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The 7 Castings


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People have requested me to bring back my descriptions of the Overleaves in the last 3ish years. Whenever someone brought up how they helped them, I shed a tear inside because I like that stuff I write can help.
It's a bit sensitive for me to repost them publicly, but I am pretty done living in any sort of fear as a default, so I'm gonna bring them back.


These descriptions are my own summaries of all compiled information on the Castings.
The Casting is how we behave and process life on an every day basis. This is the part others will likely notice of us when they get to know us. This is in contrast to the Role, which tends to show up only when we're feeling quite "on", quite alive, at our very best (or very worst). I like to think of the Role as our Flow State we have to get to to be, but the Casting is our Modus Operandi, it requires no effort.
There are actually three casting positions:

  1. The first is what is normally called the Casting. This is, as mentioned, how we express ourselves naturally, everyday. It's how we relate to ourselves.
  2. The second is the Cadence, also known as the "Row". This influences how we behave in Relationships, or how we relate to others in general. Our Casting is a specific position in our Cadence. Our Cadence is also part of a specific position in our Greater Cadence, which is also known as the "Block".
  3. The third is also known as the Entity. This influences how we behave in the world and relate to the world. Our Greater Cadence is a specific position in our Entity.

If this confuses you, just think of it as like this: Our Casting is our HOUSE. Our Cadence is our STREET. Our Greater Cadence is our NEIGHBOURHOOD. Our Entity is our CITY. Metaphorically, anyways.

Note that my descriptions for the Cadences are based around the description Michael gave for the Artisan Cadence in Michael Speaks: Advanced Casting. There are no full descriptions of all the Cadences at the moment, so some extrapolation was necessary.
The Polarities for each Entity are posted under the article Cadres and Entities 101.







The SERVER-CAST naturally functions on a day-to-day basis with an attraction to what inspires you to CARE and HELP. You have a keen awareness of and attentive sensitivity to the NEEDS, BEHAVIORS and FEELINGS of yourself and those whom you find important. As such, you often find yourself contacted by a handful of people in your day-to-day life that are drawn to you one-on-one for being a resource of help, insight, understanding and nurturing that inspires them, or at least always puts them onto a path of greater personal meaning. (Reference: Server-cast Kings)


This Casting is of the Ordinal Inspiration axis; and thus helps you to keep cool and calm in your perceptions, unfazed no matter what you see/perceive (Stoicism); constantly halting and launching or ebbing and flowing in life, as you're always re-evaluating the progress you're making toward your goals, and deriving a sense of simplicity, enthusiasm and meaning from them (Re-Evaluation); and monitoring yourself with restraint in relationships as a way to reveal only what's needed (Reserved). (Reference: Validating Server Casting)
However, any relationship, activity or exchange in your life must INSPIRE YOU and must already BE MEANINGFUL to you, or else you will simply move on. You have no interest in meaningless/random contact because your nature is to FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS, not on what doesn't. Once something or someone does matter though, then you'll comfortably pursue, nurture and care for that; bringing meaning and simple enthusiasm to that exchange, goal or relationship, while holding a kind and sensitive awareness for any struggles or boundaries that may show up, so that the best may come of things. (Reference: Validating Server Casting)

If this is +Service, then a fall into -Bondage means you can simply become distracted by your and everyone else's feelings, needs and behaviors; feeling like you're under an oppressive weight of personal obligation to nurture what/who you care for, even if it's at the expense of nurturing your own well-being.
So because you take no care of your boundaries, you start to become resentful of, frustrated and even infuriated by those who reflect that inconsideration of boundaries. (Reference: Server-cast Kings) And you might even learn to "lock down" and just "pretend" not to care, even when you know you really do. You might then fall into general Self-Deprecation, -Resignation and apathy, -Inhibiting/Repressing your inspirations and impulses to care, and -Withdrawing from caring for yourself and others all together to focus only on your survival and self-preservation through life. (Reference: Validating Server Casting)




Server Cadences tend to find relationships quite burdening and constricting as they work their way through BONDAGE and into SERVICE.

They will tend to have to see the value/meaning of others, and how you can add to their life, or how they can add to your life, in order to bond & open up. Since they do not focus on useless, trivial bonding, there must be a strong reason behind why they would bond with you. But once that is secured, they will dramatically shift towards nourishing and supporting you & being keenly attentive to your presence, needs and responses.

