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What I Learned from 2015 Workshop - December 5, 2015


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WILF2015 - What I Learned From 2015 Workshop

Hello to each of you. We are here, now. We can begin.

There are a multitude of ways that one can examine a passing of time and determine what was useful and meaningful from it.

There is no single method or way, and certainly no single conclusion about what was useful and meaningful.

In fact, even after a lifetime ends, even after Review, an entire lifetime is found to be rich with resources for meaning and value that arise because new contexts of understanding evolve so that new layers previously unnoticed or irrelevant become deeply meaningful and useful.

For example, if a person loses her job, struggles toward a new source of income, and then finally stabilizes, she might look back and see that she learned how to navigate the obstacles of the economy, hiring processes, clarifying of skills, etc.

Later she may realize she had learned how to trust herself and to sustain her confidence.

Still later, she may realize that she now has deeply meaningful relationships in her life that now exist only because of the change in her employment.

And so on, and on, and on.

The depth of value and meaning of experience is limited only by current contexts and levels of understanding.

Those contexts and levels of understanding evolve so that the past is never dead.

It will always be rich and alive with more. Your first lifetimes are still being plumbed for their value and meaning.

And so the value and meaning of experience of a past year can be assessed, but it cannot be conclusive at any moment.

However, in order to evolve in understanding and contexts, one must take those moments of review and Review from wherever one happens to be because understanding and broadening contexts are cumulative.

We have offered various ways for assessing one's passing year, and these can be explored through research with "TLE" or in your own records of work with us. Today, we will offer another method to consider for your review of your past year.

What we will offer to you today are two ideas for consideration: a SIMPLE ASSESSMENT and an ADVANCED ASSESSMENT.

We will share the Advanced Assessment, first, so that the Simple Assessment will already have its foundation laid out.

One of the reasons that October through December tend to be "seasons of Chief Features" is because this is when most become reflective on the time that has passed within the arbitrary framework of a year.

While one is busy living life it can be easy to float above reflection, and though life continues to be lived at the end of the year, it is also a tradition to consider what has come to pass so that one can look ahead toward what one wishes to aim.

Though each of you can come up with the more obvious details that may describe the patterns of your year, we offer here a broader context that might put all of the details into perspective.

We now suggest that each of you start a document or have a pen and paper handy. We will label this next section WORKSHOP.


We suggest that you hold off on writing until we suggest otherwise. That way you have all pieces of information and can organize your work accordingly.

What we will share with you as this "Advanced Assessment" is based in great part on how Review works after a lifetime. Review after a lifetime is far more elaborate, but what we will share here is part of it.

Keep this in mind as we limit our reference of framework to a year. In other words, it applies to an entire lifetimes, as well.

Every year will have the same four basic categories of experiences.

All categories of experiences are active, but some may stand out or be less demanding during a year.

So your first consideration here is these four categories: HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS, LIFE, and SPIRIT.

HEALTH = that of your BODY and that of your RESOURCES
RELATIONSHIPS = that with YOURSELF and those with OTHERS
LIFE = the quality of PLANETARY and/or PERSONAL Life
SPIRITUALITY = the state or well-being of your future

This equates to 4 Categories or 7 sub-categories relative to our familiar system of 7 and the Axes.

FIRST ASSESSMENT - your first assessment, then, would be to look at these categories to see which one/s were dominant for you over a year. Were you dealing with the demands of HEALTH, and was that the health of your body or health of your resources? Were Relationships dominant? Was that about how you feel about yourself, or about others? Did your Spirituality dominate because you were focused on your anticipation or fear related to your future?

Did you cycle through all Categories and Sub-categories in a way that none stood as more demanding than others?

Once you have considered what may have stood out as most-demanding or most-chosen as your focus, you can then say that your year has been a HEALTH YEAR. Or it was a RELATIONSHIP YEAR. etc.

The assessments here are not based on any factors other than navigation, choice, experiences, and cumulative actions, feelings, and thoughts.

In other words, there is no corresponding key in your overleaves to reveal the quality, meaning, and usefulness of a year.

Before we continue, we will invite your feedback. Based on your initial assessment at this moment, how would you describe your 2015 in the terms above?

Janet: I think I’ve had a LIFE year.

NickG: Focused on Relationships

ClaireC: Health/Relationships

Bobby: Relationships... definitely

VIP: Based on this definition of spirituality, I would say a spiritual year for me, but relationships and life were close I guess

Diane: Health/Spirituality

Johanne: Life/relationship

Maureen: Health/Spirituality/Relationships/Life. In that order. It was a challenging year.

Diane_HB: Relationship

Maureen: It still is ...it's not over yet.

We know that "Spirituality" tends to have a different idea attached to it, but all forms of Spirituality are about the future and how that builds from the understanding of the past.


We have shared with our students the concepts of RIGHTS. These are 7 inherent values and states that come with Essence that no Personality or lifetime can diminish for Essence. However, those Rights can be diminished for a Personality, a lifetime, and a people by Personality, a lifetime, or people.

