiarity and knowing. (Reference: Scholar in Knowledge vs Theory)
Theory can also show in that you spread yourself too thin in eagerly trying to learn & extract wisdom from every experience. So you end up not knowing much at all that you wanted to, and simply become a barrage of empty info, tales and words that you may incessantly share with others, but hold no value. You display superficial affectations that feign experience, but lack the space and time needed to develop a real understanding that truly knows. And you continually compensate for the fact that you don't know & feel trivial about what you do know, by trying your best to declare that you do understand fully and completely. (Reference: Scholars: Living as Essence)

To shift into +KNOWLEDGE means you trust in and use past experiences to keep perspective and expand into the present and future with greater curiosity and openness to take action, risks and challenges; experiment with and explore your options; and actively or passionately jump/dive into experiences hands-on. (Reference: Scholar in Knowledge vs Theory) All of this exploration then helps you transform and deepen your understanding of your study because you process and apply what you've learnt and experienced. (Reference: Scholars: Living as Essence)
You begin to navigate with adaptability and flexibility and realize when you need to step back, REST & SURRENDER when unable to control forces greater than you. This helps you re-center and returns a sense of power to you that can more effectively navigate and make sense of things. (Reference: What Scholars WANT and NEED)



(Reference: Scholars: Conscious Connection to Essence)

The Great Lesson of the Scholar is to discover the equation of LOVE. When the Scholar is conscious, you realize on a deep level that you are whole, complete & truly like yourself. So you choose to trust, open your heart to others, share intimately and love ALL aspects of your life; even the worst of yourself and the hardest times you've passed through.
When disconnected however, you resist examining the state of your life, and the feelings and pains you feel. You argue your points, ignore the painful past and destroy or deteriorate anyone who comes too close to personal areas; so you resist love because it doesn't make sense. This Scholar is Stubbornness, manifest. As you build walls around your heart, close off, shut down, and any love you do seek is only that which can provide further refuge to hold up these walls.
To return a sense of Essence and intimacy to your days, it can help to talk to children about their perspectives of life, playing with them or on a playground to release your inner child; as well as to actually laugh, surrender when you can't control things and experience the AWE of aromas and visuals from flowers or the ocean.
When you let energy flow through your mind, body, heart and soul, you choose to clear up, open and update your theories as a way to know more and be more present. Owning where you are Right Now, realizing you have a Choice in this moment and the next, and Asking for Help when struggling so you know you're not living in a vacuum will always help too.




(Reference: The 7 Facets of Scholars)

Quiet Conductor: This SCHOLAR is highly efficient and attentive and knows how to move people, energy, events or parts of self to bring out the best in each- much like an orchestra.

When this falters though, he simply does this not in best interest, but to keep things quiet, contained and manageable.

Fast Thinker: This SCHOLAR is quick and thorough & thinks about a vast range of things, extrapolating quickly from data known to present valid ideas/concepts.

However when this strength is distorted, he simply becomes a fast liar, and all information is fueled/distorted into maintaining delusions.

Opposition: This SCHOLAR actively challenges you and any ideas and concepts. He is conservative, deliberate, headstrong and plays the devil's advocate well.

However, he may simply become pushy, badgering and even bullying when enforcing his perspectives.

Disciplined: This SCHOLAR is driven by whatever draws his interests and attention, losing himself in this for the sake of complete sensory experience.

But, he may simply fall into addictions, compulsions, obsession and lose himself to an experience, trying to compensate through control and micro-managing.

Judge: This SCHOLAR has a keen sense of justice, right and wrong and is very precise in his calculations; whether that be in assessing character or courses of action.

However if not managed, he may simply resort to incite, provocation, and barbed and abrasive assessments that only hinder efficiency.

Philosopher: This SCHOLAR is slower in thinking and pondering, but nonetheless methodical, intellectual and fond of systems as a way to grasp the nature of a thing, person or experience.

But, he may just fall into escapist day dreaming, logical loops and complete confusion.

Humanitarian: This SCHOLAR is concerned with principles and ethics, and how knowledge can help sustain and derive quality of life.

However, this may also mean he falls into apathy, disillusionment and dispassion when things are not supporting a quality of life he hoped for.






