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Hard with love

Emilyen Vonderzu

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For me love is such a complicated topic. Cause on one hand i kinda feel that i have a soulmate in this life but just one. But other people still fall in love with me and i often find it hard to turn them down but that’s the only really fair thing to do.

I want to experience deep connections without any strict expectations.

Does anyone feel the same as me?

I gladly would like to know.

Sending all of you much love.💕

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  • Emilyen Vonderzu changed the title to Hard with love
3 hours ago, Emilyen Vonderzu said:

Cause on one hand i kinda feel that i have a soulmate in this life but just one.

I think MT told we have about ten soulmate agreements for a given life. So the 'just one' is maybe wrong. But that's your life and your beliefs; I respect that.

You're a scorpio maybe you should try water signs.

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In the MT, there is no such thing as a soul mate. Most of us do have Essence Twins, which are different than soul mates. An Essence Twin relationship can be quite intense if you choose to meet them. IIRC, they are in the same cadre as you, but a different entity. Many people go through a life in happy relationships having never met their ET. ET's can often be discarnate during your lifetime, which oddly can mean they have more influence on you. Not all Essence Twin relationships are romantic and are sometimes culturally inappropriate. In the US, for example, Mary Kay LeTourneau was 34 when she had a sexual relationship with her 12-year-old student Villi Fualaau. Even when she was out of prison, they got together in secret and she was arrested again. When she finally left prison (for sexual relations with a minor/statutory rape), they got married and were married for 14 years. It was a huge scandal.


Ivanka Trump is ETs with her father Donald Trump. A Michael student was ETs with her stepfather and it was a lovely, supportive relationship--nonsexual, nonromantic--probably because they were both older souls. Czar Nicholas II and Alexandra were ETs. That didn't turn out well for Russia.  I'm sure there are plenty of Michael Students who can discuss the various ET relationships they have or have had. Task companions can make for good romantic relationships without as much intensity. My parents were TCs and happily married.


Mate agreements are sometimes set up before a lifetime and can be let go of without incurring any karma. I think you can also set up agreements during the lifetime because, well, all is chosen. Some older souls choose not to meet/get romantically involved with their ETs because they have other things they want to do in this lifetime and don't want to be distracted by the intensity of the ET involvement. It can often be very painful but growthful.

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