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The 7 Internal Monads


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People have requested me to bring back my descriptions of the Overleaves in the last 3ish years. Whenever someone brought up how they helped them, I shed a tear inside because I like that stuff I write can help.
It's a bit sensitive for me to repost them publicly, but I am pretty done living in any sort of fear as a default, so I'm gonna bring them back.


These descriptions are my own summaries of all compiled information on the Internal Monads.
Our Internal Monads are basically Rites of Passage as we grow up and evolve. They can match up with our body biologically, but Older Souls who tend to remember much earlier and quicker, might opt to start and finish them whenever they want. Everyone has their own pace with these.
The Internal Monads, shortened to IMs, move through the process from Birth to Autonomy to Independence to Self-Definition to Recreation to Comprehension of Death to Death itself.
Each Monad will have its own positive and negative poles. And each Monad has 7 Stages, each with their own positive and negative poles. Thanks to various TLE Members asking questions over time, we have a comprehensive overview of every single one of these stages and poles, which is great! It can be useful for guidance in our growth.

Note: I used this transcript as the primary reference and then built around it:: The 7 Internal Monads.






(Reference: The 7 Stages of the Internal Monad)

The 1st Internal Monad is the process and orchestration of conception through birth. It is always relative to the host mother's acceptance of this development, or in non-parental terms, the Caretaker of the evolving body. At this stage, mother is intimately linked with her infant.
It is resonant to the Instinctive Center, to securing our existence and basic functions of memory so we can live.

In Biological Terms, the Hormonal Wash we undergo here is fairly simple. SURVIVING BIRTH equates new experiences and continued existence of our species.

But of course, that cannot come if our body can't heal any imbalances from damages posed by other people, our environment or its own processes that threaten our early development.

(These stages can move from -Pole to -Pole, or -Pole to +Pole.

If one stage is stuck in its -Pole, all taken on after it will default to the -Pole as well: but once that stuck stage moves into its +Pole, the next stage can now move into its +Pole.)


This IM is symbolized and initiated by the -Orchestration of events in life, leading to our +Conception.



As the process of fertilization occurs, our Zygote -Invades our mother's body and feeds off of her resources as it gradually +Forms into an Embryo.



The -Disruption is now felt and realized by our host mother's body, and she either chooses to reject/abort it, or allows in the child with +Awareness of the impact it will have alongside her plans, hopes and fears.


This starts from -Division. Either the mother aborts, dividing the child from her; or the Infant continues to -Divide in the Gestational Period, and the mother explores her resentment over this, or her obligation to birth. Eventually, she must accept the child's +Presence. Once this happens, we're truly allowed to grow.


The Infant -Develops through the Embryonic Period unless stopped. Both mother and child come to experience the benefits of their +Mutual presence, efforts and acceptance. There is a rapport and exchange of love now between both bodies, selves and souls.



Minimal -Cooperation and tolerance occurs between us and our mother in the 2nd Trimester. This is a time in which all who will be involved in guiding/supporting our birth through death must be in +Agreement for playing a part in our coming existence. So feelings of celebration, spirituality, synchronicity, surrender and unfolding can heighten once this is in place.


The 3rd Trimester begins, placenta -Disintegrates, umbilical cord is cut and we are born from our mother. The surrounding environment must bring +Vitality and Essence to our body and help us survive by around Age 3 for us to complete the 1st Internal Monad. If not, this time can feel very heavy, remorseful and even insane.



As we adapt to our mother's womb, pre-birth choices, the actual birthing process and our first years alive in physical reality, the only true obstacle to our body is the threat of -Disintegration or Death.

  • In the 1st IM, we will resort to Tyrannical Tantrums, Screaming, Brutality and Absolute Refusal if we feel our sense of trust and touch isn't secured.
  • And our caregivers (parents) can potentially be hooked into Postpartum Depression.

Ultimately this IM is incomplete if we die before the Age of 3. If any infant dies via abortion or natural death before Age 3, then the mother will tend to process the 6th and 7th IMs of Evolution for them, as the infant lacks the conscious awareness. If the death is processed in ways that are lonely, with strong Attachments, the death process will remain incomplete. While if there is Trust/Support and Transcendent Understanding, it will be completed.

A complete 1st IM is marked by staying alive and well after a successful birth, and feeling a surge in our body’s +Vitality and relatively good health (considering environmental, psychological or genetic influences) by Age 3.
Once our body is secured in this vitality, we are officially "between monads" and begin reflecting and embodying our caretakers' personalities and fears through our behaviors and health.






The 2nd Internal Monad is the process of establishing our capacity for intimacy, and awakening our sense of autonomy. This is simply part of being able to do things ourselves, but with the guide of our caretakers.
It is resonant to the Higher Moving Center: to our ability to move in unison.