Sages resonate to the Cardinal Expression axis. This Energy creates the perpetually expansive, optimistic feeling in life that keeps us looking forward, outward and all around us.
Lying on the Cardinal Expression axis we have: the Intellectual Center, Idealism, Acceptance, Power, Jovial Body Type, 5th Internal Monad of Recreation, Old Soul Age and Greed. The Sage reflects all of these.
When these are brought together, you have an energy that will COMMUNICATE & TRANSLATE in fun and/or honest ways what has been learned is a fundamental TRUTH in the universe.

The Core Values of Sages are Communication, Expression, Fun/Levity, Innocence, Teaching, Learning and being a living example of your Personal Philosophy. (Reference: Core Values of Sage)
This means they hold Nobility in such simple INNOCENCE or Wisdom.
Sages carry the Power of Charisma: of coalescing and bringing together a sense of cohesiveness & comprehension among groups, or parts of yourself and others.
When this is dependent upon/extracted from others, this shows as -Manipulating yourself and others into warped or dishonest presentations/personas that appear whole & in "good graces"; or by doing your best to appear whole & in good graces when you're manipulated by others. While when generated within, you allow for the expression of all parts and people and give rise to the best of each with +Grace, propriety, thoughtfulness and consideration. (Reference: Sage: Power of Charisma)



The SAGE only manifests when there's a sense that you're truthfully or affectionately expressing your values to those listening (Acceptance); conveying your presence and allowing others to be present (Power); and communicating, sharing or clarifying upon improvements (Idealist). (Reference: More on Sages) When these criteria are satisfied, your ESSENCE comes out to share with others what you’ve learnt as Fundamental Truths of the universe in a way that speak to them & make sense to them. These truths can either be shared in a way that's simple and direct, or in a way that is cleverly or playfully cloaked as a way to subtly attract other's notice without being too "in your face". (Reference: Sages and Maturity)


Sages are life's Messengers, Narrators and Innocent Children of the Universe who want to Communicate and Exchange: to be Seen and Heard and to See and Hear Others too. (Reference: What Sages WANT and NEED)

All this in mind, your life philosophy is that the world is a Stage and you're an entertainer and communicator for your Audience in any moment: be that the general public or just a small partnership. Because of this, you're well aware of how easily dishonesty can be packaged/presented as if it's an honest truth. (Reference: Sages and Dishonesty) On some level then when you shine, you sense you're always being watched for who you are and what you teach or exemplify; which plays into your 3 INPUTS that see the task at hand (1), the truth you're expressing or simply want to express (2) and how to express that to those who are listening (3). (Reference: The 3 Inputs of the Sage and Sages and their audiences)
As Sages naturally like meaningful talking, there is a part of your core that needs to HEAR Truthful Words of Love. So the more one TELLS you that they love you, the more you'll feel REASSURED it's OK to NEED that. In fact, if love is not offered, you can be needy and resort to quiet or demonstrative tantrums that wish for more direct and honest expressions of love. (Reference: Sages - Loving and Being Loved)

If you have chosen the Sage Role in this Grand Cycle, then you come into your own in the Old Soul Age, as you learn how to own your role in the world as a teacher and provocative catalyst for igniting forgotten truths. You're the "reminder note" that encourages everyone to lighten up, have fun, remember your innocence, be ageless etc. This is because you're the quickest to know maturity doesn't preclude all those good times of splashing about, and you possess a confidence to speak up even as you may be afraid to do so. You refuse to become jaded or mold yourself into roles that appear mature just for the sake of consolation.

Others can be quite annoyed by and dismissive of this strength though, so you will often relate with many blows to your innocence, shaming of your playfulness and an internal discord over necessary responsibilities that encourage vs. unnecessary obligations that hinder living life to the fullest. But Sages will always continue to poke and provoke others anyway to either get them to laugh, resolve conflicts and paradoxes and feel a sense of oneness with the world. Or to help them notice with great honesty where they're refusing to allow their joy, happiness, innocence and fun in uptight, resistant or painful ways. (Reference: The Role Sages play for their Entity/Cadre)


The Sage's Negative Pole is ORATION.

The Sage's Positive Pole is DISSEMINATION.