Their focus is always on binding or nurturing bonds; creating dynamics that are safe and comforting for one another; and inspiring meaningful, helpful exchanges.



(Reference: Entity 1 Theme)

Those in Server Entities tend to not care for or engage in the world around them much, unless or until there are certain events/people in it that they know matter to them or others, and that they must simply trust, nurture and nourish that, even if they do not fully want to. Once this is known, they then feel inspired to act in ways that lay the foundation their world needs most to happily grow and evolve.
This is done first in BINDING, obligatory ways that they feel forced to adhere to. But as they come to clarify boundaries, and see meaning in their and others actions, they adopt a meaningful SERVICE to the world because it simply matters to someone out there that they to do so.

As such, they navigate between reducing everything in the world to SIMPLICITY just to make enough sense of its fundamental nature, and how they can navigate through the difficulty on a base level. And then discovering a sense of strong singular PURPOSE that fuels them to be in their world until they determine that is no longer needed.






The ARTISAN-CAST naturally functions on a day-to-day basis with an attraction to all that is seen as or discovered to be RESONANT & BEAUTIFUL, especially if that beauty is unexpected. And you may even gravitate towards challenging experiences/people that provoke discord in or around you, as a means to draw from your resources and use some CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING to bring beauty, harmony, clarity & order to any chaos, confusion or disorder in your projects/relationships. (Reference: Artisan Casting and Beauty)

You constantly assess what's around/within you that you can use to create, invent or manifest what you want in life: always looking for patterns and extracting potential. And this can even carry forth into how you approach your relationships, because you're willing to try on VARIOUS PERSONAS over time to find the most effective, refined or original means, role or form of expression; being quite fluid, malleable, quirky and chameleon in your behavior.

This Casting is of the Ordinal Expression axis, and thus embodies the embrace of investigation as a means to learn more (Skepticism); refinement of your capacity to accept when you'd rather reject (Discrimination); and helps you form relationships and pursuits very deliberately/carefully (Caution). (Reference: Validating Artisan Casting) Because of all this, you're keenly aware of the INTEGRITY & SELF-AWARENESS in yourself and others around you- attracted to those who are consistent and comfortably defined (structured), yet also flexible (creative) in who, how and where they are, and whom are quite clear in their motives. (Reference: Artisan Casting and Integrity)

If this is +Creativity, then a fall into -Delusion means you may be prone to easily shattered fantastical thinking, escapism, complete denial, self-deceit and eccentric behaviors/habits you feel make you special. You may create elaborate fabricated fantasy worlds that block yourself from living in the harsh, boring or unfair real world. You might even fall into a chaotic state of PARANOIA, GOSSIP or OVER-ANALYSIS because you can't seem to grasp the motives and ideals of a person or project. And this senselessness can infuriate you to tears, to the point that you just make up reasons & backstories for why those people/things are as they are, so that there's some sense of consistency. (Reference: Artisan Casting and Integrity)

All of this fuels a general state of Self-Destruction, a sense of -Paralysis in your relationships, and leads you to question so much that no answers or options are ever accepted, locking you into loops of doubt, accusation, -Suspicion and -Rejection. 



(Reference: Michael Speaks: Advanced Casting)

Artisan Cadences tend to find relationships quite chaotic and confusing as they work their way through DELUSION and into CREATIVITY.

They will tend to have to strip themselves of any inclination to project and learn to see people for who/how they actually are. As opposed to how they wish to see you, how they wish you would behave, or how they wish to be seen by you. Through this, they learn how to build appropriate relationships from a real rather than imaginary common ground & consciously navigate towards healthy relationships while moving away from those that are not.

Their focus is always on creating or destroying bonds; forming structures to help them navigate chaos in relationships; and expressing self to others through unique, deliberate and innovative means.



(Reference: Entity 2 Theme)

Those in Artisan Entities tend to aim to carefully or chaotically create new things in, for and with their world. When participating on a world scale, they see all events/people therein as resources that can be used to help shape that world into new structures, styles, dynamics and directions.