Your Second Assessment will be a cross-reference with the list of RIGHTS so that you can see what your year was fighting for, trying to remember, trying to practice, trying to regain, trying to understand, etc.

CORRECTION: your Second Assessment will be a cross-reference between your dominant Category and this list of Rights.

We will share a quick review list of these RIGHTS:


What you would want to do with this list is now look at your most-demanding or most-focused Category and then look at this list to see which Right was being challenged, sustained, or regained.

For example, you may have had a RELATIONSHIP YEAR (with others), and you now see that these relationships helped you regain/remember your Right To Love and Be Loved, or maybe it challenged your Right to Exist, or maybe it helped sustain your Right to Trust.

Your Rights will always be in a state of being challenged, sustained, or regained.

Based on your initial assessments, what do you think your Category is and what Right was the focus, and was it challenged, sustained, or regained?

Bobby: The most obvious one to me at first was 5 - THE RIGHT TO EXPRESSION, or THE RIGHT TO ACCESS OR SHARE THE TRUTH

VIP: Category: spirituality; Right: right to change/take action (challenged )

Diane: The Right to Trust

ClaireC: The Right to Exist.

NickG: The category for me would still be relationships but for the rights I don't know... I think it's between 2 and 4 but the rights seemed to be switching between challenged, sustained, and regained throughout the year

Janet: Right to take action and be free was challenged and regained; right to trust was sustained

VIP: But I'm not 100% certain those were the most prominent. It could have been right #7 being challenged as well (still in terms of spirituality, or even #5.)

Diane_HB: Relationship - right to love/be loved as well as Spirituality - right to change/take action. Tex says for him it's 3, 4, and 5

Johanne: Relationship - right to take action - challenge

ClaireC: Followed by the Right to Change, Take Action, Be Free

Maureen: THE RIGHT TO TRUST was challenged sustained, and regained, throughout the year. Mosty challenged though.

This is why we refer to this as the Advanced Assessment. As you make your Assessment, you can see the nuances begin to unfold across the nuances.

However, to help your assessment, let one come to the top of your assessments for Category and Right and state. You can explore from there.


Once you have made your assessment, allowing one Category to stand out, one Right stand out, and one state of that Right, then let your year of experiences filter through that combination assessment. It is okay that there are further nuances and variations that you can see. Just start with one strong combination and look at your year again in light of that.

Maureen: Mine was 7, 3 and the chaotic side of 2.

If it is difficult for you to let the whole year filter through a strong combination, then we suggest setting your strong combination and then just looking at what is currently standing out to you as a powerful pattern during the year.

For example:

Regardless of relationships and health and spirituality, LIFE was a big concern this year. The quality of life for the planet seemed quite strong and important amid all other categories and nuances.

And though there were many Rights that could be valid within that great context, you note that it really came down to being about THE RIGHT TO EXPRESSION and what that means in terms of honesty, ethics, and sharing of truths rather than an imposition of truths. It was a challenging year for truth about the quality of life for the planet.

This example is not specific to anyone, but merely an example.

Though we know the example is relevant to our channel.

VIP: Well here's mine following that example then...

VIP: Spirituality (concern for the future) was a big concern this year. My right to access and know the truth (my truth about how I feel within myself - not anyone else's truth), and then to share it so that I could take action, was quite severely challenged and continues to be, although the weakness in being able to do so must have always existed.

The above cross-referencing of Category with Right and state of Right is an Advanced Assessment that will ask you to focus on your highlights, turning points, patterns, etc. that stand out from your current review of the year.

Once you have a nice sense of those greater patterns, you can then look at the more delicate or nuanced patterns.

If you only looked at the greatest patterns, you will have gained more insight about "what you learned" in your year than you might have in years that simply blur into another.

ViP, your example is a good one.

VIP: thank you!

We suggest each of you write out a paragraph to put into words your greater assessment.

It does not have to be here.

It can be private, in a blog, or shared with loved ones, etc.

We can suggest for those who are willing, a wave of "WILF2015" blog posts to encourage greater insights and community assessments.

The sharing of such patterns and insights is not just a novelty, but a means of clearing the fog of daunting review for all involved.


Now we can share with you the means for a Simple Assessment.

A Simple Assessment can be quick look at a single event or experience that mattered most to you, and may not have been a pattern. Did this fall into Health, Relationships, Life, or Spirituality? From there, you can ask yourself what you learned from that experience within that context/category.

That Simple Assessment can shed more light on your meaning and usefulness of a year during one thoughtful assessment than many years get.

THE WORK - what we suggest from here is that each of you take time to either do an Advanced Assessment or a Simple Assessment and then write or share in some way your thoughts and feelings in response to "what did I learn from 2015?"

On your own or in your trusted community.

Great insights, solutions, resolutions, and peaceful moves forward into your next year can come from this seemingly simple effort to just make a few moments to think and feel things through.

Having a nice structure through which to organize your thoughts and feelings about such a great collection of experiences can help to then open you to newer and even more meaningful layers that will adapt to your evolving understanding.