When in -ORATION, you express yourself incessantly and obnoxiously; dumping information overloads upon those with no interest, talking just to fill your boredom or anxiety, and communicating with presumptions about your listeners rather than with genuine interest. (Reference: Sage Positive and Negative Poles)
You quickly understand the simple truth of your experiences, but complicate and embellish that truth with drama, childishness, antagonism, performance etc. just to make it more interesting and conspicuous. 

While your intentions through this are often to just have fun, you can easily end up losing or silencing your audience through your lecturing, soap boxing, mental masturbation and immature awareness of consequences, completely distorting any messages you intended to convey. (Reference: Sages and their audiences) This can cause you to feel invisible, unheard, unseen and unaccepted, and you can quickly counter your flamboyant obnoxiousness with a dip into needy tantrums, silence and self-suppression.
The Sage is keenly aware of how life tells a story, but Oration will simply fill that story/life with drama and theatrics or incessantly & vocally complain/gossip about injustices, aches, pains, struggles, obstacles etc. until you are shocked that there is a larger theme being built and told to others through your words and expressions. (Reference: Sages: Living as Essence) This tendency to exaggerate can even lead you to prematurely take on responsibilities or relationships that are beyond your confidence, as you perform, overdo and overstate your jobs just to make an impression that expresses something through your efforts, even if it makes little sense to others.

To shift into +DISSEMINATION means communicating the Wisdom you wish to express to your "audience" with substance, in a way that is captivating to them in fun or honest ways, and can be shared sans any performance of showmanship, small talk or personas.

Seeing the simple truth of any situation, you're able to adapt, express and play with it from multiple angles. And through this you gauge your audiences by actively listening to them and responding to where they are in their understanding. (Reference: Sages and Maturity) To help them better hear and comprehend what you have to share, and come to their own conclusions about that without ever feeling as if a truth was imposed upon them. (Reference: Sage Positive and Negative Poles)
Deep down, you'd much rather be rejected, scoffed at or dismissed with honesty for what you say, than to have others sycophantic or thoughtlessly embracing of your words, because your vitality comes from being TRULY heard and seen. (Reference: Sages and Maturity)

What matters now becomes the cohesiveness, quality and integrity of the story/life you're telling; that its theme can be comprehended, regardless of whether it is simpler, quieter or more subtle. (Reference: Sages: Living as Essence
Dissemination simply means you share pure joy, play and humor, see through to everyone's core of innocence in even the most trying times, and allow room for the expression of all parts in you/others, especially those parts that wish to do the right thing even if they don't know what that is. Over time, these means of connection help grow your needs for Affection, commonality, truthful exchanges, friendship and companionship: which are vital for any Sage. (Reference: What Sages WANT and NEED)



(Reference: SAGES - Conscious Connection to Essence)

The Great Lesson of the Sage is to feel IMPORTANT and HEARD. The Conscious Sage expresses everything from your core, always communicating and TALKING; gladly telling everyone about your happiness, sadness, anger etc. no matter when, where or how that comes out. You realize your feelings and expressions are important to someone, even if this starts out just being you.
When disconnected however, you become silent, shunned, suppressed, and withdraw your communication entirely, redirecting all urges to say what wants to be said into distractions, addictions, substance abuses and compulsions.

This Sage is Greed, manifest, as you fixate on something you feel you don't have enough of, and struggle to attain this at the expense of all else in your life.
To return your immensely expressive spark of Essence to your days, it can help if you write letters, sing out loud, share stories, poetry and personal journals with those who will listen & trust how you feel about another when you first meet them. Owning where you are Right Now, realizing you have a Choice in this moment and the next, and Asking for Help when struggling so you know you're not living in a vacuum will always help too.




(Reference: The 7 Facets of Sage)

Contradiction: This SAGE is incredibly discerning, perceptive and considerate. She's a mixed bag of innocence and wisdom, compassion and harsh criticism, irresponsibility and fierce accountability- keeping everyone on their toes & generating paradoxical mixed emotions in all around.
However if not careful, she may simply exaggerate to the point of being labeled "caricature and cliche". (Reference: About Old Server-cast Sages)

Fireball: This SAGE will "light a fire under your ass" to help you move away from lethargy and complacency, and bring greater waves of enthusiasm, invigoration, creativity and new life experiences.

However, she might also become rather annoying, hyper, distracted and distracting through this.