This is done first in DELUSIONAL ways as they form and react with fantastical ideals and perceptions of the world that are simply not true. They shape the world around those delusional ideas, even if it means total denial and destruction of what's actually real. But over time, they come to perceive what is actually real and what they can actually work with to more intentionally CREATE what they desire in the world.

As such, they navigate between the effort to BALANCE and juggle all the chaos and confusion in their life/world that is pushing and pulling them into extremes of division and disorder. Until they find those places or perceptions that bring STABILITY, allowing them to create a sense of grounded structure and order that they can build something meaningful and fruitful upon.





The WARRIOR-CAST naturally functions on a day-to-day basis with a conscious/subconscious attraction to anything that offers or brings a sense of meaningful CHALLENGE. This often helps you to not fall into a sense of complacency or apathy for long periods of time, as you'll tend to experience the challenges of your life as "worth it" to follow through on. You're much less likely to resign or give up as you have a strong compulsion to DO even when there's nothing "to do". (Reference: Validating Warrior Casting)

This means you naturally move through life as if it's territory to conquer: dealing with questions and needs of LOYALTY, COURAGE, PROTECTION and ALIGNMENT. So you're always strategically scanning ahead for what's next, what's to come, and how to best navigate that. As such, you pay great attention to the AUTHENTICITY & SINCERITY of others and their commitments. (Reference: Warrior Casting and Authenticity)

This Casting is of the Ordinal Action axis; and thus embodies a drive to create or discover causes and directions where your efforts are meaningful (Submission); helps you relate with an undying loyalty to those people and directions you deem worthy, while standing strong and brave as a source for others to turn to, depend upon and even take for granted (Perseverance); and urges you to continually question and present the other side of situations, often playing the devil's advocate well (Cynicism). (Reference: Validating Warrior Casting)
Any interactions and experiences of the day are seen as challenges that simply need be addressed, and you present these to yourself & others using your natural talents of persuasion and influence, in ways that encourage commitment, participation and solution. 

If this is +Persuasion, then a fall into -Coercion can mean you feel provoked into frustrated reaction; needing to burn off energy on the regular through physical outlets or sexual exhaustion, and feeling that you must resort to manipulative strategy or force for the sake of your cause or "to get anywhere". You then collapse into general Martyrdom; as you let others decide your direction for you, taking on or resigning to -Subservient positions that at least mean something to someone else (even if they don't to you), while -Unchanging against all obstacles in your pursuits/relationships, and blindly -Denigrating all in opposition to your choices and perceptions.
Because you attract to those that are honest, challenging and authentic, and expect/require them to prove these qualities to you to ever be let into your life, others often fall short of your expectations and can seem like they never "catch on", are threats to you and those you care for, or are just plain stupid. So this can lead you to navigate your relationships & life based upon dismissive prejudices and presumptions- leaving you with few relationships you give a chance to, or few that have actual substance. (Reference: Warrior Casting and Authenticity)




Warrior Cadences tend to find relationships quite challenging and threatening as they work their way through COERCION and into PERSUASION.

They tend to have quite high standards for who is & isn’t valid, or who can & can’t be trusted. As such, they require others to pass a series of tests that will determine whether you’re fit for bonding and loyal support, or whether you are an untrustworthy threat and must be forcefully removed: distanced from that which they strongly protect and care for. Regardless, this Cadence will encourage those they relate to to become stronger at facing challenges and fears when bonding, with bravery. And they will experience and expect the same directed back from others.

Their focus is always on protecting or strengthening bonds; actively pushing through and into relationships; and persuading lasting allegiances that can bridge any conflict or antagonism.



(Reference: Entity 3 Theme)

Those in Warrior Entities tend to courageously protect, support and secure ideas, patterns and people in their world that have been overlooked, dismissed, dissuaded, outcast etc. They often aim to help others understand the importance of these, and the impact they can have on shaping and transforming the world. And they constantly assess the world's loyalty to implementing these important concepts.

This is done first in COERCIVE ways as they pretentiously force people and ideas into action for the sake of securing their idea of the world, without those people/ideas actually being ready or willing. But over time, they learn how to use more PERSUASIVE ways to make change, as they create systems that support and encourage those perspectives, trends, causes and projects to develop and grow.