In Biological terms, this is marked by CHILDHOOD.
The Hormonal Wash we undergo here helps emphasize our sense of Balance and Body-Structure, as well as create stability in our Self-acceptance, Self-exploration and Recognition of Social Roles  and Structures.
Here our value systems and sense of self grow, and we discover through our Caregivers and Environment what we can and cannot do; all while we explore our body’s Sex, Gender and Sexual Orientation and learn to live in harmony with the people around us.
We develop and live according to our Public Persona in this Monad. In other words, by the laws/expectations of how others see us.

This is also the first time we stop acting like those who raised us.
Around Age 3 we choose our Centering, by playing with how we want to take in the world. And around Age 7, we choose our Part of Centering, developing habits and interests to express what's going on inside of us. (Reference: Michael Speaks 2001: Centers) We then begin our Blooming of Personality, by starting to manifest our basic personality traits and letting the first of those set the stage for how we want to experience our life.

(ie. If our Attitude develops first, life might become more intellectual and philosophical. If our Mode develops first, life may emphasize themes of relationships and intimacy. If our Goal develops first, life can be focused on gaining experiences for the point of that goal.) (Reference: Overleaf Development in 2nd IM and Growing into Overleaveshttps://our.truthloveenergy.com/articles.html/library/personality-dynamics/internal-monads/second-internal-monad/growing-into-overleaves-r615/)

(These stages can move from -Pole to -Pole, or -Pole to +Pole.

If one stage is stuck in its -Pole, all taken on after it will default to the -Pole as well: but once that stage moves into its +Pole, the next stage can now move into its +Pole.)

(Reference: The 7 Stages of the 2nd Internal Monad)

This IM is kick-started by a sense of -Division from others as we realize we can walk on our own two feet in life and feel surprisingly different or separate as a result. So eventually we come to +Differentiate ourselves from our caretakers as an independently mobile self-governing person.


We move into -Agitation and frustrations about our differences from others. Until we shift into a sense of calm, peace and balance by +Observing how the differences in others around us help us understand ourselves.


Now we -Mimic others in authority to entertain ourselves, figure out how to do things right, and as a way to secure our sense of safety or place in the world. With practice, we come to learn new skills about social agreement, harmony, physical sensation and responsibility through +Consonance.

A wave of mindless/reckless -Activity arises in us to constantly "do do do", until we use and direct this activity into a purpose, something of benefit to expanding our +Mobility.


We begin to -Provoke and obnoxiously annoy others, or feel continually provoked and angered by others behaviors; perhaps becoming discouraged from pursuing any sense of personal autonomy because of shame or guilt. But this gradually lightens as we see how our -Curious impulses help us learn and discover more and more about how things work in the wondrous world.


-Demanding occurs. We either demand more answers from others and test/demonstrate our range of power, choice and understanding over everything by demanding. Or others pressure & demand more of us, leading to bouts of shyness and hiding as our sense of self and personal rights/boundaries develop. Eventually we shift into +Asking all the whys and whats instead, as we come into our own more confidently and harmoniously by understanding the necessity for mutual consent, discussion and operant conditioning. The answers we get now help us feel even more fulfilled and autonomous.


To successfully complete the 2nd IM, we must move away from any unwarranted -Violence, force and needless destruction against ourselves or others, becoming aware of the value +Coordination has in social and intimate affairs.



As we explore creating a sense of Autonomy & Harmony, we can easily develop states of -Co-Dependency with those who raised us, or strong attachments to authority figures.

  • In this state, we’re unable to do anything on our own, or move in any kind of harmony with others.
  • If we stay here, we can become extremely Entitled, Demanding, Rebellious or Violent as we move into Adolescence.
  • We begin to feel Sexually Conflicted, and may have sex just to have it or for attention or acceptance; without concern for consent or boundaries.
  • And we may develop various co-dependent disorders, and feel debilitated or defined by the Autonomy Issues these can give us.

When this carries further into our Adolescence and Adulthood, this often shows as lingering intimacy issues, bowel problems, a complete lack of social skills and a strong preoccupation with remaining under someone giving parental care. In extreme cases, psychopathy, sociopathy and psychological disorders of childishness can even develop.
(Reference: Second Internal Monad - Confidence and Codependency)

A complete 2nd Internal Monad is marked by an inner +Confidence and willingness to try anything at all that’s unfamiliar, slightly interesting or known to be good for us- even if we don't want to do it.

  • Upon Adolescence we are able to move harmoniously through Healthy Exchanges, Dating, Consensual Sex, Intimacy and Affection.
  • And we finally consider our caretakers (and everyone else) as people, rather than resources or reasons for who or how we are.

Once this IM is secured, we are officially "between monads" and can sustain healthy interactions with ourselves and others, while being a part of our society with this mark of confidence.

(Reference: Second Internal Monad - Confidence and Codependency)







The 3rd Internal Monad is the process of developing self-sufficiency and independence as we free ourselves from being defined psychologically by the influences of our primary caretakers (ie. parents) and authorities. We now learn how we can use things and people in our own way, as resources for our growth.
This is resonant to the Moving Center; to our ability as a self-governing person, to move and choose independently based upon our own definitions of freedom.