Coordinator: This SAGE is a bit more stuffy and stuck in her ways: depending on independence, self-reliance, proven methods, familiar directions and stability.

However she may just let that stability take priority over all else of substance, dissuading concepts that she believes could never work & eventually "looking up" one day to realize she has not even lived.

Investigator: This SAGE wants to learn and feels most people and things distract from that, so she tunes out the noise & instead focuses on highly particular elements that interest her for her whole life.

But if not careful, this removal can lead to squalor, neglect, ill health and tunnel-vision, and she will use these things to help her evade all experiences outside her parameters.

Barricade: This SAGE reaches a certain point and then is DONE. She'll work through all that has been done and heal any wounds that have resulted from that, but will rarely take on more.

However, she also runs the risk of locking out anyone & everything, so she might refuse to work on herself to the point she no longer lives, but simply waits for the end.

Designer: This SAGE focuses her wisdom and communication on sharing/creating patterns that all play into a bigger picture or ideal; so nothing is without its calculation, skill and refined agenda.
At worst though, she is fatalist, distracted with signs, omens and superstitions & so preoccupied with what everything means that nothing means anything.

Anchor: This SAGE brings home all of her scattered experiences, mistakes, blunders and aimlessness into a deep compassion & acceptance for the human condition, creating a sanctuary for all to draw from.

But she may also fill that space with all the worst parts of life and fall into resentment, guilt, lack of sensation & sense of movement, and simply feel trapped or stuck.






Priests resonate to the Cardinal Inspiration axis. This Energy brings out the visionary, deeply transforming and inclusively encompassing energy in us all.

Lying on the Cardinal Inspiration axis we have: the Higher Emotional Center, Spiritualism, Growth, Passion, Saturnian Body Type, 6th Internal Monad of Comprehension and Arrogance. The Priest reflects all of these.

When these are brought together, you have an energy mindful of everyone's GROWTH, ASPIRATION and GUIDANCE through life.

The Core Values of Priests are Understanding, Inspiration, Meaning, Consistency, Presence, Integrity, and being a living example of Self-Awareness. (Reference: Core Values of Priest)
They hold Nobility in EMPATHY/ALTRUISM or Self-Reflection.
Priests carry the Power of Resonance- of bringing parts and people into harmony with one another.
When this is dependent upon/extracted from others it shows as -Vibration. You simply force people and parts into resonance, exhausting yourself/others for how much work has to be done to sustain that.
When this is instead generated within, you help find or create a common ground for self and others to come back to oneself, so resonance becomes +Natural, rather than a matter of driving everyone forward from or forcing everyone away from where or how they are. (Reference: Priests: Power of Resonance)



The PRIEST only manifests when there's a sense of possibility to convey (Spiritualism); a call to inspire greater evolution and transformation (Growth); and a feeling that you’re creating meaning in your relationship through what and with who you're inspiring (Passion). When these criteria are satisfied, then your ESSENCE comes out and wants to Guide and Orient others to a more healing, inspiring and meaningful position of higher awareness in life. (Reference: What Priests WANT and NEED)
You have 2 INPUTS, so this means when you shine there will always be a part of you focused on the task at hand (1); while another is mindful of the higher good (2) that fuels your drive to do what's best for all & show everyone what possibilities exist beyond oneself. (Reference: Priests have 2 Inputs)

Priests are life's Counselors, Guides, Beacons and Visionaries, so in your core, you're always perceiving and assessing how the meaning you inspire is being used by others for self-fulfillment. Though you do want that which you share to be used and seen accurately.

All this in mind, your life philosophy sees everyone/thing in the world as part of a Congregation/Flock you're invested in ultimately inspiring, and their growth and mission toward their greatest aspirations is important to you. As Priests who own themselves extend and expose a sort of altruistic love to all of humanity, you tend to presume others naturally must love you as well. But when you're SURPRISED by Love, see someone EXPOSE their love to you and show their FACE, you suddenly know that love does exist. (Reference: Priests - Loving and Being Loved)

