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Inequality in channeling


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How come that some people seem to be preferred over others when it comes to channeling? How come some people have to wait months and years to receive their material while others get it quickly. Surely it would be fair to have some sort of waiting list.


i had my 5Qs email questions session booked for March 2021. When I didn’t receive anything I opened a support ticket, no answer. I paid to have my chart in July 2021 which I didn’t receive within a week. I opened a support ticket and have to say Janet has been brilliant with her answers, however NOTHING happened. 
funny enough though, I noticed people got their profiles before me which made me feel massively inferior and messed with my mental health which wasn’t great at that time.
I wrote to Troy in person, he apologised, promised to schedule it in which happened but it got rescheduled again which isn’t a problem as long as I know I’m still in the queue! 

But still, nothing. Funny enough I could still see people talking about their new profiles. This is messed up! 
This fucks with people’s minds, it’s not equal and it’s not fair! I 
told Troy I don’t want to stuff anymore because I can’t take it anymore seeing others get theirs while I’ve been waiting for so long.


I understand that Troy can’t always deliver on a certain day, it’s not that. It’s ok to be sick, in pain, sad or whatever else throws life at you. It’s life after all. It’s that it’s so unequal that pisses me off and frustrates me so much! Please treat people equally! I tried to not take it personally, tried to deal with it in a mature way but enough is enough. Why to do some people get it before others?? 

Treat people equally! I’m hurt, frustrated and fed up. It makes me cry and I’m a fucking scholar, I HATE crying! 

It’s a shame, most people here are amazing, Troy’s channelling is amazing and most of the time spot on! But I don’t feel like I want to be here anymore.

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Annali, I am so sorry. The first and most dominant reason for any unprofessional or chaotic business is my lack of competence. It is not at all about anyone else.


I was going so strong in keeping up with almost everything for years... sometimes I would get derailed, but not often. And then the pandemic hit and the cumulative effects of the pandemic isolation took its toll. Everything that happened since 2020 has been pure chaos for me, emotionally and intellectually. I have never felt so suicidal in my life. I actually scared myself. I have never known depression and anxiety as I do now. The combination of the pandemic, world events, deaths in the family, and health scares, the past two years have been far more difficult than I can express.


NOTE: I am so happy that I am actually feeling better than I have in a long time as of the past few months.

I am so sorry this took a personal toll on anyone affected by my chaos, overwhelm, and confusion.

I can't undo the effects, but I hope I can remedy them. 

I saw that you wrote me a private message so I will reply there and we will sort this out. I can promise you that you will receive all that you have been waiting for and more. I am feeling really pretty good these days and I have been getting back on track as fast as I can.

Annali, I adore you. I hate that this hurt you. I hope having a clear and updated communication helps clear things up.

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