In Biological terms, this is marked by ADOLESCENCE.
The Hormonal Wash we undergo here helps emphasize our Sense of Individuality, and our urges for Breeding and Attraction for the purpose of Sex, Stimulation and Affection. In other words, puberty hits.
Our brains become capable of comprehending the impact of our choices and we start to develop Defensive Habits against Fears rooted in our upbringing, social pressures and personal experiences, otherwise known as "Chief Features". We also feel a greater need to pursue our own Goals and develop a newly Private Persona based on who we see ourselves as or wish others would see us as.

(These stages can move from -Pole to -Pole, or -Pole to +Pole.

If one stage is stuck in its -Pole, all taken on after it will default to the -Pole as well: but once that stage moves into its +Pole, the next stage can now move into its +Pole.)

(Reference: The 7 Stages of the 3rd Internal Monad)

This IM is prompted by a distrust in everything we previously depended upon, and a newfound -Rebellion against all authorities we face. This can result in a lot of incoherent, ugly and chaotic drama if we stay here. But eventually we see this process as a necessary step, as it helps us find, create and +Explore new sources of trust in friends, networks and interests we now choose on our own. (Reference: 3rd IM Rebellion)


A dip into self-absorbed -Self Consciousness occurs now as we see everything as threatening, shaming, debilitating or embarrassing authorities over us. That is, until we shift into +Consciously including those we must turn to in life for help, support, resources etc. and gracefully navigate our needs with others. We begin to learn that how we access, use, manage and contribute resources, matters more to our independence than mindlessly, belligerently and hastily taking to serve ourselves.


We realize our needs, wants and -Demands for something that represents our fulfillment, effectiveness and independence. This brings up high expectations that others must comply to & work around these demands for us. We quickly learn that is not possible, as we find what we are/can be responsible for, and how to work with those who are/can be responsible for us. In this process, +Ideals, visions and a sense of purpose for our long-term future potential come into place. The steps to the goal are seen and we bring together the resources needed in support of this vision.

Now we feel -Helplessly Angry over how much action, time, energy etc. is needed for us to have what we want and fulfill our sense of purpose and independence; overwhelmed by the daunting tasks ahead of us.

that is, until we remember that we have a power of +Choice. We remember what can happen from our choices to do or not do in any situation. Our range of choices are clear now, and we can't ignore them.

-Resentment kicks in as we blame others or ourselves for the state of our life, or realize how harmful vs helpful our choices have been. We can sink deeper into our weight, lack, or poor use of power to the point of feeling exhausted, regretful and always making stupid mistakes. But at some point, we start to see +Responsibility isn't an obligation we must uphold just to show we're independent, strong and capable, but is a power that can do many positive, loving things too. We then become capable of consciously responding to all influences that affect us; because we remember our choices can also help to heal, and better shape, create and transform everything in our & others lives. We own our response-ability.


-Loneliness arises for how far we've pushed others away from us, or how far we'll need to go to nurture support for our ideals and directions. So we start to feel utterly alone and even fearful of having to separate ourselves from others just to be self-sufficient. We might protect ourselves from depending on others as a way to be independent, in a way that puts them at a distance from us. Ultimately, this will remain until we realize the truth of +Support in our directions or from our relationships.  We must eventually embrace our efforts toward independence and responsibility not as a way to be separate- but so we can know the value of being there FOR OURSELVES while caring for/being cared for by others who matter.


To successfully close the 3rd IM, we must address anything we -Conclusively believe about ourselves and others. A continuous effort to define our life by a need to fight against anyone/thing that "makes us" feel ineffective or trapped, can arise. As this is where we realize how we feel stuck with threats our status, authority, position or value.  We might also remain spinning, questioning and uncertain about making aour responsible, self-sufficient choices, because we're distracted with or paralyzed by all our "I should have done this instead" and "What if I did that". Once we assess these, we naturally choose to nurture +Confidence in navigating our life and its obstacles, rather than feel restricted by forces and authorities outside our control; so we work with these things, not against them.



As we explore creating a space for our Psychological Independence from those who raised us, we come to fear being alone and undergo a sense of feeling completely -Separate from everyone around.

  • We fight and struggle against anything that we feel holds us back or suggests any authority over us; and feel a desperate need to rally others up to support and validate these feelings. (Reference: Poles of the Third Internal Monad)
  • We’re preoccupied with getting attention or acceptance despite our Destructive Behaviors.
  • We strongly resign to the Responsibility of Caring for ourselves and others. And we need to constantly establish our differences through Conflicts, or Absolute Conclusions about what’s true and right: without any room for input, exchange or facts. (Reference: Third Internal Monad)
  • As such, there can then be many irrational mood swings in response to anything anyone offers as help and support.

When this carries forth into our Adulthood, this often shows as painful, confusing and drawn-out power plays with loved ones. Or we may establish a mighty authoritative role, belief system or career that protects us from ever being questioned.

(Reference: The 7 Stages of the 3rd Internal Monad)

A complete 3rd IM is marked by feeling confident in our sense of +Differentiation- as we uphold and understand a state of personal responsibility for our choices.