If you have chosen the Priest Role in this Grand Cycle, then you're the one that brings all parties involved in any relationship or community into the same meeting ground so that they may work out their issues for the sake of understanding each other, creating common ground and intimately reuniting through deep and messy healings. Because of this you are like the group conscience, counselor and facilitator for imposing upon or inviting everyone to see what's ultimately good for justice, freedom and empowerment.
This means that as tough and nasty as things may get, you'd ultimately prefer the painfully honest & full disclosure of all the raw, ugly secrets and wounds people keep as a way to create greater emotional unity and love- over ignoring, circumventing and masking the truth with manipulative dishonesty just to get along. (Reference: Priests and Love)
Considering this affinity for healing, your soul comes into its own in the Astral Plane Cycle. This is when/where we undergo a soul catharsis & emotionally reunite with everyone we loved and hated throughout the process of reincarnation, by working through all our wounds, secrets, issues etc. with them. During this cycle, you're the one that runs these reunions then, and brings all souls into great resonance, harmony and deep intimacy: where we can truly perceive we're all part of the same stuff that is "life". (Reference: The Role of Priests on the Astral)


The Priest's Negative Pole is ZEAL.
The Priest's Positive Pole is COMPASSION.

When in -ZEAL, you impose your higher good, vision or ideology upon yourself and others- seeking to recruit, proselytize and steer all people/parts towards aiming for that. While if ever you feel threatened for imposing those beliefs, expressions, spiritual crusades or prophetic visions, you can bristle up in defense, anger or hostility. (Reference: Choosing Zeal or Compassion)
Zeal always closes your eyes to someone's suffering, as a way to compound and convince with righteous conviction that someone or something else's suffering is more important; or as a way to distract from suffering all together and "turn a blind eye" in favor of your ideas and ideals of a perfect world. (Reference: Priests)
Rather than allowing the time and space to work through issues, you force people and parts to work together/get along because they MUST, which not only exhausts you, but feeds even more conflict and disagreement. And so you can become so ridiculously outraged, agitated or distracted in presuming every accident, bad choice, wrong turn etc. is equally meaningful, that you flatten your sense of vision and are blinded by yourself all together. (Reference: Priests: Living as Essence)

To shift into +COMPASSION means remaining comfortable in your center when faced with defense, anger or hostility, and responding as best you can with patience, information, altruism, empathy & invitation to your truth/vision that you believe could help heal and transform your self, relationships or world. (Reference: Choosing Zeal or Compassion) In doing so, you help create/find common ground for others when you see them struggling and suffering, or when you feel your own sense of spirit/vision is threatened and faltering. (Reference: Priests)
Compassion doesn't impose or rush people along, but honors and allows room for everyone's need to grow and evolve through exposure, experience, education & dialogue at a personal pace. It's always on stand by for when people need guidance.

This means you're able to discern what is central to the matter at hand & what truths are or aren't the most meaningful and effective to impart to bring about growth and understanding. So you realize when you need to Detach and step back from taking too personally what you wish to guide or steer so that your inspiration can be more accurate and effective. And you differentiate when you are reflecting empathy from when you're simply projecting your visions. (Reference: What Priests WANT and NEED)



(Reference: PRIESTS - Conscious Connection to Essence and More on the Great Lesson of the Priest)

The Great Lesson of the Priest lies in navigating life with TRUE PERCEPTION and INTUITION. The Conscious Priest realizes life is full of truths and each is valid in its own way; knowing how to pass through and navigate moments with this deep trust that we will get through and evolve from it. And feeling more than able to help lead others through any struggles and confusions too.
When disconnected however, you begin to enforce your concepts, ideas, rationales and over-analysis about WHAT'S RIGHT to the point of destroying life and misleading others to falsely validate your beliefs; creating profound LIES that even you believe are true, and seeking to only remain in a structured, thought-out and predetermined way or picture of life that no longer challenges trust.

This Priest is Arrogance, manifest, because you believe you must never be vulnerable to the truth, or other "wrong" truths.
To bring your intuitive essence into your days, it can help if you take time to communicate with what you deem your "higher self" & use/create a system of synchronicity, divination, inspirational affirmation or even a book of quotes as a message or thought for the day. This lends insight and trust from some place beyond analysis. Owning where you are Right Now, realizing you have a Choice in this moment and the next, and Asking for Help when struggling so you know you're not living in a vacuum will always help too.




(Reference: The 7 Facets of Priest)

Capable: This PRIEST has an amazing strength of emotional-intelligence, and will endure difficulties in his life & relationships because he can, and because he sees into the hearts & innocence of people around so that it's difficult to fault them for what's endured. Even if he feels a need to express other feelings.
However, if this strength falters, he simply disappears, and has no effect on the world he lives/believes in.