As such, they navigate between pushing a VERSATILE variety of people, things and ideas into an imaginative ideal of/for the world, without much strategy or discernment. Until they ENTERPRISE the creation of these imaginative ideas of life, by putting great energy, care and persistence into their full cohesion, creation and production. They move from being incompatible and at odds with the world, to consistent and in alignment with it.






The SCHOLAR-CAST functions on a day-to-day basis as simply content to watch, learn and immerse as a way to know more. You have a nature that's difficult to categorize and define because you're so curious, chameleon, stealthy and unassuming. (Reference: How my Scholar casting affects my Overleaves)

You're drawn to ASSIMILATE KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING from your everyday life experiences and take everything in that you see, do, think and feel. Because of all this, you like to STUDY, GATHER and SHARE a wide range of ideas, ideals, theories and knowledge about life; bouncing these off of others to form further theories and insights into life based on their reactions/feedback. This then helps you feel quite fulfilled by your day-to-day explorations, because you experiment with and apply this new data to make more informed or efficient choices in your experiences and relationships. (Reference: Scholar Casting and Intimacy/Sensitivity)

This Casting can also show up as highly SENSITIVE and DEEPLY EMOTIONAL about life in ways that "make no sense" to you, and because you feel vulnerable for this, you can tend to keep your explorations in relationships, sexuality and your mind to yourself. For this, you might gravitate towards those who help you "come out of yourself" and live life in a way that's less inhibited and self-conscious: so that you can share yourself more intimately. Your Casting is one that is fascinated by sharing vulnerability, and you can be of the most kinky of all people. (Reference: Scholar Casting and Intimacy/Sensitivity)
Overall, this Casting is of the Assimilation axis, and thus helps you be quite adaptable to the ups and downs of life, even if begrudgingly (Flow); able to slow your brain to understand and see clearly (Observation); and know when it's time to make tough choices with efficiency (Pragmatism). (Reference: How my Scholar casting affects my Overleaves)

If this is +Knowledge, then a fall into -Theory means you stop taking risks, only keeping to yourself and what's familiar/known to you. Rather than dive into experiences, you brood and theorize about the simplest events to the point of fixation, and act, think and feel based only on your theoretical and "logical" abstractions. (Reference: How my Scholar casting affects my Overleaves) In Theory, you simply keep experiences and intimacy at a distance. This can lead to a kind of push-pull relationship with Intimacy, as you find it a distracting annoyance and annoying fascination all at once. (Reference: Scholar Casting and Intimacy/Sensitivity)
When in Theory, you can feel quite ineffective and trivial, as if no one is listening to and understanding you. You might lock down into defeat or paralysis at the sense you have no one to share your life's ideas and ideals with, and in turn convincing yourself that sharing what you greatly desire to would just be a stupid fantasy anyways. (Reference: Scholar Casting and Intimacy/Sensitivity)
You then succumb to general Stubbornness; becoming -Stuck in a Rut/Momentum that never changes, and falling into -Surveillance and -Dogma as you feel invisible in your relationships and continue to repeat the same counterproductive efforts over and over. (Reference: How my Scholar casting affects my Overleaves)




Scholar Cadences tend to find relationships quite paradoxical and illogical as they work their way through THEORY and into KNOWLEDGE.

They will tend to form theories about how to navigate relationships by listening to others experiences in them, and then discredit or imitate what they learn. But they have to actually dive into relationships to know for themselves why others behave the way they do: putting themselves in others shoes. Through this they can then extrapolate that experience as information to help them better empathize & relate to others they couldn’t understand before, and thus unlock new experiences in relating that open up new dimensions of bonding to explore.

Their focus is always on understanding or experiencing bonds; using logic to neutralize any resulting confusion; and immersing into others lives to grasp abstract concepts.



(Note: There is no invested description of Entity 4 anywhere on TLE. So this is an extrapolation based on information from the other Entities.)

Scholar Entities tend to put the most effort into thoroughly understanding, integrating and fully immersing into the dynamics happening in their world, so as to grasp, know and experience the whole world they live in, not just parts of it.

This is done first through forming THEORIES about why and how the world works as it does, but remaining a distanced observer that studies that mess from afar. They might even totally scoff at and dismiss the world, because it just doesn't make sense. But over life, a time comes where it's necessary to actually dive in and get messy with what they're observing, by interacting and feedbacking with the people, places, patterns and things they're around to gather more EXPERIENTIAL KNOWLEDGE.