  • We become peaceful about & detached from authority. So we're able to negotiate with others or at least sidestep confrontation and move away from conflict. (Reference: Poles of the Third Internal Monad)
  • We accept and value our own and other's Differences. They exist, so we just deal with them using the resources we have- rather than fight them endlessly, or feel they make us separate & alone.
  • And we're able to both ask for help and know how to receive it, even if we didn't want or seek it. (Reference: Third Internal Monad)

When this is secured, we move "between monads" and all we've learnt is used to support our ability to live on our own with the responsibilities of "adulthood". We start to build strength (not defense) around our capacity to navigate life and provide for ourselves and those who matter. And if we ever have struggles, we know what/who's there to support us.

(Reference: The 7 Stages of the 3rd Internal Monad)





(Reference: 4th Internal Monad Process)

The 4th Internal Monad is the process of assessing what we planned to do in life, and what's actually been done & will likely be accomplished now based on our current momentum.
This is an opportunity for us to move past seeing ourselves through the eyes of everyone who raised, nurtured, challenged or harmed us, so we can grow into our own ideas of us, and regain a sense of innocence and personal meaning about who/how we are and why/how we live. It resonates with the Emotional Center then- as we discover how often we're manifesting personal happiness here. (Reference: Difference between the 4th and 5th Internal Monad)

In Biological Terms, this is marked by ADULTHOOD.
The Hormonal Wash we undergo here helps turn us within to look at how we can BE more, bringing greater emphasis to our Peak of Life and physical ability, nurturing projects, raising a family and the fulfillment of our career life. This IM blows open the door to our inner-most core self: our Essence. We can begin to feel a sort of mid-life crisis about living life as an honest reflection of who we truly are. (Though, this crisis doesn't always happen at mid-life, because we can begin and end each IM at any time.) (Reference: Early 4th Internal Monad)
We move from living based on who we thought we should be/were told we were, to living as who we decide we are/want to be. In this way, it reveals the truth of our relationships and actual sense of inspiration in life. We open up to deeper revelations around our Mode.



(These stages can move from -Pole to -Pole, or -Pole to +Pole.

If one stage is stuck in its -Pole, all taken on after it will default to the -Pole as well: but once that stage moves into its +Pole, the next stage can now move into its +Pole.)

(Reference: The 7 Stages of the 4th Internal Monad)


This IM begins with a kind of -Indifference toward how we choose to define ourselves, as we don't care about how removed we might feel from our self/life, or distrust and ignore those feelings if we do.

With awareness though, this builds up into an +Enthusiasm that "something" IS different about us. We feel a new anticipation for our potential future, accomplishments and the process of defining ourselves on our own terms. We start to feel impulses to take action in ways that will change our life, make it better, make a difference, make us happy; but whether those changes come or not, we find this wave of ideas helps us focus on how much we like our life.



A plummet into -Brooding over our past achievements with relentless self-examination and criticism occurs here, potentially leading to implosion, self-degradation or blame (often from a scary parent or authoritarian voice we carry within that constantly belittles our mistakes, decisions, expression etc). This is only shifted when we become +Aware of a more supportive, parental source of Guidance that helps us realize our personal worth and positive life impact.
(Reference: 60M fourth internal monad. be who you are x see who you are and Separation from my wife who is my task companion, scholar intimacy, major karma theme of revenge, internal monads)



We -Separate (Pull Back) from the future and all who reflect parts of us we don't want to confront now; hiding within as we probe our beliefs. Until we +Free ourselves from forced identities and ideas of who we think we are, or have been told we are, to create new ones. We realize with certainty that something must be done that finally breaks our old patterns.
(Reference: Separation from my wife who is my task companion, scholar intimacy, major karma theme of revenge, internal monads and Internal Monad Report)


Feelings of -Otiose arise now. We start to feel empty, hollow, lost, floating, uncertain, ineffective, meandering etc. We don't feel present because we're waiting for someone/thing else to define our direction/purpose for us; or we're struggling with life's demands, impositions and burdens while dismissing anything new that could change things and desperately holding onto comforts we've always known.
Eventually, a renewed sense of +Purpose must emerge where we realize how we're fueling, opening and evolving ourselves. We start to choose what's important, meaningful, trusted & progressive for us, and begin to more comfortably express all of our daily endeavors and activities as an honest reflection of us.
(Reference: Calming down with your Heartbeat, My Internal Monad Report and A much needed session on my life plan, 2020, and current IM)

We start to question ourselves through inner -Contention, combative arguments, debate and even grief. Questions come up like: "Why am I resisting this?", "What does my rejection mean?", "Am I actually happy with this?". We even look at what choices we've made that were part of our big plan/life purpose or were supposed to be good for us, but are not working nor satisfying to us anymore. 
Eventually this self-questioning turns into a sense of +Satisfaction and gratitude for what we've learned, how we choose to live & releasing what no longer serves us that's been programmed into our heads. We start to enjoy the truths these inner arguments bring, and lighten up about our movement and intentions. What matters is what decisions now bring personal happiness- not whether we're good on others terms at our own expense, or have done enough & completed/accomplished a looming task we set out to fulfill.
(Reference: 4th IM 5th Stage and Eric's Internal Monad Report - Note: I also used a deleted session from a TLE member that left that I cannot link to)