Initiator: This PRIEST exposes others to foreign concepts and ideas, intending to inspire the highest inspirations and prompt the start of new directions.

When this is misused though, he becomes a troublemaker, instigator and even antagonistic.

Boss: This PRIEST authentically knows what's best for you, and he's highly confident and ambitious in making sure everyone knows this too.

But this may mean he becomes obsessed with being right, not helpful, and if he feels ignored, ineffective or even suggested of being wrong, it is literally painful.

Editor: This PRIEST is quite good about seeing the details to be addressed and changed, and he will help himself and you rewrite any of your patterns/behaviors to do so.

But he may also fall into doing this out of routine, banality, boredom and apathy; and something, anything is needed to revitalize his sense of participation in life and the world.

Dignified: This PRIEST embodies elegance and discretion in his expression and use of energy- being quite noble, refined, formal and greatly considerate.

But he may also become deeply attached to his identity and appearance, and anything that represents these to the point he falls into hoarding and collapse.

Absolutist: This PRIEST is very good and specialized in what he knows, able to remove himself from the trappings of life and keep a distance from anything not deemed of value.

But he may just become profoundly arrogant, dismissive and develop superiority complexes of crippling shyness or vanity because of this.

Diplomat: This PRIEST can see all sides and will help to resolve conflict, find common ground and encourage strength in differences.

But he may also find himself in constant conflict, recoiling from anything different/challenging and doing all he can to (falsely) keep the peace.






Kings resonate to the Cardinal Action axis. This Energy is the part of us that seeks out the bigger picture of context, causality and total spiritual wholeness.
Lying on the Cardinal Action axis we have: the Higher Intellectual Center, Realism, Dominance, Aggression, Venusian Body Type, 7th Internal Monad of Death and Impatience. The King reflects all of these.
When these are brought together, you have an energy that will CONDUCT ALL PARTS/PEOPLE to work together as part of a larger pattern, theme, project, system etc.


The Core Values of Kings are Mastery, Action, Planning, Recognition of You/Others, Progress, Success, and being a living example of Transcendence (Getting Out of your Own Way.) (Reference: Core Values of King)
This means they hold Nobility in their simple PRESENCE or Self-Authority.
Kings carry the Power of Legitimacy- of embodying authority, lawfulness and authenticity.
When this is dependent upon/extracted from others, it shows as -Ruling over yourself and others. Particularly by blindly adhering everyone into inherited or externally determined standards, limitations and rules of who one is and "what's supposed to be done" to keep everything in its place. While when generated within, power becomes a matter of whether you're acting from your +Spirit. So you become motivated by flexible, self-defined purposes, intentions & standards of personal integrity that matter to you. (Reference: King: Power of Legitimacy)



The KING only manifests when you can perceive and deal with your reality as it IS (Realism); are willing to lead/exemplify a direction for any system of dynamic parts/people in your life (Dominance); and are driven to create energy, action and movement in directing those various parts/people (Orchestration). When these criteria are satisfied, your ESSENCE comes out to Oversee the Bigger Picture, because you're the one that carries out the managing, directing, delegating, allowing, encouraging and motivating of all of the parts/people that are part of, yet create something greater than the sum of the whole. (Reference: Kings and Mastery)

With all this in mind, your life philosophy sees the world as being a Kingdom you rule over, as you interpret, interact and share life with the "common folk" that are your relationships/experiences as a way to get to know their nature, your nature and the context you're both a part of creating.

Kings are life's Adepts, Directors and Commanders, as your natural magnetism, oversight and charisma can be honed into great leadership & rally many aspects of your life, parts of you or dynamics in your relationships that are moving in separate directions, towards a common context or overarching "goal" in life. But as a King, you also want to be Independent in your delegation: to hold your own and embody your strengths and capabilities with absolute self-sufficiency. (Reference: What Kings WANT and NEED)

You have 1 INPUT, so this means when you shine you're entirely focused on mastering the task at hand. (Reference: Kings have 1 Input) Kings have such a broad picture of life and love that you span and plan over the course of time. So this means you need yourself and others to give you TIME to LET YOU Love First. You can't be pushed to love yourself or others before you've had the time to process that, so all others need is to go along life, loving you all the same without agenda/air/pretense, as you come to terms with that truth. (Reference: KINGS - Loving and Being Loved)