As such, they navigate between working hard to ACHIEVE and reach for the next experience of clarity and understanding that can help them make sense of & navigate through the illogical patterns or people they see in the world. And then CONSOLIDATING those insightful experiences into a sense of clear and solid understanding, even if it does not fit their initial logic or prejudice of the world. The goal here becomes to integrate knowledge, not just collect and entrench it.





The SAGE-CAST naturally functions on a day-to-day basis with an attraction to all forms of sharing and spreading information through COMMUNICATION.
You're one that likes to have fun, create levity, tell stories & offer simple but profound insights about mundane events that emphasize the values of both teaching and learning. (Reference: Sage Casting after entity cycles off) And you tend to attract notice through your "shiny object syndrome", distractions with various things on a daily-basis that seem captivating (ie: "Squirrel!) and wide array of wild, feisty and untempered expressions. (Reference: Impact of Casting on Role in terms of Input)

There tends to be an attraction for this Casting to all that is HUMOROUS; a stronger awareness of how you and others relate to the child within that's full of INNOCENCE; and a great underlying urge to SPEAK UP about the truth, being true or of one's freedom of expression when you feel it is or can be important/necessary to. But this comes to be tempered over life with an evolving sense for knowing when it's time to refine your expressions, ACTIVELY LISTEN and cultivate a sense of COMMONALITY with those you're talking to that bridges misunderstandings through kindness & affection. (Reference: Sage-cast Artisan)

This Casting is of the Cardinal Expression axis- as it urges you to speak in ways that help others accept you, themselves or things & express your acceptance of yourself, them or things (Acceptance). It helps you relate with confidence, through making your presence known by being yourself & standing as an authority on the truths you share (Power); and to communicate in ways that show everyone how to improve a slow conversation, awkward moment, relationship, paradigm etc. (Idealism). (Reference: 20110806 OMW: Validating my Profile) Because of these inclinations, you may enjoy exploring, piecing and bringing together the character traits and facets of yourself, life and others like puzzles to grasp & make sense of. Bringing a sense of cohesiveness and comprehension to the wholeness of everyone, and maybe even reflecting them back in playful, theatrical ways.

If this is +Dissemination, then a fall into +Oration means you start to waver between being silent, quiet, retreating and pouting, to suddenly blaring, obnoxious, imposing and over-expressive. So rather than being captivating, you SILENCE others with your childish antics, blabbermouth performances, know it all one-upmanship, long-winded lectures/rambles, annoying distractions and offensive stories. (Reference: 20110806 OMW: Validating my Profile) And you can become so needy for rapport, affection, approval and feedback- that you're completely unable to see nor control the impact of your all or nothing expression.
This then shows up as a general Greed for being seen/heard; as you begin to -Ingratiate yourself or others because you feel unaccepted when you deeply want to be- feel oppressed or powerlessly invisible in relationships and so -Oppress others or yourself out of desperation to compensate- and just -Naively proclaim "this needs to improve" out of expectation or demand without elaborating on how. (Reference: 20110806 OMW: Validating my Profile)




Sage Cadences tend to find relationships quite distracting/distracted, loud and dramatic as they work their way through ORATION and into DISSEMINATION.

They tend to use lots of levity and comical fun in their efforts to bond, so as to encourage a sense of commonality rather than animosity; listening to all of the stories and behaviors others express, and then promptly joining in to encourage more socialization. However, this can often come across as too scary or obnoxious to others, so this Cadence then learns how to either be themselves despite outside opinion; or present themselves on the same wavelength so as to convey their words/truths in ways that are more intelligible and captivating. They also encourage the same responses from others.

Their focus is always on liberating or amplifying bonds; relying on sound communication to make sense of relationships; and expressing self in ways that teach, entertain and inform others.



(Note: There is no invested description of Entity 5s through Troy, but there is some through other channels, as posted under Validation Themes for Entity 4 and 5. This description is an extrapolation then, based on descriptions of the other Entities.)

Those in Sage Entities tend to need to talk about their experiences in the world to better comprehend it, or make a point to others about the bizarre social and global truths they've experienced in it. They often stretch the world beyond its acceptable limits, or feel stretched by the world beyond their own limits, prompting wild explorations that pull them and others into drama and wacky, fringe trends, ideas and places.