As we face the truth of ideas that are no longer valid about us and own what we've now decided is true of us, others seem to challenge, conflict with, reject and contradict these truths- leaving us with a sense of -Repulsion, isolation, depression and deep longing that arises from extremes of emotion, mood and tears. Over time, we begin to +Attract relationships and paths that do support us (whether those be new or old); learning how to strengthen, refine and fully embody our new truths using others input. We create a more accurate, long-term view of the life our efforts are shaping, and start building our better future alongside any current "demands" of life.
(Reference: My 4th IM Part 2, Internal Monads and Eric's Internal Monad Report)



With the close of the 4th IM, we fully commit to assessing all directions, values, feelings and things that are -Incongruous with who we truly are: differentiating what IS ME from what is NOT ME. This is a necessary process, as it helps us +Align with being in our essence, and living from our power of choice so that we can create greater presence, peace and wholeness in our self, our life and our terms.
(Reference: 4th IM at 6th Level Old, Internal Monads, 4th IM completed in Negative Pole and My Internal Monad Report)



As we explore Defining Ourselves on our own terms rather than by what we learned was true of us from our Imprinting (all beliefs/roles/standards taught or learned from our past, family, culture, society, relationships, spirituality etc.), a sense of -Acquiescence, great fear or apathy arises about this.

  • We give up on ourselves, Resigning, Complying and Succumbing to who/how we are- but not really liking who that is. So we let anything but us rule over who we are. (Reference: The 7 Stages of the 4th Internal Monad)
  • We feel defined and fixed by Disappointment and Destructive Criticisms- needing to constantly Hide from what reflects us.
  • We feel Conflict is the only way to win and be right about our terms.
  • We try to Recapture or Replicate our Past- feeling that we've lost our innocence and/or need to make up for it- perhaps by trying to be/feel recklessly youthful again. (Reference: 4th Internal Monad and the Past)
  • And we desperately seek Meaning, Purpose or Importance in life, always feeling unfulfilled.

When this carries forth into our Elderhood, this often shows as a rise in pure resignation, constantly voiced resentments and preoccupations with the aches and pains of life.

A complete 4th IM is marked by a +Self-Realization that we like ourselves & who we've chosen to be, and want to be involved in creating & responding to our life's choices and changes again.

It’s a freeing from what others think we SHOULD do/be, to discover what we LOVE to do/be or feels personally meaningful for us to follow up on and manifest in life. (Reference: What remaining issues need to be addressed to close the 4th IM?)

  • We begin to appreciate our and everyone else's core Innocence in even the most trying times.
  • We return to participating in, contributing to and creating our life more flexibly, rather than based on everyone else's presumptions and expectations of us. (Reference: The 7 Stages of the 4th Internal Monad)
  • We realize Disappointment doesn't Define our self or moment, it only informs us.
  • We realize that engaging in Conflict is not the same thing as needing to win, be right or hurt another- it's a way of speaking up about our valid terms/standards.
  • We no longer feel the need to defend our ideas of us against those who have differing ideas; because we presume differences are a natural part of life, and we don't have to bump up against or agree with others terms to define who we are and what we prefer.
  • And we begin to Forgive that what's happened can't be undone or unhappen; so comfortable concern, measured risks, trust and peace with ourselves become a part of who we are.

Once we comprehend this we move "between monads" and suddenly feel unshaken by experiences; because we're confident in, appreciate and love ourselves, our choices (no matter what we've chosen) and the fact that our life is now unfolding from us rather than happening to us. Upon initiating the 5th IM then, a desire for travel, exploration, adventurous new moves, beginning new projects & being in groups sharing like-minded activities can often arise. (Reference: Navigating the Fourth Internal Monad: Do I like me? and How to tell when the 4th IM is Finished?)







The 5th Internal Monad is the process of embracing and simply being who we are. It is about releasing ourselves from even our ideas, demands and expectations of who we should be- and recreating & enjoying our life by re-discovering who we are again. It is resonant to the Intellectual Center- to our ideas and concepts of being/living as us. (Reference: Start of the 5th Internal Monad)

In Biological Terms, this is marked by ELDERHOOD.
The Hormonal Wash we undergo here helps to shift emphasis from reproduction to Propagating Information & Expression; emphasizing Empathy and Resolutions of Truth to free and recreate the self and community, as well as carry forth philosophies and teachings for future generations.

Unlike the 4th IM which is a process in Defining the Self, the 5th IM is a process in Recreating the Self. It can be difficult to realize how our aging/evolving has affected our attachments and self-image, so this is a process in revitalizing our self/life and simply having fun again. It could be said to then activate our life philosophies, truths and overall Attitude. (Reference: Difference between the 4th and 5th Internal Monads)


(These stages can move from -Pole to -Pole, or -Pole to +Pole.