If you have chosen the King Role for this Grand Cycle, your nature carries a strong drive to master whatever it is you're trying to accomplish until you're absolutely satisfied. But you also have a constant feeling that things are never right, never settled and never working the way they could be so you actually never are satisfied. This is because things will never be perfect until you understand & live by the principles that remind us life is a continuous process not a project; that every part/person is part of a greater whole that's even greater than the sum of its parts; and that each part/person is beautifully alone in its own wholeness and perfect in its imperfection.

So your way of coming to terms with all these spiritual paradoxes- is to help show, remind and delegate yourself and everyone else in life to their place in the bigger picture and their rightful seat as their own authority in life. So that one's self-remembering as being a part of & having a place in the cosmos, comes from a space of peace, spiritual wisdom, authentic being and appropriate action. (Reference: The Role Kings play for their Entity/Cadre)

Being such a grand energy, your essence comes into full bloom the latest of all- in the Causal Plane Cycle. This is when and where we start to comprehend everyone's lives playing out in the fabric of the universe, and how every aspect of life is intrinsically woven together with every other through relationality, causality and context. Because you're the revered overseer in the universe, and see life as a kingdom to be governed, you eventually learn how to actually let the very essence/spark that creates life, be your kingdom to rule, master and share from.

So you're the one that eventually learns how to tap into the deepest and broadest connection to spirit, to the vastness of existence and to the true exploration and mastery of one's eternal & multidimensional consciousness.


The King's Negative Pole is TYRANNY.
The King's Positive Pole is MASTERY.

When in -TYRANNY, you wipe the slate clean to "be done with it" when facing any chaos, lack of control or uncertainty, avoiding and eliminating all association with that which you can't master or is causing you trouble. You simply cut off all sources of dependency because you can do it on your own, alone. This is where you try to Enforce Sameness, because life becomes a matter of "babysitting" everything, where you turn yourself and everyone else into simple objects, strip them of their being, turn them into cogs in a machine, and expect that they all just need to comply and stay in their place. (Reference: A King's Sense of Relationality, Kings and their Skillful Delegation and Kings and Mastery)
Tyranny is also where you feel that enduring boredom, tedium and apathy is honorable, because nothing and no one is going to change, and you will enforce that you and everyone else just do what needs to be done to get by. (Reference: Living as Essence: King)
Overall, Tyranny is a demanding, fretful and distracted voice in you, that's consumed by compulsions and obsessions saying life, experiences and relationships must provide some form of constant emotional/mental/physical stimulation for you in a way that keeps you feeling grounded, safe, alive and always doing something. 

To shift into +MASTERY means you comprehend and allow for the inherent natures of the aspects of your life, parts of you, or dynamics of your relationships that you're working to delegate and motivate. This is so that you can direct all those parts to work together in unison, in a way that creates a Path or Progression to greater success & wholeness, rather than enforces them into something that's not natural to them. (Reference: A King's Sense of Relationality and Kings and Mastery)

Overall, Mastery is a patient, steady, strategic and comprehensive implementation of action that can anticipate how your choices affect and will impact your life and those of others.
Despite your flare for mastering big-picture plans of action though, the greatest mastery and peace for you actually comes when you finally allow yourself to be as you’re inclined, rather than as you demand or expect yourself to be. (Reference: Kings and their Skillful Delegation) This is when you finally see your state of being as the source of your life, not just your state of doing. When you realize this, you ask if you are & in turn learn how to become truly, profoundly alive, excited and moved by life, however that may show. (Reference: Living as Essence: King) Because you know that if what you do doesn't align with who you are, you are lying, separating and compartmentalizing yourself.