This is done first in ORATING ways as they talk constantly about the world and its ills, anguish and drama without any clarity, listening or learning. This just provokes and incites people into shock and outrage and annoyance and frustration. But eventually they shift to listening and learning from the world, and start to DISSEMINATE new truths and stories that can actually communicate something of substance to the world and help teach people about new ideas and experiences.

As such, they navigate between a constant sense of ADVENTURE as they move their life/world into new and unexpected territories that can feel rather offensive, insane or scary to everyone involved. And then feeling a sense of EXPANSION as they wholly comprehend the lessons from that adventure in ways that prompt their world and perceptions of it to grow.





(Reference: Priest Casting and Fulfillment - Note: There's very little info on Priest Casting, so most of this is extrapolation.)

The PRIEST-CAST functions on a day-to-day basis with a natural kind of eagerness, willingness and interest toward the BETTERING OF PEOPLE and SITUATIONS, as you tend to presume others naturally wish to EVOLVE and BE BETTER, and you're willing to help guide them. You might even learn a sort of emotional sleight of hand over influencing others behaviors, that lends reputation to you as an inspiring helper, healer, counselor or facilitator.

This Casting is drawn to being "in the middle" of events to help resolve the dramas, wounds and personal issues that those you meet through life bring up. So you aim to help inspire paths toward HIGHER MEANING, AWARENESS & GOODNESS in everyone you meet, and invite others to see the benefits of adopting various "higher arts" like science, spirituality, reality fulfillment etc. But you also know how to do so in a way that recognizes & creates room for the validity of each person's inherent right to free will, and to grow and understand and choose at a personal pace.

This Casting is of the Cardinal Inspiration axis, and thus helps you to always search for and ask how meaning can be created from the experience at hand (Growth); diving into the pursuits and relationships that you're guiding as a means of self-actualization (Passion); and encouraging yourself/others to verify and stay open-minded about what could be possible, potential or probable (Spiritualism).

If this is +Compassion, then a fall into -Zeal means you become pushy and moralistic, passionately imposing and preaching your RIGHTEOUS STANCES as you interfere with others lives thinking you know what's right, best and most needed for them more than they do.

You tend to be drawn to the dramas around you as a way to help, but get so emphatic and strident you just create trickier and messier scenarios to the point of being accused by others of meddling or being a manipulative nuisance that's unable to let others be as they are. So you can become enraged that others can't see The Truth you do, you can't change their minds and they're falling short of their potential.
You then fall into general Arrogance, heavy -Identification with your -Beliefs, hope or blind faith, and feel -Confused, overwhelmed, desperate or angry/helpless when unable to effectively guide, or create meaning in your experience or relationship in a way that reflects growth and evolution in you or others.




Priest Cadences tend to find relationships quite intense and compelling as they work their way through ZEAL and into COMPASSION.

They will tend to see the potential achievable in and between everyone they meet & encourage all to reach those heights, but since this can cause much drama and resistance, they must learn how to detach and surrender so that others can own or reject what they share at a personal pace. As such, this Cadence learns when it’s best to intervene, and when it’s best to just let others be/grow on their own, and experiences the same dynamic from others who try to twist, turn or change them.

Their focus is always on imposing or guiding bonds; inspiring empathy for any difficulties one another have; and raising everyone to their highest quality of life.



(Reference: Cadre 1 Entity 6 and Entity 6 Theme)

Those in Priest Entities tend to look at all the patterns/people that they see and meet in their life, believing that each must and should add something of value and meaning to all others. They see what’s best for all involved, and aim to live from the highest good or highest ideology they've determined for everyone in their world.
This is done first in ZEALOUS ways as they force patterns and people they meet to be better and work together (or work with them) at all costs. This just results in more friction and dissonance. But eventually they shift to living from a place of deep COMPASSION that realizes what each part already naturally does/adds for the whole, sharing how we all can and are growing from our difficulties to better the world.

As such, they navigate between feeling splintered and divided among their CONNECTIONS to all of the different people, groups and ideas that enter their life, always working (consciously or subconsciously) to join people together, move from one support/social circle to another, pivot others towards their highest path and potential etc. Until they see that all of these parts and people play a part in the overall HARMONY of life, and that they all exist and share in the same world, not separate, disconnected ones.