If one stage is stuck in its -Pole, all taken on after it will default to the -Pole as well: but once that stage moves into its +Pole, the next stage can now move into its +Pole.)
(Reference: The 7 Stages of the 5th Internal Monad and 7 Stages Part 2)


This is begun by an extremely debilitating or mildly concerning sense of -Anxiety that we have aged. But this cascades into a sudden or gradual +Awareness that we can now recreate & relieve ourselves from pressing concerns, not just live under personal expectations and impositions.


A sense of -Regret and grief for any missed/wasted opportunities, "should/could have's" and "what if's" arises, as we project all of our feelings, longings and failed expectations onto our past. So we find ourselves needing to release any regret through +Appreciation, reflection, understanding and nostalgia for that past; building upon any hurt with acknowledgement, and learning more about ourselves through this.


-Resentment sets in for our past or present conditions, leading us to blame, shame, complain and disengage from any responsibility for being who we are, or using what we have to create change. We think we should be or have something else than we do, and our status, circumstances, relationships, past etc. are at fault because we're clearly not that way or don't have that. Eventually, we +Accept and come to realize our past, conditions, circumstances, relationships etc. are a part of our life, not things that limit & contradict our enjoyment. We begin to remember that we are who we are & have what we have because of what we needed, created or wanted in the past. So we then begin to own our past choices.


Our aim to blame, shifts to a need to -Punish. So we start to harm, distance everyone through cantankerous anger and feel others must pay for all they've done to us; or we punish ourselves through self-imposed isolation, depression and even a resignation to memory loss and other inevitable changes. We might even realize we have punished/wished to punish ourselves or others in the past- but any which way, something is "paying for it", and we lose focus on living life in favor of tearing it down. Here we must learn to release the anchors of the past that tie us to ideas of "what went wrong" that are no longer relevant and are weighing us down, to +Revitalize our body, psyche and memory with an enthusiasm for new life, activities, pursuits and better ways of remembering.
(Reference: 7th Level Old)


-Overwhelmed about the complete lack of possibility or huge range of possibilities to recreate life, we measure what we expected from life against what it actually is now. This can feel deflating, defeating and overwhelming because we must finally see what's actually here, and present in our life now. But eventually, we open our eyes, awaken with heightened awareness and learn to renew our life with +Vibrancy and curiosity. We become aware that every little choice truly MAKES the day, and are sensitive to every bit of appreciation, realization, recognition and gratitude we experience and create.
(Reference: 5th Internal Monad, 5th IM: An Embrace of the Past and Return to Me, Now and Internal Monad Report)



Now we start to wonder and question what we can actually do from the position we're in. So we either deny or bury ourselves in the feeling of being a -Burden, feeling burdened by others and fear how they'll impact us; or we have to manage very real burdens because our life, body, resources, energy etc. are different now. Something feels like a waste of air, space or life.

The reality of -Bonding, support and care is what breaks this burden as we realize openly & consciously helping and being helped creates such a difference in inspiration, peace, creativity and motivation.

And we uncover/embrace important, meaningful and necessary truths we've ignored, denied or rejected through these profound networks of bittersweet honesty and authenticity.
(Reference: 5th IM and Cluster Lifetimes, Internal Monad Report and Tex's Internal Monad Report)


Some part of us that can no longer hold up, -Collapses, gives up and no longer cares to be responsible. So we're trapped by an outdated idea of how things should be as we relive our past, or we check all the ways we are still weak, unsure, needy, ill and insecure. If we're chronically stuck in this IM, we will now feel our memory completely deteriorate as we chronically regress into our history and completely forget the present over and over. To resolve this, we must truly Embrace the Awe of our whole life, and the beautiful surprises it can bring about who/how we & others are; freeing ourselves from all rigorous, restricting, exhausting or prejudiced ideas and expectations we ever imposed on/expected of ourselves and others. This is +Transcendence.
When we do this, our memories feel comforting, healed and complete, as our focus turns to simply enjoying life and being who we are, rather than trying to heal or fix those into what they should be/should've been.
(Reference: Shimmering my way through the 5th IM and Tex's Internal Monad Report)



As we explore Recreating Ourselves from the purpose, expectations and life goals we longed to fulfill, we evaluate our life as a whole, with a rising sense of -Resentment, disappointment, disregard, guilt and regret.

  • We feel Angry, Disgusted or Bitter about missed opportunities, betrayals or mistakes as we constantly look into our present and past conditions, seeing how our aging and evolving has affected our body, self-image and cherished attachments.
  • When thinking about following new impulses, ideas, desires and visions, we do not find these relevant or informative and instead believe we are “Too Old” or it’s “Too Late” to follow them. (Reference: Start of the 5th Internal Monad)
  • And we Conclude there’s no point to anything, or Condemn all else that seems remotely meaningful.