QUESTIONS - floor is now open

VIP: Michael - does "right to a future" mean the right to simply exist at a future point in time, or the right to define the future oneself(assuming that one will in fact exist at that later point in time?) If the latter, then does it differ from the right to create, or take action, or express - since all these might be part of defining that future?

The Right To A Future is inclusive of all other Rights.

The Right to Exist references the moment and the past from which that moment has been built.

The Right to Have, Express, Trust, etc, all reference the moment.

Because you evolve, "the future" must be considered as valid, even if outside of the constraints of Time. However evolution is organized, it remains true that there is a difference at one point and another.

So the Right To The Future is the Right to Spirit, to exist beyond the moment, to express beyond the moment, to have beyond the moment, to trust beyond the moment, to change and change again, etc.

The Right to Evolve.

The Right to Change is not necessarily an evolution, but can be directional. All Evolution is built from Change, but not all Change is evolution.

But because all Rights evolve one, we prefer the term "Future" here as it inclusive of all paces, choices, etc.

Does this make sense?

VIP: Yes, that is a great help. Thank you!

Yes, Janet

Janet: I had the year of unprecedented travel that you predicted for some of your students in a higher moving centered year. Does it help to try to correlate our assessment with the overleaves for the year? Mine certainly correlates.

The correlation may be there, but it is best to assess without considering that correlation. After your assessment, you may then see how closely it resonates with your own overleaves or those of the year.

We would say that your experiences may correlate to the overleaves of the year, but what you learned is independent from that.

That part is entirely up to you.

Janet: That makes sense. Thanks.

Next, Maureen.

Maureen: Michael, just a comment that these "meaningful layers" you speak of, or patterns, can extend to past lives as well. I'm in the process (I have been all year) of seeing the meaning of this challenging year, as it stands on it's own, and also how it connects or resonates with another (past) life. For me it's been about Health and Healing and how one's well being can be sustained through many different states. It has been very challenging but also it feels like that expression. "You can't go around it - you must go through it". I am also seeing that it has had similar "value" for others.

Yes, this is why we mentioned that this is one of the methods by which Essence Reviews an entire lifetime. This method of assessment can then extend into greater arcs of time or lifetimes to see patterns within patterns and layers upon layers.

You can practice this by looking at your entire life to-date and assess a Category, Right, and state of Right. This can sum of your entire life in broad enough terms that it is not limiting, but also in specific enough terms that it allows you to start the comprehension of value, meaning, and usefulness of your experiences.

Next, Nick.

NickG: If these reviews aren't done consciously or at least with conscious intent, are they done in a more unconscious way through things like dreams, imagination, etc...? Or are the experiences sort of left to be processed for whenever one wishes to look at them?

There are reviews every 7 years of a life in some way. The more asleep a personality the more likely these will simply show up as struggles, strange turning points, down times, growing pains, etc.

However, for those who are more awake and aware, reviews can happen every day, every week, every month, and this does not require a method such as we just shared, but a simple matter of reflection.

The more one reflects on the life, the softer the reviews every 7 years, and the easier the transition into death.

The more one ignores reflection, the more intense these natural cycles of review can be, and the more intense and challenging the after-death review.

If our students took time to reflect on each day at the beginning or middle or end of a day, it can do wonders for health, relationships, life, and spirit.

Other terms for "reflection" might be gratitude, meditation, sharing, affection, etc.

In other words, the more days that pass with your acknowledging the value, meaning, and usefulness of your experiences, the more value, meaning, and usefulness of your subsequent experiences.

Last question, Claire.

ClaireC: I guess everything isn't necessarily "clear" after death then? One must still "do the work"?

Personality remains intact after death. There is no sudden shift into perspective of Essence. You remain You. And the work continues. The more asleep the Personality, the more it carries forward the reality/life/familiarity from which it came, but the more awake a Personality, the more curiosity, enthusiasm, and joy there is in validation of persistent existence and dimensions of existence.

ClaireC: Do they just continue on some kind of parallel life until they "get it"?

That depends. If they do not realize they have died, then yes. Everything is replicated, though there is a sense that "something" is off, and this sense grows as "tears" in that reality begin to grow to reveal the truth of their death.

For many, the realization of death is present, so the replication is not necessary, but the personality's ideas of what to expect after death then play out.

If that person thought he was going to hell, he will. Until he realizes this is silly.

It is a hoot.

ClaireC: Do people actually meet up on the Astral with others who die or have died before them?

Yes, they do.

ClaireC: It must be some reunion comparing all those beliefs.

Even if that Essence has reincarnated, it takes very little to generate the template of familiarity/personality that a person might recognize.

ClaireC: Thank you, Michael. This is a never-ending fascinating subject for me and many others. :)

The emotional bodies of every Personality continue, as well, so even as Essence continues incarnation, it is very much like an Entity in that it is comprised of multiple Personalities in the same that an Entity is multiple Essences.

So the "spirit" of a Personality is easily accessible for those who die later.

Clarification: so the "spirit" of those who have died can easily remain available for greeting those who die after them.

We will conclude here for today. Each of you have learned a lot from your 2015. We cannot presume to tell you what that might be, but we can offer you the tools for you to clarify this for yourselves.


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