So you break down this discrepancy and act from you not on you. You begin to allow your need for Intimacy: recognizing you are not an island but part of a community; growing close to, confident in and trusting of others as sources of support for your independence who can do things WITH you. And getting to know yourself as well, becoming internally aligned and close with you. (Reference: What Kings WANT and NEED)



(Reference: KINGS - Conscious Connection to Essence)

The Great Lesson of the King is to feel A PART of everything and everyone you live with. When conscious, you recognize you're the source of your life through your power of choice and creation. You don't just live your life, you are your life; and you know that you're the key that makes it whole, as nothing outside of you will do that for you. You feel connected to the life in all around/within you, while aware of the inherently unlimited possibilities in everything and everyone. No matter the struggles or limitations, you know your life's unfolding is perfect & beautiful. And rather than everything being potential obstacles/limitations to overcome, they are now important lessons that help direct your growth.
When disconnected however, you feel separated and APART from life, others and even yourself. So you simply distract yourself with all forms of self-gratification and stimulation that validate your ego's desire for ultimate perfection, control and ruler-ship. While feeling you alone are completely responsible for all achievements: resisting all influences of support and help (sometimes even violently).

This King is Impatience, manifest, as you create great distances and rifts from everything and everyone that reflect back to you, your utter imperfections at mastering life.
When this lesson arises, then it can greatly help if you tap into SPIRIT by visiting spiritual sanctuaries for quiet and reflection, watching/reading info shared by spiritual leaders you resonate with and making changes that reflect your commitment to acknowledging the life and spirit in all others (ie: veganism, volunteer work, healing practices). 

All this can help to return you to your all-encompassing and life-giving spiritual Core and Essence.

Owning where you are Right Now, realizing you have a Choice in this moment and the next, and Asking for Help when struggling so you know you're not living in a vacuum will always help too.




(Reference: The 7 Facets of King)

Beloved: This KING is most nurturing, loyal & sincere, with her tactics gaining so much admiration, respect and love from all who know/are affected by her.

But when this falls, everything seems so obligatory & routine and she misses out on herself, not ever seeing she could be so loved/make such a difference.

Creator: This KING is slow and deliberate, greatly concerned with an ultimate creation or fulfillment in life.
But she can easily fall into a kind of amnesia that feels like life is a constant struggle to wake up into; or even then, to feel she has a right to participate in it in the first place.

Custodian: This KING feels responsible for everything, and works hard to bring all parts together for the betterment of everything.

But when this falters, she checks out, resigns and becomes embittered and distanced from all forms of responsibility.

Advocate: This KING takes on causes and stands as representative for them; being a resource of information, structure & direction for fulfilling her chosen pursuits.

However, she may simply fall into a state of stridency, warring and combativeness that entirely defeats the point of fighting for those causes to begin with.

Wise One: This KING is a true source of information, sharing valuable observations and exemplifying adaptability.

But if not careful, she falls into orating inappropriate information/observations that have no bearing on current contexts but to fuel repression or oppression. 

Precedence: This KING is willing to set precedence and do what others wouldn't and haven't to pave a path/open a way for others.

When this strength falls though, she becomes repetitive, breaking into directions just to impress or make a point, but with no concern for those who might follow behind.

Cornerstone: This KING is immovable and predictable. She's established her position in life and won't move, creating a comforting stability for peace in her own and others lives.

But she may just become a dead weight or black hole, holding steady in her direction and stance even when on a crash course- taking all down with her.

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 I notised that under the "7 FACETS/ARCHETYPES" the naming of the different CASTING combinations with the Role was left out. In the original transcript it would be for instance (using my own combination as example)


I think it would be good to have that here in your compilation too. Just an idea...

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  • TeamTLE


Here is the original complete session on the facets: NWM: Seven Facets of Role.


This paragraph is important: 

MEntity: We see there is speculation as to correlation with Casting as a means for defining these variations on a Role, and that is in part true, but only in part. These Facets "rotate" for each Role, and while Casting tends to describe a default, a Role can have locked into any one of the Facets.


In other words, an individual's Role Facet is not necessarily the same as the person's Casting. Kurtis' summary does not say that Facet=Casting, but some students may make an assumption based on how the Facets are described, so I thought I should point it out. 


The unfortunate thing about that NWM session is that Michael also said this:

MEntity: After we do our best to provide a synopsis of the Facets, we can then describe what factors of correlation can be used to help determine one's Facet. The reason we will describe the Facets first is because each of you are probably well aware of which one you are, and the correlations may help to serve as validation.


However, the session ran really long and Michael never covered correlation factors. This would be good to follow up on. 


@KurtisM THANK YOU for including source references!


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