The KING-CAST naturally functions on a day-to-day basis as being fully aware of where you and others stand in terms of CONSEQUENCES, or how your actions are fulfilling results, whether that is the intended result, and what you're going to do with that fact. (Reference: King Casting and Consequences) You have a constant stream of self-critical, self-conscious and self-monitoring awareness that helps you notice where you have fallen out of alignment with yourself, and whether things and people you bump up against are aligned with you. You assess this not through words, but through more telling actions, choices and body language. (Reference: More on King-Casting)
There is a kind of QUIET POWER and CONFIDENCE in you that's drawn upon as needed, as you lay "under cover" as an observer, and then reveal surprising AUTHORITY and LEADERSHIP "out of nowhere" when you need to embody a path/direction/perspective for yourself or others. In the same vein, you also trust in and respect the inner authority of others around you too. However, if that's ever lacking, you're more than happy to help make up for it on a regular basis. (Reference: King Casting and Authority)
This means that you naturally aim to be a resource or power of some sort for yourself and those who matter to you, that can remind anyone of the bigger picture perspectives/patterns of action playing out in any relationship, group or system. (Reference: King Casting and Consequences)


This Casting is of the Cardinal Action axis, and thus would help you embrace reality for what it IS, and deal with it as it is presented/appears to be (Realism); owning up to your status as a leader or an example to be followed (Dominance); while being quite aware of how you're actively and purposefully shaping, orchestrating and motivating your relationships/pursuits (Aggression).

If this is +Mastery, then a fall into -Tyranny means everyday life can fall into constant patterns of self-preservation, lashing out, wiping out all that’s chaotic or distrusted in the life, or stubbornly trying to control, maintain and enforce what you’ve deemed is the “right way” to the point of entropy/collapse. (Reference: King Casting and Consequences) Tyranny is a way of putting yourself at a distance from others, because they are profoundly disappointing and unruly, not knowing their place and unaware of their action's consequences. (Reference: More on King-Casting)
Disillusioned by life, you can then fall into general Impatience, becoming a kind of -Dictator that controls everyone's tasks and directions without ever listening to the parts involved; resorting to -Belligerent force as you act single-mindedly without awareness of the consequences that has on your self, life and relationships. And all while feeling so personally affected by the reality around you, that you distance from anything that gets remotely close to your sensitivities, lest you realize how ruled you are by your heavy biases and -Subjectivity.




King Cadences tend to find relationships quite reckless and disobedient as they work their way through TYRANNY and into MASTERY.

They tend to quickly learn how to manage, delegate and control others into appropriate roles, and how to direct themselves into proper roles when with others too. But they experience difficulty when it comes to those that fight this supervising, and must also learn how to work with everyone’s nature to create true peace in relationships: not just false or forced peace. As such, they tend to be the first to assume authority and responsibility for any issue that shows up between them and others, and then direct all involved into a common resolution.

Their focus is always on delegating or authorizing bonds; taking charge when no one else will be accountable, and mastering difficulties that arise in relating; while also transcending them so as to be as objective and effective as possible.



(Reference: Entity 7 Theme)

Those in King Entities tend to leave a huge impact on the world around, often (consciously or subconsciously) reaching out to and affecting people in their world on a very grand level. They develop patterns that naturally teach, imprint, model and exemplify their values for all in the world to see, often whether they like to do that, or not.

This is done first through TYRANNICAL means as they don’t care for their actual impact on or presence in the world, only concerned with trying to desperately find and hold onto something they can live for/through in the chaos of life. But with time and experience this is done from an aim to MASTER with great authority and integrity, what they discover is their natural skill, niche, place or life path. As such, they navigate between ECLECTICALLY searching for & cycling through people, places and things to find some specific and often random part of their world/life they feel like they matter to or are making a difference for. Something that grounds them in the world. Until they finally INCULCATE that niche place/identity into them and live it as their signature contribution to the world.


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Truly Kurtis, this is so helpful (all your posts of yesterday). You speak to the part of my brain that needs this. 

I'm in awe of how you manage to sort and collect all the information and put it together in such a beautiful way. Thank you so much!

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