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Voice_Chords feat.LIO Infocus

Emilyen Vonderzu

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So i really like this song so much cause like you just would have to look at the cover art and know it’s going to impact you and it did.

Not only the cover pulled me in to that song but especially the lyrics from which i will note some lines here:

Street lights

Dark alleyways evoke insanity

Night is hushed and wet

And I'm hearing words confined below


Through the view

I pretend I feel everything

But cannot control or fuse my mind


Sound of strides

Tower shade

And the clouds part

Vision slides

Clap awake

Now to glide high


Listen to that voice in disarray

New reception chosen

So to awake emotion

Look into that deep down, ignite

True perception's open

And now you're aware

It's bright in sight


Memories in town repeat

What I've kept in mind

Draws afar a new path we ride

Striving force till I'm found tonight


So, realize

Distortion leads to vision's clarity

“One day, I could reach an answer”

While in secret, we all keep struggling


I can hear it

Someone's signal for some help again

As every sound is drowned in life


Splash of light

Passing rain

Ground reflects skies

Stars align

Path in range

Now to glide high


Listen to that voice in disarray

New reception chosen

So to awake emotion

Look into that light deep down, ignite

True perception's open

And now you've almost brushed the sky


Cast aside all insight

And transcending what stars confine

Transformation outside your mind

Spreading wider than one may find

Now, everything's in focus


Past what you've seen, advance

Inner spark within burn, enhance

Thrive into conviction

My feet are moving, I'm on my way

Especially the last few lines impacted me very much cause for me it’s about the first awakening and (re-) discovering your inner spark and letting that let you and also letting it shine out into the world.🌅✨💕


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