When this carries forth into our 6th IM, this often shows as a rise in senility, stereotypical and eccentric elderly behaviors, Alzheimer's and a loss of focus on the present due to the weight of all this resentment- as we emotionally regress into our most deeply rooted memories. (Reference: Dementia and the 6th Internal Monad)

A complete 5th IM is marked by a newly profound +Appreciation and enthusiasm for simplicity, wandering, coasting and experiencing: living life anew where we didn’t before. (Reference: Fifth Internal Monad completion)

  • We free ourselves from even our own demands and expectations, alive and eager for the pure exploration of ourselves, our relationships and our world. 
  • We feel a Soft Self-Love growing in life for our own potential and a veritable rise in lighthearted curiosity. So we deeply know now, that we can recreate ourselves in any image we feel reflects us. (Reference: Fifth Internal Monad completion)
  • We share our wisdom through Stories/Anecdotes, teaching younger generations about our values.
  • And we might experience waves of Wild Philosophical Explorations through our memories (even if we do have memory loss) that can lead to psychic events & breakthroughs.

To comprehend all this means we move "between monads" and continually enjoy and recreate our life again and again on multiple levels and layers; in ways that are no longer restricted, entrenched or longing. (Reference: Post 5th Internal Monad)





The 6th Internal Monad is the process of dying to death, and our subsequent life review. It can be a very quick process that takes seconds, but the experience of time takes on an entirely different dimension. (Reference: Hospital Psychosis)
(This is usually physical but can be a major, pivotal or transformative psychological death and rebirth too that happens within waking life. Particularly if one has a Plutonian Body Type.) (Reference: 7th Internal Monad on Non-Physical Death)
It is resonant to the Higher Emotional Center- to our recognition and experience of love in life.

Biologically, the Hormonal Wash we undergo here activates our awareness of the Threads of Memories, Dreams and Love in our life, and engages the body to resist and keep us alive, because that is its job.
Eventually surrendering to the cause of death when physics "overpower" it, the body releases a surge of Endorphins to comfort, heal and numb our pain.

(These stages can move from -Pole to -Pole, or -Pole to +Pole.

If one stage is stuck in its -Pole, all taken on after it will default to the -Pole as well: but once that stage moves into its +Pole, the next stage can now move into its +Pole.)
(Reference: 7 Stages of the 6th Internal Monad)


The 6th IM is initiated by a sense of -Grief that we're going to lose something, and is marked by the onset of what will cause our death. Eventually then, we shift into +Nostalgia for all that we've experienced.


We -Negotiate with the truth that we will die, perhaps discussing it with others, bargaining with it or siding with our lack of worth and just letting it happen. Until we see there's a sense of +Meaning to our life lived. 

The energy of what's causing our death begins to spread to other organs now and affects/alerts our whole body.


-Grudging sets in, as we or our body tries to prevent the death from occurring, or circumvents and avoids its truth. Until we come to terms with our +Acceptance of what's happening.


Immense -Panic is felt as our body and self resist our demise. But if our/others choices successfully prevent or treat our trajectory toward death, or we survive to tell the tale of a near-death experience, this process can be "halted", with our final breath set aside for another time instead.

At some point in our life however, we will return to our mortality and realize we're truly +Dying. (Reference: Have I entered my 6th IM?)

As we -Resign to the inevitability, there comes a sense of +Surrender to what we can't control about our death.


Finally, an onslaught of -Suffering sets in, either from the pain and decline of our body, or the processing of all our mistakes and regrets. This brings others to help care for us in ways that we no longer can, relieving us from this emotional struggle and suffering. So at some point we surrender to the awe, wonder, curiosity, intimacy, affection, rest etc. in the experience and are either held in comforting +Hospice, or mentally create one.


To complete the 6th IM and truly comprehend our mortality, -Numbness from our body or personality towards this process, must transform into a sense of +Peace, release and deep rest.

As we explore the reality that we are Going to Die, we recollect our thoughts, feelings and experiences while moving through a -Solitary phase.

  • Death feels bitter, threatening, unfair and isolating, or we direct these feelings to others involved in or around our death. It makes us feel alone.
  • We reject our mortality through some kind of resignation, apathy, delusion, dementia and/or denial. 
  • Death-bed Wishes & Confessions swell up that we've long kept in, or never knew we were processing, and even when we reveal these they do not soothe our panic and fear.
  • We search for Desperate Reconciliation and Forgiveness, profoundly realizing we have never known or accepted love and support.

If this lack of comprehension continues into the 7th IM, our life may even be Re-lived in the Astral like a "Ground-hog Day", looping and playing out in some way we are unconscious of to deny our death or account for missed opportunities, mistakes, regrets, betrayals etc.

(Reference: Sixth Internal Monad and Seventh Internal Monad)

Ultimately, if our death occurs in any Monad that hasn't yet been completed, the 6th IM will remain incomplete until we complete the Monad we were in at death. This is because if one is stuck in a -Pole, it's addictive and demands all attention to be addressed. Having a Monad chronically stuck in the -, contributes most often to a dying individual reliving their life.

A complete 6th IM is marked by a trust in this process, and a sense of +Support, intimacy or union with those trusted to experience the death too.

  • We feel Full Peace and Surrender for the reality of our mortality.
  • In reviewing our life, we realize we've lived and Truly, Deeply Loved, and now we're simply dying. So even if we don't want this to happen, we know it's OK.

These simple realizations calmly bring us to a space of understanding "between monads".
(Reference: Sixth Internal Monad)







The 7th Internal Monad can be processed while we're dying or post-death, but it revolves around the impact of our death on us, and our friends and family. The quintessential concept of "life flashing before your eyes" happens now and the infamous review that follows it. (Reference: Seventh Internal Monad)
(This is usually physical but can be a major, pivotal or transformative psychological death and rebirth too that happens within waking life. Particularly if one has a Plutonian Body Type.) (Reference:
7th Internal Monad on Non-Physical Death)
It is resonant to the Higher Intellectual Center- to our capacity for embracing the truth of our existence.

Biologically, the Hormonal Wash we undergo here is designed on a physical level to allow entropy and return our body to the Earth as material for new life to feed on and grow from. 

And while this happens, our Spirit/Personality detaches from its etheric bind to the Physical Universe, to resonate with the energy of the "Astral" or Emotional Realm: a fluid, less-dense counterpart to the Physical.

When our life ends then, we go on and enter a Deeply Emotional Review-like Process to truly assess all the LOVE, TRUTH and BEAUTY across our entire life. 

This can take "ages" and cycle over and over as we come to terms with our life and death. (Reference: Is Death a Rude Awakening?)


(These stages can move from -Pole to -Pole, or -Pole to +Pole.

If one stage is stuck in its -Pole, all taken on after it will default to the -Pole as well: but once that stage moves into its +Pole, the next stage can now move into its +Pole.)
The 7 Stages of the 7th Internal Monad and The Seventh Internal Monad)

The 7th IM begins when we start to process our -Attachments to our body and those people/things we love, and our loved ones start to process their attachments to us. We and our body resist this, resist our death. So this can only be shifted when we realize we've died and start our +Transition to the afterlife.


As we and our loved ones -Deny and resist the truth, and hold on dearly, the +Grief of this change must be processed. As such, everyone carefully wavers between the tragic feelings and hilarious feelings they have about our life and death, allowing any levity, humor and nostalgia we find to rise up and out from our hearts. This is when we meet our loved ones and see our loved ones, who help us to adjust to and accept the death.


Now we feel a growing necessity to -Return to our past, relationships or physical reality, while our loved ones feel the need to return to us and our graves/memorials too. We constantly relive our experiences. This eventually helps create room for +Detachment, as everyone (including us) come to feel we're safe, at peace and letting go of the life once lived.

-Devastation sets in over the impact of our death, influence, choices and any missed opportunities, and our Etheric Body that bound us to the physical is destroyed as we settle into the Astral. As this happens, we and all who knew us now will +Review our life to assess all its truth, love and beauty.

At this point, we might get stuck in -Haunting pockets of space-time that meant something to us, or feel haunted by the poignant memories and replays of our life's experiences seen in review. Eventually, we move towards +Reuniting with our loved ones, other Essences and our own Essence for understanding, play and comfort.

We now realize all of the -Fragmented parts of us scattered across these pockets of space-time, needing to invest great time and energy into tending to and healing them. So we learn how to +Integrate all of the parts, events, people and experiences that made up our life, by remembering, seeing and embracing them.

To successfully complete the 7th IM, any -Dependence we have on those parts, events, people or experiences we orbit around must be realized, lest we can reject and resist moving on until someone or something else comes to heal and help us. We must start to depend on new parts, events, people and experiences to come, and any feelings of being lost, trapped or lonely in the universe, must transform so we can +Transcend our physicality and our past, with profound insight to newly experience whatever is "next".


As we explore accommodating to our Death and the Afterlife, we must move through and process all our -Attachments: whether they feel good or bad.

  • We deny our death and reject moving on, holding on to the physical world by "Haunting" Family, Friends, Objects, Time Frames or even our own Body.
  • And our loved ones are left Uncontrollably Devastated by their grief, becoming deeply attached and desperately tied to us for great, lengthy periods of time.

(Reference: The 7 Stages of the 7th Internal Monad)

A complete 7th IM is marked by our capacity to +Transcend the range of attachments we have to our physical body and existence, by understanding ourselves as greater than the sum of our parts.

  • We come to Embrace the beautiful truth and meaning of our life and death.
  • We Integrate with Others in and beyond our lifetime- such as by meeting those who died before us, creating agreements with those who will be part of our next life, or remembering and contacting connections we forged in past lives.
  • And if needed, we safely and peacefully Comfort and Visit loved Friends and Family, dearly reviewing our life together with them and with/as our Essence/Soul.

(Reference: The 7 Stages of the 7th Internal Monad)

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